October 02, 2014

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In search of ?

I recently scored a box of slot stuff at a garage sale love when it happens, the past few evenings
has been spent getting the cars to run again with what I have. I was wondering if anybody may have a couple parts I'm looking for I will pay for them of course, the rear wing on this F1 car and the front wheels for this dragster I'm hoping for the best !
Thanks for any info / help !
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NSR Classic Schedule

Oct. 8........Professor's
Oct. 15th....Victor's
Oct. 22nd....Chuck's
Oct. 29th.....Hazard's
Nov. 5th.....Kevin's
Nov. 12th...Oops's
Nov. 19th...Red Devil

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

1966 Chevy II Nova

I just finished up the 1966 Chevy II Nova. This was a 3D printed body with a ton of hand-work done to it.

The blue car is modeled after a 1966 Chevy II Nova that ran in the 1970 SCCA Trans-American Championship races at Road America and at Watkins Glen.

The gold car is what is considered a “Sportsman” that participates in asphalt or dirt oval track racing. It is a complete fantasy livery with decals made by me.

Not as awesome as some of the builds here, but thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

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Murphy's Glen results

As promised...photos and results (I hope, I just switched to a new computer with Windows 8...and I'm just figuring out how to use it)

The track scenery is still under construction with a few more houses to add, as well as the "downtown" facades, a dock, a boat, swimmers, etc.

Finishing order is shown in the photos and listed below.

Car#/Make Qualifying (seconds) Total Laps Observations
Inside Outside
78 Camaro 10.6 10.7 38.3 Smooth and fast
8 Camaro 10.5 10.9 38.11 Smooth and fast
42 Barracuda 10.7 10.8 39.12 Smooth but didn't come off the corners as well
21 Camaro 10.5 10.7 39.21 A little touchy in braking, but fast
31 Camaro 10.5 10.9 39.3 Almost identical to the 21
88 Barracuda 11.00 11.1 41.1 Very fast, but didn't like the hairpin at all

Under 2.5
8 BMW 11.7 11.8 35.4 I love this car...almost as fast as last years Capri
4 Porsche 11.7 11.9 35.37 Very smooth, best brakes
7 Porsche 11.9 12.1 35.34 Also smooth, not as fast out of the turns
57 Alfa 12.3 12.699 36.12 A bit tippy, wanted to roll in tight turns

Chassis Flex for BSRT 905 on Max-Trax

Our club runs the BSRT 905 Club stock car which has a flex chassis.
Two of our tracks are AFX and Tomy (lite rail) and my layout is a Max-Trax.(Hi DF rail)
Would the cars benefit on the MT if a low DF traction mag set up were used or a chassis change to medium or stiff?
All layouts are road course with table lengths approx 20 ft. & sizeable straights.
Generally, my tire set up for the MT is .360 front and about .468 sili sponge rears using flex chassis.


Samson Classics now available at slotcarstore.net

Samson Classics are now available at slotcarstore.net We have the small parts listed for now. Chassis will be listed as they are stocked.


see here slotcarstore.net


Items can now be ordered when out of stock or sold out and will be shipped at our expense as they arrive.


If you dont see what you are looking for, message us, we will list it






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SCX Digital

:help: I'm totally confused.
Is SCX still in business?
Can SCX Digital products be purchased.
How can they be contacted?
Is Brian Young still available for contact?
I have the complete SCX Digital Packages with every accessory available. I even have the Wireless Controllers setup from SCX Solutions. It is indeed a bummer if SCX Digital is no longer available to so many of us spending a fortune on SCX Digital.:USA:

Octobers Photo Contest (open to all scales of slot cars)

Well done guys. Another's month down and on to the next!

Congrats BOV beautiful picture!

The theme this month is "1950 - 1990 Formula One"

Now remember the rules guys and lets have some fun!


1. Theme must be Slot Car themed.
2. Entries will be submitted the first of the month (give or take a few days to contact the winner) through the 20th of the month.
3. Voting will start the 20th and run 6 days Using a Poll
4. Open to all Scales. Slot Cars only please.
5. No advertising even in the background of your image (this is not a sponsored contest).
6. Only one entry per member.
7. Cannot alter the photo (Photo Shop but not limited to) and please try to use a new photo taken for the contest if you can.
8. If at the end of the contest we have a tie we will do a 24 hour poll to break the tie.

And....... Go.......!!


This is hopefully a way for me to test the submitting of a new Post/message.
I seem to be having a hard time being able to click on Making a New Post.

NIB Slot.IT Porsche GT1_98

NIB Slot.IT Porsche GT1_98

Brand new in shrink-wrap.

NOTE: If shipping to Canada, can only get to post office on Saturdays, plus add $7. Shipping included for US continental 48 states.

List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: NIB Slot.IT Porsche GT1_98
On Sale For: $47.72 + Shipping TDB


October 01, 2014

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2015 Track List

Hi "Powers That Be'

Do we have a track list yet? Something that I can make uneducated guesses from?

Cheers, Tony.

Opinions for G-Jet Motor Mags

I'd like to build 6 IROC G-Jets for club racing of my Max-Track.
The chassis will be G-3 Flex(Not R), light weights, O ring G front end set and .450 sili sponge rears.
As the MT has Hi-downforce rail, any suggestions between Tomy matched or BSRT C-4 motor mags?

Race #15 - Japanese Grand Prix - Suzuka!

Well thanks to the weirdness of circular time, this one will commence 11:00pm Saturday out here on the left coast (8:00pm in Maui, Thom!), ideal for snacks 'n beer, I reckon.

A modern classic, this circuit.

Will Hamilton win here - finally? I doubt it.

But we shall have to see. Meanwhile, 17-year old Max Verstappen will take to the track for some practice time on some other day that is probably Friday where you live. Presumably, he has a driver license.

Should be a good one - I'm making no guesses until after qualifying. :nono:


Where do I get a 3mm axle for a Hudy tyre truer?

Hi Folks,


I've got a tyre truer that uses a 1/8" axle with a pulley on it to spin the tyres.  For 3/32 wheels I have an axle that's 1/8" on one end to accept the pulley and run in the bearings and turned down to 3/32 in the other end to accept the wheels.  I need a similar adapter that goes from 1/8" to 3mm so I can fit Tamiya and Plafit wheels.  Where can I get one?


Thanks,  Steve

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Scaleauto Toyota

Scaleauto Toyota

Very light use. Never raced. Ran alone on home track a couple times. No case and shipped at this price US only. Canada will be additional $7.

List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Scaleauto Toyota
On Sale For: $47.99 + FREE! Shipping


Scaleauto Raybrig Honda - SOLD

Scaleauto Raybrig Honda

Very light use. Never raced. Ran alone on home track a couple times. No case and shipped at this price US only. Canada will be additional $7.

List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Scaleauto Raybrig Honda


NSR Gunston 917 Porsche

NSR Gunston 917 Porsche

Very light use. Never raced. Ran alone on home track a couple times. This has the shark motor and is a sidewinder. No case and shipped at this price US only. Canada will be additional $7.

List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: NSR Gunston 917 Porsche
On Sale For: $69.99 + FREE! Shipping


NSR Audi

NSR Audi

Very light use. Never raced. Ran alone on home track a couple times. No case and shipped at this price US only. Canada will be additional $7.

List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: NSR Audi
On Sale For: $59.99 + FREE! Shipping


NSR Gulf Mosler

NSR Gulf Mosler

Very light use. Never raced. Ran alone on home track a couple times. This has the shark motor and is a sidewinder. No case and shipped at this price US only. Canada will be additional $7.

List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: NSR Gulf Mosler
On Sale For: $59.99 + FREE! Shipping


Slot cars with or without lights

Anybody else feel really strongly about lights? I just picked up a used car that I thought I'd like, but it doesn't have lights and it just didn't seem fun or interesting to drive. For some reason a car without lights just isn't very appealing to me. Am I the only who feels like this?

Supercharged Z06 Corvette can go 0-60 in 2.95 seconds

Supercharged Z06 Corvette can go 0-60 in 2.95 seconds
fastest car GM has ever made

New, faster design for the marketplace

Chad here from the SlotCarIllustrated Marketplace support team at Panjo. We just released a major upgrade to the design and responsiveness of the marketplace. Let us know your feedback on the new design. Thanks!

Every page has a "Contact Support" button on the bottom right. You can use that to submit any comments, suggestions, bugs, etc. It also allows you to include a screenshot with your request, so we can see what you're seeing! If possible, we'd prefer to get feedback there, but please use the channels you are most comfortable with and we'll adapt.

Since this is a big change, we'll be monitoring the feedback closely and adjusting to any issues as quickly as possible.

SCX new models and an apparent comeback ?

I just noticed that SCX will be coming out with some new models after some type of restructuring ?

I honestly thought they were out of business but it appears to not be the case.

With that in mind, has anyone seen the chassis for these new cars ? are they still using their weak motors and over engineered guide flag/electrical parts ?

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controller suggestions

I'm running a fairly small home track, right now. It's a Scalextric set up with about 50 feet of track on a 12 x 10 table. I have a 10 amp, 30 volt power supply running things. I run all sorts of brands of cars both with magnets and without. Now, here's the question... Which controller would you suggest? I'm leaning toward a PM but, not sure if I should go with the 10 - 15 amp or the 14 - 19 amp controller. I do intend to increase the track size eventually. But, could really use some input here. Also, any gearing suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks, guys!

Pasion slot - Noticias

Mitsu Pajero sencillito.

No espereis nada del otro mundo, solo un trabajillo casero con una carrocería que tenía en el cajón del olvido, je,je.

La victima, (o cuerpo del delito ).

 La víctima desnudita,

 Tres capas de pintura blanca en spray, unas calcas de allí, otras de allá, otras de maracullá. Un poco de salpicaduras de pintura al esmalte y tenemos el efecto "lávalo guarro que no encoje !!!". Dos manitas de barniz made in china. Dejamos secar y colocamos las piececillas... y voilá, tenemos otro cochecillo pa´la vitrina.

 Eso es to,,, eso es too,, eso es todo amigos. ( copyrihgt by Porky )

 Ya os decía que no es nada del otro jueves, pero yo me he pasado bien haciéndolo y he experimentado para hacer el efecto barro, que aunque no me ha quedado perfecto, me doy por satisfecho.

 Un saludo... y no seáis demasiado duros conmigo :5}

... y de regalo una foto con sus hermanitos:

 Algo tiene este molde de NINCO que me encanta.




Adding rubber molding to crash walls

Below are a few images of my latest track improvement rubber molding. In order to preserve plastic bodies and wooden crash walls from carnage of violent collisions, I have added a layer of rubber molding to the crash walls. The molding is actually dubbed cove molding and is typically used at the base of interior walls to protect against damage or scuffing of painted surfaces. Cove molding adhesive (similar to liquid nails) is used to bond the molding to the surface in question and does and admirable job that is quick, easy and clean (any excess adhesive can be wiped off with warm water and a rag). The molding comes in a variety of colors heights and thicknesses. I selected black four inch high by eighth inch thick. Home improvement stores carry this molding for about $.50 per linear foot. The molding has a horizontal ribbed surface on its back side that I used as a guide to cut the molding to the proper height to fit my crash walls. I cut the material with a scissors; however, it can be cut effectively with a table saw.




Wanted: Shinoda Point clear body

I am looking for this body. If anyone has a spare they are willing to part with please let me know.


I am certain that only the excellent reproduction version from Gene's World would be what is available.


Please PM if anyone has one to part with. Trades or funds are okay. Thanks as always!





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Lighted cars?

I know some have been released over the years but wouldn't it be cool if the newish Mega G Audi & Peugeot had lighting? Especially since they are both endurance racers. Also, not just lighting, but constant light so that it did not brighten & dim depending on how much juice you were giving it. Has anyone tried to do this yet? If so, how?

new dragstrip lap counter system all scales....

Well I get a magazine genuine hotrod and I seen this in it but only found them to sell it.
it's a drag racing system and a lap counter system it looks pretty cool can't find any other info on it?
Just found out at the bottom of the info page it's a NEW item and should be available November!


Anyone see this new all scale drag stage system counter system?

Well I get a magazine genuine hotrod and I seen this in it but only found them to sell it.
it's a drag racing system and a lap counter system it looks pretty cool can't find any other info on it?
:thumb:Just found out at the bottom of the info page it's a NEW item and should be available November!


Slot it Club De Genève

Evénement :

Le Slot.it Club de Genève organisera deux courses sur la piste éphémère montée à Bernex (GE), dans le cadre de la Fête de l'Artisanat et de la Créativité  les 1 & 2 novembre 2014.

Ces deux courses sont donc déplacées du calendrier régulier :
- la 4ème manche Endurance Classic NSR & Slot.it (initialement prévue le 11.11.2014),
- et la 3ème manche des courses de Sprint (initialement prévue le 12.11.2014).

Commune de Bernex.

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Lap Timer/Counter Ideas for Brad Bowman Layout

I'll be receiving a routed HO scale layout from Brad's Tracks in a couple of months so I'm looking for, among things, a lap timer/counter system that any of you might have experience with. I'm open to any ideas. Thanks.


1:1 drag race video

Mods...move if necessary.
Just wanted to share this.


Slot Car Today - General


Spirit has sent us the first images of the two models that will reach stores in mid-October. A pictures taken at the end of the production process in origin, and that despite their quality serves as sample to that the slot fans can get an idea about.
On one hand the VW Golf GTi Gulf decorated...


For Sale: Slot Mods 1/32 race track

Own your very own Slot Mods race track! They aren't making these on this small scale anymore so this is a rare opportunity!

This exquisite three-lane raceway was designed in the spirit of early sports car racing on twisty back roads and through scenic hills. The track measures 15.5’ x 6.5’ and includes one squeeze area for realistic racing action. It comes complete with six slot cars, controllers, and a power supply.

Want the track to reflect your personal taste in a raceway design? Slot Mods would customize it for you at an additional cost. This is a private sale, not associated with Slot Mods. But they will accommodate such a request.

If you have dreamed of owning an authentic Slot Mods USA racetrack without the wait of a full custom build, this is your chance. Serious inquiries are invited email me for more information and photos. Seller is VERY motivated. Needs the space for cars!

Asking $11,000 or make me an offer! This is a giveaway price. It cost more than double this amount and you can't touch a new one on a private ownership any more.

The track is located near Philadelphia, PA. I will assist with shipping anywhere in the world.

Thanks for looking.























SlotForum News

SCX News - New cars/liveries

News from SCX;

Ref A10151 Renault Megane Trophy
Ref A10154 Mercedes Benz SLS GT3
Ref A10152 Chevrolet Corvette C6R "GT OPEN"
Ref A10153 Lancia Delta Intergrale S4
Ref A10156 BMW M3 GT3 "Crowne Plazza"
Ref A10158 Citroen DS3 "Abu Dhadi"
Ref A10160 Renault R4L "Dakar"
Ref A10161 Audi A5 DTM "Rockenfeller"

All due into the UK within the next few weeks.

Ref A10151 Renault Megane Trophy

Ref A10154 Mercedes Benz SLS GT3

Ref A10152 Chevrolet Corvette C6R "GT OPEN"

Ref A10153 Lancia Delta Intergrale S4

Ref A10156 BMW M3 GT3 "Crowne Plazza"

Ref A10158 Citroen DS3 "Abu Dhadi"

Ref A10160 Renault R4L "Dakar"

Ref A10161 Audi A5 DTM "Rockenfeller"

Information and images as supplied by UK distributor Staffs Slot Cars UK

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Ninco track complete layout for sale


NINCO track for sale even more than what's pictured. $500 shipped takes it all PayPal only to mario_baskin@yahoo.com

List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: NINCO TRACK COMPLETE LAYOUT FOR SALE
On Sale For: $500 + $0 Shipping



SlotForum News

Scalextric News - Mercury Cougar XR7

News from Scalextric;

Mercury Cougar XR7
Ref - C3536
Race - 1967 Trans-Am Championship
Drivers - Originally driven by Dave Tatum and Bill Pendleton

Digital Plug Ready (DPR) - convert for use with the Scalextric Digital range in under sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Plug

Scalextric Special Features

Digital Plug Ready
Easy Change Pick-ups
High Detail

Images and information as supplied by Hornby Hobbies.

SlotForum News

Scalextric News - Lancia Delta S4

Lancia Delta S4
Ref - C3490
Race - 1986 Rally San Remo
Driver - Fabrizio Tabaton

Digital Plug Ready (DPR) - convert for use with the Scalextric Digital range in under sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Plug.

Scalextric Special Features

Digital Plug Ready
Easy Change Pick-ups
High Detail
Working Headlights
Working Rear Lights
Xenon Effect Headlights

Images and information as supplied by Hornby Hobbies

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Scalextric takara quattrox nissan 350z calsonic impul z 2004






List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: SCALEXTRIC TAKARA QUATTROX NISSAN 350Z CALSONIC IMPUL Z 2004
On Sale For: $150 + $0 Shipping



Traditional setup - lap counter

Right, I've given up with my arduino, so going to go old school with a pc with a printer port, photocells and lights...

So I need your help everyone.

I've got access to three stores, and wanting to build this sucker tomorrow, I want it over and done with.


I have seen these, but which should I get.


Which led would be best to light these suckers up.


Ir all tend to be 5mm, and seem a really tight fit, or am I best to go ir?

Any help would be great in picking out the correct components.

FS Another DS-0128 Controller with special brake cut switch

FS Another DS-0128 Controller with special brake cut switch


List Date: 10/1/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: FS Another DS-0128 Controller with special brake cut switch
On Sale For: $90 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: FS Another DS-0128 Controller with special brake cut switch

SlotForum News

Spirit News - BMW 2002 Ti & VW Golf Mk1 GTi

News from Spirit;

Ref SP601308
BMW 2002 Ti Rallye de Espana 1975
Due in UK within the next few weeks

Ref SP701508
VW Golf Mk1 GTi Rallye Montecarlo Historico 2014
Due in UK within the next few weeks

Images and text as supplied by UK distributor Staffs Slot Cars UK - with the exception of the Golf photo - web search


2014 Retro Tokyo Race #8 will be held on October 5

Can-Am & F-1 on the Gerding King G13.


rt 14 Can-Am & F-1 for #8 Oct 5 A.jpg

rt 14 Can-Am & F-1 for #8 Oct 5 B.jpg


Stay tuned,



SlotForum Blogs

gokartride's Blog - Towns and a River

Work continues on my little Mille Miglia SSD track so I thought I’d provide an update. I have completed a few more buildings for one of the town areas and added LED lighting to these buildings to enhance night racing. I chose to power the LEDs using a 9 volt battery which means lighting and power source can at any time be removed from the track as a unit for additional modelling.

I also added some small 2D backdrop structures to give a sense of distance and that there is more to the town than is seen on the track. These are painted on a simple piece of poster board and, once cut out, are adhered to the backdrop using rubber cement. The larger structures help in allowing me to make the backdrop elements in segments. These hide any seams.

I also continue to work on the small stream that crosses the layout on a slight diagonal.

For this stream I am using multiple coats of Mod Podge using the technique seem in this video.

Finally, I am continuing with landscaping on the back of the circuit. Here you can see in the background rough-in for another section of town.

To the right you can also see some rough-in for basic scenery in this section, including the intersection with another side road. Now that I am more comfortable with the scenic materials I am using, it is easier to make informed decisions about the scenic rough-in, and to play around with the foam base, able to envision how other layers of materials, colors and textures will interact with it.

Slot Car News

Slot.It Planning 2015?

On the Slot.it website, a "2015 Planning" page was accidentally made viewable by the public. It has since been made inaccessible.

One of the interesting "planned" releases for 2015 was the Chaparral 2G of Jim Hall. It was listed as being produced in the 3rd Quarter of 2015.

Below is a photo of the full-scale 2G in action, hopefully Slot.it will produce this fine looking racing car in 1/32 for us to enjoy.

Italia Slot

Factory BRM e la nuova McLaren F1 GTR

Ne è passata di acqua sotto i ponti da quando, una decina di anni fa, la BRM Model Cars lanciò sul mercato dei modelli slot car in scala 1/24 interamente costruiti in plastica.
Da un'azienda che produceva particolari per modelli statici da collezione, non si poteva pensare che i primi modelli slot funzionassero alla perfezione. La prima serie di Gruppo C era bellissima da vedere ma, in quanto a dinamismo, bisognava accontentarsi.
Già da un po' di tempo si sentiva nell'aria una svolta che avrebbe portato la BRM ad una consacrazione nel settore della scala 1/24.
Ora quel momento è arrivato, la svolta è concreta e palpabile.
Vi porto nella Factory BRM dove vedrete molte cose interessanti, e poi in pista a provare la McLaren F1 GTR di imminente uscita.



I've raced with some of these guys...

Other than box art, paintings featuring slot racing are pretty rare. Here's one...
Painting by Bob-C-Hardin, who says, "Slot head animals enjoying some stress full slot car competition on a vintage commercial tub track. Traditional color acrylic with digital enhance."

Prints are available for purchase HERE.

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Slot it: Une Chaparral 2G en 2015

Maurizio Ferrari nous l’avait annoncé et attendait le salon du jouet de Chicago pour présenter sa nouvelle voiture de slot racing de la catégorie Classic. En 2015 c’est donc une Chaparral 2G qui roulera sur nos circuits routiers électriques Lors de la présentation du flyer des sorties Slot it pour 2015, Slot it avait caché […]

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lexan body repaint

I am trying to repaint a lexan wizzard HO scale body actually stripping the paint off now, I have no experience in painting lexan bodies . I do know that you paint the inside not the outside. This body was painted on the inside and out side both I got the paint off the outside without a problem. Where I ran into problems was stripping the paint from the inside its painted then has some kind of white coating over the paint to protect it. I can’t find out what this white coating is its hard to get off. It doesn’t seem like paint it’s ruff and hard but it does flake off. If anyone know what it is and an easy way to remove it please let me know. And yes I have searched Google but haven’t been able to find anything about what it is. I know people will say just buy a new body they are cheap but this one is pinned and trimmed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Más Slot

Más Slot 148, Octubre de 2014

Ya está disponible la versión en papel y digital de la revista Más Slot 148, correspondiente al mes de Octubre de 2014.
En este número puedes encontrar reportajes de los siguientes modelos:

• Porsche 935 Gr.5 de Scaleauto
• Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 “Chrono” de OSC
• Alfa Romeo 8c 2900B de Slot Classic
• Renault 5 Turbo de Team Slot
• Tyrrel 002 de Superslot
• Range Rover de MSC
• Touareg INI de Más Slot

En Técnica: Preparación McLaren M8D de Slot.it. Además de las Secciones habituales: Novedades, Desde CERO, Debate de Opinión, A vueltas con el mando, Adjudicado, Vuestros Trabajos. En Más Slot Competición, visitamos el Club Slot Rias Baixas en Galicia.

Slot Car News

Scaleauto Launches 1/32 "Home Series"

The new Scaleauto Home Series fulfills the needs of the beginner level and hobbyist slot car enthusiasts while providing excellent detail appearance.

Detailed Ready-To-Run slot racing cars with sidewinder position motor and rear position magnet traction. Compatible with all types of 1/32 analog slot tracks.

Upgradeable with Scaleauto performance spare axles, alloy-hubs, tyres, guides and braids.

Porsche 935J /80
24h Daytona 1980 #30
MOMO Electrodyne Team Joest

Porsche 935J /80
DRM Norisring 1980 #6
Liqui Moly Team Joest

Photos provided by Scaleauto.


Slot.It Shows Second Version of Nissan R89C

Nissan Team Le Mans R89C no.85 Le Mans 1990, CA28b - is scheduled for February 2015

Nissan Calsonic R89C no.23 Le Mans 1989, CA28a is scheduled for December 2014

Photos provided by Slot.It


Mr.Slotcar McLaren F1 GTR Chassis Closeup

These preview photos of their independent front suspension kit installed on their upcoming McLaren F1 GTR chassis were provided by Ernie Mossetti.

The kit will consist of all the parts need to convert your car - Stub axles, springs and spring posts, screws and "E" Clips. Final Spring Posts will be made from Aluminum. Camber is adjustable from "Zero" +/- 3 Degrees. Picture shows "Zero" setting


Slot Car Today - General


The MTS Collection begins to reveal his first model. As we advanced yesterday from SCT, More Than Slot has decided to creat...

L'Etrat Slot Racing

OSC: Les photos de la Peugeot 205 T16 de Michelle Mouton 1986

OSC: Les photos de la Peugeot 205 T16 de Michelle Mouton 1986OSC, Original Slot Car, présente les photos de la Peugeot 205 T16 de Michelle Mouton Monte Carlo 1986. Cette jolie voiture de slot est le nouveau modèle de la marque, elle sortira sous la référence B01003. Alors que très bientôt nous vous proposerons un essai de la Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 Saby-Fauchille Tour de Corse […]

Slot Car Today - General


He has his definitive aesthetics. The new Peugeot 205 T16 Evo1 Original Slot Cars (B01003) shows his battle colors with which will hit stores in a few days.
The third model that comes from this young manufacturer factory c...


Blue Peril, a wood thingie






More to follow...

[RSS] 1/24 Anglia Slot Car

$94.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Wednesday Oct-1-2014 21:21:45 PDT
Bid now | Add to watch list

View the full article

Diamond bit sharpening

I know this subject was posted before, but does anybody know where I can send out my diamond lathe bit for sharpening? The tip has a chip on it and doesn't cut right.



Slot Car illustrated Forum


At the request of Russell we're pulling the Classic F1 cars and going with the NSR GT's .
In Russ's words , He wants to be around to race in his nominated Series . So I feel the
NSR GT's are a good substitute and with the addition of the Aston Martin Vantage plus
the BMW Z4 it should make for a interesting Series .

Going with the same spec's as before , with only one change . We've never run these
with the Ultra Grip tires . It was unanimous ( all most ) to give them a shot . I'll be
happy to true anybody's who needs it done .


CARS ; Audi R8 , Corvette C6R , Porsche 997 , Aston Martin Vantage and BMW Z4


Min Weight ; 82 gm Max Down force - 20 gm

Screws ; Loose , Tuner Screws May Be Used

Tires ; Front - stock , Rears !9.5 X 11 Ultra Grip - Glued and Trued


Added Weight ; None

Chassis ; Stock

Gearing ; Pin 14 ( NSR 7114 ) , Anglewinder 31 ( NSR 6531 )

Guide ; Any NSR

Interiors ; Stock

Motor ; Baby King 17,000

Pod ;Stock

Wheels ; Front Stock - Rears Stock or Air

Wiring ; Stock

Miscellaneous ; Suspension Optional - NSR 122S (soft) , NSR 1229 (med) or NSR 1230 (hard)

anything not mentioned in the modifications section shall remain in it's original application .

Any questions or suggestions ? Feel free . :yo:


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Round 12

The cars are on their way to Oregon for round 12. Should be there around next Tuesday.



[RSS] 1/24 AMT Cobra Slot Car

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End Date: Wednesday Oct-1-2014 17:38:22 PDT
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Video from Farrout Slot Racing Club

The farroutslotcars.com racing club's "Drivers' Championship" wherein drivers compete equally using the same cars. Each four minute heat is recorded in its entirety so that one can follow the competition from start to finish and enjoy the fun sportsmanship.


These Scalextric Trans-Am stock cars are modeled precisely after the actual Mustang Boss 302, Camaro Z28, Javelin, and AAR Cuda cars driven by Parnelli Jones, Vic Elford, Jerry Grant, and Dan Gurney at the Riverside International Raceway recreated in miniature using Carrera slot car track


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Race results Spa Lyon Sept 24th 2014

<table style="width:194px;"><tr><td align="center" style="height:194px;background:url(https://www.gstatic.com/pwa/s/v/ligh...background.gif) no-repeat left"><a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/113507065297498488562/SpaLyonsSept242014?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCPH_7L Hz2r7xnAE&feat=embedwebsite"><img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-9ryXE-daW9c/VCtLHcoWWmE/AAAAAAAAAMU/6XZvDhLUPdQ/s160-c/SpaLyonsSept242014.jpg?gl=CA" width="160" height="160" style="margin:1px 0 0 4px;"></a></td></tr><tr><td style="text-align:center;font-family:arial,sans-serif;font-size:11px"><a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/113507065297498488562/SpaLyonsSept242014?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCPH_7L Hz2r7xnAE&feat=embedwebsite" style="color:#4D4D4D;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;">spa lyons sept 24 2014</a></td></tr></table>:noidea:

September 30, 2014


For Sale: '60s style wheels, new in package

Fellow Slotbloggers,


I offer up some great 60's style wheels that I purchased for building up and refurbishing RTR's from back in the day.

I need to lighten my load so here is a chance to great some beautiful wheels that you have been looking for. 


I accept Paypal and what you see are the actual products from the great manufacturers of that classic era.

Sold as is, but still in original packaging as shown. I ship using US Postal Services and recommend First Class as affordable.

Of course I combine shipping and these should be no more than $3.00 a set or that much for all of them sent together.

$10 each package or $80 for all of them. Send a PM if interested....this is ahead of posting on eBay at a higher price!


(2) Buz Co #204C

(2) Buz Co #218


(2) Dynamic #631


(1) K&B #201

(1) K&B #209



Thanks in advance!



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Tomy Turbo Lighted Cars

You know those lighted TOMY Turbo (Front and rear lights) cars- Jaguars, etc.
They have kind of a funky (high) look because the entire lighting infrastructure for the front/rear lights is sort of built into the body.
Anyway.... I ended up with the Purple/Yellow Silk Cut Jag one which I'd never seen- I always see (and have) the other 4.
Didn't know they made that one and was just wondering if it is/was rare?
Did some research but had a hard time finding any/many of that one.
Thanks in advance.


Hudy tire truer replacement motor

A buddy of mine has a Hudy tire truer that has motor woes. From his description, it sounds like bearing failure.


Does anyone here have experience with Hudy motor replacement? My understanding is that the motor was originally designed as a R/C car powerplant. 

Racing at Slots-A-Lot - Wed, 8 PM, 10/1, Franklin Square, NY

We will race on the red k track,it will be a handicap race . We will race can am/coup 110 g or more.

[RSS] 1960s Cox Jim Hall Chaparral Competition 1/24 Slot Car

End Date: Thursday Oct-30-2014 11:31:51 PDT
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Hi- Could someone tell me what is the correct chassis for the GT-40 flamethrower? Thanks.

Slot it Club De Genève

Une nouvelle Chaparral annoncée pour l'année prochaine chez Slot.it, la 2G :

Le reste à suivre...

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The Italian Slot.it brand has decided to market separately the two Alfa Romeo 33/3 protagonists of the 1971 Targa Florio.
A few days ago went on sale # 5 of Vaccarella and Hezemans winners of this edition of the Sicilian race. (SICA11F) In ear...


Will arrive in the next Christmas campaign, but Team Slot wanted to advance a first pic of its next model. The Ford Escort MkII RS2000 of the late 70s, it’s scheduled in road and rally versions as reported almost a year ago Team Sl...

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Pay Attention!

A hard lesson in watching what you are doing when filling up your Porsche 918... :eek:



eBay to split off lucrative PayPal business

Sep 30, 10:12 AM (ET)




633262013206-EBay-PayPal_Split_20140930. (AP) In this Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013, file photo, attendees walk in front of an...
Full Image  


NEW YORK (AP) — EBay is splitting off its fastest growing segment, mobile payment service PayPal, the e-commerce company said Tuesday.

Investors applauded the news, sending eBay's shares up nearly 7 percent in morning trading.

The move comes after months of pressure from activist investor and billionaire Carl Icahn, who has a 2.5 percent state in eBay, according to FactSet. EBay CEO John Donahoe had been adamant that splitting off PayPal was the wrong move for the company. But Tuesday, the company said that making the mobile payment service a separate publicly traded company next year "maximizes strategic focus and flexibility for eBay."

Although it has not become mainstream yet, the mobile payment sector is growing quickly. Citi Investment Research analyst Mark May said in a note last month that the sum total of mobile payments could grow from $1 billion in 2013 to $58.4 billion by 2017. Apple threw down a gauntlet in September with its own digital wallet Apple Pay, seen as a major competitor to PayPal.

"The payments landscape is hyper-competitive, the pace of change is accelerating and everyone is gunning for PayPal," said Forrester analyst Denee Carrington. "The split will give PayPal greater agility to help it achieve its full potential."

Donahoe also said he will step down as CEO of eBay after overseeing the separation of the two companies and will not have a management role in either of the two afterward. He may have a seat on the board at one or both, along with eBay Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan.

Dan Schulman, an executive at American Express, will be the new president at PayPal, effective immediately. The 56-year-old will become PayPal's CEO once the separation takes place.

Devin Wenig, currently president of eBay Marketplaces, will become CEO of the new EBay Inc. He will lead the eBay Marketplaces and eBay Enterprise businesses.

Cowen and Co. analyst John Blackledge said the spinoff "makes a great deal of sense," because there is "manageable overlap" between the two businesses and the new structure makes PayPal "more nimble" to respond to challenges like Apple Pay.

EBay, based in San Jose, California, said that the separation was the best path for growth and shareholder value creation for each business.

EBay is an e-commerce site that connects sellers to buyers. PayPal, acquired by eBay in 2002 for $1.3 billion, has been its fastest-growing segment.

In the most recent quarter, PayPal gained 4 million new, active registered accounts, up 15 percent, to 152 million. Payments revenue rose 20 percent to $1.95 billion, about 45 percent of eBay's total revenue.

PayPal users can send and receive payments online, with all transactions backed by prepaid user accounts, bank accounts or credit cards. The service is available in 203 markets worldwide and is on track to process 1 billion mobile payments in 2014.

There is a push away from traditional credit cards, particularly after a string of high-profile data breaches that have ensnared major retailers like Target and Home Depot.

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce powerhouse in China, split off its PayPal-like mobile payment arm, Alipay, in 2011.

"A thorough strategic review with our board shows that keeping eBay and PayPal together beyond 2015 clearly becomes less advantageous to each business strategically and competitively," Donahoe said.

PayPal has been expanding beyond mobile payments and offering other financial services. It began lending money to small business customers late last year. And eBay bought Braintree, a payment processor used by startups such as vacation rentals site Airbnb and cab-hailing app Uber, a year ago for about $800 million and will be part of the PayPal.

Shares of eBay jumped nearly 7 percent to $56.16 in morning trading.


AP Business Writer Joseph Pisani contributed to this report.


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Carrera DTM race

Hi Greg,
I see there is a race on Nov 13th for Carrera DTM cars. What mods if any are allowed?
Is there a spec tire? I've been playing with these at home and they are very fun. They run well stock if you take care of all the little details. ~Ron


Happy Birthday to Da 'Noose

Have a happy birthday Joe !!

Porsche 917 - the evil twin

Recently, I posted some images of my 917. My build inspired Ron to build one as well. Below are a few images of his rare Piper 917 and a shot of both cars.




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917 - The Evil Twin

After I finished my 917, fellow slot head, Ron was inspired to build one as well. Below are a few images of his rare Piper 917 and a shot of both cars

Easier to build Slot Track Tables, using Centipede Saw Horse

I was going to post about using a folding tent frame, or a folding back drop for a trade show display wall to support a sheet of wood to build a track table... but I found this instead.


They are back ordered... but it should make for an easy to setup, and possibly easier to stow, track table.

Christmas'll be here soon...

Isn't about time for a bunch of new cars to come out for the Christmas gathering of new toys..?



Want to make a 28.4cc W18 engine? Full instructions here...

There's a very talented Spanish machinist named Patelo who likes to make small engines for eductional purposes. Seemingly the 12cc V12 he created a few years back wasn't enough of a challenge, se he decided to whip up a W18 just to keep his hand in, I guess. The fun part is that he has documented the entire process in a nice series of eight videos.

Paelo's engine are used for indoor teaching purposes and thus are made to run on compressed air instead of explosive fuel.

Some specs on the engine:

Number of pieces: 469
Number of screws: 388
Work hours: 1850
Displacement: 28.4 cc
Piston Stroke: 10.25 mm
Piston diameter: 14 mm

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The French brand Le Mans Miniatures has a new reference for his Rondeau M379 CL at 1:32 scale. This time offers a painted and assembled bodywork to adapt it to competition. It is a pre-painted bodywork in ...

Slot it Club De Genève

Ce soir :

Endurance Slot.it Groupe C.

Horaires habituels (piste 18hoo -Course 20hoo)

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More Than Slot (MTS), the slot business dedicated to marketing high end slot models, has decided to go further and jump right into the world of production of slot cars at 1:32 scale. The new MTS Collection will be released officially tomor...

Italia Slot

Alfa Romeo 33/3 Targa Florio 1971 - New cars 2015

Periodo di intensa attività alla Slot.it con uscite mensili di nuove livree e nuovi modelli.
Settembre chiude con l'Alfa Romeo 33/3 #5 che si classificò 1a alla Targa Florio del 1971.
Le novità non finiscono qui: nuovi ricambi e presentazione dei modelli che usciranno nel primo semestre 2015.


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Sean Brown and sons Robert and Daniel are for some years now assiduous to classic car racing becoming one of the great animators of this series. His white and yellow Ford Escort MkI has passed numerous times first under the checkered flag in tough fight with Capri, XJS, Dolomite, Sprint, 2002 and 2...

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

Dave Jones Bodies

Just been trawling through ebay and found 5 Dave Jones bodies for sale. the seller is valet122