August 20, 2018

Interiors with style

Some interiors Brian David Russo is doing for me...

I don’t have the time, patience or skill.



Do you think I look fat in orange??

[RSS] Vintage 1960s Slingshot Dragster Slot Car Scratchbuilt

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[RSS] Le Mans Miniatures 1/32 Slot Car 1967 Shelby Ford GT40 Mk IV Andretti New

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August 19, 2018

For Sale: Rapids Raceway in Plainville, CT


Eighth mile, thousand foot, and the quarter mile

I've started to drag(pun intended)mycars out of the box they have been hibernating in for 5 years and going to a reasonably local Track. American Adrenelline is different for a variety of reasons but it's Womp racing program got me in the door.The 1/8 mile drag track finally talked me into giving it a try. My cars seem to be taking to it and I have been able to settle in to consistent runs with the 5 cars I have tried there so far. That said, I really need to practice on the tree, you just aren't going to make up much ground on the top end and red lights still count as a fast ticket to going home.


We were just short of a hundred cars Friday and there were a lot of seriously good lights and cars that ran extremely close to their dial in. I sucked but that was expected due to the non practice I mentioned.

Seems like a good group of guys but I may need to find someone to translate Southern Trash talk. What is missing for me is the other half of the strip. All my previous racing was on 1/4 mile tracks and I just don't get the same enjoyment from watching the cars. Not sure I am ready to make the decision to quit but I am thinking I may get more enjoyment out of helping some of the guys that could do better with just a litle bit of technical help. That would also let me limit my walking which right now is a problem, at least till my hip heals from my last stupid move.

Anybody else enjoy sponsoring or mentoring racers?

Anybody racing on a thousand foot strip who can say how it compares more to the 1/4 or the 1/8 strips? There is a 1000 foot strip in Eden,NC I could try but it is a longer drive.

August 18, 2018

San Diego Slot Car race results - 8/18

LMP "B" Racers on the Flat Track










LMP "A" racers on the Flat Track













Race results from MVH - 8/14, Can-Am on the Sovereign

Can-Am on the Sovereign – 8/14/18


The Sovereign small 07.jpg


Retro Can-Am returned to the American “Purple Mile” this past week for MVH’s Tuesday night retro-race. Racing was in the 4/4 format with four racers and four marshals working the corners. 


John Weaver made a rare Tuesday night appearance and showed the rest of the field the fast way around. By the change to the middle lanes he’d logged 93 laps and jumped out to a 3-lap lead over Woody Hazelwood. Ray Lee was giving chase just one lap further back. Ernie LaChance was trailing by 3 laps but held a 3-lap lead over both Richard Payne and Dan Savage who were tied with 83 laps each for the first half of the race. Another lap back Rich Girvin was giving chase while somewhat off the pace Dick Griffin closed out the field.


In a repeat of last week, the finishing order didn’t change from the first half to the second. Weaver took the win by 5 laps while Woody clinched second by two laps over Ray. The best race of the evening was between Richard P and Dan with Richard edging Dan out to claim 5th by just 10 track sections.  


Weaver took top lap-time honors with a quick 7.360 on purple, better than a full ¼ second faster than 2nd fastest Ray, also on purple.


Finishing order, laps completed, best-lap time and best-lap lane:

            1)      John Weaver               185         7.360         PU

            2)      Woody Hazelwood      180         7.734         YL

            3)      Ray Lee                       178         7.687         PU

            4)      Ernie LaChance          172         7.742         BK

            5)      Richard Payne            167/28    8.180         BK

            6)      Dan Savage                167/18    7.797         BL

            7)      Rich Girvin                  165         8.179         PU

            8)      Dick Griffin                  155         8.508         GN


Last Race of the Month at MVH:

            August 21        Coupes on the Aristocrat

            August 28        MVH WILL BE CLOSED for VACATION!

            September 4    MVH WILL BE CLOSED for VACATION also!


Sorry, no photos, I was unable to attend the race.


Race results from MVH - 8/7, Coupe on the Figure 8

Coupes on the Figure 8 – 8/7/18


The Figure 8 02.jpg


There was a light turnout to run retro Coupes on the blue Figure 8 last week. With only five racers the bulk of the field was sure to make the podium.


Ray Lee set the pace and jumped out to an early lead. By the move to the inside lanes, he put up 203 laps and held a 4-lap lead on Richard Payne. 3 laps back, Rich Girvin was busy holding off Dick Griffin who was trailing him by just one lap. Dan Savage closed out the field, 5 laps off the pace.


Other than the laps separating the cars, the running order didn’t during the second half of the race. Ray took the win by 9 laps over Richard P, who extended his lead on third place finisher Rich G to 6 laps. Meanwhile, Dick was able to double his first half gap to Dan but lost ground to Rich G.



Besides getting the win, Ray also logged the fastest lap of the night. Purple was the fast way around the Figure 8, with 3/5ths of the field logging their fastest lap on purple. 


Finishing order, laps completed, best-lap time and best-lap lane:

            1)      Ray Lee                    412           3.289      PU    

            2)      Richard Payne         403           3.344      PU

            3)      Rich Girvin               397           4.453      YL

            4)      Dick Griffin               392           3.454      GN

            5)      Dan Savage             382           3.398      PU


MVH Tuesday Night Retro-Race Schedule for August:

            August 14        Can-Am on the Sovereign

            August 21        Coupes on the Aristocrat

            August 28        MVH WILL BE CLOSED for VACATION!

            September 4   MVH WILL BE CLOSED for VACATION also!


Sorry, no photos of the racers, I was unable to make the race.


[RSS] 1/32 & 1/24 Slot Car Part Lot NOS

End Date: Tuesday Aug-21-2018 12:20:25 PDT
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Dijon Racing Blog

Circuit ROLAND (Dijon) adhérent DRSien

Bonjour à tous,
J'avais dis que les commentaires étaient finis pour moi mais je reprends la plume pour parler d'un membre DRSien , Roland pour ne pas le nommer, qui a fabriqué un circuit de slot racing chez lui. Nous l'avons inauguré aujourd'hui, samedi 18 Aout avec quelques amis dispos, Didier, Stéphane, Pierre, Roland et moi même. En arrivant au seuil de la pièce, nous découvrons une merveille de circuit montagneux, tout enneigé, des sapins givrés, une piste glissante, tout pour passer de bons preuve en images, gadez !

Notre ami a tout simplement utilisé une pièce entière de l'appartement pour se faire un grand plaisir, une circuit de slot à demeure, de quoi essayer ses belles caisses avant les courses au DRS. Madame l'a laissé faire, madame a cautionné, madame est très cool avec notre ami...ça cache kèk'chose, chut !!

Et puis dites donc, le chat est interdit d'aller dans cette pièce. Notre ami l'a retrouvé deux fois sur le circuit tout frais décoré, et quand on pense à la violence des chats qui s'attaquent aux sapins de Noël, il y a de quoi frémir et on comprend mieux la réticence du concepteur de la super maquette qu'on admire encore une fois sous d'autres angles.

Nous avons tourné un peu dans ces méandres neigeux, ce fut un réel plaisir de découvrir un autre terrain de jeux malgré les quelques bourrasques de neige que nous avons essuyé. Mais avec les amis, nous avions prévus le coup et nous avons sorti bonnets zé pastilles Valda préventives.  On gade encore làd'sous...

Le Dijon Racing Slot adresse toutes ses félicitations à Roland qui a travaillé comme un chef, c'est son premier circuit, fabriqué sans l'aide de personne. Bravo.

Three butyrate bodies - Porsche, Offy, BRM? Lancers?

So I have these three butyrate bodies.
I think I have a maybe a Porsche of some kind on the left, maybe an Offy in the middle, and a BRM on the right?
Any guess or clarifications?
All Lancers?