May 26, 2018

NERR Race Results 5-19-18 @ 1010 Raceway

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I forgot the power cord to my computer and the track.  Thanks to Rich Goucher for sending it to me. 


Congrats to Keith Libby taking the NERR Division Championship and to Chris "CD" Davis for taking the first Sportsman Division Championship.  CD moves up the NERR division for next year.


The race report

Attached File  Changing of the Guard 5.19.18.pdf   2.32MB   5 downloads


Go here for the PHOTOS


The final points

Attached File  NERR points season 5.pdf   76.33KB   1 downloads


The schedule for next year is still being worked on with the temporary closure of Auburn Raceway and Rapids future in question.  Action Attractions is also a possibility for a venue once the owner feels he is ready to host us.  The dates for the 6th season will fall on the same days as season 5. 

May 25, 2018

Your top slot car racing pet peeve?

Couple of wackos I know who are driving to some kind of car race in Indiana called me to request I post the above question.


What's your number one pet peeve in the world of slot racing?


They thought this could be an interesting thread and, well, they probably right... LOL!

Controller brakes

A few years back I read about a controller or a kit. This thing would make the brakes turn off on a track call (track power off). Ensured that the car would coast. I wish I would have printed that out to save it.


Anybody know about that?

Really want to know who made this track

A couple of years ago I sold my first Ogilivie four-lane home track and replaced it with this track, which was purchased off eBay. It came from a basement location about halfway up the west side of Long Island. Pics show the track just before Cheater and I took it apart and carried the sections up a stairway with a turn halfway up; the only way out. (Never want to do that again...)






It is a design I have never seen before nor has anyone else I have spoken to.


I'd really like to learn who made it. Greg took some pics when he was down a few months ago to help strip the braid and clean up the surface of the sections (which was very difficult, as naphtha wouldn't touch the grime; we ended up using Soft-Scrub mixed with some solvent).


Notable features:


Single tongue and groove connecting the sections. 

Bracing under the straight and curved sections

A different kind of adjustable leg design.


I know I have seen these type of legs before but I'll be darned if I can recall when or where.


Anyone have any info for me?













MVH Retro racing schedule for June

Didn’t have this to include with the 5/22 Race Report.  NOTE the 6/19 race will be the evening of the opening day of the HOPRA Nats; thus we're running the IROC class to hopefully attract some of the HO racers.


    MVH Tuesday Night Retro Racing Schedule for June, 2018:

         6/5       Coupes on the Sovereign

         6/12     F-1 on the Royal

         6/19     Retro IROC on the Figure 8

         6/26     Can-AM on the Aristocrat


Two new rides

Ron just finished a GT40 and Ferrari F50 for our mixed class. To read the narrative and view more images of the Triathlon held on 5/24/18 see the link

Attached Images

  • F50_Ron.jpg
  • F50_Ron2.jpg
  • GT40_Ron1.jpg
  • GT40_Ron2.jpg

Wanted: Mura/Lenz/Cobra/Dynamic D-cans

Need help in sourcing D-cans from the late '60s. Need to be either one or two-hole.
Have seen them called A-cans also. Please PM me with any you may have.

Phoenix FK motor

Has anybody tried this motor and are they faster than a Hawk 7 and/or Retro?

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

What body filler

I have been having trouble for a while now with body filler, it always seems to keep sinking no matter how I apply it. I have tried thin layers and thick layers and leaving up to a week to dry and it keeps happening, I have tried Milliput, Squadron, Valejo, Tamiya, Humbro and Revell. I am considering buying some Isopon P40 and give that a try what do you use. Thanks in advance



Slot Car Today - General


Scaleauto  continues to evolve in the performance of its cars and for this has made a new slot tires rubber compound at 1:32 scale. It is a new mold of 19x10 mm with Shore 25 rubber (Shore hardness is a scale measuring the elasti...

"Classic Plastic" race results - Mar 24, Rochester, NY

May 24, 2018


1.  Jeff Eve (Corvette), 138 laps

2.  Rodger Hoffman & Paul Colaprete (Viper), 137 laps

3.  Tom Ferra (Charger), 134 laps

4.  Darryl Voleshen (Ford GT), 132.19 laps

5.  Alan Ault (Corvette). 132.11 laps

6.  Cameron Colaprete (Corvette) 125.05 laps

7.  Al Incardona (1/2 Corvette), 114 laps

8.  Bill Palermo, (Mustang), 107 laps


The field from a previous (2/22/18) race:


And the winning chassis from that event:

May 24, 2018

Parma/Difalco handle protector

Does anyone sell "metal" fingers that attach to the right side of a Parma handle on a Difalco Controller to help protect the wiper blade. It's totally exposed!



Cox Cuccaracha Chaparral



 I'm looking for a instruction sheet for a Cox Cuccaracha Chaparral to see what parts are missing from a recent acquisition.

Can slot car tracks be set up for internet remote racing?

live streaming with internet interactive controllers,live stream to see your car,and the cost of track time would include the cost to rent various classes of cars(insurance policy as well incase you demolish the car) and paying marshals and pit crew.


This seems to be where things are heading or atleast it would make the tracks more profitable since it makes more racers available,the building aspect of racing could also be preserved by sending the car you build with backup motors tires etc.through the mail system.


The Amazon version of slotcar racing.



whats holding this concept up,I think its viable,all the technology is available and inexpensive enough.


A good IT person and computer hardware person with modest computer hardware.


come on guys lets move into the 21st century and now and start enjoying the few raceways still left in the world and through this 21st century concept lets create a new boom in the Hobby,(plus renting and selling rtr cars from the maufacturers and local builders which can keep if you buy it,soon to be added smell o vision so you can enjoy the smell of the race and the smells like moo juice,wintergreene,stp,burnt motors,lol


But seriously its doable,so why not do it?

Race results from MVH - 5/22, Coupe on the Figure 8

Retro Coupes on the Figure 8 – 5/22/18


Another month, another race featuring Coupes on the Figure 8. Ten racers presented their cars at tech which required the race be run in 4/4 format with four cars on the track and an abundant number of marshals manning the turns. 


Ten Retro Coupes in Tech:



Early in the race Ray Lee, Peter Lentros and Woody Hazelwood were chasing the podium as they managed to open a respectable gap on the rest of the field. Richard Payne and Dave Panich were dueling for 4th while several laps back Rich Girvin, Tom Smith and Dan Savage were mixing it up in the race for the best of the rest.


At the change to the inside lanes Ray had logged 208 laps to lead Peter by one lap and Woody by two. With 203 laps Richard P held a one lap advantage over Dave while Rich G led the rest of the field. His 193 lap total was good enough to give him a two lap lead on Dan and Tom who were tied with 191 laps while an additional two laps back "The Enstigator" and Dick Griffin were also tied.  


At the start of the second half of the race Ray’s luck took a turn for the worse as he had to stop to tighten a loose crown gear, losing several laps and giving up the race lead. At about the same time Woody’s car woke up and he slipped past Peter to take the lead. Dave struggled on black after taking a ride and bending his chassis while Rich G and Tom also had some issues, giving up laps and ultimately track positions. 


When the dust settled, Woody took the win by 5 laps as he bested his first half lap total by six. Ray logged 3 fewer laps in the second half but was able to salvage 2nd place due to Peter also logging 3 fewer laps on his way to claim the bottom step on the podium. Dan had the best second half of the evening logging 12 more laps than in his first half which moved him up to 6th place at the expense Rich G. Ernie and Dick Griffin finished in a virtual tie with each racer logging 382 laps and 8 sections though Ernie prevailed by a matter of inches. 


Ray put up the fastest lap of the evening with Woody and Peter in a dead heat for 2nd fastest, trailing by just 1/100th of a second. A tenth back at 3.344 Richard P and Dan also logged identical fast lap times.  


Finishing Order, laps recorded, best overall lap time and lane:
            1)      Woody Hazelwood     418/8     3.241      YL

            2)      Ray Lee                     413/11   3.233     GN                               

            3)      Peter Lentros             411/10   3.241     GN

            4)      Richard Payne           409/8     3.344     BK

            5)      Dave Panich              405/2     3.297     PU

            6)      Dan Savage               394/11   3.344     OR

            7)      Rich Girvin                 389/7     3.405     GN

            8)      Ernie LaChance         382/8+   3.452     YL

            9)      Dick Griffin                 382/8-    3.460     BK

            10)    Tom Smith                  381/11   3.562     YL


Next Week's MVH Tuesday Night Retro-Race:  5/29 - Can-Am on the King


SCHEDULE NOTE:  I will miss next week’s race and the June schedule is currently not available. Please call MVH (508-881-7616) after 5/29 to confirm class and track for the 6/5/18 retro race.


Cars on the Podium (L to R): 2nd Place – Ray Lee, 1st Place – Bob “Woody” Hazelwood, 3rd Place – Peter Lentros



Woody’s 1st Place Chassis:

1st Place - Woody.jpg


Ray’s 2nd Place Chassis:

2nd Place - Ray.jpg


Peter’s 3rd Place Chassis:

3rd Place - Peter.jpg


June C.A.R.S.meeting CANCELLED...



 The RACE PLACE will be closed from June 6 -June 10 2018 for VACATION and will reopen June 12. The June meeting of the C.A.R.S. Vintage Slot Car Club is hereby CANCELLED...


 If any of the members wish to gather informally and wish to have an "unofficial meeting" they can post here.

[RSS] '60s Vintage 1/24 Slot Car Monogram Vampire

End Date: Saturday Jun-23-2018 12:12:42 PDT
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Dueling USRA/NASRA 2018 Wing Car Nats

From the USRA:
"2018 USRA Wing Car Nats will be held at PA Watson's Slot Car Raceway in Houston, TX, August 1-5, 2018. Racing on Gerding G-16 formally at Dallas Slot Cars and used at the 2016 USRA Nats."
The NASRA Nats are scheduled for August 21-26 at SlotCars-R-Us "The Track" in Tennesee.
It will be interesting to see which and how many wing racers show up for each Nats.

LMP bodies

Is there a particular LMP body that is more aerodynamic (faster, better handling) than others?

Mini Brute break-in tips?

As the title said just looking for what you have found best to break in a Mini Brute. Been running Hawk 25s but want to give the Bini brute a try in our Womp class. I use the Simple Green method for the 25 but not sure if that is the way to go with the MB. 

Más Slot

Peugeot 3008 DKR Dakar 2018

Fruto de la colaboración entre Miquelute, Slot Real Car y Más Slot, en unos pocos días estará disponible la versión del Peugeot 3008 DKR con la que C. Sainz / L. Cruz ganaron el Dakar 2018.

El master lo ha realizado Slot Real Car partiendo de un kit de Miquelute. Adaptandolo en formas y medidas al modelo real de este año.
Miquelute inyectará las unidades partiendo de  este nuevo master y Slot Real Car se hará cargo del montaje, pintura y acabado.
El chasis será el Dakar de Scaleauto. 
La presentación será en  una caja de cartón especial similar a la que hicimos con el Toureg de Sainz  ganador de su primer Dakar.
Más Slot se encarga de la comercialización y envío.

Es una edición limitada y numerada de solo 50 unidades.

!No te quedes sin él! - 91 810 28 13

Italia Slot

Campionato Italiano a squadre GT3 Scaleauto 1/24

Nei giorni 30 Giugno - 1 Luglio si svolgerà allo Slot_up Club di Roncole Verdi (PR) il Campionato Italiano a Squadre Scaleauto GT3 1/24.
Il campionato sarà composto da 2 gare della durata di 6 ore con squadre composte da 3 piloti su due piste in legno con tracciato differente.
I vincitori avranno la possibilità di partecipare gratuitamente all’ VIII edizione della 24h SCALEAUTO GT WES 1/24 che si svolgerà ad Igualada (Barcellona) i prossimi 13, 14 e 15 di Luglio.
Pernottamento del venerdì compreso.