September 26, 2017

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Ferrari 488 GT3 / CARRERA

The first Carrera Ferrari 488 GT3 at 1:32 scale is already on sale. It is one of the new molds planned by the Austrian brand for this 2017. The first livery that starting this week can step on slot tracks corresponds to the car that premiered the Black Bull Swisse Racing Team in the 2016 season of t...

Association Slot Alpin

Nouvelle piste de l'ASA à Luzinay - 38

Voici une nouvelle piste 4 voies Ninco installée à Luzinay chez Fred. Après la derniere course en juillet sur le 2 voies de 23m Fred passe à l'action pour voir plus grand afin d'avoir plus de temps de roulage. On ne pousse pas les murs mais le plateau passe de 4m*1,8m à 6,2m*2,8m afin d'avoir un bon développé de 24,5m.

1er roulage éffectué sur ce nouveau tracé technique certe mais qui plait déjà.



A suivre une présentation plus détaillée, reste également un peu de déco à venir...




Slot Car Today - General

3DP Chassis x 911 RSR / SLOT.IT

Scalextric Porsche 911 RSR has been one of the models most welcomed by slotcar fans. And, knowledgeable about the interiors of the British brand has developed a chassis to give this model an excellent ...

Penn-Ohio invades Fastraxxx - 9/30, Fremont, OH

FASTRAXXX will be invaded by the Penn/Ohio retro series Saturday, Sept. 30th. Racing will be on the fast 90' oval and the 95' American "BLACK" BullRing. The track will be cleaned and glued Wed. Evening. We will be open for practice and racing Thurs @ 5:30 and Friday @ 1:30 for practice and regulary scheduled racing @ 7.

The scheduled Swap meet on OCT 7th will be MOVED to Sat. November 25th with a GT1 support race on the BLACK. Tables will be reserved for $5.00 each.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANNOUNCEMENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The American BLACK has been updated with new power supply, timing system, computer, and monitors from the summer lightnimg strike. The BullRing is ready for the Penn/Ohio retro series.

******************** EVENTS *********************
Thurday Evenings - Nastruxxx / HardBody

Sept 29 - GT1 / Indy car (oval)

Oct 6 - Brass Battles
13 - GT1 / E-Mod
20 - Indy Car (BLACK) / Nascar
27 - GT1 / Ondy (oval)
Nov 3 - Brass Battles

FASTRAXXX, where a race becomes an event.
Clean braids, Chris

Pioneering cars in their day and... today

The late Gene Husting will leave a unique legacy in slot car history. A former gas station owner dabbling with full-size drag racing with what is arguably the first sidewinder "top fuel" car, he later got involved in slot car racing, devising the fastest drag racing machine in its day, eventually setting an E.T. that was not bettered for 21 years.
Not content to leave that mark, Husting redesigned the 1/24 scale pro racing car following his own ideas, inspired by the work of another local genius who had designed and built what is effectively the first true "anglewinder" car, in the 1/32 scale. Roy Moody developed the first car in mid 1967, to fit the potent but cumbersome Mabuchi FT26 motor by shifting its bulk away from the rear axle. It worked splendidly and did "everything right". He called it a "saddle sidewinder". Whatever.


Husting claims that he never saw Roy's car, that was published in MCS in early 1968, but it is possible since the printing delay was a good 60 to 90 days at the time.
He built his first anglewinder in January 1968, and the rest is history.
Actually, he built THREE of them, but two did not survive in the Y2K panic that got to Gene, making him to throw away lots of 'old stuff" in his garage to replace with water and emergency foods. "The End of the World is Near. Women and Children to Suffer Most".  lmfao.gif
Fortunately, his 0.93"-second dragster survived because it was on a shelf at the Associated Company, in which Husting was the co-owner with Roger Curtis, and the very first anglewinder had been mailed shortly after its first win to the Godfather of pro racing, and accessorily, a VP at United Fruit, one of the world's largest corporations, in Louisiana.
And fortunately, Bruce dropped by my office one day about 15 years ago with three boxes full of the most significant historical racing cars one would dream of, including... the original anglewinder!
Both the dragster and that car are now safely protected at the LASCM, where I captured these quick shots last week while sorting out more stuff.



The car received a new body I painted and mounted  for Gene years ago because the original had unfortunately vanished. Gene described it to me and I used an identical Dynamic McLaren MK6, decorated as it was, and fitted it to the otherwise unrestored chassis.



The original, Kovacs painted  Lola body used by Bruce Paschal in Louisiana in early 1968 did survive in good condition and is currently fitted over the beautiful Husting replica built by Steve Okeefe:


It is likely that a switch will be made now that the LASCM is in possession of both cars.

[RSS] MPC 1966 Dodge Charger MPC Dyn-O-Can Sidewinder Blue Slot Car

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Marines vs. Army drag set and America's Finest

Posted a couple of new reviews.  Check out the Marines vs Army Drag set.  The Mickey Thompson Grand Am Funny Car is fantastic.  Also check out the America's Finest release.
Marines vs Army Drag Set
America's Finest

September 25, 2017

[RSS] Vintage 1965 Cox 1/24 Cheetah Slot Car

End Date: Wednesday Oct-25-2017 13:49:11 PDT
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[RSS] Vintage 1965 1/24 Cox Ford GT Slot Car with Directions

End Date: Wednesday Oct-25-2017 13:23:01 PDT
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The Dungeon up & running for race - 10/7, Prattville, AL

​ With a new computer and some wiring , the Track is up and running for the Oct. 7 th. race

​For some reason I all ways have some parts left over when I work on stuff.


​The track opens at 8am  and the first race starts at 10am Sharp!!


​1st race is the JK Indy, Retro hawk motor, and our hand out body.

​2nd race, starting at 12:30 the flexi GT, retro hawk motor.

​last race the GTP any non wing body.hawk7 motor, any stamped steel chassis.


​If you are coming for the first time, call me with help on car set up.


             Billy 334 380 3892




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Slot Car Today - General


A few days ago Immense Miniatures unveiled the bust of James Hunt to be able to use it in the driver figures of his catalog. Now the American brand has made a new full body figure, with the helmet on the arm, representative of ...

OCC Race #1 results - Sep 23, Haven Raceway, Elyria, OH

The first round of the Ohio Challenge Cup has come and gone, with tremendous fields in all four divisions to kick off the historic 9th season. Here's to starting off reporting with GT1-B!

First on the day was GT1-B which had a fine field of eight racers ranging from the highly experienced Gil Pataky and Jim Bandes to Tony Wampler whom was starting only his third ver slot car race and John Notestine whom regularly runs with the Ohio Oval Series.

Even with heavy traffic, the heats went quickly with several tight battles through the field. Ultimately, it was Gil Pataky who came through for the win with Jeffrey Henes placing second. Jim Bandes drove in a great third. Dan Halfhill managed a fourth on his home track, while Hollywood Joe Gerenscer was first of the visitors in fifth. The Sawdust Man Robert John Manzitti, made a good showing in sixth with Tony Wampler scoring seventh and finally John Notestine finishing eighth.


Gil Pataky - 183 laps
Jeffrey Henes - 177 laps
Jim Bandes - 174 laps
Dan Halfhill - 170 laps
Joe Gerencser - 152 laps
Bob Manzitti - 151 laps
Tony Wampler - 144 laps
John Notestine - 138 laps


An unprecedented sixteen man field made up GT1-A and there wasn't a low man on the totem pole here, representing a diverse field of race and championship winning drivers in the two, eight-man mains.

When the dust settled from a dicey set of races with tons of traffic on the tricky Hillclimb, Bud Bartos added another GT1 win to his long list of accomplishments. He was followed by a resurgent Ron Vincek and third went to George Katzakis. Fourth place belonged to defending champion Eric Kujo Paws Shirey, and fifth to Justin Porter. Making a return to the series, Bob Kurkowski was able to net a strong sixth place by panels over seventh place local favorite Jeff HenesJavier Sabala had a solid day in eighth, and a weekend worth of camping paid off for Guy Vallance in ninth. Tenth belonged to Michigan's own David Decoster and eleventh went to last year's GT1-B champion, Brandon BarricelloJames Pace Jr managed twelfth place in his first A start, defeating Rob Voska who visited in preparation for the ISRA Worlds. Jim Verga made a showing for Pennsylvania in fourteenth over Ralph Middaugh and a struggling Dan Ebert.


Bud Bartos - 192 laps
Ron Vincek - 191 laps
George Katzakis - 187 laps
Eric Shirey - 186 laps
Justin Porter - 185 laps
Bob Kurkowski - 182 laps, panel 6
Jeff Henes - 182 laps, panel 3
Jay Sabala - 179 laps
Elmo Vallance - 178 laps
Dave Decoster - 177 laps
Brandon Barricello - 169 laps
Jim Pace Jr - 167 laps
Rob Voska - 163 laps
Jim Verga - 161 laps
Ralph Middaugh - 150 laps
Dan Ebert - 147 laps


Group 10 had a great sixteen racer field and some very electrifying racing in two, eight-man mains.

To start the day, Jeff Henes achieved a remarkable 4.521 second lap to score the first Top Qualifier position for the Ohio Challenge Cup.

However, the big story came out of the B-main. Eric Shirey, having qualified badly after miscues not of his own making, positively stormed through the field to score a very impressive win in a category he dominates. Second went to a very consistent Ron Vincek, with TQ Jeff Henes scoring third. Justin Porter managed fourth in the tight field. Guy Vallance achieved fifth while Bud Bartos beat his "car owner" David Decoster, finishing sixth and seventh. George Katzakis was a late entry running a borrowed Vincek machine and ended up eighth. James Pace Jr pulled off ninth and Jim Verga made a tenth place charge. Dan Halfhill managed eleventh in his first Group 10 start, beating Javier Sabala whose motor fell flat late in the going. Thirteenth belonged to Robert John Manzitti with Ralph MiddaughDan Ebert, and Joe Gerencser following respectively.

Group 10

Eric Kujo Paws Shirey - 195 laps
Ron Vincek - 192 laps
Jeff Henes - 191 laps, panel 13
Justin Porter - 191 laps, panel 1
Elmo Vallance - 187 laps
Bud Bartos - 184 laps
Dave Decoster - 183 laps
George Katzakis - 176 laps
Jim Pace Jr - 173 laps
Jim Verga - 172 laps
Dan Halfhill - 167 laps
Jay Sabala - 166 laps
Sawdust Man - 159 laps
Ralph Middaugh - 156 laps, panel 16
Dan Ebert - 156 laps, panel 12
Joe Gerencser - 150 laps


A huge field of 20 GTP racers, running two, ten-man round robins, finished out the day for the season opener of the Ohio Challenge Cup.

The man on pace was GTP Top Qualifier, Guy Vallance, whom had been camping(!) at Haven Raceway since Thursday night in preparation for this race.

When it came time for race time, patience and local knowledge paid off for a triumphant Ron Vincek. Ron picked up the win through the A, defeating Justin Porter in a close second and Eric Kujo Paws tight behind in third. George Katzakis, who was a late entry whose car had not been run previously, finished an impressive fourth and was the final racer with 200+ laps. Bud Bartos managed a good fifth on the day, while TQ Elmo Vallance ended up sixth. David Decoster had his best finish of the day in seventh, as did James Pace Jr with eighth. Young Jeffrey Henes, in his first OCC GTP start, claimed a very respectable ninth place over Javier Sabala's tenth. Brandon Barricello overcame GTP setup issues during the week, mounting his body effectively in the tech line to still claim eleventh, and Jim Verga made a strong charge to twelfth. Jim Bandes ran a Vincek loaner to manage thirteenth place, while Ralph Middaugh gave a good show from the Canton crowd to claim fourteenth. Dan Ebert continued what had been a hard luck day for the Penn-Ohio standout in fifteenth while another Vincek loaner, this time driven by Joe "Hollywood" Gerencser wound up in sixteenth. "Sawdust Man" Robert John Manzitti had seventeenth over Haven regular Dan Halfhill, while oval racer John Notestine concentrated on learning road racing in nineteenth with Jeff Henes finishing out the field.


Ron Vincek - 206 laps
Justin Porter - 205 laps
Eric Shirey - 202 laps
George Katzakis - 200 laps
Bud Bartos - 199 laps
Elmo Vallance - 196 laps
Dave Decoster - 195 laps
Jim Pace Jr - 186 laps
Jeffrey Henes - 183 laps
Jay Sabala - 180 laps
Brandon Barricello - 177 laps
Jim Verga - 176 laps
Jim Bandes - 173 laps
Ralph Middaugh - 169 laps
Dan Ebert - 167 laps
Joe Gerenscer - 165 laps
Sawdust Man - 157 laps
Dan Halfhill - 149 laps
John Notestine - 138 laps
Jeff Henes - 132 laps


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3DP Chassis Ford GT40 MkII / CG SlotCars

CG SlotCars American brand has just released one of the most awaited slot car chassis among fans. The Fly Car Model Ford GT 40 MkII at 1:32 scale did not yet have a base on which develop good performances on the track. Through its Shapeways store, a 3DP chassis is now available that attaches to the ...

[RSS] Vintage Cox Drone Tether Car

End Date: Wednesday Oct-25-2017 8:19:37 PDT
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Fifteenth version of NSR Corvette
It is recurring, it is logical, it is a marketing argument, it is imperative for a catalog. Gulf colors cannot be missing in a collection. There are dozens of racing cars with the oil company mythical colors, but when you have to offer new product often you h...

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Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Super Taikyu / CARRERA

A new version of the Carrera Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 to 1:24 scale. The truth is that professionals who are dedicated to the information absorb many data on the motorsport world, but often it would be appreciated that the reproduction of a model to scale was accompanied by a small information about the...

Trains and Lanes racing - 9/30, Easton, PA

Trains and lanes in easton, pa will begin it's winter series next Saturday 9/30/17. The class to be run will be lmp. The racing will take place on the newly refurbished 220' altec. Practice starts at 415 racing at 5. The track is located at 3825 Northwood ave. Easton pa. You can visit them on Facebook at trains and lanes hobbies- slot car racing. For rules or any other information you can the store 6102538850. Talk to Jay. Or you can pm me for information. 45357.jpeg

September 24, 2017

Sept. 2017 races at The Doghouse, Gilbert, SC

The September 2917 edition of Doghouse racing is in the books, and it was a favorable showing for track proprietor Richard Sylvester. This month, we had a smaller group, as this time of year brings numerous other events. You know, football, family, and more football.


The lineup of racers for this month's competition:




(Richard Sylvester, Dan Parker, David Erickson, Jim Beasley)


This month's specialty was Flexi races, and each racer brought their Cheetahs ready for battle.




From L to R: Richard, Jim, David and Dan. We leave the choice of chassis, motor and gearing up to the individual racer. The only stipulation is that, at the end of the race, you need minimum rear clearance of .050. (We're very picky about preserving the track, and don't want to do any damage to the braid. It's a real pain in the a$$ to re-braid, as you know.)


As stated earlier, it was a good day for Richard. Although I challenged him early -- in fact, we both had exactly 207.77 laps, our cars side-by-side at the end of the first round -- I just couldn't keep up in the end. A little chassis and motor trouble in the second round forced me to fall behind.


The final totals:




Our race on Oct. 28 will feature IROC!  We have cars for each lane, built to the same specifications. As we switch to a different lane, we take use of a different car. It's very challenging -- and a lot of fun, too.


If you can join us, drop us a line. We always enjoy having other racers join the fold.


Good racing to all, and to all a good night.




[RSS] Vintage 1/24 Slot Car Lot Cox/Russkit

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[RSS] Dynamic 1/24 Renegade Slot Cars Looks Original

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Pasion slot - Noticias

Bugatti 57C Le Mans 1939.

Jean-Pierre Wimille y Pierre Veyron se encargaron de llevar a este Bugatti a la primera posición el las 24 Heures Du Mans de 1939, a una media de 139.781 kph. Esta sería la segunda y última victoria de la marca en la ronda francesa. Sería también el fin de una época forzado por la invasión de Francia por las tropas nacis, no les devió hacer gracia que su Adler Trumpf 1.5 sólo diera 6 vueltas.

Hasta diez años después no veríamos carreras en el circuito de La Sarthe. Decir que ninguna de las marcas victoriosas antaño volvería a ganar Le Mans, con la excepción de Bentley (aunque fuese un Audi R8C disfrazado de Bentley)

 El punto de partida para la realización de este modelo, es una resina que pillé en ebay.... esta

Hubo que añadir algunas cosas.... y quitar otras....

Tampoco traía el copic ni piloto, así que manos a la obra....

El piloto está hecho a lo "frankenstein", el torso y cabeza son de una resina y los brazos y piernas de un kit de airfix... El volante pertenece a otra resina... es un poco tosco, pero era el más parecido de los que tenía....  

Ahora le toca el turno al chasis. utilizé lámina de aluminio, un poco de masilla y varillas de aluminio...



Probando el ajuste....

Le fabrico unas rejillas para los faros....


Con todo listo, me queda la fase de pintado, colocación de calcas (caseras), barnizado, añadimos los faros y el pequeño parabrisas y la rejilla del radiador..... y este es el resultado.....



Las llantas, neumáticos y las luces son de Lagartija Kits.

Espero que os guste, un saludo.

[RSS] 1/24 Cox Chaparral 2D Slot Car

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Unique Ford GT roadster questions

I have this Unique Ford GT that I'm getting ready to list on ebay and I have two questions. Can anyone give me a close-up of the driver's head? Did it come painted? Also, it appears that this body is held on by tiny brass rivets. Is this the way it came from the factory?







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Actualizando campeonatos la clandestina



Saludos MEX22


otra fecha en la clandestina ahora la cuda fecha 2