November 01, 2014

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Ford Transit MK1

The chassis is PSR-32 and the wheels are Ninco.
He drives very good.
Next there must be a trailer at the back.
Greats Peter.....

Slot Racing Club Bordeaux

Résultats de la Ronde du 31 octobre 2014

Points Classement Pilote Tours Mètres 25 1 Laurent FLIER 123 20 2 Dimitri GAUGAIN 117 16 3 Julien TOUYA 116 15 13 4 Jean-Luc CLAUDIN 116 9 11 5 Dominique AUGER 116 0 10 6 Frédéric RUBAT 115 18 9 7 Baptiste GAUGAIN 113 12 8 8 Jerry GAUGAIN 113 9 7 9 Patrick BIENDEL 109 4 6 10 Benjamin MARSALY 95[...]

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Modelant - Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Mille Miglia 1938


Nos habría gustado poder escribir antes este correo para anunciar nuestro segundo coche –que hace casi un año de sufrimiento que tenemos a punto-,  pero debido a un problema externo con unas piezas, no lo podemos presentar hasta ahora. Problema que se ha solucionado y de esta manera nuestra periodicidad mejorará.

Dicho esto nos complace presentar la referencia M-02, numerada y limitada a 300 unidades y realizada en resina de poliuretano de alta calidad a estricta escala 1/32: el Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B ganador de las Mille Miglia de 1938 a manos de Clemente Biondetti i Aldo Stefani como copiloto.

Modelo en el que mantenemos nuestra filosofía cien por cien artesanal, sin ayudas informáticas, y que potenciamos haciendo también la fabricación del chasis, siendo únicamente piezas estrictamente mecánicas las hechas fuera de nuestro taller, y convirtiéndonos así en uno de los pocos artesanos que hacemos toda la producción en nuestro taller.

Ya está disponible y podéis encontrar más información en nuestra web, tanto de la historia como del propio modelo de slot, al que hemos querido cuidar también la presentación, con una original caja de madera, y la forma de adquirirlo:

Deseamos que os guste.

Joan y Albert Jobal


Cox wheel and tire scale size

Recently a fellow racer asked if the Cox wheels and tires were made to scale. I took some measurements and need more info to complete my analysis. The F1 Brm and Ferrari measure 17/32 OD at the wheel, tires are marked 700-13. The Ford GT is the same. Can't say what the size the actual 1:1 cars used. Were they all running 13" wheels? The Cox Chaparral wheel measures 5/8" , tires are marked 1400-15. These ones look right but can anyone say what the size the actual 1:1 Brm and Ferrari, Ford GT, Lotus 30/40 and Cheetah used?

[RSS] Vintage Scarab Monogram Slot Car 1/24 Racing Body 1965 USA Tiger X200 Motor

End Date: Sunday Nov-30-2014 18:40:05 PST
Buy It Now for only: $400.00
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NERR results from Pioneer Valley - 10/25/14

Here is the race report  Attached File  Back at the Valley 10.25.14.pdf   912.58KB   16 downloads


Here are the Photos


Here are the points.  After Rapids I will start calculating with drops. Attached File  NERR points season 2.pdf   224.16KB   7 downloads


See everyone in a few weeks at Rapid Raceway with coupe's and F-1's.

Outback Motor Speedway Twin 200 - 11/1/14

On 11-1-14 Outback Motor Speedway will be hosting their second points race of the season with the running of the Gunther's Honey (Of Berryville Va.) Twin 200s.  Racing will start at about 5:45 PM with hot laps, this race will feature the Super Late Models and the Hard Body Street Stocks will be making the first of their six races of the season.  Be sure to go to the web page for Outback Motor Speedway and look at pictures of action from the first race as well as years past, there is also a place where you can purchase these beautiful bodies and  full rules set for the Super Late Models, Dirt Mods and Street Stocks.

October 31, 2014

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Fly E685 BMW CSL Turbo "Stella Art Car" -- As New in Box - SOLD

Fly E685 BMW CSL Turbo "Stella Art Car" -- As New in Box

Fly E685 BMW CSL Turbo -- As New and never removed from the beautiful display box, this Fly Limited Edition recreates one of BMW's famous "Art Cars". Painted by modern artist Frank Stella, the actual car was raced by Brian Redman in the 1976 Le Mans 24-Hour race.

Free Shipping to Canada and USA (lower 48). Anywhere else, please enquire.

List Date: 10/30/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Fly E685 BMW CSL Turbo "Stella Art Car" -- As New in Box


Mobile friendly version: Fly E685 BMW CSL Turbo "Stella Art Car" -- As New in Box

Adelaide Grand Prix 2014

This weekend is the 19th Annual Adelaide Grand Prix for 1/24th vintage and scale slot cars.

Here is this year's program:
30/10 7pm - Practice
31/10 5pm

- Practice
- Pan-Americana
- 55 to 60 Vintage Stockers
- 61 to 66 Vintage Stockers
1/11 1pm

- Swapmeet
- Practice
- Aus Touring Cars (6 brackets) + Mini (2 brackets)
- Tamiya Sports Cars
- Dinner Break
- Cox Sports Cars
- Vintage Can-am
2/11 10am

- Practice
- Tasman Cup 60's F1
- Adelaide GP 50's F1
- Pizza/Beer


Check out the photos and results here


Racing was kicked off last night with 14 entrants.  Unfortunately we only managed 1 complete race before the transformer on the street blew up in spectacular fashion.  This means a big day of racing on the Saturday to make up the remaining two Friday races (possibly with a generator).

Steve Corneille is recording the event (including interviews), so a video will eventually be made available.




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The competition held by More Than Slot to unveil its first model has been completed and we can already find out what car was hiding under the presentation ply.
A beautiful McLaren TAG MP4/2. The F1 World Champ Car of 1984. The car led ...

Slot it Club De Genève

3ème manche championnat endurance 2 heures par équipes

Heureusement Cagnoc était là !

La paire invaincue; Cagnoc - R1 a failli perdre pour la 1ère fois hier lors du championnat endurance 2 heures par équipes, mais heureusement Cagnoc était là avec sa bête de course. En effet, la voiture choisie par R1 était proche de "l'inroulable". Je ne sais pas ce qui s'est passé depuis la dernière utilisation de cette voiture mais hier son comportement ressemblait à une SCX Nascsar. Après deux tours d'horloge, l'écart avec l'autre équipe de la soirée composée certes du rapide Billy et du magicien MacLaral n'est que de 5 tours. On a eu chaud ...

Résultats :
1. Cagnoc/R1 : 568 tours - 11"322
2. Billy/MacLaral : 563 tours - 11"775

Question for the motor masters

I've dissected a number of Kelly (Red Fox) D-Can motors, built by others and have noted a couple things seemingly amiss with many of them.


1. Many builders bolt on ProSlot brush hoods, without any alteration to the hoods or the endbell.  The result is misaligned brushes where the hoods are both offset towards the top of the motor. (Top being towards the lead wire tabs, or, and as seen with the motor mounted in the chassis). This results in the positive brush showing timing advance and the negative showing retarded timing.  


2. Magnets do not fit these cans very well.  There's always a little extra room.  So many of these same motors have the magnets glued in place, pushed towards the top of the can. 


Is this a result of lack of attention to detail (sloppy build practices), or is there some performance advantage to building motors this way?

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Gold Leaf Team Lotus

There is a lot going on here on SF concerning the new Scalextric C3542A Lotus 72C at the moment. As you know I am more into building teams rather than single cars, so the next logical step would be this from the Dutch GP 1970:

Gold Leaf Team Lotus
#10 Lotus 72C - Jochen Rindt
#12 Lotus 72B - John Miles

Jochen qualified on pole and went on to win his second Grand Prix of the season. John qualified 8th and came home 7th, two laps down his team mate.

The 72B will be made out a Betta and Classic fibreglass shell and the usual PP and Scalectric stuff.

Cheers, Holger

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Slottech T2

Hello everyone.. Is there anywhere to find a used Slottech T2 besides buying a new one from the site? Any info would be nice..

[RSS] Vintage James Bond 007 Aston Martin Strombecker 1/32 Slot Car, Box, Decals

End Date: Friday Nov-7-2014 8:54:31 PST
Buy It Now for only: $72.50
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Cox Dino restoration

Most of this build was done a while ago, but wasn't complete until I received its sweet little motor rebuild from Mr.Havlicek (thank you John)......motor received, done!........


It started as an "experienced" car, with the typical missing bits, so a few body pieces were made. As the car will be run/raced, I did not go overboard on detail parts............that is my excuse, and I am sticking to it!!!.......the reality is that I don't possess the skills of JMP.


The chassis once "defuzzed" was given a quick shot of Tamiya Light gun metal, and again, while not "pink", I won't be looking over my shoulder for the oxidation to re appear. (The pics, were taken on a dark cloudy day, and the chassis is much lighter in colour than it appears).The rear "Nylatron" bushings were replaced with some 3/16 x 1/8 oilites, and the car runs very well indeed.



Chris Walker


PS On previewing this post, I think my pics. may be too big........apologies.







Attached Images

  • 2003-12-31 23.00.00-31.jpg
  • 2003-12-31 23.00.00-52.jpg
  • 2003-12-31 23.00.00-79.jpg
  • 2003-12-31 23.00.00-109.jpg
  • 2003-12-31 23.00.00-145.jpg

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Just Wondering


I was just wondering if the cars have arrived yet, they should be there by now.


Using Evolution Track in D132

Hello, new to the forum but not the hobby. I am just getting into the digital tracks and i was wondering if you can use the evolution specialty tracks with a D132 setup? Meaning, are there any power issues? I am looking at the "bump/ramp" track that evolution has and add it to a wireless D132 track. Thanks for the help in advance!

Body Style Requirements?

This is just an informal poll. The group I recently joined run a couple classes of cars but don't require a particular style of body (i.e. NASCAR, sports cars, Trans-Am, etc.). I'm just wondering if other groups do the same or if you have different classes for different styles of bodies?

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Limited edition of 4000 units of the new Lotus 49B of Scalextric at 1:32 scale. The model reproduces the Graham Hill single seater with which entered the British Grand Prix held at Brands Hatch in 1968. After achieving the first row of the grid...

Dijon Racing Blog

GNT - Ninco GT modernes

Bonjour à tous,
Que du beau linge hier sur le Thaï-Phong pour cette GTN.  Tous les gueux du DRS sont venus user le bitume avec leur monstrueuses machines bruyantes et musclées. Si si, n'ayons pas peur des mots les zamis....on peut appeler ça des monstres. Attention les zamis, nous ne sommes pas là, en présence des petites merveilles Italiennes bien connues silencieuses et efficaces, non là, c'est juste un rapprochement "Rock'n Folk ou Métal Hurlant"...portes jarretelles en moins. Ah que voulez-vous, tout est une question de moyen.  Il faut dire que piloter une Ninco GT mal préparée relève plus du rodéo que de la glissade à Courchevel.  C'est une course d'homme quoi. Bref, bien assis sur leurs chevaux musclés, certains se sont quand même démarqués en tête.  Ensuite, le peloton était beaucoup plus serré avec peu d'écart de tour.  Il y avait que des balle caisses preuve en image ...
Premier CLAUDE : enfin sa première victoire sur le Thaï en cette saison 7 sur Lamborghini Murcièlago, la même qui avait déjà gagné l'an passé.  Monsieur Claude a pris la tête dès le départ et ensuite au revoir la compagnie...nous ne l'avons plus revu.  Enfin si, tous ceux qu'il a doublé plusieurs fois l'ont bien vu et revu, puff puff.  Il y en a même qui l'on vu passer deux fois dans le même tour ksi ksi ksi...mais je ne dirais pas de nom , hein ? non non non! Qui ? non non non . Pas de ça chez nous. Bravo Claude mettez des boules Quiés tellement les 16 points font du bruit en tombant dans sa timbale. Bravo Claude...tu remontes au gégène, il était temps. Et comme le veut la de la tronchette du vainqueur ...
La suite du podium ...ébin dites donc, deuxième not' JEAN DANIEL avec sa vieille Porsche 997  ....Il s'est quand même payé le luxe de ridiculiser les vaillantes Audi R8 et autres Mosler, Mégane, Ford GT et toul' toutime ...épicétou, tra la la. Bravo JD, il ramasse 14 points et conforte sa première place au gégène.  Troisième PIERRE avec une Mosler au top, bien préparée.  Pierre n'a pas fait beaucoup de sortie de route. La régularité a finit par payer...  Pierre se paye un podium  bien mérité ce soir et il part avec 12 points.  Encore un Gueux qui remonte au gégène.  Bravo.  Alors oui, envoyez la photo du podium complet ....
Belle brochette Gueusée, non ?  Y a du matos là, wouias donc...Ah y sont mignons ...gadez les !!! mais si gadez !  Continuons le reste du classement. Regardez les positions de chacun des pilotes que vous aimez bien, ou que vous n'aimez pas ! pffffff  "ah bin quoi, si on peut pu rien dire maintenant ".  J'ai pris une photo de la feuille de course.  Gadez dessous, si si là, gadez, juste en dessous ...
Hein ? Qui ? Quoi ? Qu'entends je ? ...Vous voulez le gégène aussi ? Et que ça saute ?  Oh là, ils vont bientôt nous menez au fouet, moij'voul'dis !!! Bon bin Ok les mecs, le v'là vot'Gégène !  Epicétou !!
 Prochaine course : LE FIL ROUGE monotype Ford GT40 Slot-it. Compétition appelée "ADC" Absolute Driver Concept ...tout le monde logé à la même enseigne, à la recherche du pilote absolu. C'est une épreuve de pilotage pure. Allez, c'est fini les commentaires ....Bye bye  !! Prenez pas froid, un bon cache-nez, une bonne soupe...une pipe et au lit".  A bientôt les gueux. Paul JOURNET
*gueux: expression courante au DRS pour désigner les adhérents du club.

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STE - 3D printed Wood Track Connector and Leveling plate

While working on our test track I came across the need for a way to connect and support track pieces off the table or floor. As a result we designed and produced the following piece.

The images show a pre-production piece for our track to mate two CNC track panels with a specifit bolting pattern, however the we have added additional features to allow more attachment options for anyone to use.

These pieces are made in ABS, available in either Red, Blue or gray. These will be on the site early next week as kits. And as reminder we are also producing 3d printed flippers !!

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Slot.It HRS2 chassis kit

Can anyone tell me what maximum wheelbase the HRS2 chassis kit will extend to please?


For Sale: Samson Retro frame - SOLD!

Good for Can-Am or Coupe with some weight added.  Regular JK fronts and has rear BBs in it.  No damage and perfectly flat.  Just thinning my herd.


$65 includes shipping.






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New De Tomaso Pantera livery of MSC Competition. This time reproduced the version of the Ecurie Franco-Britannic De Tomaso Pantera who took part in the Tour de France Auto in 1973 with Jean Vinatier driving. Vinatier was a great speci...

Italia Slot

Classic Clash - EUROPE vs USA

La sfida per eccellenza del motorsport degli anni '60-'70 è stata senza dubbio quella fra costruttori europei e americani.
Vogliamo ripercorrere quegli anni proponendo la Classic Clash - EUROPE vs USA, un campionato endurance a squadre che si disputerà a Polesine Parmense nel week-end del 17-18 Gennaio.


Slot Car Today - General


Through the official Facebook page of MR SlotCar have been released the definitive images of the brand new model. The McLaren F1 GTR which incorporates a new and highly advanced chassis will initially ...

Más Slot

Más Slot 149, Noviembre de 2014

Ya está disponible la versión en papel y digital de la revista Más Slot 149, correspondiente al mes de Noviembre de 2014.
En este número puedes encontrar reportajes de los siguientes modelos:

• Porsche 918 Spyder de Carrera
• Renault 4L Sinpar Dakar de Scalextric
• Lotus Exige V6-Cup R de Superslot
• Peugeot 205 T16 Rally Montecarlo 1986 de OSC
• Opel Kadett C Gr.4 de Otero Scale Models

Un reportaje sobre una carrocería de slot impresa en 3D.
Además de las Secciones habituales: Novedades, Desde CERO, Debate de Opinión, A vueltas con el mando, Adjudicado, recuperamos dos secciones de Miquel Gubianas: Slot de autor y El ombligo.

En Más Slot Competición, visitamos la Escudería Crono de Barcelona.

Slot Car Today - General


The German brand Fein Design Modell is working on a next 1:24 scale slot model. To make the exclusive Maserati 570S, with the collaboration of Profil 24 that provided the basis of his Maserati 450S Le Mans 1958 to carry...


The active German FlySlot Cars distributor, H + T Motor Racing, has a special edition of the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR, exclusive for their online commerce. Based on the FlySl...


The spirit of Calder, Stella, Lichtenstein, Warhol could feel when Jeff Koons unveiled to the press the 17th BMW Art Car. In the same place where Roy Lichtenstein showed his Art Car in 1977, the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, Jeff Koons unveiled the BMW M3 GT2 car that BMW Motorsport Team entered...

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Mr Slotcar: Des nouvelles photos de la McLaren F1 GTR

Mr Slotcar De nouvelles photos de la McLaren F1 GTRMr Slotcar dévoile les photos de la production finale des premières McLaren F1 GTR, le nouveau joujou pour le slot racing de la marque canadienne. Pour attirer l’œil des sloteurs la marque à choisi une gamme de couleurs très « flashy ». Au mois de juillet dernier nous avons présenté les premières photos de la McLaren F1 […]

[RSS] 1/24 Chaparral 2D Slot Car

End Date: Sunday Nov-2-2014 23:23:29 PST
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Ferrari 512s Coda Lunga ?!?!

I thought I remember reading that all of the original 512s coda lunga cars were either altered or crashed and that none remained. :confused: Is this a sort of exact replica? What's the story on this car?

NCSRA Fall Series - Round 1

Round 1 of the NCSRA Fall Series races were held at Black Point Raceway on Saturday, October 25th.

Results: Early 70's Sports & Prototypes

Carter 113 Laps Porsche 917K (NSR):first:

Nate 112 Porsche 917K (NSR):second:

Big Bill 106 Porsche 917K (NSR):third:

Steve C. 100 Porsche 917K (NSR)

Ernie 98 Porsche 917 Spyder (Fly)

Frank 89 Porsche 917 (NSR)

Results: Modern FIA GT3

Nate 145 Laps Audi R8 (NSR):first:

Carter 144 Aston Martin Vantage (NSR):second:

Steve C. 131 Aston Martin Vantage (NSR):third:

Big Bill 129 Porsche 997 (NSR)

Ernie 123 Porsche 997 (unknown)

Frank 115 BMW Z-4 (Scaleauto)

We had a great time and newcomer --Frank --really put on a good pair of drives!!.. It looks like the next event will be in two weeks back at Black Point --but expect some different cars for this one!!

Nate- if you are scoring results here, the GT3's go in the "20" point for first, the prototypes are on the "9" scale -- Dropping the two lowest out of 7 as usual!! :banana:

D3D New Product

Hey guys, we have another new product entry coming your way! For those applications where you are tight on space at the front of your car, we will now be offering a Mini Front Carrier. It allows 80° of rotation and the centerline of the axle is only 3mm away from the center of the post. This is just enough to allow for the post to clear the axle properly. This one will only be offered in Drilled Hole Configuration (3/32 by default but could be opened up) because of the tight space. The offsets options are the same as our other front carrier. This one really speeds up the scratchbuilding process for those snub nose builds. Below are some sneak peek pics with an existing front carrier for size comparison. Look for this one to drop on November 1st!!!

New Mini Front Carrier

Size Comparison

D3D Engineer

October 30, 2014

[RSS] Revell 1/24 1965 Corvette Slot Car, SP600 Motor, Chassis, & Body Kit

End Date: Saturday Nov-29-2014 15:39:00 PST
Buy It Now for only: $109.95
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Club Icar Indoor Slot Racing - Spain

Club Icar Indoor Slot Racing
Calle Alemanya, 49
08700, Igualada 
Barcelona, Spain


PhoneIcon.png +34 938 05 09 64









Bjärke Slot Car Club - Sweden

Bjärke Slot Car Club
466 31 Sollebrunn

Renn Center Hannover - Germany

Renn Center Hannover

30880 Laatzen

Hildesheimer Str. 54
Hannover, DE
PhoneIcon.png + 49 0511 700 356 17


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Fly cars sold



List Date: 10/30/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: FLY CARS FOR SALE AS 1 LOT ,PORSCHE/MARCOS/GT40
On Sale For: $102.99 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: FLY CARS FOR SALE AS 1 LOT ,PORSCHE/MARCOS/GT40

Cars are sold :thumb: thanks!

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Scalextric ARC ONE C1329 - ARC ONE C1329 What will I be buying?

Hi, I have just received an email news letter from Scalextric inviting me to pre order a Scalextric ARC ONE system C1329 due for release and for delivery in November 2014 £99.99. I viewed the linked video for the system but Have no idea what I would be buying if I pre ordered the system. Can anyone out there offer any advice or info on this new set. I have what I thought was the most up to date Scalextric Digital system, in fact several of every one of their systems. Though I still have not yet bought a USB interface cable to connect to one of my PCs which I had planned as my next advancement. Does this C1329 now make my one year old latest digital set up obsolete. The video talks about apps and Blue Tooth of which I know nothing. As I have never yet ever owned or even ever used a mobile phone of any sort; assuming that is what the hand held device was being shown in the video; would I be buying somthing that is of no use to me if I ordered one of these C1329 sets? Any advice please would be appreciated.

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Slotcars and HDMI

I'm planning on using an old flat panel TV as a monitor for the timing system.

My plan is to use a powered VGA to HDMI converter from a laptop to the TV (old laptop without HDMI output). The reason for HDMI instead of a long VGA cable is that I may stream movies/TV through my laptop once in a while, and it would be nice to have HD.

Is there an issue regarding interference/noise from slotcars affecting the digital signal running through the cable?

Is it better to remain analog and use composite/component with modern 1/32 slotcars operating nearby?

VRAA 2014-15 Race 3 - Black Point


The box has arrived in good condition --I will be opening and inspecting later this evening!

Good Luck to All!! :banana:

Steve C. (and Max too!)

Novembers Photo Contest (open to all scales)

I have sad news. sorry to report this will be the last month i run this photo contest. im hoping someone else will step up and take it over.

Heres to my last month!!

Congrats ferrari1950 beautiful picture!

The theme this month is "Pre War Cars" would like to see pre 50's cars but I think we would be ok with some early 60's cars just as we might not have to many pre 50's stuff..... I hope you all surprise me and we get a lot of submissions.

Now remember the rules guys and lets have some fun!


1. Theme must be Slot Car themed.
2. Entries will be submitted the first of the month (give or take a few days to contact the winner) through the 20th of the month.
3. Voting will start the 20th and run 6 days Using a Poll
4. Open to all Scales. Slot Cars only please.
5. No advertising even in the background of your image (this is not a sponsored contest).
6. Only one entry per member.
7. Cannot alter the photo (Photo Shop but not limited to) and please try to use a new photo taken for the contest if you can.
8. If at the end of the contest we have a tie we will do a 24 hour poll to break the tie.

And....... Go.......!!

Slot it Club De Genève

Le slot sera présent à Bernex ce week end avec des animations et des courses sur une piste montée spécialement pour l'occasion lors de la Fête de l'Artisanat et de la Créativité .

Venez nombreux découvrir le slot racing et participer à quelques courses - c'est la meilleure initiation possible !

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Scalextric cars for sale corvette/lambo/audi new!



List Date: 10/30/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: SCALEXTRIC CARS FOR SALE CORVETTE/LAMBO/AUDI NEW!
On Sale For: $66.94 + Shipping TDB



Tudor GTD Class in Trouble?

A good article at talks about all the Tudor GTD teams leaving to go race in the Pirelli World Challenge. Supposedly it all comes down to money. The Tudor series has four long distance events, making the cost to run a team almost $2M a year. The Pirelli series is all sprint events with no pit stops, meaning the costs are VASTLY less.

A year ago the Tudor series was looking to have fields of 55-60 cars. I think when 2015 starts the grids will be LOTS smaller.

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Scalextric "Legends" F1s

I'm not always a fan of cars from Scalextric but feel compelled to give them a BIG thumbs up for these offerings. I just received the "Tyrell" in the mail and it is just an amazing model.

I've previously purchased the Lotus', McLaren and Ferrari cars and they look great as well.

Looking forward to buying future offerings in this series.

Well done Scaley, well done!:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::th umb:

Attachment 41545

Attachment 41546

Attached Images
File Type: jpg styrell2.jpg (82.7 KB)
File Type: jpg styrell1.jpg (74.6 KB)

Slot Car Today - General


One of the most anticipated liveries of the SCX 2014 brochure will reach retail outlets in mid-December. After several breakthroughs over the chosen livery, we can finally show the definitive version of Ken Block Ford Fiesta RS ...

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Wanted 1964 Brabham BT-7 Dave Jones body

Wanted 1964 Brabham BT-7 Dave Jones body

Looking for a Dave Jones 1964 Brabham BT-7 body.

List Date: 10/30/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Wanted 1964 Brabham BT-7 Dave Jones body
On Sale For: $0.00 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: Wanted 1964 Brabham BT-7 Dave Jones body

Enzo Ferrari

Painted Enzo for a friend.

:cheers: Geno

Slot Adictos

McLaren GTR de MR Slotcar

Futura novedad de MR Slotcar:

Pintaza no, lo siguiente. Que guapo.


fuente: facebook del fabricante.

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Best Entry Level T-Jet Controller?

I'm looking to get started in T-Jet racing (I've been racing other types of slot cars off and on for upwards of 40 years) and it appears the best entry level controller out there is the Parma 90 Ohm. I'm just wondering if there's anything else out there at or near the same price. I'm sure eventually I'll get something better, but for now my goal is to just turn laps and learn as much as I can.

buy sell forum


Slots-A-Lot race results - Stock Car, 10/30, Franklin Square, NY

Track was nice,little down on power,but that did not stop Big bad Sean from winning with 240.Mean Gean backs up last weeks win with a second this week 237.Arthur the hand just nipped the cat by 2 cat litter boxes with 230sec4-230sec41/2.Jack the Wack was on fire, but came up short with 228.Casey Jones had top end problems and tire problems,but still got 221.Big bad with 240 minus the handicap ended up with 232, that's good for 20 th place on our top 20 all time,Big bad knocks out J.Williams for the spot.

Penn Ohio race results

All monthly Penn-Ohio race results and photo albums can be viewed on Facebook at Penn-Ohio Retro Series

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Up to $20 off at Cincyslots 2 days only

Cincyslots is offering the following sale:

$10 off orders over $50
$15 off orders over $75
$20 off orders over $100

This sale applies to SLOT CARS in stock only. This sale does not apply to pre-orders, 2014 releases, Collections and cars on the Specials page. This sale ends 10/31/14 at 3:30
If you have any questions, email or call 8005434959