May 03, 2016

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TRG, The Racer's Group, a veteran Californian team entered with the support of Aston Martin Racing for the 2015 USCC season, United Sportscar Championship, an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 chassis # 004 Prodrive that was a couple of years standstill . To drive it the regular season had Christina Nielsen ...


Available in stores the new Slot Racing Company. Ferrari 312PB. A model not initially scheduled but that the brand wanted to take this opportunity to include it in its range of classics. This first version of the Ferrari 312PB, corresponds to the ca...

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1954 Lotus MkVlll

The Lotus MkVlll was a sports car with great 1950s "spaceship"/aerodynamic lines in the days before cars saw a wind tunnel. It was one of Colin Chapman's early designs but despite it's sleek look it wasn't particularly successful. I love the look of the car so had to build one.

Colin Chapman at the wheel of his MkVlll at Goodwood in 1954.

The shell is by AA, I've used a PCS chassis and wheels.

I sprayed it with Humbrol Chrome Silver, the repainted driver is from a Scalextric Cooper-Climax.

On track for its first run. Decals by a friend, John Cahill.


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Novità PRS per il mese di Maggio

Sono numerose le novità previste nel mese di Maggio da parte di PRS. A giorni è prevista la commercializzazione di due nuovi telai in alluminio per la Corvette C7 e BMW M4 DTM della Carrera ed un nuovo supporto motore, mentre a fine mese è prevista l'uscita di un accessorio che non può mancare nella valigetta di uno slottista; un "Power bench" portatile con tanto di batteria incorporata ed altre funzionalità...


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Carrera 30773?

Will this version of the Porsche 911 Cabriolet be available in the U.S.? I like the silver much better than red & just stumbled upon it & it's not on the Carrera USA site.

Jack hangs 'em out to dry, clothespins determine podium

Jack swept both the NasTruck and Jalopy races held at STR on 5/2/16. In the process he set a new total lap record in NasTruck. Mark edged out James for third in a very close finish in Jalopy. See the margin below and a few images of featured cars. See the link to read the entire race narrative and view many additional images

Attached Images

  • JJack.jpg
  • JJames.jpg
  • NNick.jpg
  • NRon.jpg

Chula Vista/San Diego event canceled

Just want to make sure everyone got the word that the Chula Vista event on the 14th has been postponed because of a previously scheduled event.


Joe Chevy and I have a new date and we are firming up details now.

Finding that fast sealed motor

Is there any rhyme or reason to finding the elusive fast Proslot SpeedFX PS-2002 16D sealed motor?

Buy 10 at one time?  Buy 5 in one batch and wait to buy another 5 in a different order from the Distrib?  Anyone know how often a new shipment arrives from China?


Also I recently got a sealed Proslot 16D with brush hoods way out of alignment.  Do any of the FK alignment tools work with the 16D's?




Final OCC season race at NESCR - May 14, North East, PA

The final race of the OCC season is set for May 14 at North East Slot Car Raceway.
Doors will open at 8 AM on the 14.
Racing begins at 10:45.
All four classes will run  GT1 A+B divisions, LMP {Group 10} and GTP.
North East Slot Car Raceway
215 East Main Street
North East, PA 16428
(814) 725-1030
Racing will be on the 100 foot Ogilvie reverse orange, .045" braid depth with 13.8 volt power.

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McLaren Front Suspension Kit

Has anyone installed the front suspension on the McLaren F1? I just got the kit and it seems that the only way to get any "travel" of the suspension spring around the tall brass nut is to enlarge the hole in the front axle support where the brass nut goes through. The tall brass nut is a tight fit into the axle support hole and it seems to me that it needs be slide freely through the axle support hole so that the suspension can move up and down. Is my understanding correct? If not, what is the proper way to install the suspension?

Thanks much,


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PRS: Un banc de rodage portable pour voitures de slot racing

PRS: Un banc de rodage portable pour voitures de slot racingPSR la marque de slot italienne prépare l’arrivée dans son catalogue d’un Mini Banc de rodage pour voitures de slot. Voici un outil qui sera très utile pour tout sloteur, un banc de rodage portable. C’est la marque PRS qui annonce cette nouveauté nommée « 4 de 4″. Ce contrôleur de vérification et banc de rodage […]

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Leicester City F1

Congratulations to Leicester City F C. Made this a couple of months ago but it was only today that I could put the race number on it. Number 1 of course.
My grandad was Leicester coach during the 1929 season when they reached their previous high of 2nd in the old first division. He would have been so proud of them now. biggrin.gif

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peugeot 908 on a Super G+

Wondering if any of you guys know offhand if the new Peugeot MG+ bodies will fit on a SGP chassis without alterations. I know the GT40 body fits them like a glove and makes for a really good-looking, low, well handling car. In fact, when I can find a Mega G+ priced right, I'm buying them JUST for the bodies to replace some of the ill-handling stock car bodies on otherwise fast SGPs.
On another note, I took Speedhoppy's advice on mounting the 312PB on an M chassis LL using two small sections of Evergreen (or Plastruct) styrene channel and it works GREAT. Thanks, SH.


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Más Slot 167 (Mayo 2016)

Ya está disponible la revista Más Slot 167 (Mayo 2016)
En este número puedes encontrar reportajes de los siguientes modelos:

• Viper SRT GTS-R de Scaleauto
• Comparativa BMZ Z4 de Superslot (chasis PCR de con Z4 de Scaleauto con su chasis R
• Camion MAN 3 ejes de Avant Slot

Reportaje de Kilslot (especialista en 3D para rallye). Entrevistamos a Miquel Miret, "alma matter" de Sloting Plus.

Las Secciones habituales: Novedades, Debate, Adjudicado, Desde Cero, Porsches que hay que tener en slot, Libros, Vuestros Trabajos.

En Más Slot Competición visitamos el Slot Club Terrassa, que celebra sus 20 años de existencia.


Esperamos que os guste.

Association Slot Alpin

News SRC du 3/5/16

REF.: SRC-01610
Porsche 914/6 GT Jagermeister 1000km. Nurburgring 1972

REF.: SRC-03101
Ferrari 312 PB 1000km. Buenos Aires 1972 Ronnie Peterson - Tim Schenken


Slotlandia revient....

les 21 et 22 Mai à Verone

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Racer Daytona Point Series Race ...Presented By Sean

Racer Daytona Point Series Race....Coming Soon. The date, time & Car Set Up Will Be Posted Soon. The Racer Daytona Point Series Race Will be a 6 to 8 wk long Series. Prizes Will be giving out at end of the series. This is the same race Sean started of the RC Refurb Willingboro.

Thx You!
Pinion Twister

Growing of the hobby?!?

The subject is often brought up about getting new people into the hobby and growing the hobby but from my experience I often wonder how much most 1/32 racers actually want uncontrolled growth in the hobby. Expanding on this I understand that there are Commercial 1/32 tracks in this country and I have raced at one them in Maryland, however, it seems that the majority of racing is done in garages and basements across the country.

Commercial tracks are dependent on getting new people in and being able to sell them the items needed to start and grow in the hobby. I have raced with four different 1/32 clubs that hold races at their home garages and basements and I can understand why some of these home owners would be fairly careful of the types of people they invite to race.

I have heard from two of the four that they weed out the ultra competitive, win at any cost type racers who can make it uncomfortable for their average racer who is racer, collector and friend. These home based tracks seldom make money off of consistent sales of cars and parts and most of their racers purchase mail order.

It would be interesting (to me) to see how the readers of this site look on these issues. It would also be interesting to know where you race, with who, how many and how often you hold races.

The last thought would be to the clubs that do hold formal races, with this vehicle I would think that giving race reports complete with some tech facts about the cars such as type car, manufacture of car, type tires and motor in the car. I believe that this type reporting might drum up interest and show people the types of cars you race and how much modification is allowed.

Super Tires Decals Arrived

Thanks for the decals! We plan on displaying them on our pit box as well as our home layout once it is completed. :thumb:

SAL Coupe race - Wed, 5/4, Franklin Square, NY

This race is on the king, and it is Wed this week.

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Cleaning Chassis Electrical Components

Hey guys,

What's the best way to clean a chassis' electrical components and getting them to look new again?
Basically, what is the safest method of cleaning the metal without disturbing the plastic? Which chemicals are safe to use and which chemicals aren't?, . . . and what tools and methods do you use?



For Sale: Fast Ones Puppy Dogs - SOLD!

Fast Ones Puppy Dogs for sale.


$7 a piece.


Buy five and get free shipping. 





[RSS] Cox Jim Hall Chaparral 1/24 Original Unbuilt Slot Kit

End Date: Saturday May-7-2016 18:37:49 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $329.95
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

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Race #5 - Circuit Courville - Québec QC

The cars are now in Québec QC for Round 5 of the CanAm Proxy Race. For the 9th year in a row, the CanAm cars are making a stop here, making Québec QC the only city that hosted all years of this great proxy race.

I'm planning to run the qualification session this weekend, if all goes according to plan. And we're aiming to run the race next week, depending on the guys' schedules.

Circuit Courville is a 57-feet 4-lane track. It has a fast section and a very technical section. Good-handling cars are rewarded here, that's for sure. We'll be running the race at 10.3 volts, which is PLENTY of power on this smaller track all wired by Mr Slot Car Corner himself, the one and only Steve Sawtelle!

I have unpacked the cars tonight and ran a few laps with each car to make sure every one of them was running good. #101 lost the front body screw somewhere and I put in a new one. #12 front wheels were not spinning because the chassis was screwed too tight on the body. I backed up the front screws and it now runs much better.

Every other car ran good, some of them are terrific runners and I can't wait to push them around the track for the qualification round. Stay tuned!

Race #5 - Circuit Courville - Québec QC

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New in box Fly Porsche 935k, UFO Livery

New in box Fly Porsche 935k, UFO Livery

New in box Fly Porsche 935k, UFO Livery. Only able to ship to US continental 48 states.

List Date: 5/2/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: New in box Fly Porsche 935k, UFO Livery
On Sale For: $35.00


May 02, 2016

Smith Scale Speedway race results - 5/1, Charlestown, NH

11 year old Gawain Smith swept the three series that concluded this past Sunday, taking titles in the Blaster Early Modifieds, Competition Products Islip Legends, and the Summit Stock Cars.  5 year old Brandon Swift also received top 5 honors in two divisions.  These kids compete against adults, and are picking it up fast.

In two weeks, the Modifieds and Super Modifieds continue, and we begin Dirt Modifieds, Sprint Cars, and Bombers.  Open to the public, racing is always free.  call 603-826-4242 to be a part of it.


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Thinking of Sebring 2017 12 hour race. Advice?

I keep tossing this idea around it's beginning to make more and more sense. I've been wanting to see a 12 hour race at Sebring for a long time. Problem is 3 young kids in school, limited budget & 800 miles away.

But things are starting to come together, I found a direct flight out of Roanoke, VA to Orlando for $68 a head. So... $272 and I'm in Orlando in 1.5 hours... all my kids are under 12 so I only have to buy one ticket... Rental car, $25/day... I can swing that.

So when is it? Easy to figure out... just plug in a weekend close to this years date into a hotel search and see when the Econolodge goes up to $500/night. March 18.

Is anyone familiar with lodging in the area for the 12 hour race?

What is the scene like? The VIR race is pretty family friendly & mid-March is very close to spring break. Is it family friendly or Animal house or...?

Help Needed Cars Take Off at Full Speed

I just developed a really weird problem I can't figure out. All of the sudden, at the same spot in one lane (I think) my SSD chipped cars will take off at full speed and run off the track.

By way of background, I have a Hybrid/Wood/Braided SSD track with the six car power base and lane changers imbedded into the wood. The problem seems to regularly appear at the same spot on the same lane and does not seem to be specific to a single car or chip. In addition, the problem occurs whether I am using the powerbase display and firmware or a laptop computer running RCS64.

I've heard about a problem with RCS64 where the cars take off at full speed, but I seem to be getting this no matter which race control system I use.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Thanks -- 50s

2016 CHORC UK Championship - Rnd 5 Race report & pics

Quarter Two, Rnd 5. SG+ Le Mans/Can Am/GpC cars

A new Quarter saw a new track to learn. It was nice, quick and flowing. It could bite you if you got it wrong but it wasn't that tough though.

The biggest learning curve was with the switch from the high downforce SRT+ chassis from the last Quarter to the intermediate downforce SG+, which some coped with better than others.

It was getting to grips with this different handling that was difficult, although not everyone recognised that it was the chassis, not the track, which was making the difference this time.


Heat one saw Andy Abbott set the bar with a 21.10 win from the green lane, ahead of Rob Heaton who set the fastest lap of 7.348. Up to lap eleven the pair were on the same lap and within a second of each other - but from there it all went Pete Tong, Rob’s concentration going south, with a number of big offs. A promising start though! Not too far behind was Ken Edmonds on the blue lane but a long way back was Dean Garbett, who was also having to learn a brand new chassis, bought that night.

Heat two had an empty lane, which we’d held for Matt Ashmore. Usually late, this time he didn’t show at all (new shift pattern AND the change of race date?) BUT I forgot to mention – Dave Charlesworth was back! After I forget HOW long an absence, he proceeded to show us all that slot racing is like riding a bike. You don’t forget. After briefly losing the lead between laps five and seven he went on to take the win by a third of a lap from Doug Passell, as Olivia Randall struggled to reach double figures on the yellow lane, driving her SG+ like the previous classes SRT+ chassis. You can’t do it!

All the way from South Africa, Big Al's 'Big Cat' resin Jag made an appearance in practice, running Tyco HP7 rear wheels and tyres to get them inside the body without rubbing

Heat three and Steve Bryan upped the ante, taking the lap target to 24.05 with a new fastest time of 6.761, giving him a fairly untroubled run to the line. Andy Abbott gave chase though, posting a new personal best of 22.70 and 7.665, a third of a second quicker than his first run, whilst Dean Garbett was quickly getting to grips with his new chassis, stuffing almost six more laps into the three minutes this time. All three left Simon Randall struggling in fourth place on green – but it was his first run of the night on the new track.

Heat four. Rob was liking this track/chassis combination, upping his previous score by one and a half laps to take the win on blue. He and Doug were side by side until a mistake from the pair on lap six/seven saw a better recovery by Rob, who from this point gradually pulled away. Ken made a move on second place, which saw him and Doug running within a second of each other until a mistake from Ken gave Doug the breathing space he needed to secure the place. Meantime Olivia was running quicker, taking 1.3 seconds off her previous best lap time to rack up one more lap too, putting herself firmly into the double figures this time.

Heat five and you could see Simon was beginning to ‘get it’, leading the first seven laps to bring his SG+ home almost three laps to the good, with a best lap two thirds of a second quicker than previously. This would have stood him in good stead in any other heat – but Andy Abbott was a man on a mission. After a bad start he carved his way through the field, getting up to second by lap three then taking the lead from lap eight onwards. Dave Charlesworth followed him home after Simon left an opening for him on lap twelve, which he grabbed with both hands. An eventful and hard fought heat that was great to watch!


This took us into the break, the contestants grateful for a bit of a breather before.......


Heat six and another untroubled run for Steve Bryan, leading from start to finish on green to push the lap count to 24.70. The rest of the field had fun though, Doug having to work his way up from third to second place over the first four laps, from which point Dean and Ken fought over third, this eventually going to Ken by barely a third of a lap.

Heat seven Rob Heaton emulated Steve’s performance, leading from start to finish on the green lane. On the way to the win over Simon and Olivia Randall he set his fastest lap time – but also his most track departures. It looks like Rob could be in the 24’s if he can keep it on the black stuff! Early days but he’s clearly enjoying Q2.

Heat eight. New records were set for both most and fastest laps here, Steve Bryan posting 25.90 with a best of 6.654 from the yellow lane, which seemed to be favourite for the night. Andy Abbott had a couple of ‘hiccups’ that took the edge off his score but he was still a good second, exactly a lap ahead of Ken Edmonds, (who posted his personal best score here) and over three and a half up on Dave Charlesworth, who was finding out why green wasn’t such a popular lane!

Heat nine. Well the prediction almost came to pass, Rob Heaton clocking up an impressive 23.50, one big off robbing him of a 24 lapper. However, he was streets ahead of nearest rival Doug Passell, who just managed to get into the twenties with a 20.45. However, Dean Garbett was still knocking on that door with a 19.90 –so close! He MUST break through that barrier, surely?

Heat ten, the last chance for a qualifying record and Steve Bryan posted a 6.609 fastest lap, although one off kept him from a new distance record, the 2.3 seconds lost pointing potentially to a 26 lapper. As it was he made 25.35, Dave Charlesworth coming home a very respectable second ahead of Simon and Olivia, in that order. All three posted their second best lap scores of qualifying right here.

The Le Mans/CanAm/GpC body class saw a good mixed grid. All were running SG+ chassis.


Steve Bryan top qualified by several laps but second and third were very close, Rob Heaton being just four fifths of a lap behind Andy Abbott. You could see his chest swell when the qualifying order was announce. Good job Rob!

Doug Passell was fourth then there was a very tight cluster for fifth to seventh. In fact Ken Edmonds and Dean Garbett were tied on 58.95, RC correctly putting Ken ahead on dropped scores. Dave Charlesworth was a little over half a lap behind that pair, as Simon and Olivia Randall brought up the rear.

This time: 25.90 laps on yellow – Steve Bryan 6.609 fastest lap on red – Steve Bryan
75.95 best 3 of 4 – Steve Bryan


‘C’ Dave Charlesworth and Simon and Olivia Randall took to the track on red, yellow and green respectively, Simon making it easy for the other two after a major crash lost him an irrecoverable ten laps. Olivia seemed to be finally ‘getting’ the SG+’s too, posting her fastest lap and best score of the night to take a good second place behind Dave Charlesworth’s first finals win in many a year, start to finish too! Well done Dave.

‘B’ The ‘B’ final was the most ‘animated’ race of the night, with seven place changes that saw Dean Garbett wring the neck of his new SG+ to move up from fourth to first over the first six laps and then hold on to the lead to move up to the ‘A’, something he couldn’t have predicted after his first qualifier! He also smashed through the 20 lap barrier to post a personal best of 22.90 with a 7.028 fastest lap. He’s got it! Doug Passell hung on to second (5th overall) by the skin of his teeth, with Dave Charlesworth a great sixth overall, barely a third of a lap ahead of Ken Edmonds.

‘A’ This made the ‘A’ line-up Rob Heaton on blue, Andy Abbott on red, Steve Bryan on yellow and Dean Garbett benefitting from stepping up from green, to the green. Andy was first away but Steve led the first lap from him, Dean and Rob. There was less than two thirds of a second between the first three and it stayed much that way for the first five laps. Rob, however, built himself a mountain to climb after three long track departures left him over two laps down on the third place man. As it was the ‘A’ gradually broke down into two races, with Steve and Andy closely in touch for the lead over the whole three minutes and Rob very, very slowly closing the gap on Dean for third. Under intense pressure all round, mistakes came from everyone so they all evened out, Steve hanging on to the lead by barely a lap from a hard charging Andy, whilst over two laps back a similar gap separated Dean in third from Rob in fourth.

A great start to the new Quarter, which promises some close and fierce racing for the next three meetings.

This time: 24.75 laps on yellow – Steve Bryan 6.694 fastest lap on yellow – Steve Bryan

The 'A' finalists, reading their names UP the screen, from left to right.

New Records: 25.90 laps in qualifying on yellow – Steve Bryan
6.609 fastest lap in qualifying on red – Steve Bryan
75.95 best 3 of 4 in qualifying – Steve Bryan

...and their cars, with Dean's at the back and Rob's at the front.

Chaparral Camaro

As a teenager growing up in the car crazy 60s, I was a big fan of the Trans-Am series and attended races at Mid-Ohio and Bridgehampton almost every year. As a big Chevy fan I was disappointed when the Penske Camaro team was dissolved as a result of Penske moving to AMC to race Javelins. GM factory backing then got behind Jim Hall fielding two 1970 Camaros for the series. Some time ago I build a 70 Camaro for our True Scale Trans Am series but was not happy with its performance for a number of reasons. Anyway, I felt it was time to try again. I began with the Baldwin Motion AMT kit. On the plus side it has the tall real spoiler used by Hall. Unfortunately it had a funky hood. My other choice would have been AMTs Z-28 model but it did not have the tall rear spoiler. I had a set of Fred Cady decals and plan to use them. I used a Scholer chassis powered by a ProSlot sealed 16D. After priming I did some testing and tuning and was very happy with the results. I hope to have the car finished before our next Triathlon in a few weeks. Below are some images of progress and an image of the car in 1/32 I got off the internet






How to break-in JK Hawk Retro?

I am very, very new to the retro Hawk and have some questions about break in.  I currently oil them then run them on my power supply for 10-12 minutes at 4 volts.  Hit them with lighter fuel.  Oil and race.  That's it. I have not seen any difference in performance from the same motors over time.  They just don't seem to change much I can identify. 


Some have told me that's too long and 3-4 minutes is plenty.  Others have advised water treatment (like I do my other motors) followed by 3-4 volts for a while.


I'm sure there are thousands of approaches to correctly breaking in these motors.  I'm guessing that others have used these for a while and have a view on what is correct and necessary.  I have never dealt with a motor I couldn't at least see the brushes.  I find these motors a bit of a mystery.


Anyway, thanks in advance for sharing thoughts on correct retro Hawk break in. 

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TAZIO Nuvolari Standing Figure / IMMENSE MINIATURES

Through Facebook Immense Miniatures has released the next figure that works Marc Tyler, Immense Miniatures. If not long ago presented the bust of the legendary Italian d...

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Fly Alfa and Lotus 72 Repaints

Just finished up a couple cars for upcoming races. The Lotus F1 was a challenge, this car
and the F1 cars from Fly are not easy to take apart and get back together.
I chose to make a decals for a Lucky Strike car to use on this car.
Once I had it apart, I worked 0n the gears, added some weight and put PG tires on it. She is ready to race.


Our club allows us to race cars from any brand. Quite often this means cars from
Slot It have to compete against cars from Fly. It is a rare occasion when a car from Fly wins a race. Much work has been done on this little Alfa Romeo 156 from Fly to make it competitive. One of the things I did to make this car competitive against cars from Slot It, was to install a Slot It motor. Hope it is a competitive car.
I made a decal for a car sponsored by Benson & Hedges for this car.


SlotForum Scratchbuilding

what scaley chassis fits Airfx

just got hold of 2 Airfix kits a mgb and a db5. what standard scalextric chassis fits these cars
many thanks

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Carlson infraed timer track - No Longer Available

Carlson infraed timer track

Carlson 4-lane timing track for Artin track. All the parts you need to use this for TrackMate software. Shipped to lower 48, other destinations will be extra.

List Date: 5/1/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carlson infraed timer track
This item is no longer available.


Carlson timing track - No Longer Available

Carlson timing track

4-lane Carlson infrared timing track for Artin. Complete with all the electronics for using with TrackMate software. Shipping to lower 48, other destinations will be extra.

List Date: 5/1/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carlson timing track
This item is no longer available.


Carlson 4-lane timing track - No Longer Available

Carlson 4-lane timing track

Carlson 4-lane infrared timing track for ARTIN track, complete electronics/interface for using Trackmate software.

List Date: 5/1/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carlson 4-lane timing track
This item is no longer available.


Carlson Timing Track

Carlson Timing Track

4 lane Carlson infra red timing track w/Artin track. Can be relocated to any other brand of track. Complete electronics for TrackMate software.

List Date: 5/2/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carlson Timing Track
On Sale For: $200.00


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PCR chassis neither / SCALEXTRIC HORNBY

After knowing the expected reduction of models for this 2016, now Hornby has just announced via their website a new list of references falling of the 2016 range in which...

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Large Carrera layout - Feedback needed

I've moved to a new home that has a big basement for a large Carrera digital layout. I'm thinking of building four 4'x8' tables and arranging them as in the attached image. My reason for this layout is that I assume I'll be doing a lot of solo racing and I should be able to marshall this pretty easy. The back straight will be raised so that any deslots on the inner part of the track won't be more than 3' away. I'm also thinking of making the upper left turn a banked curve to help reduce deslots there as well as providing extra speed for the straight.

So feedback? Do you see any major issues with this?

I could also rearrange the tables into an 8'x16' footprint, but I think that will be harder to marshall alone.

Resetting loose track braid

What is the best way to reset small sections of braid that come loose in the corners? Every once in a while one side of the braid will start to curl up in the corners and/or an inch or two will come loose. The original braid is set with contact cement if that makes any difference.

Maybe two kids of fixes are needed: One the night before a race and the other during a race where a quick fix is needed.

Contact Cement? Tape? Weatherstrip Adhesive? 

Also is it just the tires and deslots that cause this?


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Low Bucks NASCAR Team

Bought a white kit and found these decals and just couldn't resist.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Low Bucks 1.JPG (92.5 KB)
File Type: jpg Low Bucks 2.JPG (95.4 KB)
File Type: jpg Low Bucks 3.JPG (94.7 KB)
File Type: jpg Low Bucks 4.JPG (83.7 KB)

Italia Slot

Slotlandia 2016 - Model Expo Italy - Verona

Il 21 e 22 Maggio Veronafiere aprirà agli appassionati di modellismo i padiglioni delModel Expo Italy.
Come vi avevo annunciato tempo fa, Slotlandia farà parte di questo grande evento.


CFD Scaleauto

Programme CDF Scaleauto 2016

Programme C.D.F. Scaleauto 2016





Vendredi 13 Mai 2016


Ouverture de la salle à 15H00

Essais Libres de 16H à 23H00

Segment de 5 minutes, rotation 1-2-3…..emplacements libres…..

Contrôle Technique : 21H-23H00, 15 minutes par équipe

Fermeture de la salle à 00H00


Samedi  14 Mai 2016 :


Ouverture de la salle à  08H00


Essais Libres pour ceux qui n’ont pas roulé la veille seulement de 08H30 à 11H30

Segments de 5 minutes rotation 1-2-3-……avec emplacements libres….

Contrôle Technique de 09H-12H : 15 minutes par équipe


12H30 -13H30 Speed Challenge, segment de 1min

13H30: Mise en place des voitures et des ramasseurs

13H50 : Warm up


14H00 Départ de la C.D.F. Scaleauto 2016

9 Segments de 25 min, pour 14 équipes inscrites

19h00 Arrêt de la Course


20H Repas.


Dimanche 15 Mai 2016 :


Ouverture de la salle à 08H30

1er Départ à 9H00

6 Segments de 25 min Pour 19 équipes inscrites

Arrivée à 13H


13H15 Remise des prix de la Coupe de France Scaleauto 2016.


Suivis du démontage de la piste.






Association Slot Alpin

Programme CDF Scaleauto 2016

Programme C.D.F. Scaleauto 2016





Vendredi 13 Mai 2016


Ouverture de la salle à 15H00

Essais Libres de 16H à 23H00

Segment de 5 minutes, rotation 1-2-3…..emplacements libres…..

Contrôle Technique : 21H-23H00, 15 minutes par équipe

Fermeture de la salle à 00H00


Samedi  14 Mai 2016 :


Ouverture de la salle à  08H00


Essais Libres pour ceux qui n’ont pas roulé la veille seulement de 08H30 à 11H30

Segments de 5 minutes rotation 1-2-3-……avec emplacements libres….

Contrôle Technique de 09H-12H : 15 minutes par équipe


12H30 -13H30 Speed Challenge, segment de 1min

13H30: Mise en place des voitures et des ramasseurs

13H50 : Warm up


14H00 Départ de la C.D.F. Scaleauto 2016

9 Segments de 25 min, pour 14 équipes inscrites

19h00 Arrêt de la Course


20H Repas.


Dimanche 15 Mai 2016 :


Ouverture de la salle à 08H30

1er Départ à 9H00

6 Segments de 25 min Pour 19 équipes inscrites

Arrivée à 13H


13H15 Remise des prix de la Coupe de France Scaleauto 2016.


Suivis du démontage de la piste.






Slot Car Today - General

BENTLEY Le Mans 1950 / MMK

This car that reproduces now MMK to 1:32 scale for slot had to be entered the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1936 but it was not until 1950 that Eddie Hall could finally take the start in the French race.
The Bentley, aerodynamically rebodied by Hall itself with aluminum body had minimal support from...

X12 motor comparison

Does anyone have experience with the ProSlot 4002-12 motors?  I'm wondering how these compare with the standard C can 12's.   We run an any chassis, any body (no wing cars!), any x-12 motor class race.  I've recently tried out the 4002 series motor in retro with the Big Dog arm.  These seem to be a good, reliable and strong motor.  I'm just wondering if these mini can motors in x-12 can be competitive for king track racing?  I thought it might be interesting to see how the mini motor could positively effect handling if it didn't give up too much on the straight.   

Slot Car illustrated Forum

SCX NASCAR repaint and decal work

So, I was inspired by Rooster's work on his SCX NASCARS along with his method of stripping the factory decorations. I am involved in DaVols Cup (Forums Cup) NASCAR proxy series. This is my primary COY class entry for the 2016 season.

It started life as a #99 Office Depot Ford Fusion. I used 91% alcohol to remove the factory graphics and paint, and returned it to a raw plastic shell. To be honest, I didn't believe the alcohol would work that well... I don't think I'll ever try to use another method ever again.

The base coat is Tamaya white sand able primer. After the primer, I shot one coat of Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel to seal the primer. That is the only color I used for this car, no white paint.

I used Adobe Illustrator to make all the decals on the car. Everything is in vector format now (I had to remake the Purex logos and the 83), and most of the other logos I was able to find vector graphics for online. These decals were print on my HP OfficeJet (InkJet) printer on clear decal paper. After printing, I used the same Rustoleum clear to seal the ink into the decal paper.

I used two layers of decals, which really makes the colors pop. They would be slightly washed out if only one set was used.

After all the decals were set I applied a few coats of the clear to seal everything onto the car. I hope it's as fast as it looks!

Slot idées c'est ici (be)

Cartrix F1 Legend à Dison

Hier nous avons repris le chemin de Dison pour une belle journée de course. Cette fois-ci sur la piste du DMR, une superbe Carrera six voies qui accueillait pour la quatrième année de suite une course Cartrix F1 Legend. Le déroulement de la journée se passa avec des essais libres, puis essais chronos pour les places dans les groupes, suivi d'un excellent dîner avant le début des courses. Avec seize participants, il y aurait donc deux groupes de huit pour participer aux deux courses de la journée. La deuxième redéfinissait les groupes suivant le classement de la première course.

Comme d'habitude et cela depuis trois ans déjà, j'avais deux voitures, une Maserati 250F et une Aston Martin DBR4. Si d’ordinaire pour les courses club au Slot4000, j'utilise la Maserati plus stable en virage mais manquant un peu de vitesse de pointe face à la concurrence. Ici et pour la deuxième année, c'est l'Aston Martin plus délicate en virage qui sera la star du jour. Si je ne me trompe pas, c'est avec le troisième chrono que je démarrais la première course de la journée, qui ne se passa pas très bien avec quelques sorties vraiment pénalisantes. Mais avec tout de même une septième place, je me maintenais dans le premier groupe pour la deuxième course. Deuxième manche qui se déroula beaucoup, beaucoup mieux et me permis de terminer à la sixième place du classement final. Place que j'occupe pour la troisième année d'affilié dans cette toujours très sympathique course du 1e mai.  

La première photo ci-dessous fut prise avant la fermeture du contrôle technique et il manquait à ce moment-là deux retardataires. Une Maserati blanche et une BRM verte clair. 

Cartrix F1 Legend Dison 1e mai 2016 007.JPG

Cartrix F1 Legend Dison 1e mai 2016 004.JPG

Nicky Formosa's super-nice rail dragsters

While I was in attendance at the Retro World Championship Retro race in TN a few weeks back, I saw some of the nicest rail dragsters I've ever seen come of out Nicky Formosa's slot box. He graciously allowed me to take some pics; I should taken more...








As an aside, the whole Formosa family has been heavily involved in 1:1 racing in the Nashville area for many years. Besides being track champion at multiple tracks, Nicky is a member of the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway Hall of Fame. More info on his career can be found HERE.

RMRRA racing - Saturday, May 14, Longmont, CO

The May RMRRA race is being run in Longmont instead of Casper.


Slot Car Speedway

818 Coffman St,

Longmont, CO 80501


We will be racing Retro Stock Car, Retro F1 and Retro Can Am


Opening at 10 AM, Tech at 11 AM, and first race at Noon

What causes a car to move when power is off?

I was at the ORS Retro race at the Tri State Raceway this past weekend and two times I saw a car move about 3" after putting it back in the slot when the power was off. Then it happened to me in the F1 race. They put my car back into the slot, I pulled the trigger and the car moved with the power off. Does anyone know what causes this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Slot Car illustrated Forum

DS-0128 controller sensitivity pot ohms?

Can anyone share how many ohms the pot is rated on the DS-0128 controller?

Association Slot Alpin

Mise à jour des Inscriptions au 2/05/16 de la CDF slot it 2016

Petit Up de la Coupe de France Slot it qui aura lieu les 23-24 et 25 juin 2016 à Dagneux, Banlieue de Lyon.
Il reste encore 10 Places de Libres.

Capture d’écran 2016-05-02 à 10

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

Fiat 500 supersaloon

First attempt at a 'start from nothing' build. Starting with this from Newray-

Took a mould and created this -

Now to find a chassis

And make it fit

A bit Carlos Fandango at this stage smile.gif

Start on the bodywork with plasticard and milliput

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Scalextric: les photos des voitures de slot de la gamme BTCC

Scalextric: les voitures du BTCC Touring Car Challenge pour le slotEn février Scalextric montrait les premières photos de sa Honda Civic Type R BTCC pour le slot racing. Cette semaine, Scalextric dévoile les photos des autres voitures qui composent l’armada BTCC Scalextric. Les voitures de slot, répliques du championnat BTCC anglais sont un projet important pour Scalextric en 2016. En rappel, Scalextric proposera dans quelques […]

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App on an iPad

Hey folks, just a quick question for anyone using the APP on a iPad. Will it go landscape? Meaning when you turn it horizontal does it adjust. The reason Im asking is my little race nights have gotten pretty large and Im wanting to display the app on a larger screen. So everyone can see. Right now Im running it off my iPhone 6+ onto the larger display via cable made by apple. This works fine however the app displays in a "phone screen" shaped vertical pane centered in the TV's screen. Any app that you have to use in the horizontal position (I.E. lots of games) will fit the larger screen when used. I was wondering if there was a difference in the tablet version of the Race App that allowed for this?

Why do I own a shop, when racers get better deals?

I'll probably catch heck for this, so I will apologize now (sorry for starting this thread) but I'm frustrated and tired of it all.


There are racers & club tracks who are getting better deals than the commercial track owner, and I paid for the privilege by having my own race shop and paying for tracks, equip. & a building, & taxes, there has been this hush, hush secret society going around, along with yea I got a guy for this and that but I can't share that info let me contact him and you can go through me for it, to heck with that I'm a GD COMMERCIAL TRACK OWNER!!!!!! I should have the hook up. What has this hobby come to when the racers have better hook-ups & pricing then a GD commercial track owner, if this kind of behavior goes on for long more race shops will go out of business, then where will people go to race? I could go on but I'm done. rant over.

[RSS] Authentic Model Turnpike AMT slot car with 1969 Dodge Coronet Promo body

End Date: Sunday May-8-2016 18:59:08 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $129.95
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NERR early results - 4/30, MVH, Ashland, MA

Stock car (24 entries)
1st Dom Luongo & TQ
2nd Ray Duran
3rd Woody Hazelwood

Can Am (20 entries)
Collin Martin TQ
1st Dom Luongo
2nd James Grandi
3rd Vinny Cafazzo

Full report later this week.

[RSS] 1/32 1971 Original American Motors AMX "390" Red Revell Model Kit

End Date: Tuesday May-31-2016 17:23:40 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $99.99
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Spring 2016 Series: Round 3 - Racers Haven Speedway

Hi Boys,

After a rabid bunch of racers last time out, pickens looked kinda slim today with "only" the Magnificient Seven riding into Panorama Hills. Looks like Kim stayed home to work on his man-scaping and play with his pipes...motorcycle pipes that is, while Tom & Aa-ron batted a few balls around.

But the biggest news of the day looks to be Fly Boy who landed just in time AND to take his first race day win! Breaking the Bob-Tom-Kim stranglehold that's been in place all year. Well done, Brad! You officially have a target on your back now :lol:

As for the rest, I look forward to our roving race reporters to add some "colour" for today's festivities.

To recap today's racing, here's a pic the big board:

Updated Spring Series Overall Standings - after 3 rounds:

Scoring details by Class, after 3 rounds:

Details of Round by Round scoring so far:

So after 3 rounds, here is your Spring Series leader board (and the next round's race rotation):

:first: Bob - 418 points
:second:Paul - 388
:third: No Hands Ken - 340
4. Retro Ken aka "He's the Weir-one" - 302
5. Kevin - 300
6. Tom - 298
7. Alan - 260
8. Kim - 232
9. Aaron - 222
10. Brad - 148
11. RJ - 112
12. Matt - 88
13. Vaughn - 82
14. Nash - 80

The next round will be held at Tom's Mugello track (date to be confirmed); the race classes will be:
  • Ninco Classics
  • Fly Classics
  • Racer SW Daytona Prototypes
  • Classics
  • Host (time permitting)

Look forward to some post race interviews and banter :yo:

Cheers, eh!

May 01, 2016

Slot Car illustrated Forum

Racer reisen chappy white kit 'painted blue' with racer wire rims,excellent shape!



List Date: 5/1/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: RACER REISEN CHAPPY WHITE KIT 'PAINTED BLUE' WITH RACER WIRE RIMS,EXCELLENT SHAPE!
On Sale For: $40.00


VRAA 2016 Car Builds

Please post your construction progress here. Thanks.

I am building a 1963 Scirocco as driven by Ian Burgess in the German GP for the GP1.5 Class and a Maserati 250F as driven by Prince Bira in the 1954 French GP for the GP2.5 class.


Teamslot racing volkswagon 'castrol ' reisen body ,rare! Excellent shape, - sold



List Date: 5/1/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: TEAMSLOT RACING VOLKSWAGON 'CASTROL ' REISEN BODY ,RARE! EXCELLENT SHAPE,


Fly racing ferrari f-40 '#59 'time' excellent shape ' slot it rear rims



List Date: 5/1/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: FLY RACING FERRARI F-40 '#59 'TIME' EXCELLENT SHAPE ' SLOT IT REAR RIMS
On Sale For: $35.00


Fly ferrari f-40 racing 'red' excellent shape!



List Date: 5/1/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: FLY FERRARI F-40 RACING 'RED' EXCELLENT SHAPE!
On Sale For: $35.00


Big Project Status

Made more progress on my retirement Hobby Room. One track is for HO-scale and is 10x16 on one leg and 16x20 on the other joined at 30-degrees. The 1:32-scale platform is 8x24.

Installed all cabinets and installed plywood tops. Painted tops green temporarily until I determine track configurations. Placed car collections on shelves. Big cabinet display will grow when I build plastic model kits.

LED cabinet lighting is awesome. Highly recommended.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg DSCN3030 Small.jpg (69.9 KB)
File Type: jpg DSCN3040 Small.jpg (86.5 KB)
File Type: jpg DSCN3042 Small.jpg (79.6 KB)
File Type: jpg DSCN3043 Small.jpg (78.8 KB)

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

Masking tape

I want to spray a white kit body using Tamiya TS rattle cans. I want to spray it 2 or 3 colours so I will spray the base colour then I intend to mask off the areas that I want to spray the other colours. Do I remove the masking tape before or after the 2nd and 3rd colours have dried?

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

Tyrrell 008 restoraton

3 years ago I bought this old wreck of ebay and have been meaning to do something with it for ages last month I finally got to it

url=][/url]Tyrrell 008 scalextric car rebuild by matra2011, on Flickr

I built a new rear wing from plasticard and roll hoop, cleaned the motor up new brushes axles hubs and tyres, respray and decals it ended up being didier Peroni's car, and it's not to bad, even with my basic skills there is something enjoyable about bringing something back to life.

url=][/url]image by matra2011, on Flickr

url=][/url]image by matra2011, on Flickr

Any HO drag racing in NE Ohio or nearby?

Wondering if anyone is HO Drag Racing in Northeast Ohio or close to ?