July 04, 2015

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Mogyoród, Hungary - F1 round 10

My hope is whichever Merc wins to tomorrow finishes second in this one.

Circuit information

Lap length 4.381km (2.722 miles)
Pole position Left-hand side of the track
Lap record* 1’19.071 (199.461 kph) by Michael Schumacher, 2004
Fastest lap 1’18.436 (201.076 kph) by Rubens Barrichello, 2004
Maximum speed 295kph (183.304 mph)
DRS zone/s (race) Pit straight and second straight
Distance from grid to turn one 610m

Car performance
Full throttle 54%
Longest flat-out section 908m
Downforce level High
Fuel use per lap 1.4kg
Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.042s

Quickest complete pit stop in 2013 21.343s by Red Bull (see full list)
2014 prime tyre: Medium (2013: Medium)
2014 option tyre: Soft (2013: Soft)

Eddy current effect on Copper Tape

I have an interesting Technical question that delves into Lenzes Law and the behavior of Eddy currents. Primarily the braking or drag effect that Eddy currents have on non-ferrous metals such as Copper.

Non-ferrous metals such as Copper or aluminium have no magnetic attraction to magnets when stationary. But when moving relative to each other, there are Eddy currents generated that can produce a strong braking effect or drag. These are the principles on which Linear and Rotary Magnetic Induction Brakes work to my understanding.

So, I'm thinking that when choosing a Motor for non-Magnet classes ( Wood tracks ) it may be best to orient the motor so that the closed side ( non Magnetic effect ) side faces the Copper track tape. That way you should have minimal EMF drag associated from the ( non )-development of Eddy currents. If you ran the open side down ( normal position for Magnetic attraction ) you would effectively have an Linear Induction brake, ( even with Copper tape ) and this would create extra drag on the straights.

As far as I can tell from Lenzes law, the Eddy currents developed between a Conductor and a Magnet only create a force in Perpendicular to the plane of motion. There is no " Attraction " effect so no down force would be created...only drag.

Am I correct in these musings? Your thoughts appreciated.


Clearing the Air

I know that I am an opinionated person and as one I can sometimes come over as VERY forceful to abrasive and I have accepted that about myself. Having said all of that allow me to express my gratitude to several members of this forum that I have, at times, agreed with and at times disagreed with. Each member comes to this community with personal strengths and baggage, to include myself. I am going to name six people but rest assured that I know that there are more of you out there who makes this place a great place to visit and to bore people with my pontifications.

(1) MrFlippant, We have had out disagreements in the past about Digital racing and most likely will not change out beliefs. The one thing that he might not know about me is that I respect and admire his dedication to the digital as well as analogue divisions of slot car racing and I am sure that he will be part of that group that will eventually come up with the ultimate system.

(2) NicoRosberg, although we had a similar disagreement about F1 and F1 fans I do not think that I could point-counter point with anybody else who is as passionate about F1 racing. He is right on with most points and will never be persuaded that he could be wrong on those few points that he is (LOL) But I still think of it as an honor to spar with him.

(3) MT Tam I AM, almost always the voice of reason, the one person who will attempt to show you a better way. If in a small way on the board and if in a larger way with a PM. Also the man who PMs me to wish me a good 4th and inquire about the health of my wife.

(4) Slot Bob, My friend and general Good Old Boy even South of Me. Bob, next time you decide to go to Talladega please do not take the wrong turn and end up at the prison rather than the track.

(5) legrandnormand, no I am not all that protective of the flag but I am of my right to free speech and that Maple Leaf was just a good natured barb at a person I assume is a proud Canadian.

(6) The Old Jaybird, the myth, the legend the larger than life person who can leap short tracks with a single bound, look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane. Somebody get me a towel it was a bird. With all of that blarney aside your time, money and effort to keep a proxy event alive and to the vision of your late friend says a lot about you.

Well, believe it or not I will shut my mouth but I just wanted to say, thank you everybody for making me feel welcomed in this community. Now everybody have a great 4th.


Stock Car question - chassis weight

Any idea what a bare Stock Car chassis weighs?


Taking in account any lead typically added to it.

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EXTREMELY impressed!

I have already listed some of the reasons why I was impressed with my new MR Slotcar McLaren when I took it from the box and took it apart. After taking it to the track yesterday, I am now no longer just impressed: I am now convinced that this car is a legitimate contender for top honours in the performance stakes. And by this I mean that this has the makings of taking on the dreaded NSR Mosler.

Just a recap:
  • I gave an overview of some of the things I appreciated about the car in this thread.
  • As is my wont, I prepared the car at home without ever having it on the track. When I started working on it, it had never turned a wheel in anger.
  • THE FIRST TIME ON THE TRACK, I was able to get a lap time that has only ever been beaten by one of my cars: an NSR Mosler.
And to give you an idea of the work done to the car:

1. I did the Slot.it hot water and oven thing to flatten the chassis: it was slightly bowed front to back. It is now perfectly flat.
2. Installed a thin B-Nova adapter for the guide to lower it somewhat. This was done to ensure the guide sits fully in the slot and also allow me to adjust the front wheels lower to gain clearance. In retrospect I should have used the middle thickness one for more clearance.
3. Removed the pins on the front axle and installed 4 x grub screws
4. Removed the screws and spacers on the pod “outriggers” and glued some thin foam pieces on the chassis. This behaves like a poor man’s suspension kit…
5. Added a couple of thin spacers on the front axle to widen the front track: I tend to be a bit of a pain when it comes to not only performance of slot cars but also appearance: I prefer the wheels to properly fill the wells.
6. Glued and trued some PGT tyres (21126’s). I love the fact that there is lots of space out back to put on a pair of decently wide tyres without any problems whatsoever.
7. Glued two .020” SCC nylon axle spacers on the front body mounting point on the chassis for extra clearance.

In spite of all the above, when I put the car together the front tyres could still bind when the body "rocked" on the chassis. Part of the problem was that I am a very firm believer in body float, so this (combined with the single front body post which allows the chassis to “rotate” around the mounting point) makes it a bit more challenging to get the right clearance. For the short term I just replaced the front tyres with Slot.it 17x10 low profile zero grips. I have to tell you I really do not like these very low profile tyres: they just look wrong to me, especially on such a pretty car as the McLaren. I did this purely because of a lack of time: I was determined to have the car ready to run at Luf’s on Friday evening and just ran out of preparation time! I will do some further work over the weekend to get the original tyres back as that just looks so much better. I have been thinking that some form of “stops” to limit the movement of the front of the chassis could be the answer.

I did not add any weight (I tend to avoid doing that if I can, even at the expense of lap times. Silly I suppose but whatever…). I did however pre-cut some lead to place in the chassis if it seems like it would help when I ran it . Turns out I just did not bother...

As I always do with a new car, I predicted what lap time I expect the car to do at Luf’s. This is a habit that can backfire badly but so far so good... For this one I predicted a time of 7.2 seconds. Note that this would place the car in the top 10 of my (how embarrassing…) 235 cars that I have timed. Probably a bit bold for a totally unknown quantity that had never seen the track but whatever: some people call public statements like this by many names:
  • Gut feel
  • In engineering terms this is known by the TLA (three letter acronym) as a WAG ("Wild *** Guess"). In other words you have no idea but think so in any case.
  • In advanced engineering terms it becomes a SWAG: because you have some empirical or other basis to trot out your WAG, it now becomes a "Scientific Wild *** Guess"!
I will stick with "Engineering judgement" as the basis for my prediction as the others sound so harsh...

Turns out that I was a tad conservative. Right from the first corner I could feel that this would be a sweet running car. It felt rock solid, whisper quiet and just "right". And lap times immediately started dropping rapidly. This was the first car on the track at our weekly races and Luf's track does tend to pick up some dirt, so I had to run it a bunch of laps and clean the tyres (moist paper towel only) every now and then but once the dust cleared: 7.011 seconds! The only one of my cars that has ever gone faster is an NSR Mosler (go figure...).

Note also that I did absolutely NOTHING to the car once I got to the track: did not tweak any screws, no weight, no nothing. Just put it on the track and ran it.

Extremely impressive for the first time on the track I thought. And it was not just how quick it was: it was also hugely impressive in how easily and comfortably it did it. It really corners like it is on rails (or maybe even in a slot?).

What's that you say? "Big deal, you have done all that work to it and it is still slower than your Mosler." Fair comment I suppose. But you have to take a few things into consideration:
  • I had been running this specific Mosler (and 2 other NSR Moslers) for probably two years before I got to this lap time.
  • Up until a month ago, the best lap time that I had ever done with one of my NSR Moslers was 7.348 seconds, with the two others doing 7.486 and 7.386 respectively.
And just to give you an idea what I had to do to my Mosler to get to the best lap time:
  • Replaced the rear wheels with SCC 12mm wide wheels (did not have to do this with the McLaren: wheels are fine)
  • Glued and trued tyres
  • Glued the motor (did not have to do with McLaren: not required)
  • Screwed the motor to the pod (did not have to do with McLaren: comes with countersunk screws already in place)
  • Installed B-Nova adapter
  • Replaced guide with Slot.it wood guide (did not have to do with McLaren: installed guide is fine)
  • Replaced pod screws with smooth shank screws (did not have to do with McLaren: comes with smooth shank screws)
  • Replaced body screws with smooth shank screws (did not have to do with McLaren: comes with smooth shank screws)
  • Taped pod (this is analogous to the foam suspension I did with the McLaren)
  • Installed SCC adjustable front axle mounts (did not have to do with McLaren: just added grub screws. And in fairness: I do believe the latest incarnation of the NSR chassis include this as well)
All this not to dis the Mosler (which is a phenomenal slot car!) but rather just to show that the amount of work to be done to the McLaren is no greater than what you have to do to a Mosler to get it to perform to its potential.

Note that the motor is "softer" than the rip snorting NSR King motor in the Mosler. On a long track, this will definitely be a disadvantage. However: on most tracks that most people run on, I would expect this to be an advantage as it is more controllable.

And while I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder: the McLaren is just a much prettier car than the Mosler in my eyes.

Final thought: well done Mr. Mosetti sir: this is a lovely, lovely slot car.

Super Tires July & August Summer Specials Good Until August 31st, 2015

Pick out any of our Specials that were ever posted here on the S.C.I. Super Tires forum.

Send over your order to nick@supertires.com, attention Sandy.

Specify the special that you want and include quantity, part number, compound and color.

We will get back to you with the price and how to pay.

Thanks & have a nice summer.

On your next order say "That's a Super Deal!" and receive 2 free pairs of the same scale (tires only).


Nick & Sandy
Team Super Tires :USA: :canada:

Independence Day

A Very Happy and Safe Independence Day to All!!! :USA:

WTB: Scalextric Mercury Cougar wheels

WTB: Scalextric Mercury Cougar wheels

I just got a new Scalextric Cougar and all of the wheels were put on it at a wobbly angle and I cant repair them.

If anyone has upgraded theirs and no longer needs the wheels or wheels on the axles or any combination there of.

please let me know how much you want for them, I am desperate !

List Date: 7/4/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: Scalextric Mercury Cougar wheels
On Sale For: $20.00 + $10.00 Shipping


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International Proxy Series 2015 Round 6 One32World Track

Quote from Rossko
hi guys
we had ONE32ndWORLD

kindly let us hold a
round at there shop on there track, we qualified
the cars today
here are some pictures on the track for qualifying


Race day will be tomorrow guys
I didn't do any comments as the cars are the same as the last round good luck for the last round in Australia it's been a joy as this was my
1st host to a proxy I'm hooked, more than happy
To keep hosting proxies on my track, thanks
For a great experience and enjoyment from having all your cars race on my track

1/43 AMT 1969 Corvet

1/43 AMT 1969 Corvette. This is call Street Magic. I only paid $3 for this on evilbay. When I got it I found that one of the pieces was broke. I checked the picture over I did not see that part was broke. Buyer beware. I also found out that a ARTIN chassis does not fit right. So I use a Carrera F1 chassis and Artin big tires and the tires that came with the model on front when I finish working out bugs this car should be faster than a Carrera mustang


Front wheels and tires information please

Seeing the rules for CHORC UK and their "Tyre diameter free but no O-ring fronts." got me thinking.

I have seen all types of options for new axles, wheels, tires and of course, the O-ring tires which seem to me to belong only on rails and funny cars but perhaps they constitute some measurable racing improvement. I don't run T-Jets and I don't race in competitions. Is there some tangible benefit to changing out my front tires/wheels? Moreover, I have a Mega G Audi (Black test car) that accelerates nicely but de-slots way too easily. I have been playing with the magnets and even ordered a bunch of stronger neo magnets but is it possible that the front wheels are the problem?

July 03, 2015

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Making drop-arms, guide holders.

A couple of "How To" video on how I make the drop-arms for my trucks. The 1st video shows a drop-arm being made for a "Parma" or "Jet Flag" type guide. While the 2nd video is for a Scalextric, Ninco, SCX type guide



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Digital and Analog

Is there any way to run digital and analog on the same layout? Could you use a analog transformer and run over the lane switch sections?. Would it effect the pit lane or any other attachment If you switched to a analog transformer and not turn on the digital controller or transformer? Sorry if these are dumb questions. Wally

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CHORC UK "July 4th - Independence Day Double header"

"July 4th - Independence Day Double header", all-day race meeting.

Meeting venue: Stretton Village Hall, Stretton, Derbyshire, DE55 6EW

Time: Doors open 8:45.

Free practice until:

10am Nascar qualifying starts. (Earlier if all are in attendance.)

A.M. Tyco widepan Nascar on the banked oval. Chassis stock apart from free choice of single compound black slip-on tyres and any stock Tyco front axle/wheels. E.G. small Tyco F1 wheels and tyres on the pan chassis.

Break: Approx. 12.30 for 30-45 minutes. (A few minutes will be needed to reconfigure the track, after which track power will be on for free practice until:)

1-1:30pm Indy qualifying starts.

P.M. SG+ Indy cars on the infield. Chassis stock apart from free choice of stock SG+ back axle/gears/wheels wth stock glued and trued tyres OR stock SRT back axle/gears/wheels to allow single compound black slip-on tyres.

Tyre diameter free but no O-ring fronts.

Race format: Both classes are best '3 of 4' 3 minute qualifiers ranks drivers for the 3 minute step-up finals.

Finish 3:30-4:00 approx. (N.B. All times are approx. depending on numbers)

There may be the opportunity for a third class - SG+ Le Mans/Can Am/GpC. Same rules as SG+ Indy cars.

Dress code: jeans, sneakers/trainers, t-shirts, maybe even baseball caps? but this is entirely optional :-).



All cars all new except the fly chevron parade laps also added scalextric Mercedes DTM and 2 bodies.

List Date: 7/3/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: JULY 4th CAR LOT SALE
On Sale For: $257.78 + FREE! Shipping


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SHELBY 289 Competition COBRA / CARRERA

New Carrera Shelby Cobra livery. And it is not just any livery. Carrera is not very explicit with the description of its models and would be interesting who successfully exploited the launch of its models to help to recover the historical motorsports memory. The reproduced 1:32 scale model correspon...


Racing at Upstate Speedway - July 3, Inman, SC

Upstate Speedway will be open tonight racing both drag and round track. Open at 6 PM.



For Sale: TonyP Retro Can-Am chassis 2 - SOLD!

Built this for a customer for a high speed King and they never paid for it. I set it up for the last race on Jacksonville's King with a little lead on each pan to make weight and loaned it to JP Snyder. JP was running with leaders but lost a front wheel. I tried gluing them on. They are now soldered.

Four rails .047" wire, 45 grams. HVR fronts and rear ball bearings.


$125.00 shipped.




For Sale: TonyP Retro Can-Am chassis - SOLD!

I built this for our last Hillclimb race at P1 but never set it up. 


Four rails .047", 51.2 grams.


$125.00 includes shipping





SlotForum Scratchbuilding

1948 Ferrari 125 GP

Tried carving this model cannot get it to look right. is there a body out there? Anyone know?

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Wtt-carrera 1/32 1/24 digital lane changer for;

Hi,thx for looking,i have a carrera 1/32 1/24 digital lane changer(right to left OR a left to right) in very good working condition,im looking for 4- straight carrera 1/32 1/24 track and 2-flat 2/30 carrera 1/32 1/24 curves.PM me if your interested.have a good day :yo:

Non-Magnatraction Advice Needed

Greetings! I have accumulated a bunch of AFX non-magnatraction chassis, and I need your advice on sprucing them up. Not for racing, but just to make nice basement runners. In particular, I would like to know what you advise for commutator brushes. Any other advice you can give on rehabbing these old birds would also be appreciated.

Just to let you know, I am replacing old tires with silicone rears and o-ring fronts, and replacing the plastic guides with Tomy steel guide pins. Old pick-ups are being polished and cleaned or replaced with Model Motoring reproduction flat (ski-type) pick-ups.

Specifically, are the original domed v-grooved brushes OK (I can get NOS AFX ones and Model Motoring reproductions to replace worn brushes), or should I go with aftermarket T-jet brushes (Wizzard, JB Thunderbrushes, etc.)?

Many thanks for any advice you can give. And, have a great 4th of July weekend!

Dale in Mid-MO

Dijon Racing Blog

TVN - Trophée Vintage Ninco

Amis sloteurs, bonjour...
Bien chaude soirée d'été au DRS pour cette dernière manche. Beaucoup de désistements pour cette épreuve mais pas à cause de la chaleur. Bref, c'est en petit comité de 8 pilotes (minimum syndical au DRS) que nous avons achevé ce trophée des vielles cocottes, ô combien sympathiques.  Moi perso, pour remplacer au pied levé un pilote désisté au dernier moment, j'ai fais la course avec ma superbe 356 Eva PERON ...certes pour arriver dernier, je vous l'accorde. Vu que je ne cours plus d'ordinaire, je me suis fais un petit plaisir, épicétou. Enfin, quand je parle de plaisir, c'est surtout au niveau coup d'oeil pour les puristes / mais piloter ça les amis, mieux vaut avoir un coup de gâchette averti. Après, vous avez mal au dents parcque vous avez serrez les dents tout le long et vous avez les fesses qui font "bravo" parce que vous avez serrez les fesses également tout le long.  Je ne la classe même pas en version "Rock" mais plus en "Hard Rock" limite Métal, voyez un peu?  bon, bin Gadez !! Si si gadez  ...Alors tu gades ou quoi ?

Le reste du plateau est superbe avec beaucoup de jaguar XK120, des Cobras, Austin Healey, Ferrari 166, Testa Rossa etc....Grandiose toutes ces vieilles dames qui nous font encore tous rêver aujourd'hui / plus les grands que les petits toutefois, bin si forcément.  Allez, gadez .....

Le Podium ce soir est composé une fois de plus, d'énergumènes bien connus de nos services, à savoir en "number one" ...DIDIER qui a grappillé des places segments après segments. Au final, il s'impose définitivement à 1/2 heure de l'arrivée. Il repart avec 16 points et les applaudissements de la foule en délire. Deuxième DUSTEF longtemps en tête avec sa Cobra qui avait quelques fois la cuisse légère pour aller gambader dans les plexis ..."ah bin quoi, si on peut pu rien dire maintenant" Bravo Steph. Et le troisième JEAN DANIEL qui était en tête aussi, puis retomber en 3ème, puis revenu en 2ème, puis redescendu en 3ème pour finir (mais dans le même tour que le deuxième) / sans oublier le duel avec Pascal qui tombe 4ème grâce à quelques figures de style arabesques dues à une mauvaise humeur de sa "blue Corvette". Encore une pov'corvette qui ne dormira pas sur la table de nuit ce soir ...allez, photos des gueux.  Gadez !  J'te dis d'gadez, alors tu gades épicétou...

Le reste du classement sur la feuille de course avec les 8 pilotes qui sont venus tout de même prendre quelques points supplémentaires au grand gégène qui, rappelons le, sera diffusé sur le blog et dans facebook en fin de saison avec commentaires et photos / avec une petite erreur : la voiture de DuStef est une AC Cobra et non une XK120  ...gadez !

Le grand gégène a bougé un peu, suite a des désistements. Pour ceux qui suivent le classement de près, et ils sont nombreux, voici les dernières nouvelles positions de nos pilotes DRSiens. Attention, Didier doit être attentif a rester sur le podium...rien n'est joué. Pascal et Ghislain sont à l'affût  ...29 points à remonter sur 4 courses restantes !!!

Ebin voilà, c'est la fin des commentaires et je vous donne RV pour la dernière manche Le Mans Classic. Rentrez bien, roulez doucement, ne prenez pas froid ...une bonne soupe, une pipe et au lit. 

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LANCIA D50 Ascari, Mónaco 1955 / CARTRIX

The Lancia D50 version that Albert Ascari raced in 1955 Monaco GP are available. If Cartrix recently presented the qualifying livery with dotted race numbers, Alicante brand now has made the race version. And he has made exclusively for th...

Three wheels return / SLOT SIDECAR / BRM & TTS

A long project developed by BRM, in fact we saw it in the Nuremberg Toy Fair halls three years ago, has come to an end. The BRM Slot Sidecar, replicas of real models, has been made at 1:18 scale which gives them a dimension similar on track as a 1:24 scale car. The right size to enjoy them on common...

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Nascar at Daytona

Some great NASCAR races this week end at Daytona !
- Saturday, 7:30 P.M., Xfinity: Subway Firecracker 250
- Sunday, 8:00 P.M., Sprint: Coke Zero 400

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2015 Tasman Cup Round 6 Semaphore Park

Well qualifying is done and dusted and we have a new name on the top step.

Well done to Adrian Gray with Kalbfell Kiddies in second and Bunyip in Third.Then there were 6 others in the 4.7 bracket so it looks like we are in for a pretty close race on Saturday night.
The team broke cars along with RIR were struggling for grip and this affected their times.

The annual starting grid photo.

Edited by lenny broke, Today, 12:53 AM.

July 02, 2015

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Carrera Digital control unit $55 1/32-1/24

Carrera Digital control unit $55 1/32-1/24

Like new control unit for carrera digital 1/32 or 1/24 with power supply.Shipping to lower 48 states only...

List Date: 7/2/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carrera Digital control unit $55 1/32-1/24
On Sale For: $55.00 + $13.00 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Carrera Digital control unit $55 1/32-1/24

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Aluminum pod part# 20528

Just received the new pod,and noticed the rear mounting holes are not threaded.
Should they be pre-threaded?, or do I need to thread them?
I just want to make sure,before I do it.
Thanks in advance.


Cerrera digital lane changers,left and right $60

Cerrera digital lane changers,left and right $60

Like new digital lane changers.Two piece left and two piece right.Shipping to lower 48 states only..

List Date: 7/2/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Cerrera digital lane changers,left and right $60
On Sale For: $60.00 + $9.00 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Cerrera digital lane changers,left and right $60

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Carrera Digital Pit lane 1/24 1/32 - No Longer Available

Carrera Digital Pit lane 1/24 1/32

Like new Digital pit lane.Works well with the control unit.What you see is what you get.Includes fuel single lane and entrance and exit..Shipping to lower 48 only.

List Date: 7/2/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carrera Digital Pit lane 1/24 1/32
This item is no longer available.


Mobile friendly version: Carrera Digital Pit lane 1/24 1/32

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Wanted - 1/24 Carrera Display Case

Please pm me if anyone has one to sell.

I can pay for price and shipping by paypal.