June 27, 2016

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Woodland Scenics Track scenery items

Woodland Scenics Track scenery items

2 Rock molds, fine turf, ballast coarse dark brown, coarse iron ore, field grass gold and light green, applicator shaker(used) and fine point bottle.

Shipped via USPS

List Date: 6/27/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Woodland Scenics Track scenery items
On Sale For: $16.00


1/32 scale Forklift for track

1/32 scale Forklift for track

1/32 scale working (fully pose able lift) Forklift (plastic)

(1/32 track Figures and caution cones shown for scale only. ). See my other listings

Shipping via USPS

List Date: 6/27/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 1/32 scale Forklift for track
On Sale For: $12.00


1/32 track Figures and caution cones.

1/32 track Figures and caution cones.

Very nicely painted 1/32 track Figures and caution cones. Two drivers two flag style men a woman, a man with binoculars and a seated man. Plus 15 caution cones.

(Forklift in background not included in this sale)

List Date: 6/27/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 1/32 track Figures and caution cones.
On Sale For: $20.00


June 26, 2016

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My first video...

Here's a video from Friday night's racing. We've been racing this style format since 1993. We run a huge variety of chassis and setups in one night. The "last lap" feel of every race really tests your skills and keeps your adrenaline up. Every lap is high pressure. Points are awarded for each heat. It's all added up at the end of the night to determine the night's champion.


Questions For PBandJimm

I was originally going to send a PM to PBandJimm, but on 2nd thought I just decided to post an open thread. I'm trying to understand as best I can the retail availability of SCX WOS parts and equipment.

Background: I was an enthusiastic user of SCXD equipment with my kids for a couple years, and I still have a bunch of track, V1 and V2 cars, and related repair parts. I was active on the SCXWW forums, and was a big fan of Bryan Young and used him as a support contact severals times with great success. There was never a good local store in my area (Minneapolis/St. Paul) so I became familiar with the online hobby stores that carried SCXD.

I am thinking of buying a WOS set because I hate money (apparently). But they're cheap right now, I have track I could use, and several V2 cars that should be easily "WOS chippable". Although some people are down on the WOS system, everything I hear sounds good for my use: pretty rugged cars, and a simpler setup that works pretty reliably with built in ghost car capability, nice lights, and some sound, if output to decent speakers. I think it's a lot of bang for the buck. Good enough for me and my kids. It sounds like SCX is working on an app for lap counting. If that happens, that would be a bonus.

My only hesitation is the unclear availability of parts, and the various sources involved. The main source seems to be a person running an eBay only store called PBandJimm. This is an unusual situation, and I don't remember this person from past years. Here are my questions. I hope PBandJimm, or someone else can answer. Thanks in advance.

1. What is PBandJimm's relationship with SCX/Boras? Is he an officially sanctioned parts supplier? Or just someone that has a contact in Spain to send parts to him in the US?

2. What is his relationship to Bryan Young? Why can he get parts when Bryan himself doesn't seem to have parts? Bryan used to be the ultimate source of parts when all other sources got short. Hmmm...

3. Why do the big online stores (Tower, Hotslots, Omni) not have parts, but PBandJimm does?

4. Does PBandJimm have any commitment from SCX to keeping parts available? I have a fair amount of V2 parts, but I've quit using my V1 cars because I can't find parts and I'm afraid to break them.

I understand the overall status of SCX is still very much in question. I'm not naive and understand there's some risk in buying WOS. It would just be nice to have some assurance of parts availability for some reasonable period of time, and to understand the role of the current vendors. Thanks in advance to anyone that has information to share.

AFX Daytona Cobra Odd livery

I have all of the Daytona Cobras (I thought). I was just sent this photo of what looks like the Special Edition Gold #7. However, note that the number 7 is missing off of the doors (owner says both doors) and the writing is missing off the front fenders. The special edition cars were sold in Australia (which is also where this car is from). Anybody seen this one before or know anything about it? BTW, it is on a turbo chassis as opposed to the SG+ of the special editions, but we all know that buying a car used can have any chassis on it. I suppose it is possible, someone removed these items from the car, but ???


The next GTP/GrC car?!

A little bird told me this would be it, XJR-10! :banana:

Carrera control unit counting false laps?

Hi all I'm new to the forum but long time lurker. I have an issue with the control unit counting laps completely randomly even when there are no cars on the track? I use the track outdoors under a gazebo and the problem seems worse when the sun is shining (not direct sun light) Does anyone else have this problem. It also triggers the lane change sections as well.


SAL Coupe racing - Jun 28, 8 PM, Franklin Square, NY

This race will be on the king,we will have tech and try to have qualifying .

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Brabham BT44 1/32

Juast finished the chassis for my 1/32 Brabham BT44. it is bras and piano wire construction with hinged and sliding side pans, The motor is An SRp 30K Slimline with NSR gears, a Slot.it deep guide and PRS wheels and tyres. The body is an old Scalextric one which needs some work on it and the tyres need glueing and trueing. It is going to be finished in Martini colours with a Carlos Reuterman livery.


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digital commercial tracks

Not sure where to put this question...
Does the Scale Racing Center have a digital track to race on? If not, are there any plans for one in the near future? Does Shorline have a digital track? How about Cloverleaf? Are there any commercial tracks that offer digital racing?

Scalextric F1 Legends collection full list?

Hi, I wanted to start collecting the blue clamshell scalextric f1 legends but I can't seem to find a complete list of all the released models, and I have no idea how to start given scalextric product codes are all jumbled together regardless of car. Anyone have any suggestions, anything would be much appreciated :)

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Carrera de campeones fecha 4 25/6/16

Carrera de campeones fecha 4 25/6/16

linda reunion de amigos para la  4 fecha del torneo de campeones com siempre el cafe y lo dulce no pude faltar con este frio

la clandestina cada dia anda mejor

los muchachos estudiando los autos

Preparando todo para la carrera

como siempre en la carrera de campeones no se sabe que se maneja hasta la fecha misma asi que de sorpresa para los muchachos tenemos leones de scx

Siempre es lindo recibir gente nueva en este caso jorge que si bien viene del slot americano no tuvo ningún problema en adaptarse rapido a esto del europeo

1 serie ( 4 min  )

JORGE ( debutante ) , VICTOR , JAVIER


javier manda en la primer via con un manejo correcto sin errores la verdad digno de copiar este piloto mejora dia a dia y se nota.
se queda con el primer lugar de la via marcando 24 vts
jorge el debutante se adapto rapido y marco unas 22 vts quedo cerca realmente para ser la primera ves es excelente
victor es quien cierra el peloton en esta via con  21 vts en la puerta de la 22.

 VIA 2

Javier sigue mandando pero tenemos un jorge que se adapta rapido y le pisa los talones , la serie se va calentando y se pone cada vez mejor
javi sigue haciendo las cosas bien y de nuevo se queda con la via con 25 vts
jorge que se adapta rapido enseguida le apunta a javi marcando 24 vts y por poco casi 25
victor le toco un auto complicado y pierde bastante 19vts pero podra recuperar con los otros modelos ..

y es jorge quien ahora da la sopresa a toda velocidad y con pocos errores o ninguno se queda con la via con 26 vts para poner las cosas muy interesantes
victor se recupera y marca 25 vts ahi nomas del puntero
en esta a javi le toco perder y marca  20 vts 


 ultima via y es victor quien da la nota ahora acelera todo y se queda con la via marcando 23 vts en la puerta de la 24
jorge nuevamente en un excelente trabajo par ala primer carrera queda segundo con 21 vts realmente tiene madera para correr en esto del europeo y quedo demostrado
cierra javi que le toco los peores autos en este momento y queda con 19 vts

2 SERIE ( 4 min )


 VIA 1
Carlos marca el camino en esta primera via marcando unas excelentes 26 vueltas buen ritmo sin errores
le sigue ahi nomas carlos con 25 vts  armando un duelo muy lindo de afuera.
claudio y german en otro duelo aparte con los autos lentos logran hacer 21 y 20 vts respectivamente.


 Carlos y german marcan el camino en esta via a un ritmo impresionante nadie se saca ventaja y logran unas 26 vts barbaras que se definen por sectores.
21 sectores para german , 19 para carlos que carrera.
claudio marca de nuevo 21 vts con los autos lentos lo cual es genial queda tercero
diego hace 20 vts lo cual va a dar un final para el infarto


German y claudio ahora marcan el camino alto combate por la punta y las 26 vts es lo que hay que marcar con los autos rapidos si se quiere tener chance otra vez se define por sectores esta vez para claudio con 58 sec contra 45 sec de german
20 vts para diego y carlos con los autos lentos parece todo clavado y los sectores son quienes definen las posiciones y la carrera en este caso diego logra 74 sec contra 17 de carlos

Diego se queda con esta via marcando los 26 giros que pide la carrera para estar ahi .
Claudio se queda un poco y marca 25 vts quedando segundo
German marcaunas excelentes 21 vts con los autos lentos creo que es lo mejorcito con estos dos autos lentos
carlos cierra el peloton con 20 vts


1: GERMAN    : 94.76
2 : JORGE        :94.53      ( muy bueno felicitaciones )
3 : CLAUDIO   :94.47
4 : DIEGO        :94.04
5 : CARLOS      :92.09
6:  VICTOR       :91.02
7 : JAVIER         :90.07

los cuatro primeros lugares por sectores que carrera ...

 Bueno terminamos y que hacemos ??? sobra tiempo y bueno hagamos una nocturna , ... y por que no .

Reemplazamos los dos coches lentos por dos porsches para que sea mas parejo y menos dificil y ahi vamos de nuevo


VIA 1 : 2 ( MIN )

y en la nocturna quien marca el camino es carlos logrando 12 vts
jorge y claudio logran 11 con ventaja para el ultimo por mas sectores german cierra el peloton con 10 vts

VIA 2 :
Carlos y german ahora se baten a duelo  por el primer lugar con pilotos tan  parejos las carreras salen excelentes los dos logran 13 vts pero german aventaja apenas por mas sectores dejando segundo a carlos
Jorge y claudio en otro duelo de sectores logran 12 vts pero jorge aventaja por mas sectores.

 VIA 3

German con lo justo aventaja al resto con 13 vts y se queda con la via para dejar detras de el un triple empate a 12 vts otra vez mas definiendo por sectores
las posiciones detras de el por sectores quedan jorge , claudio ,carlos.

y una vez mas jorge demuestra que sin luz tambien tiene talento con estos autos


German y carlos ahora se disputan el 1 lugar
pero por 6 sectores queda para carlos una constante en esta carrera de la fecha todo por sectores
claudio queda tercero con 12  y cuarto jorge con 11 que cierra una noche con una carrera genial

SERIE 2 ( 2 min )

 Javier arranca con todo y va al frente parece que con la luz apagada ..... se enciende el talento , queda al frente marcando 13 vts
Segundo queda diego con 12 vts
victor complicado con la poca luz queda con 11 vts

Via 2
diego pone su firma y clava 14 vts en la nocturna todo un record claramente y sin dudas se queda con el primer lugar de la via
victor y javier empatan en 12 vts pero a favor de javi con 25 sec

casi casi un calco de la anterior la unica diferencia es que diego hace una vuelta menos que antes 13 vts para el
Nuevamente el empate en 12 vts para los de atras y otra ves define javi a su favor por los sectores

Y le tocaba a victor , asi que toma la punta y se la queda en esta via marcando 13 vts
Otra vez empate en el segundo lugar ,otra vez 12 vts entre javi y diego y otra vez se lo lleva javi por mas sectores  implacable en esto de los empates

Los resultados son :
1 : DIEGO  : 52.20
2 :JAVIER   : 51.38
3 :CARLOS : 51.08
4 : GERMAN:50,56
5 :CLAUDIO : 49.74
6 : VICTOR  : 49.00
7: JORGE     : 48.08

muchas gracias a todos la pasamos barbaro
que lindo ver caras nuevas jorge te esperamos de nuevo por aca.
un abrazo grande


Cutting Parma controller handle

I like installing this little LED readout in my Parma handled controllers. But neatly cutting the rectangular hole for the read-out is rather laborious for me.  


Any suggestions on how this is most easily done?


Thanks, guys.


controller LED (640x360).jpg

June 25, 2016


Looking for a championship race? July 2, Prattville, AL

Saturday July 2nd. If you are looking for a championship or national race,


then this is NOT the race for you, but if you want fast competition with fine folks, fun racing with little more than bragging rights for the winner, then


you would enjoy racing here.

Track opens at 8am and the first race starts at 10am SHARP​!​

First race, JK indy. mini brute motor.

Second race starting at 12:30 the retro flexi, similar to the discontinued irra flexi GT

last race, GTP, any flexi chassis, any non wing body, any sealed can throw away motor.

Attached Images

  • IMG_2319.JPG
  • IMG_1447.JPG

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My quest for a <2 second lap with a Mega G

33.5ft track

The chassis pictured already built will do low 2.2's with a GT40 body. It has everything but the hot stock arm and bushings.

Attachment 44725

Attached Images
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[RSS] 1/24 Lotus 30 Slot Car

End Date: Thursday Jun-30-2016 15:44:57 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $75.00
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[RSS] Gar-Vic Exreme 1/24 slot car

End Date: Monday Jul-25-2016 15:04:18 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $150.00
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Need help ID'ing old C-can setup

I was sorting though some odds and ends yesterday and came across this set-up.


Can anyone please tell me what it is?


The cut-outs near the screws are almost square.



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Where in the UK can I get a jig??

have been thinking about making my own chassis blink.gif but I think a jig would be handy
so to those in the know... what should I get and where do I get it. dont need a all singing all dancing super jig , nice and simple for me to start with.
I have looked on that eb site but cant find any used or new sad.gif
also will a normal soldering iron do for piano/brass soldering??

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Car Repairs at LRP


I was able to raise the rear of the car off the tires. That helped but the car was still tight. I then found the rims were pressed against the pod to tightly. Loosened the one rim opposite the gear and the car is now free to run :thumb:


I opened up the car and all seemed fine. I re pressed the wires into the guide. I re adjusted the wire connecting to the motor. The motor was loose in the pod so I hot glued it in place. Rechecked the rims, gears and body. The car seems to be getting more power now! The headlights and tail lights are brighter. :thumb:


Trimming arm shafts

Does trimming an arm shaft effect the balance? Or, if an arm is balanced, will trimming that arm's shaft throw it out of balance?

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Carrera Digital only works with analog cars

I have the Carrera digital set up. I have a mix of Carrera digital cars and non-Carrera cars that I converted to digital. Today, I was running a non-digital car and it deslotted, After putting the car back on the track, it would not run. The headlights came on (which didn't work before) and the controller had not affect. I put a Carrera digital car on the track and it wouldn't run. I then put an old Carrera analog car on the track and the motor went to wide open and the controller had no affect.

Any ideas what happened?

Wanted : Carrera Borders

Looking to buy or trade for good used Carrera R-1 Inside Borders & Straight Borders for track re-design project. Contact us here, or by e-mail at speedwayproven(at) aol.com



Silver on the comm

I just noticed what looks like solder on a new arm that was freshly cut. It's so light it looks more like a stain but after break in the grooves are full. I'm about to tear it down and I'm sure it will have to be recut but I was wondering if anyone has come across anything similar.


Also what does everyone use to clean com grooves. I always just ran a sharp needle or pin through them.

Dijon Racing Blog

COX Fun Cup

La COX Revell Fun Cup est une course spéciale et un peu folle avec des petits bolides assez puissants . Et comme son nom l’indique, ce sont des COX Volkswagen, copies conformes de la « Uniroyale Fun Cup » à voir (wikipédia et photos dans Google). Au DIJON RACING SLOT, c’était la 3ème et dernière épreuve de COX pour la saison 8.
Bonjours amis sloteurs,
Oh là là les amis, grosse émotion au DRS...il est environ 19h30 le Jeudi 16 Juin quand tout à coup, un bruit énorme s'abat violemment sur les pistes du Thaï-Phong...c'est le départ très bruyant de la horde des COX...pfffffff  « Ah bin quoi, si on peut pu rien dire maintenant » ...Alors la cox les zamis, j’adore. C’est juste génial comme course !!! Si si on se croirait à Courchevel pour les glissades et sur la route des vins pour les tonneaux.  On va mettre les plaisanteries de côté et on vous fait voir les COX sur le Thaï-Phong.  Heu...le Thaï-Phong.évo3 que le monde entier nous envie....pfff.  Envoyez les images... Gadez !

Ceux qui nous suivent dans nos commentaires sont prévenus que le DRS prête des COX (au moins 3) à ceux qui veulent participer à une compétition. Ils seront les bien venus.  Ci-dessous, les COX toutes prêtes ....et en plus, ces deux là marchent très fort.
Ahhhh, ces p’tites COX…..Moi je les ai vu en vrai à Dijon-Prenois, ça cause fort tout de même et quel superbe balai tout en dérapage groupir dans la cuvette.  Ce n’est pas sans me rappeler la horde de NSU 1000TT au début de Dijon-Prenois en 72.  On regarde l'arrivée des COX sur le circuit...
Et la course à SPA...c'est pas beau ça ? Juste géantissime, non?  J'en compte plus de 50.  Non franchement j'espère que cette course perdurera autant à l'échelle 1 qu'à l'échelle 1:32.  En plus c'est une course monotype et vous savez que j'affectionne ce genre d'épreuve...
Revenons à la course époustouflante que nous ont offert les 9 pilotes présents sur le plateau. Oui neufs pilotes une fois les désistements habituels fait, il ne restait qu’un seul petit noyau de téméraires ou d’inconscients candidats à une mort certaine par ingestion sur-dosée d’asphalte "démoniaque" .  Oh dites donc, c’est vrai qu’ils ont mangés les gueux, wouaiii miam miam le bitume.  Mais non « j’exagère » … et les Rolling Stones (sorry). Je trouve que la course a été d’une bonne tenue. En photo, le podium encore vide de voitures car la couse n'est pas finite, mais garni tout de même (oui c'est l'été...fait chaud quand même) ....podium que le monde entier nous envie. « Ah bin quoi, si on peut pu rien dire maintenant ».  Gadez ! ...Alors, tu gades ou quoi ?

 ....Et vous savez quoi ? Non, vous savez pas ? Sans déc ? Bin c’est JF qui a gagné !!! C’est qui JF ? pffff y savent même pas qui c'est JF…Bin c’est notre grand amiJEAN-FERJEUX. Voilà un pilotes mes amis, qui n’a pas encore gagné en cette belle saison 8.  Alors cette victoire est d’autant plus brillante qu’elle mérite toute notre attention et le DRS lui adresse ses plus sincères félicitécheunes. Oui bin, faudrait pas que ça se renouvèle trop souvent mais bon…j’déconne JF, on t’aime. Il remporte l’épreuve  avec 219 tours soit 4 tours devant le deuxième à la moyenne remarquable de 13’14. Du grand JF épicétout.  Le deuxième GHISLAIN, un récidiviste bien connus de nos services qui claque 215 tours et s’offre la deuxième marche du podium. Et un podium ne serait pas un podium sans la troisième place, remportée par notre très assidu JEAN DANIEL plus très loin de la plus haute marche du "grand gégène" sur les talons du très talentueux Didier. Sans plus attendre et arrêtez de taper des pieds ...et la photo que vous attendez tous ...Oh bin tient, je vous la fais à la façon Charles De Gaulle ..."Des gueux traumatisés, des gueux épuisés, des gueux coxisés, mais des gueux ....podiumisés !!
 Alors, ils sont pas beaux ? Pas dégueu les gueux dirait Gimsbard ...belle brochette…hum à l’heure des barbecues. Là, y a des clients, moij'voul'dis, si si si tra la la.  Et regardez l'effort fourni par Ghislain à gauche qui soutient le bras droit de Jean-Ferjeux. ...Que c'est dur une fin de Cox.  Ensuite, juste derrière eux au classement, Didier et Dustef dans le même tour, et ensuite Cetéphane, Denis et Philippe … D’ailleurs ci-dessous, la photo de la feuille de course pour voir les performances de ces derniers…
Et bien sûr, n’oublions pas la photo du grand gégène que le monde entier nous envie d’ailleurs…
Voilà les zamis…vous pouvez respirer maintenant.  Oui madame, respirez par le nez ça va aller mieux. Bon rentrez doucement, pas de bêtise. Prenez pas froid, couvrez-vous bien …une bonne soupe, une pipe et au lit. Paul JOURNET

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Segovia Raceway

I've been doing heaps of work with my track recently, but none of it actually the track.

Using Race Coordinator I now have the following working - Bit of background - wife and daughter are deaf so don't hear any of the callouts - being laid up with a shattered kneecap Dave from Race Coordinator helped change that, with his fantastic system, and support.

Starting Lights (5 RGB)
Position Lights (4 RGB) to show the heat positions
Fuel Indicators (4 RGB) to show how much fuel is left in the car
Crashes Left (4 RGB) to show in Crash & Learn how many crashes left before your lane gets turned off.
Fastest Lap (4 RGB) Shows purple if it's your fastest heat lap - there are plenty of other options - just haven't programmed more in.

All those lights - 5 pins on an arduino. For an 8 Lane track, would still be 5 pins....

Start Finish Line (1 sensor per lane)
Pit Straight (15" straight with a sensor at each end of the track per lane) - Stop anywhere within the track it will count as a pit stop.

To do
Relay per lane to be installed. (Can't find the spool of wire).
Callbuttons for each lane (Need to build).

Everything above runs off one Arduino Mega, with plenty of pins spare.

Beautiful scenery around the track.... Ummm maybe not.

Approx 16 foot long.

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Magnets and Armatures

Hi Guys,
I recently picked up somewhere around 30 used AFX MT chassis. They are in various conditions so my first actions were to take them apart and clean the bare chassis and comm plate. Got them shining like new. I then organized the magnets by strength and took Ohm readings of the armatures.

Now it is time to reassemble. Obviously I will match the magnets in each chassis as best I can based on the measurements I got (using the negative pull on a gram scale). My question is how best to match the magnets and armatures.

Do the strongest magnets go with the arm having the lowest Ohm readings? Weakest magnets to the highest Ohm arms? Vise versa? Is there a consensus when it comes to matching magnets and arms, or is it all trial and error?