December 21, 2014

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another one of them bad nights.....

Last week i was lucky in that I won 2 clear bodies and a car. Racing wise I had issues but finished the race. Tonight was a total waste...
First heat I am on white. Race stars run down the back straigh into the bac as i come around a faster car has gone off his trainc and lands in my lane. Power was cut and my car runs straight into him not even at full speed. My guid flag breaks,the lead wire retainer sheers and I am out for 4 or 5 heats . Finally get back on the track on purple and halfway through the heat my pinion starts oving and the gears are not meshing correctly. What frustrates me is I want only press fit pinions and I am pretty sure that the shop gave me a solder on one by mistake. So in an 8 heat race I am dead last and spent the night doing stuff I should be doing at home.
As for the guide flag I am not sure on the make that the shop sells.
Which guide flags are the most durable for 1/24 racing and please do not send me the link to that post on how to modify your guide flag. I've read it but it was not real specific on brand from what I remember.

Problem with my slot car track

Hello fellas, I have been out of slot cars for a long time.

1. Cleaned all track with baby wipes to remove dust

2. have a 4 lane set up that is 3ft wide x 20 ft long, 2 helix

3. using battery pack plug in for power

4. cars go forward only a few track (2 or 3) sections, cars from original Tomy sets

5. have no idea on how to fix and get cars to run the entire track

MegaG+ Update

I have heard from Steve Russell at Racemasters and here is what he told me. Not very good news, but if we can hold out a little while longer...

From Steve: The container with the Infinity sets arrived in the port over a week ago and cleared customs on the 11th . . . Now it is just sitting on the dock, unloaded and ready to go but waiting for the union to let their people move it from a closed area to the trucks. That’s it. In the meantime the second container with cars etc. has arrived in the port and is just waiting for the union to get off their rear ends.
The Giant set ships from China on Monday and will get to port two weeks later. The Super International ships one week after the Giant and there are more cars and accessories in there too. The Big Block Battler ships in early February.

:End Steve comments

The unions are apparently arguing with the ports over a new contract and since one is not in place, they are working very slowly and causing major issues.

Hopefully when the stock does arrive, folks will buy it.

Keep the slot car faith.

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The thread mentioning SSC Canada and the Super Tires chart has been removed on the request of SCC Canada.

Please no links to non advertisers on SCI.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays to all Super Tires users and Slot Car Racers everywhere.

MMW Sat Race results 12/20/2014

  Driver/total laps/qual time/best time/color


GT-1 MMW Rules


1) Dave Gardiner/  227.02/ 4.115/ 4.058/ O   New lap total record

2) Larry Kinsey/ 222/ 4.144/ 4.116/ O

3) Don Weidig/ 216/ 4.308/ 4.290/ G

4) Ron Smith/ 215.01/ 4.312/ 4.306/ Blue

5) Mark Gardiner/ 214.03/ 4.089/ 4.097/ Blue

6) Scott Lemon/ 208/ 4.264/ 4.237/ G

7) Bob Summers/ 200/ 4.350/ 4.460/ G

8) Bill Fulmer/ 193.04/ bye/ 4.693/ G

9) Mike Panko/ 192.06/ 4.131/ 4.090/ O

10) Mike Duke/ 190.14/ 4.544/ 4.736/ Blue

11) Ace Fuller/ 187/ 4.495/ 4.523/ G

12) Joel Dine/ 180.04/ 5.096/ 4.955/ O

13) Ken Kanyok/ 102/ 4.410/ 4.565/ O

14) Jim Doolan/ 29/ 4.550/ 4.744/ G



Can-Am IRRA Rules


1) Larry/ 215/ 4.120/ 4.215/ G

2) Scott/ 213.10/ 4.254/ 4.335/ G

3) Dave/ 213.05/ 4.281/ 4.254/ O

4) Don/ 213/ 4.254/ 4.363/ O

5) Ron/ 208.07/ 4.351/ 4.386/ O

6) Mike P / 206.01/ 4.311/ 4.364/ G

7) Mike D/ 205.01/ 4.353/ 4.418/ O

8) Bill/ 193.05/ 4.675/ 4.626/ O

9) Mark/ 191/ 4.412/ 4.390/ G

10) Bob/ 191/ 4.623/ 4.674/ G

11) Jim/ 190.10/ 4.741/ 4.676/ Blue

12) Joel/ 184.05/ 4.698/ 4.719/ G

13) Ken/ 129/ 4.670/ 4.624/ W

14) Ace/ 92/ 4.716/ 4.790/ W


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Viable, or way off base?

Hi everyone,

Long story short, I own a bicycle store in Indianapolis, Indiana that I'm in the process of moving to a new location so that I can add a cafe with coffee and beer service. The new place is bigger with 14' ceilings.

The slot enthusiast in me wants to build a "commercial" slot track designed to store in the ceiling by a hoist- and drop it down once a week or so to host slot races.

At the moment, I imagine a multi-lane Carrera analog track layout, 6 Lanes is the max on this I think. This seems more accessible than an actual routed track.

Would you guys visit a bike shop that had slot races on a track like this?

If so, what other services would you expect to see- I assume a decent selection of cars and parts for sale.

Sorry to ask a business question here, but I figured it would be a good place to see if my idea was out in left field, or if it's something others might be enthusiastic about.

Any input is welcome and appreciated, even if its a nay.

Christmas Party & Caravan Racing

East Devon Slot Racing Club

Christmas Party & Caravan Racing 19th December 2014

December 20, 2014

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SSD/Ninco/Scorpius/Analog Multi Protocol Car Decoder

Hi Guys,
Available now.

Heres one of the new Scorpius MP (multi protocol) chips installed. You can see the LED fit in the chassis. Ninco data is via braids. Scorpius data is via the photo sensor

This guide nicely centres using the silicone wire as "memory". Braid wires are set into factory wire holders.

Shows LED in centre of chassis and photo sensor 12 mm offset closer to the front of the chassis.

Shows LED from above. A nice friction fit.

Shows diode a neat friction fit. I'll guarantee it not to move by adding the tiniest amount of hotglue.

Shows typical ferrite man install. Note cap legs are soldered directly into eyelets.

So how compatible is this?

How it works is the commands from the controller bypass the powerbase(s) and go directly to car. It will go, stop, change lanes and count laps on the 3 systems. It also runs on analog by hot wiring the driver station (literally).

What it cannot do however is any function of a powerbase (example change lanes on Carrera) or any function of a race management system. ie tank weight simulation, wet weather, tyre wear etc.
To do this for SSD you need to go via the powerbase in which case you cannot use this product.

You can however still use the Scorpius controller by using the Scorpius dongle and any of 4 existing race management software packages out there.

For Ninco it is 100% compatible except for the fuel function. (Once again a function of the powerbase).


Scaleauto Radical $45.00

Scaleauto Radical $45.00


List Date: 12/20/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Scaleauto Radical $45.00
On Sale For: $45.00 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: Scaleauto Radical $45.00

Anyone know if the FLY Trucks have different chassis among them?

Do you guys know if different flyslot trucks have different chassis?
I have a MAN truck which has a narrow chassis, but I have seen images of a BENZ truck with a more platform style chassis.

By the same token, I just bought a Castrol MAN truck which seems like new old stock based on the packaging. I am essentially wondering if there is a NEW chassis versus an OLD chassis. Also, I am wondering if the Castrol truck is an older products.

Does anyone know?

New pair of rear wheels/tires and the set screw...

on one of the wheels does not seem to tighten as secure as the other one.  It  does snug up but the screw doesn't have the resistance, as the other wheel, as you tighten it down.  I find that this happens once in a while.  What do you guys do to address/remedy this issue when this happens please?


Thank you.



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Shoe holders- SG+

Need to replace the shoe holders on an older SG+ chassis and I've never done anything to SG+ chassis so..... any tips?
I removed the magnet clip, trac mags, rear axle, shoes and springs and then sorta just stared at the little guy for a few minutes not really knowing how to proceed.
I poked and prodded here and there but felt like I was going to break something- just not sure how to remove the motor, I guess?
Can do this on an SRT but that's another ball of wax- the SG+ is not a can motor.
Appreciate any tips.

Slot car slow motion video

Check out this super slow motion video of 1/32 slot cars cornering.

[RSS] Cox La Cucaracha Slot Car Lime Green

End Date: Thursday Dec-25-2014 10:35:13 PST
Buy It Now for only: $450.00
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

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Kester 63/37 no-flux solder source

While searching the Internet for best prices on 63/37 solder without flux (for chassis building), I found a surprisingly reasonable source. All-Spec offers a wide variety of products for electronic service, repair, and testing - and their prices are lower than any other vendor I've found.

They do have a $25 minimum:  if you want less than that, there's a surcharge. They'll still sell you what you want, but it's easy to find a few inexpensive accessories to pad your order up to the minimum and ditch the surcharge.

The product I ordered was .062 dia. solid Kester 63/37 solder, which I find perfect for brass/wire chassis building. I use Stay-Clean acid flux with this. Price for a 1-lb. spool is currently $21.70 (price subject to daily change), which I think is a killer deal. Normally you'd expect this to run about $50 instead. They also offer the same solder in .031 dia. (P/N 14-6337-0031), if you like the finer stuff. Price is $23.37 currently.

Just thought I'd share, so all interested forumites might benefit.

Cheers all!

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Ninco digital crossover

I have a Ninco digital double crossover turn which I never used. Has anyone used this track and if so any issues with it?


I have a Carrera Evolution Porshe 935 Jagermeister and would like to put in a chip. Not sure it will fit would like some feedback before I spend the money.

Monogram 2 body/single chassis kits

Back in the good ol' days I purchased the Monogram Cobra Daytona Coupe/Lola slot car kit. I don't think I ever ran the Lola. I thought the cobra coupe was way cool! Typical story, my parents sold off my large scale slot cars. I have been looking, but not real hard, to replace that kit. I found a chassis here, the Cobra body there, the Lola body somewhere else. Nothing was complete. Then one day....

The box, both body mounts, decals, I was in Heaven!! I'll put some silicones on the back and get my Cobra back on the track!

While discussing this kit with a friend of mine the subject of the Chaparral/Mustang kit came. Again, looking but not too hard, and I was able to get this:

The Chaparral body has never been mounted on the chassis. Still, sitting all these years it got the tear at the rear corner and the body form has rubbed away some of the paint. I have another Chaparral body around here somewhere that I will mount on the chassis, get some silicones and run it!

If any one knows where I can get instructions and decals (reproductions are OK) please let me know.


Dijon Racing Blog

TVM Trophée Vintage Ninco

 Bonjour à tous,

Toutes là ... les vieilles dames des années 50 et 60 étaient de sortie, toutes belles, pomponnées, hier soir Jeudi 18 décembre sur le célèbre Thaï-Phong.Evo3 Dijonnais, que le monde entier nous envie est bon de le souligner  ..."Ah bin quoi, si on peut pu rien dire maintenant".  Non mais sans déconner, oh là là ça glisse ces petites bêtes là si on ne prend pas garde. Vous vous rappelez de Roland Fuckruquier et ses phoques sur la banquise ? Mais si rappelez-vous, la star du "Pilchard", c'était le souffre douleur de Marsan-Bellac ...ébin lui Fuckruquier, il vous le dirait que ça glisse ! Arf,  sorry moi aime bien! ..."Ah bin quoi, si on peut pu rien dire maintenant".  Alors ici, attention aux virages, bien freiner juste avant et accélérer pendant ...Mais au fait je ne vous ai pas présenté les "Gueux" qui participaient à la course.  Ils étaient 12 et je les ai pris en photos. Oh, dites donc, il parait qu'il faut plus que je dise "Gueux" ça peut énerver, si si récemment, on me l'a fait remarquer.  Mais "Gueux" c'est de l'humour, ça fait sourire ...où est la vulgarité là dedans, pfffff le "Charognard" de la Patrouille de France alors, hum ? pffff . Voilà, pour les intimes du DRS, on peut dire "Potaches boutonneux" mais pas "gueux" bin oui, il faut le savoir, épicétou, tra la la.  Bref ça c'est fait, et voici quelques photos de nos fiers "pilotes" tous attentionnés. ...Gadez!! Si si gadez!

Les vintages Ninco : Ferrari 166 - Posrche 356 - Jaguar E - Jaguar XK120 - Austin Healey - Corvette 1956 ..etc.... ont animé la fête Jeudi soir. Rutilantes et fières certes mais, il faut les tenir en piste les coquines. Mais avec un peu de lest judicieusement placé, certains ont fait des prouesses comme Ghislain qui a remonté tout le monde et Jean Daniel a l'affut qui est venu au final coiffer Ghislain à 3s, victime d'un ramassage délicat.  Damned, notre ami Ghislain est très fair-play et se contente de la seconde place.  Au niveau prouesses, n'oublions pas le super temps scratch absolu de la soirée 11'23 de notre ami LORIS avec une voiture de location qu'il a pris en main qu'une heure avant la course, et même pas préparée par lui ...ébin moij'dis bravo ...du grand Loris. Montez lui une bière!  Ci-dessous, les photos des voitures et mulets présentes sur le circuit Bourguignon dit "Thaï-Phong-évo3". Joli plateau comme d'habitude  ...Gadez!! Si si gadez!

Voici le portrait du vainqueur de l'épreuve. Une tête bien connue sur le podium vous trouvez pas.  Ah il l'aime son p'tit podium...gadez-le, je vous l'ai mis en photo en résolution HDR moderne hein ?  ...Bin voui, vous l'avez reconnu, c'est not'JD ...JEAN DANIEL dit aussi "Silicone VALY".  Attention les gueux, le gars est déjà super premier au gégène du DRS mais veut faire péter la banque !! Arf ...Bravo JD, tu as su t'imposer une fois de plus ...Oh là là, waou, oh mais quel est donc ce bruit infernal qui traverse nos tympans  ...ce sont les 16 points de JD qui tombent dans sa gamelle ;;;arf, bon OK je sors.  ..."Ah bin quoi, si on peut pu rien dire maintenant"...  Gadez!! Si si gadez!

Le deuxième de l'épreuve GHISLAIN, toujours dans les bons coups celui là ...même dans les carambolages y est, pfff sorry, nanj'déconne les gueux, ce soir Ghislain n'a pas eu de chance...mais tout de même, c'est la deuxième fois en peu de temps, rappelez vous aussi en ADC...hum ?  faites quand même gaffe à lui, hum ? Et c'est dans un brouhaha carrément infernal que 14 points ont été jeté dans sa musette ....BRAVO GHISLAIN.  Alors le troisième ébin c'est encore un bon p'tit gars assidu...not' JEAN FERJEUX à qui ont dit bravo à demain ...heu non, à deux mains !!! Super Jean Ferjeux qui coiffe Norbert sur la 3ème marche du podium à quelques centimètres près...  Et c'est encore avec une violence inouie que 12 points se battent pour entrer dans l'escarcèle de JF.  Allez allez, comme dab pour vous, une tite photo du podium des belles tronchettes ...Gadez!! Si si gadez!

La suite du classement sur les tableaux ci-dessous. Tout d'abord, la feuille de course (un peu rock'n roll ce soir, et encore on a pu sauvé le meilleur) et les résultats d'hier soir et à la suite, découvrez le classement général. Le classement général du DRS appelé aussi "gégène" que le monde entier nous envie, dois-je le souligner  ...Gadez!! Si si gadez!

Voilà amis sloteurs et "Gueux" Dijonnais, les commentaires sont terminés. Alors rentrez bien, prenez pas froid ...une bonne soupe, une pipe et au lit. Moi je vais rentrer les bêtes...à bientôt.  Paul JOURNET

Blog Del Slot

otra carrera de tulio crespi

Le mans tulio crespi

carrera para alquilar balcones
Todo empezo con el festejo del cumpleaños de duda "un mosca y algo que solo se pudo ver ya que no se puede esplicar"
Desde la clasifica con tiempos muy ajustados dos series que no se esperaban los mas chicos dieron dieron una catedra de manejo desde bauti hasta mateo y kimi que caminaron en tiempos de punta y metieron algunas de sus pasadas las vueltas de la punta
la segunda todos a fondo no dieron respiro algunos con lastre tratando de descontar .los autos parejos en la ultima via azul Pablo perdiendo algo de tiempo por un escobilla que se corrio de su lugar y perdiendo dos vuelta con el resto pero no le impido quedar en la seria mas rapida

Segunda pasada otra vez los chicos dando catedra y esta vez mas rapido que en la primer pasada con gran numero de vueltas y el pera que venia en su carrera pero los chicos se lo pusieron un poquito dificil pero no demasiado termo ganado la su manga.
segunda pasada del los mas rapidos en solo 5 vueltas de diferencia entre los cuatro todos a fondo duda , Ale , Pablo y el ganador Pedro que fue imposible alcanzarlo

Retro racing at Slots-A-Lot - Mon, 12/22, 8 PM, Franklin Square, NY

We will not race wed because of Christmas , so we made it Monday . All are welcome , we can vote on what class to run.Come down Monday and tune your cars for the big race on 1/3.

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Carrera 1/32 Classic NASCAR

You list your 1302 as the replacement, but it is not even close to the original tire. Is this a typo?


Slot Racing Club Bordeaux

encore une animation pour le srcb , par bruno

dimanche dernier le slot racing club de bordeaux a participé à la 7ieme bourse au jouet de saucats , organisé de main de maitre par un menbre du club , patrick biendel . La 7ieme mais la premiere dans la nouvelle salle multi acivité de saucats , une salle enorme , tellement grande que l'on[...]

Slot Car News

JK DW12 IndyCar 1/24 RTR and Bodies

JK Products

Now available from your local raceway or hobby shop. Please click on image for better view.

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Last Minute Christmas Deals

Prices include free USPS Priority shipping in the United States.

Scalextric C3136 Ford GT-R #64 ALMS $37.99

NINCO 50530 "Insviar" Porsche 997 $49.99

Scalextric C2671 "Pioneer" Nissan 350Z $29.99
360° spins!

Scalextric C2736 Nissan 350Z $29.99
360° spins!

Scalextric C2879 'Greddy' Nissan 350Z $29.99
360° spins!

NINCO 50536 "Bel" Ford GT Lightning $59.99

FLY A-210 'Playstation' Viper GTS-R #52 $49.99

Spirit 601403 Porsche 936 Dijon 76 #6 $39.99

More cars here: Christmas Sale 2015

The drag strip soon to be up & running - North Baltimore, OH

Here are a couple of pics of our progress on the drag strip we should have it up and running by wednesdayunfinished drag strip2.jpg unfinished drag strip1.jpg unfinished drag strip.jpg

The Paperclip is almost back up - North Baltimore, OH

After resurfacing, re-braiding, and re-striping the Paperclip we will soon have it up and running here are a few pics of it's progresspaperclip almost done.jpg

Attached Images

  • paperclip almost done1.jpg

2015 Parma Checkpoint Cup - Jan 9-11, Buena Park, CA

        Less than a month to go till the premier SCRRA race of the year, the Parma Checkpoint Cup returns to Buena Park Raceway. I'm sure most everyone knows what's going on and the changes that have been made recently, but here is the schedule and a few details again.


             FRIDAY.....Jan 9       The first race of the day will be Anglewinder Coupes on the Flat Track with tech starting at 9:30AM.  F1's will follow also on the Flat Track with tech starting 1 hour after the Coupe race. The last race of the day on Friday will be Retro Pro on the King track. Tech will start at around 6:00PM.



            SATURDAY.......Jan 10      Can Am on the King Track will be the only race of the day and tech will begin at 9:30AM


            SUNDAY...........Jan 11      F1 on the King Track, again the only race, with tech starting a little later at 10:00AM


        As most of you know, the handout motor format, used in major races in the past, has been eliminated and 3 motors,  TSRD3, Falcon 7 and the new JK Hawk Retro are now legal.  The practice of cutting the extra long endbell shaft off to save weight will NOT be allowed with the Hawk Retro but will still be OK with the Falcon 7's.

       Buena Park will be open at 8:00AM all 3 days and no lunch is being planned as Imperial Burger is next door and other great fast food is within walking distance!

       An early list of sponsors include.............Parma,  Truescale,  Alpha,  Electric Dreams,  Outisight,  Racemasters,  Samson Classics,  Mission Trail Insurance (Jeff Bell),  Duran Trujillo,  Mill Conroy,  Warmack Racing............and more will probably be added to the wonderful poster being prepared by Nesta and Kathy Mitome,  THANKS! all the sponsors and Nesta and Kathy!!


       Don't forget, next Saturday, the 27th will be the normal SCRRA King Track race with F1 and Can Am and Mill Conroy is planning another and FINAL Checkpoint warmup race on Jan 3........stay tuned!!....... AND.... a VERY Merry Christmas to everyone!!






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WTB Revell Spin-out Aprons - Wanted

WTB Revell Spin-out Aprons - Wanted

I'm looking for 21" Radius Aprons R-3611

Please contact me if you have some in any condition, broken apron is fine. Thanks!

List Date: 12/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB Revell Spin-out Aprons - Wanted
On Sale For: $0.00 + FREE! Shipping


Mobile friendly version: WTB Revell Spin-out Aprons - Wanted

Tires selector??

What happened to the nice tire selection tool that was posted on SCC?


Race Coordinator, Stats and Excel

I was wondering if some kind folks would be willing to point me in the right direction on how to begin keeping statistics in Race Coordinator and exporting them to Excel files? I see the basic commands, of course, what I don't understand is creating my own file to replace the ".xls template" that comes with RC. If I'm even barking up the correct tree here...

I have been diligently working through RC since I obtained it last week, and it's wonderful. I have created several race types and customized them with no problem.

But specifically I am wondering if I am supposed to create an .xls template of my own, as the default just seems to export racer names by lane. While I have created Excel files in the past, and can do basic stuff, it's not clear to me how this would work with RC.

Any other information people care to share about setting up and saving stats for races, seasons, cars and drivers would be appreciated! BTW I am normally a Mac user, and RC is on an old laptop running XP, so if a file needs to reside in a specific place one can be assured I likely put it somewhere else. ;-) Thanks!

1/24 Strombecker Cheetah with drop arm

I just found this on Ebay!



Mouse over image to zoom
  • $_14.JPG
  • $_14.JPG
  • $_14.JPG
  • $_14.JPG
  • $_14.JPG
1/24 STROMBECKER CHEETAH [ Drop Arm Chassis ]

Good looking old car been on the shelf for some time, has the hard to get drop arm chassis, new style wheels on it, big Hemi motor revs well. Look at the pictures and like always ask questions.


December 19, 2014

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Artin R4 and Borders

Artin R4 and Borders

16 - R4 Circle Track sections and borders.

List Date: 12/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Artin R4 and Borders
On Sale For: $36.35 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: Artin R4 and Borders

Partial pictures in posts

In most threads (and, particularly, in posts with multiple pictures), I can only see partial pictures. I don't think this is an internet speed issue as I have a very fast internet connection for work purposes. They seem to create more or less of the full image when I move out of the thread and return.


This is new in the past week (have never seen it before). Is this an issue with the Slotblog compatibility with the latest Windows (updates occur all the time) or a setting I must manage?


Am I alone in this or are others experiencing this, too?


Greg, what say ye? Or, others chime in, please.


Keep it in the slot (and keep up with Slotblog),



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Viper Chassis build

So I am just thinking out loud here, let me know if something sounds wrong.

I don't like the SG+ platform, it’s just a personal preference, but have some that I bought as coming to that realization. I also hate being wasteful, so I maintain them, and run them sometimes, but mostly I turned them into gravity cars using lead. They work but not as much fun as, say, the tyco lead conversions. They do have more stick, and that is a nice thing for the kid.

So along comes the viper chassis, pretty neat looking, so I bought some to replace two SG+ chassis that where cracked and repaired. Then a thought crossed my mind, brought on by a comment of RichD about making a g-jet out of them.

Problem is that building them up I still have to live with the components that I don’tlike. Plus I would rather not stockparts for too many different chassis.

Enter into my head the t-bulkhead. So Viper says that it is a direct replacement for a sg+ chassis, and everything but the tractions mags swapped over nicely. I am guessing that the t-bulkhead would fit. Maybe drop in a blue wire tyco arm. The chassis look similar to a g-jet, enough so that I am wondering about the weight kits also fitting in? Clearance issues underneathwith that round brass plate?

Port Jeff's Doug Bauer doing well after surgery

Obviously, terrific news.

Best wishes to Doug on a speedy rehab.

Great News!

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Marketplace iOS App Update!

Hi everyone,

We have been working hard on the SCI Marketplace iOS app and just recently released a big update! For the first time you can now sign into the iOS app and connect your forum account. This will sync messages between the mobile app and the forum marketplace. For example, after you connect, you'll be able to use the app to resume conversations you started in the forum (and vice versa).

We are also working on several other features that will be released soon. This includes the ability to edit and manage listings you created in the forum marketplace directly from the SCI Marketplace iOS app. Soon after that, you'll be able to create listings directly in the app and send them over to SCI. We are very excited about these new features and hope you all enjoy using the iOS app. We will also be reading all feedback that is left within this thread.

What do you want to see next in the marketplace? What new feature is most important to you?

Below I have included a screenshot of the app and forum marketplace working together!


Niko @ Panjo

The Slot Car Track holiday schedule - Concord, NC

Christmas Eve falls on Wed so The Slot Car Track of Concord, NC  will be closed.

So the following changes will be made.

Monday will be NASCAR at 7:00 followed by DLM.

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Pagano Zonda Gulf

Painted up this MB Slot white kit with the classic Gulf colors. Runs much better than my Ferrari 430, which chatters a little.

IRRA..RETRO Can-Am - Tues nights, Columbia, TN

Tuesday night, track opens at 5 PM.
Come and ride on the Black Snake.

See ya this Tuesday night...

Hot Slots
109 Wayne St
Columbia, TN 38401
(931) 286-0808

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Mid-Florida Scale Racing on Facebook

All Scale Racers are welcome to join us on Facebook.!
Mid-Florida Scale Auto Racing Group.
Is a not for profit adult group of scale slot car gearheads.

Brass and wire chassis builders must have!

I had been to a jeweler for a watch repair and saw something that can help many chassis builders out there!

It's a titanium soldering pick! You must have this! They are great soldering small parts and areas free of too much solder. The titanium will pick up solder and transfer it to the work and solder does not stick to the titanium. You will have to develop proper technique of use but once learned they are great!
Just Yahoo: Titanium soldering pick

There are many Jeweler supply, flebay etc that sells them.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Solder Picks 2.jpg (1.9 KB)

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Ranch-Design slide guide kit

I have been looking for these and now the last supplier I knew of is sold out (ASW).

Do these still exist in the retail marker?

Making track flush with the table

So I know I've posted somewhere on this forum before, about this topic, and I know I've shared some materials that I've tried.. from MDF, to shimmed MDF, to rubber matt.

What I've used that seems to work okay is 2x5' anti fatigue mats from HarborFreight. They're about 5/16" which is the same height as Scalextric Sport track. For spots that are higher than 5/16", I simply sand it down with an electric palm sander.

(Sanded edges)

These edges were sanded with a medium grit, and I intend to hit it again briefly with a fine grit.

Ultimately, I intend to paint some areas, others I'll leave alone, others will get green paint or similar texture for infields, etc.

I've had to experiment with different adhesives for attaching the mat to the table, because the mats come in a rolled up format.

I've tried a heavy duty wood glue, hot glue, and ultimately, black paintable indoor/outdoor caulking. Now, because the mats have a "rolled memory" to them, all the items you see sitting on the mats, are to keep it flat. The cut out part of the track space, where you see black mess, was my experiment with getting the caulking real close to the edge, and scraping the rest up. I won't be doing that for the rest of the track. Too messy and time consuming. I'll just make the bead thicker, and set it in further from the edge where it meets the track.

So yeah, I haven't really had a chance to race on this track for several months, between work, family, and temperatures not being conducive to the adhesive. So now I'm just waiting for some of the mat to stay "put" so I can continue to cut out more of the mat for the remainder of the track.

Plastic Track Lane Paint?

I have heard of guys using paint markers with success.. But they are expensive compared to paint in a can/bottle. Thinking I would need 5 or more of each color paint marker to do my track (multiple coats) $5 x 5 = 25 x 4 = $100 in paint markers! I could buy lane tape.. but don't care to have it lifting on me in the future.

What are you guys using?

Craft acrylics? latex? oil based? (rustoleum?)


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Kit Tamiya Chaparral 2J

Passer de bonne fête les copains a l'année prochaine petit fred .

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Oops...I had been taking old slot cars for granted.

I just got my first t jet chassis. They are dash t jets. I was amazed as to how small these cars are. I grew up on tyco 440x2's and they are much bigger. I can remember seeing at antique stores these old slot car racing sets and the cars were tiny. I didnt know they were thunderjets and vibrators. Now that i've been educated a little bit i will keep my eyes out more for these little gems.

I need good replacement tires for my T-Jets

My stock T-Jets needs some new tires. I'm mostly an inline guy and need some advice on my growing T-Jet stable. :help:

Thanks in advance, Cliff

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Where thar's brass...

.....thar's moock, so those strange northern persons say.
So here's a few bits o' brass off the canal boat model.  I was busying myself, lathing, yesterday.

A back cabin chimney, a forecabin chimney, a roof exhaust, 2 studs, a rudder head and a swan neck. Ooh I love boaty terms!

The brass bands that always are wrapped round the chimnies for decoration are effectively produced by turning some of the  brass tube away and leaving the bands to be polished and masked when the chimnies are painted gloss black.  They also have plugs in the bottom so that they can be removed for safety.  The plugs have yet to be soldered into base plates, as have the studs.  One stud goes either side of the rudder head for tying lines to.  The rudder head is a (to my eyes overly complex) conbobulation of bits and pieces best known to modern day equipment suppliers to get the pressures from you on the swan neck to the rudder, so your boat will go left or right, port or starboard, in or out in boat lingo.  It is mounted at an angle pointing aft, so the swan neck has to be that strange shape. Odd how our 70 year old wooden Nurser built working boat had none of that crap, yet handled with one finger like a dream....innit?  The wooden thing is just the backslide which will be shown fixed shut, so that I don't have to model all the interior.

More as it happens, folks.

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Million Dollar Mustang. This is also known the Shelby Mustang Boss 302 Trans Am that has just reproduced Scalextric Hornby exclusively for the American market. In 2010 the original car created by Kar Kraft for Caroll She...

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Ghost Trax: La Sparling 312P 1974 arrive en 2015

Ghost Trax: La Sparling 312P 1974 arrive en 2015Ghost Trax présente sur sa page Facebook son nouveau projet slot racing. Le constructeur français sortira en début d’année la Sparling 312P 1974. Ghost Trax annonce la Sparling 312P le Mans 1974 comme une voiture à la fois très rare et rarissime à la fois. Cette voiture de course a existé en un seul exemplaire. […]