December 04, 2016

JK Products Hawk motor balancing

From the JK Products Facebook PAGE:

"JK Products® has and continues to work hard to improve the quality of all our products. Regarding our Hawk motors, our primary focus has been on reducing variability, so the difference between the fastest and slowest motors is as small as possible. The extremely competitive racing results obtained with JK motors is demonstrating the success of this program.

There are three primary areas where we have improved the motors dramatically and here's the information on one of them. While we would like to share the others, doing so would lessen the advantages JK has over its competitors. We want to stress these are not product specification changes, simply process and tolerance improvements.

JK has introduced the first 100% robotically computer-balanced motors in the slot car industry. This allows us to balance all our motors to a much tighter tolerance than is possible with a human balancing/grinding process our mass production competitors still use. A video of the balancing process is shown below and works as follows:

1. The operator rests an armature on the balancer.
2. The arm gets spun up and measured for imbalance at both ends of the shaft at the same time.
3. The arm is robotically moved to the grinding station.
4. The arm is computer ground/drilled as needed.
5. The arm is robotically returned to the balance station and measured for imbalance again.
6. If the arm does not pass the tolerance check, it goes back to step #3.
7. If the arm passes the balance tolerance check, a green light flashes, an alarm is sounded, and the arm is removed and replaced with the next arm for balancing."

(You'll have to click the link, as JK's privacy settings at Vimeo prevent embedding the video here.)

OCC 2016 Race #2 results - 12/3, Fremont, OH

OCC Racing on Dec 3, 2016 @ Fastraxxx

Pos Laps Driver
01 235.12 Jeff Henes
02 231.11 Dennis Matovich
03 224.08 John Humberger
04 221.03 Brandon Barricello
05 216.14 Jim Pace
06 214.09 Chris Earnhart
07 210.03 Tom Rowell
08 195.10 Dan Halfhill
09 187.08 Lester Lucas
10 185.01 Kevin Cosgrove
11 180.06 Haley Halfhill

Pos Laps Driver
01 275.00 Eric Shirey
02 267.02 Willie Custer
03 264.02 Gil Pataky
04 256.08 Bud Bartos
05 252.04 Bob Kurkowski
06 243.11 Justin Porter
07 241.06 Ron Vincek
08 238.07 Dave Decoster
09 196.10 Jim Torre

Group 10
Pos Laps Driver
01 278.02 Willie Custer
02 254.00 Bud Bartos
03 251.08 Dave Decoster
04 247.13 Alex Stoudinger
05 245.03 Eric Shirey
06 235.03 John Humberger
07 233.07 Ron Vincek
08 232.14 Dennis Matovich
09 231.03 Tom Rowell
10 228.01 Jeff Henes
11 220.07 Jim Torre
12 217.02 Justin Porter
13 206.07 Chris Earnhart
14 197.07 Aaron Haehn
15 190.05 Lester Lucas
16 159.05 Kevin Cosgrove

I had to leave before the GTP races which had 18 entries. I will have that posted once I get the results.

British Pathé: "The Things That Go Vrooom!"

Pathé News was a producer of newsreels, cinemagazines, and documentaries from 1910 until 1970 in the United Kingdom. Its founder, Charles Pathé, was a pioneer of moving pictures in the silent era. The Pathé News archive is known today as British Pathé and "is a treasure trove of 85,000 films unrivalled in their historical and cultural significance."

While this model motor racing themed video contains clips that have been posted here before, they've never appeared at this level of quality and color fidelity.

Slot Car News

B&E Slotsport Introduces New "Eliminator Deuce" Hardbody Chassis Kit

Designed and produced for hardbody 1/24 racing on "commercial style" routed tracks, the B&E Slotsport Eliminator "Deuce" 1/24 chassis kits are now available to order and also available for sale at Mid-America Raceway and Hobbies in Naperville, IL. 

Eliminator "Deuce" Specifications:
  • .042 nickel plated spring steel. Improved plating .
  • 4.5" fixed wheelbase, but can be customized to your needs.
  • Motor opening to allow that motor to breathe.
  • Easier to assemble back half with optional motor mounting plate.

Contact B&E Slotsport for information and pricing on RTR cars and built up chassis.Works with a wide variety of tire sizes to suit your needs.

Website and Online Ordering -

Facebook Page -

Motor upgrade suggestion - H&R slider chassis

I have a H&R slider chassis mounted under a typical 1/25 model kit hard body.
The body is fully detail and with a simple interior plate ( no interior tub).
The chassis is set-up with standard RTR tires ( widened rear H&R tires of the same diameter).
The current motor is a Parma 16D home set motor with a Parma "pink" crown gear.
I want to add some bolt-in motor power and am looking for some suggestions.
Hard bodies are heavy and I want to go fast. I am looking to strike a balance between power and reliability.Lookin for a complete bolt-in, maybe in the Super 16D line..???...or others.
No drag racing...the car is used on a flat track with an approximate 40' straight and a backside combination of curves.
I want something hot with some reliability that will "haul the beans"....
Educate me...

Odd's Oracle

Lock gates and other wonders...

I came to an awful conclusion this morning.  I had made my lovely lock gates too narrow all those years ago!  How, I can't imagine, but they wouldn't do as they were, so I had to extend them.  Not so easy as I had built them exactly like real ones, i.e. morticed and tennoned.  Not easy to take apart. But I wiggled them all free eventually and made new cross-pieces and added a few millimetres to the cross/balance beam on each gate.  By using superglue I was able to file the beams down to one size and engrave dummy shakes in the timber across the joint which will make spotting the mod. very difficult.
I also cut the walls of the lock to take the gates and then found they were too long, so that was an easy cut down job.  They now fit a treat and will benefit from the lock walls being built up around them.
The lock gates, too long.

Still too long, but cut in so the pivot side is in position.
On the other side is one of the locos I made the masters for, for N-Drive, a Ruston ZDH  in O9.  I'd made the angle iron, corrugated and wooden engine shelter a little too high so resoldered the cross bar about 10mm lower.  It has four small pins soldered into the lower parts of the angle which fit in holes in the wharf side walling.  I've also made the corrugated iron roofing from pie dish in my little plastic press and this will go on tomorrow, before the post lady brings more serious stuff (I think).
Also seen and newly made is the little cafe. I made the Lantern Cafe first and it's just too big so will be used on the Southwold set-piece and this much smaller, kind of part-timer will be used. It's made entirely in Foamex, including the brickwork being impressed.  The correct bond for a building like this wasn't available as I wanted it in common bond.  That's a course of headers and four courses of stretchers, so queen closers and three-quarter butts are required and shown.  I'm thinking that the door leaves too little room between caff and engine shelter, so will open up a new door in the end wall and make the side door look a bit more permanently closed.  I like this kind of fake history to a piece.  The caff is run by the blacksmith's wife and is also where the railway and wharf workers go for their orders, or used to be.  She used to run that, too.  These days they mostly know what's to do for a week or so in advance, so the caff just sort of grew, out of a need more for sustenance than direction.  At the weekend it has become something of a meeting place for the local "grease".  A term that refers to the local lovers of all thing motorbike and the few who actually have one.  It'll never become the Ace Cafe because it's too small, but the installation of a small caravan might cater for any expansion plans, if it can be hauled across the railway into the yard to be "lost" against the rock wall.

Dijon Racing Blog


Vendredi 2 Décembre c'était la sainte Barbe chez les pompiers de Dijon (SDIS). Comme tous les ans ils organise une fête intra-muros pour leur plus grand plaisir. La Sainte Barbe, c'est leur fête...alors le DRS ne pouvait pas manquer ça,  ...direction la caserne de pompiers rue du Transvaal...

Comme d'autres attractions, nous avons été convié par nos chers soldats du feu Dijonnais pour installer notre circuit itinérant QUATTRO aux côtés d'autres stands tels que "Laser Game" en structure gonflable, ou la grande remorque de simulateur de course, regardez c'est juste génial...

Notre structure installée à côté du stand "Merguez - andouillettes" non loin de la tireuse à bière et de la "cracheuse" de pop corn.... c'est vous dire si nos amis ne se refusent rien.  Mais bon, ils le méritent bien.  Et voilà, nous sommes en place...en position de tir et déjà les impatients fêtards s'agglutinent autour du jouet.  Tout ça promet d'être chaud.

Après quelques conseils de routine que nous appelons souvent "briefing", nous lâchons les fous du volants en liberté totale avec toutefois une diminution des watts aux alimentations.

Voilà les amis, ce que nous avons fait le vendredi 2 décembre. Mais c'est aussi un plaisir pour nous que de faire découvrir le slor racing en général pour tenter de faire revivre ou naitre des passions.

Prochains commentaires, le GTN (GT Ninco modernes).  Merci d'avoir pris le temps de nous lire.  DRS presse

[RSS] Mila Miglia Cougar II 1/24 Slot Car in Original Box

End Date: Monday Jan-2-2017 22:16:46 PST
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[RSS] 1/24 Porsche RS60 Slot Car

End Date: Tuesday Dec-6-2016 21:09:12 PST
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SlotForum Scratchbuilding

Ferrari TR58 - Munter's Shell

Hi All
This is my first time starting a thread in the scratch building subforum - if my memory is not failing me.
After looking at some of the posts here about Munter's TR59, I decided I should give it a go.
Being my first scratch building and experience with a resin body, John suggested that I should start from something more manageable as the TR58.
I have not done much yet, just primed the body (after a good scrub with lighter fuel).
But I am off to another overseas trip so it has to wait until I am back.

This thread is meant to be a log of this experience.
John has already provided lots of suggestions - sorry if you had to wait a bit longer for your shell to be bad!
I will share my experience and mistakes while I go.
For now I leave you with some pics of the shell just before priming.
Looks really a beauty...I hope I can make it justice!

I'm going to post one thing every day

417212_2567886411467_1336105018_n.jpg?ohGetting  the cope ready for the race

Steel wheel inserts & poverty caps?

I am building a few hard body 1/25 cars to resemble cars of the '60s muscle car era.


The particular car on my table is a '60s Chevrolet muscle car on an H&R RTR chassis. I am using the wheels supplied with the chassis (and/or wider same-size H&R rear wheels).


My desire in the detail is to add a set of body-colored steels wheel inserts with a chrome "poverty" cap.


I am interested in know how you fellow builders/racers achieve this "look". I have seen both steel wheel inserts in the 1/25 model car kit section as well as chromed resin poverty caps.


I would like to know how what methods you use to fit the steel wheel disc into the slot car wheel.


Some of the wide slot wheels (especially the rears) would allow the wheel insert too far down into the wheel... plus considerations for some axle ends that protrude outward from the slot wheel center could create a problem. I would like the steel wheel insert to sit close to the outer edge of the slot wheel rim.


I want to obtain the "1:1 car look" and am looking for some simplistic ideas...

Last race for the fabulous Mini Brute motor - Prattville, AL

​The last race of 2016 is over at the Dungeon Raceway and our last race to use the Slick 7 Mini Brute motor. This little gem is no longer available so we are changing over to the JK Retro Hawk and the TSR Falcon 7 long shafts motors.


​The LA boys were a no show which let some of us average racers move up.


Red won everything, but he had to work for it, and we were so glad to have Dallas back and racing with us.



















Is there a market for this?

Shown are a couple hastily, 3D made, prototypes. I'm just trying to gauge the interest to move forward.
If you always poke your body pin holes at the correct height and correct fore-aft placement, and level, this probably won't interest you, but if not, it might.
It's pretty self explanatory.
The fixtures can be adjusted to any practical pin hole height, and is bolted to the brass strip, which is double stick taped to the pans, ans provides a nice, level ledge, to rest the body
Should work with virtually any chassis with a flat surface on the bottom.


Please post if it's something you would consider buying.





The brass ledge should prevent the front of the body from drooping.








The JK rental body is a bit narrow, especially with thick strapping tape on the inside, but this pic show how well the body conforms to side of the chassis.

December 03, 2016

[RSS] Cox 1/24 Ford GT Slot Car Team Modified ? Soild Brass Swing Arm

End Date: Monday Jan-2-2017 14:27:08 PST
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[RSS] Vintage Classic Industries Manta Ray 1/24 Slot Car with Lotus 30 body

End Date: Monday Jan-2-2017 13:17:58 PST
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Slotblog's holiday banner

I love the holiday banner!!!

Puts me in the mood each year!!!

Ho!! Ho!! Ho!!
GAV   :to_become_senile: :music:

Mason-Dixon live video stream - Farmingdale, NJ

Mason-Dixon Retro racing today, Dec 3, at the The Race Place in Farmingdale, NJ.

For Sale: Tonyp Beaver GTC chassis - SOLD!

New Beaver style chassis.
.063" rails.
.025" pans with center weight.
Duffy 2 degree .032" guide tongue.
Threaded front axle.
60 grams so it will be approx 110 grams assembled.

$125.00 shipped.

Fronts and BBs can be installed if required.



For Sale: Dennis Krivacek Retro F1 car

Car will come with new pair of tires, has a PD motor in it and drives itself. Great car, just needs a cleaning.


$100.00 shipped, PayPal.





For Sale: Three used Can-Am chassis

$65.00 shipped, PayPal.





SlotForum Blogs

Nonfractal's Blog - Race night 24- Ninco gt

The steep learning curve
A newbie slotter on a six lane Ninco club track
Race night 24
Week of the 28th November 2016
Class : Ninco sport and GT
A pair of Ninco ford GT
Car A " medley" ProRace
Factory standard chassis and body with factory fitted lightweight interior
Avant Carbon axles front and rear
Ninco race bearings in the pod
Sc0025b Scaleauto motor
NSR "for Ninco" angle winder crown (purple 33 and pinion 12)
E1 tyres glued on Factory pro race rear wheels outer dia. 20mm
Z1 tyres on Scaleauto monza magnesium wheels outer dia 16mm
Factory prorace guide blade
NSR .2 mm copper race braid.
NSR soft sidewinder suspension on the Ninco prorace pod with 20mm long 1.6mm steel countersunk bolts
Damping gel on all three springs

Car B "Falken" light weight
A new build with the objective of having two " ready to go " cars for each class.
Config as above except:
Non-suspension (suspension on order)
Rear wheels trued and glued NSR ultras
Factory Ninco crusher motor (originally from the medley)
Blue NSR crown with 12 tooth pinion

Tested both cars and the medley came out as the best performer
The horsepower from the sc0025b was very , very good, combining punch and top speed.
The suspension was working properly, no need to leave the body shell to "rock loose" , a technique I'm probably going to abandon on suspension cars as a relic of the pre suspension slot car age. Loose bodies always seem to make the cars rattle around the track like a bag of spanners and that just does not sit well with my idea of a "good car"
The car behaved well right out of the pit box and started putting in good lap times.
I took my own lesson learned from pervious sessions and put the car away awaiting the races and used the time to test other cars in my pit box.
First race in the inner green lane, came 3rd , a very good start in a very bad lane.
However, that good start was not to last, finished between 4th and 5th in all other races.
Some problems appeared on the car during the night that did not show up in race one.

A. The return of the dreaded power de-slot.
The car de-slotted twice off the start line wrecking two races.
I suppose no one can complain that they are short of power when the motor can lift the front of the car clean out of the slot from a standing start.
Other racers add ballast weight to their cars to stabilise this kind of behaviour but that's a path I don't want to go down until all other possibilities have been exhausted.
A technique I usually use to combat this is to loosen the front pod's suspension, allowing the motor kick to be absorbed by the spring. However, the front spring was already loose giving me no options to improve the start line behaviour.
The power deslot behaviour was probably exaserbated by the use of a new damping gel which is stickier than the silicone gel I would normally use. I am now thinking that the damper gel is too thick for use on the front spring. Adding goop is easy, removing it is not, especially between races so I did not even try.
Our club uses rheostat controllers only so nothing could be done on the control the power deslot from the controller itself apart from consciously ramping up the power slowly at the start guaranteeing a bad start.

B. Guide blade bottoming out.
For two of the races , two sections of the track proved problematic with the car jumping as the guide blade bottomed out.
The prorace guide is deeper than the regular one and combining that with NSR race braid left the underside of the guide blade bottoming out causing some spectacular aeriel mavouveres during warm up.
By race three, I decided that fettling the blade was necessary and got the carpet knife out wedging the front very slightly and removing some depth. Problem solved.

C. Tyre evolution during the night.
As the tyres bedded in and I applied more and more zippo to them to smooth them, the grip really came up.
I'd never driven a slot car that has too much grip but by race 4 this one certainly did and probably contributed to the power de-slot issue. I must make a new undertaking not to add to much goop to the tyres during the night. A tyre that maintains the same characteristics all evening has to be better than one where grip is a changing and unknown quantity.

Finished the night 12th of about 18 racers so not a bad result but "could do better".
This car is clearly close to being competitive now and there are more issues with my fingers and my monkey brain than there are with the cars. I am always amazed how other drivers at the club can handle being harassed around the track in the middle of a pack of close running cars, but still keep their cool and still win the race. I have to figure out how to get my head into that zone.

Lessons Learned.
For me, making a car more and more "NSR moslerlike "in its behaviour is a winning strategy and I will be following the full NSR retrofit (gears tyres and suspension) for every class where this is permitted. More knowledge brings a more diligent method for setting up, leading to repeatable results. I have to remind myself that I am chasing guys who have been at this for decades.

New stuff.
I bought a "metal" variant slot it controller this week (£100) on special discount at top slots
Completely not permitted at the club where I go weekly, but a one-off visit to another club a couple a few weeks back opened my eyes to the possibilities for better control. Next year I am hoping to compete in the UK NSR GT3 championship and /or the slot it challenge. Both of these championships permit Pulse width modulation based electronic controls, so turning up with a rheostat controller at these events would be a decided disadvantage. The learning curve gets steeper still 😳

Power nibbler as seen on TV

Has anyone tried one of these yet?

Cox, Monogram, Revell, Auto Hobbies cars & bodies

Hello together... long time since the last posting... ;)

Here is some stuff for sale...

my eBay listings

Blog Del Slot



y vamos llegando al final de todas las categorías en este primera experiencia de vida de la pista la super gt linda categoría con mucha libertad de preparación y asusta lo parejos que van todos con mecánicas y autos totalmente distintos

hasta las practicas dan mucho espectáculo

y armamos la  grilla para correr


CHELO( nissan 390 raw slot it) , VICTOR Poersche 997 nsr) , CLAUDIO (Corvette c5r scx ) , DIEGO .(bmw z4 scaleauto )

1 VIA :

Y habláramos de la paridad antes de empezar 16 giros para chelo , claudio y diego logra una mas con 17  nomas de arranque y el unico que quedo un poquito atras es victor con 15.
luego los lastres cambian todo.
diego queda con 16
chelo y victor con 11
y claudio con 10

2 VIA :
paridad dije no ...
Todo el mundo marco 17 giros , miercoles que van rapido y sin molestarse estos tipos ..

3 VIA :

Nuevamente se ve que en la clasificatoria el giro magico es 17
Chelo claudio y diego marcan esas vueltas y solo victor queda un poco mas atras con 16

4 VIA :

Victor prende el turbo y recupera la vuelta perdida y es el unico que marca 18 giros impresionante
Claudio y diego quedan con 17 giros y el que se atraso en esta via es el chelo con 16



Javi ( mclaren f1 slot it marlboro ) , carlos g ( maclaren f1 slot it gulf ) , kiwi ( corvette c5r scx ) , Mainque ( mclaren f1 slot it fina )

1 VIA :
Scx toma la punta de la mano de kiwi con 15 giros ( jorge k ) seria el nombre sin seudonimo.
JAvi también logra 15 vueltas pero con 1 vuelta de lastre lo deja con 14
Carlos g logra tambien14 giros cerrando el peloton mainque que también logra 15 giros pero el lastre de protección de campeonato de 6 giros lo deja con 9.

Este lastre de protección es para cualquier piloto que se une a las carreras faltando 2 fechas dado que no puede interferir en la definición ...

2 VIA :

Scx y kiwi siguen marcando el camino 17 giros bien al frente mientras todos los demás marcan 16 giros siguiéndolo muy de cerca

3 VIA :

Javi es ahora quien le rinde el buen andar , maneja bien, pocos errores y salta a la punta con 16 giros.
carlos g y kiwi marcan 15 giros para que no se escape demasiado .
Mainque logra 14 giros cerrando el peloton.

4 VIA :

JAVI y kiwi puro duelo  , lindo espectáculo empate en 16 giros pero ... 59 sectores para javi , 57 para kiwi un duelo terriblemente parejo par aun scx y un slot it.

Carlos g queda tercero con 15 giros
Mainque en una mala  via marca solo 13 giros para cerrar el peloton



DIEGO ( bmw z4 scale ) , KIWI ( corvette scx c5r ) , JAVI ( mclaren f1 slot it  marlboro ) , VICTOR ( porsche 997 NSR )

1 VIA :

Diego y victor marcan el camino el z4 rapido el porsche sin errores y redondito como victor lo llevo a una victoria una vez .
32 giros para los dos mientras sus perseguidores marcan 30  kiwi y javi

2 VIA :

Victor prende el turbo nuevamente y los duerme 34 giros para quedar bien bien arriba .
Diego y javi tratan de que no se escape demasiado y logran 33 giros
Kiwi sigue a su ritmo de 30 giros .

3 VIA :

Diego es ahora quien prende el turbo y marca las 34 estratofericas vueltas para recuperar el trabajo anterior de victor.
victor y javi se enroscan en un duelo y pierden contacto con la punta marcando 32 giros cada uno
Kiwi marca de nuevo 30 giros

4 VIA :

Diego y victor empatan en la ultima via con 33 giros cada uno pero diego casi casi pasa a la 34 se quedo en la puerta literalmente 33,99.
mientras victor quedo con 33 giros y casi medio circuito
Javi en una muy buena carrera marca 32 giros y cierra el peloton kiwi otra vez con 30 giros

resultados 1 final


CHELO ( nissan 390 raw slot it  ) , CLAUDIO ( corvette c5r scx) , CARLOS G ( mclaren f1 slot it gulf ) , MAINQUE ( mclaren f1 fina slot it )

1 VIA :

Chelo y claudio al frente marcando el camino en lindo duelo 33 giros para los dos .
Carlos g y mainque en otro duelo también logran 31 giros

2 VIa :

Claudio muestra que tiene un poquito mas en esta via marca las increibles 34 vueltas , le sigue chelo con 33 giros para que no se le escape .
Carlos g sigue en el ritmo de las 31 giros y le sirve en esta via para sacarse a mainque de encima que logra 29

3 VIA :

Cuando el chelo se ilumina ..... 35 giros record de la carrera para la nisan raw  y la punta de la via sin ninguna duda
Claudio sige de nuevo marcando 34 giros asi que no se sacan mucho entre ellos
Mainque esta vez logra 31 giros asi que aventaja a carlos g que logra 30

4 VIA :

Chelo cierra la via con unos excelentes 33 giros y queda de nuevo primero
Carlos g y mainque terminan el duelo como empezaron 31 giros y empate para definir por sectores a favor de mainque con 73 sectores sobre 14
Claudio es quien pierde ritmo ... ??? levanta ??? estrategia ???  30 giros con 98 sectores veremos donde lo deja



1 lugar diego excelente trabajo
2 lugar chelo y su nissan raw siempre protagonistas
3 lugar Victor y su porsche nsr siempre girando bien
4 lugar claudio ... tan clara la tiene este tipo ?? jaja

felicitaciones a todos

MEX 22

Odd's Oracle

I only went out for a paper!...

But, as things do, the fact was, I had my camera and I was in a mood to run around a bit and give the car a few miles, so it naturally happened that I took a few pics of local places of interest.  Not the sort of interest that gets a place in the Batsford Guides, you understand, but my kind of interest. Vernacular architecture mainly.  Take this, for instance.  The Church Hall.  It's closest to the church, of Emneth's three halls, but could, I suppose be the Central Hall.  As to where the Jubilee Hall is, I have no idea!
There is rarely an occasion that I pass by here and the lights aren't on and cars are in the car park.  I used to take my sons to SlotStox racing here when old Cyril ran it all.  He sadly died recently so I don't know if Monday nights are still race nights.  Keeping an all wooden building like this in good order must be a pretty full time job for somebody.  And who'd want the job of painting all those windows?
Very nearby is the place where Emneth's famous son lived and wrote Thomas the Tank engine, Rev. W. Audry.
The Old Vicarage

Locally are a lot of wonderfully simple bungalows, built between the Wars.  A fifth of an acre, 4 rooms, grow your own, buy on an agricultural wage or in some cases rent from the council.
Of course, many have been extended forwards, backwards and sideways or had hideous plastic windows added, but these two at one end of a well known row are pretty much original and this old, old garage is almost a thing of the past now.  Big enough only for an Austin 7, Morris 8 or Ford Y, this one is a little longer than most, but no wider.  I asked the dear old lady in the bungalow if I might photograph her garage and she told me that she was 92 and had been at the place for 60 years and the garage was there when she arrived!  In which case it's done amazingly well, apart from the bow in one side.  I doubt that it's seen a car for a long time, if ever.
I sneaked a pic from inside the car of the bungalow next door so you can see what they're like if not messed about.
Probably an original pattern door, if not the actual door, tiny panes in the fanlights, still wooden frames, concrete (pseudo stone) lintel, zinc flats over the bays, original 
chimney stacks, one each end...lovely stuff.
Another whole row of them, but showing how some pitiless souls have transmogrified the poor little places.
A view soon to be lost as the land on the left has sold in no time for development, a euphemism for the crowded building of typically unimaginative new-builds squashed in at about 15 per hectare instead of the Essex Design Guide's more sensible 8-12.
Further down the village is an example of what was built centuries ago before bungalows were invented...VERY low rise 2 story cottages.  This really is a tiny house.  Very unfortunately extended to the side and rear behind that hideous flank wall, but its essential character is still there, just.  Following the local regional fashion for not using front doors, this one has actually been blocked from use.
The chimney stack has been removed, probably in preference for central heating or a wood burner with a flue at the rear.  This is at least 4 feet shorter than the already small cottage next door.
And so we purchase our paper at the local stores cum Post Office and return home.  I never use the big Spar shop as it is run by an unpleasant, shorts-wearing, wheezing South African.  Few things could put me off a person more than those dubious four qualifications.  He overcharges too.

Raytown International Raceway?

Does anyone know if this track is still up and running?

Raytown International Raceway

[RSS] Russkit 1/32 Superleggera Lotus Mk XXIII Kit

End Date: Sunday Jan-1-2017 19:37:25 PST
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[RSS] Cox Chaparral 2D 1/24 Slot Car

End Date: Sunday Jan-1-2017 18:50:47 PST
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Possibly, the ugliest...

... slot car body of all time.

Vintage Slot Car 1/24 unknown brand

The ultimate pit accessory and rack

Where can I get one like that? Maybe they will have these at the Nets?



[RSS] Vintage Slot Car Lot 1/24 Cox Revell Classic Russkit Hoffman Box Etc.

End Date: Wednesday Dec-7-2016 16:41:45 PST
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For Sale: Some motors

Well, there were four, but the strap motor on the lower right and the 36D on the upper left were sold just as I was getting ready to list these.  


So, as a special Christmas sale, the wrinkle black Mura on the upper right (#25 wind), and the StrapnutTM on the lower left (#28 wind) are for sale at a reduced price of $55 for either, and I'll pick up the shipping within the US.  As always 10% goes to Slotblog, so everybody wins.  


First come/first served so PM me if you want them.




For Sale: Bartos-built Can-Am car - SOLD!

Raced one time. Has PD motor in it. Ball bearing fronts and rear bearings also.  Will come with new pair of JK wonder tires.


$115.00 shipped. PayPal.





December 02, 2016

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

Which is harder?

Which is the harder build....stock/standard or modified?
The reason I ask is that I see a lot of guys going for a modified look even though the body was cool anyway.

For Sale: Used CHR F1 car - SOLD!

Two races, practice laps, straight and flat CHR 2016 chassis, Thunder rubber rears, JK fronts, RH motor, about 75% brush left, 9t ARP, 27t Parma crown gear, Parma lead wire, TQ clips, Parma cut-down guide, Parma BRM painted body. 

$90 shipped to lower 48. Pics HERE.