August 25, 2016

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Race Coordinator Drag Racing UI Help

I have been trying to modify the UI Kitchen sink to make it a drag racing UI but it opens up as a text document and I couldn't save it as a XAML. I have done it before but it has been a long time and I cant remember how I did it.
I am looking for Name,Reaction time,ET andmph. if you set it up for one lap and add a second sensor it works good. I have it done but cannot open as a text document @#$%$ ARGGGGGG !
If anyone is good with this stuff you could do one like the Trackmate screen layout. Hint,Hint

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Porsche 804

I feel sure this has been done before and much better than my attempt but I couldn't find one on the new index. Really useful idea by the way.

This started out as a scrap scalextric bodyshell with reworking of the nose section with P38 filler.

Mounting posts were made from 4mm square section hollow rod and the PP chassis drilled to match. The suspension came from F1 scraps with some 0.6mm mig welding wire added for extra elements. I use the mig wire quite a bit but I do get through a lot of drill bits. Aluminium tube was used for the exhausts.

I might update the model by fitting the Dan Gurney head now it's available.

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BMW 235i - New Casting

Hi Everyone!!

been a while since I have done a new Casting!

New project: BMW 235i

2 Part mold to have thin Body, Added a front lip with Clay before the mold.

I will add front and rear lights also, Blue paint is done, I now need to add all Decals before sending new pictures,

to be followed!!

SCRRA King track action this weekend at BPR - 8/27/16

     Don't forget, we're back on the King track this Saturday with the usual Retro race schedule. F1 tech at 10AM followed by lunch and Can Am. We'll be discussing a few possible changes to the Nascar Enduro at the Boola Bash coming up in a couple of months in October.

         See you Saturday! :victory:

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917 tyres

Hey whats up boys, Long time no chat!! Back to racing again after a long break (back surgery) and my Tyres on my Porsche 917's (1/24) are so bad the car just sits there and spins and wont move. I sanded them and suntanned lotion them and still no luck. I ordered some Paul Gage and just recieved them and they are not even round .. They are all oblong and deformed and I have not tried them yet but this should be interesting. Still running a large Indianapolis 500 track layout with 3/30 banked for the 4 corners. Trying not to spend any more on this hobby as it really sucked me in a while back but buying stuff is what keeps the interest. Lots of cool stuff out now that I am back. I am all Carrera now as I am done chipping and all that crap! Other cars cost too much to chip!

Craig needs your help!

Hello all,


Please click on the go fund me link to help me pay the medical bills.  Three weeks ago life took a complete 180 and dealt me a hand I do not know how to play.


Any and all donations will help.

August 24, 2016

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Anyone speak Spanish,Terlingua?

Here is my recent classic race car build. I have always liked Shelby American history. The Cobra was always my favorite car since I can remember Fittingly so because we were both introduced to this world the same year. This car was the 1967 Trans Am entry from Shelby,driven by racing journalist Jerry Titus. Read the history of the Terlingua Racing Team sometime,it is a hoot how the concept and badge came into being and the cast of characters behind it.

This car seemed to be less challenging than my Greenwood Corvette build. Key word,"SEEMED" to be! However once again,all decals are not created equal. Thought it would be an easier schemed car since it had much fewer sponsor decals. Well the ones given for this model are not particularly right either. It includes decals for the "Gulf car" and the other team car,but only the numbers for the Titus car. The notchback Mustang was a weird choice,not sure why they went with it in real life? The 2+2 was already out at that time and much more aero. You can not find a notchback Mustang hardtop in the mainstream slot car industry. You can only use the top up Aurora or J.L. version.

As you can see from the pics of the build. I used what "ol Shel" reffered to as the most gawd awful yellow. True Story! Then masked and went to flat black for the hood. Then to some minor brush enhancing on the interior. Next I did the stripes,which all had to be cut down to fit, Even included the stripes in the front valence under the grille,just as the real car had. Then just a few sponsor decals were added as the car first appeared,the only one missing is Koni,which was not on the decal sheet and I will add later if I find some small enough. The decal arrangement is also subjective on this car. Sponsors came and went through out the season and I know Titus balled his car up at least twice during the 67 season!

My greatest stroke of brilliant ideas was to do the front end as the team ran the car,dull grille insert,no headlights or bumper. Thanks to my great resource reference,Shelby American History,by Dave Freidman. I had many actual photos of mostly black&white from the time. Now do I really want to cut up that shiny nice new pullback J.L. bumper assembly I removed. Let's check the parts body pile first. There I found a beat up Wild ones Mustang missing pieces but the front assembly was intact. Plus it was very dull from being handled,raced,polished up over the years. Perfect choice for what I want,no ageing or paint required. So I cut the grille off that assembly and inserted it into the new Mustang.

Now for the bad part of the decal surprise! I left the big number meatballs for last after I placed all the others. No problem,home stretch,WRONG... Imagine my horror as I gently cut around these number circles for no overlap of transfer film. I started with the hood number first over the black paint. As I laid the decal in place it disappeared,WTF... Only then dead I realize the paper under the decal was white but the meatball was clear and had black numbers. Quickly I removed it and did the only thing I could which was put it on the tail. Saved the decal but boy am I ****ed. Now I have a transparent decal showing yellow through,and I only have the 4 for the car. Came up with the only solution I had,brain storm or maybe brain fart,it worked. After a well deserved break I cut the rest off the sheet,let them dry after soaking and removing. Using fine tweezers to hold them down,I painted the backs white. Yes I did !!! Then after the paint dried I took a drop of Elmers glue and spread it around with a Q tip. F---ing A right I did,you ain't gonna beat me you s.o.b. All I can say was I was very lucky. You better get that sticky decal placed exactly right and only have to twirl to level it center. Otherwise your car is gonna have sticky glue marks.
In my opinion I really did screw up the meatballs,having to cut so close with a razor blade I did remove some of the black border on them. The cheap paper is just too thick. I had to cut around them 2-3 times to remove from the sheet using a brand new exacto blade.

In closing here all I can say is it ain't easy,even when you think it will be. I try and look ahead and still got surprised. But I am learning,which is good. Since the horror story I have found dedicated white meatballs with the #17. I will by the whole set and redo these by probably just laying them over the old ones. To me the car still looks funky and chunky,just like some old t-jets it sits high and square. Not sure if it is just the convertible notchback casting? Maybe the real thing has rear top posts fitting closer to the fenders? The backs of real notchbacks are very short as this one is,but that does not look quite right either. Overall I am happy because it is what it is and made out of what was readily available.Since this was a pullback I have no dedicated chassis yet,only used another one for the pics. Think I am going to build one up and buy some RRR "stones" mags which seem like the closest choice of what the real car had. Sorry this was so long winded but there was a lot to tell with the build and history of this long forgotten Mustang. Hope you enjoy the pics of something different from a mainstream product. Cheers all...:cheers:

Michelin GT Challenge at VIR

Anyone going?

Looking forward to seeing the Ford GT up close... (I'm sure I'll have a hankerin' for the Carrera car upon return) From the points standings it's looking like a Ford/Chevy race... at least in Le Mans although last year Corvette didn't perform well at VIR & Porsche won GTLM. Christina Nielsen doing a fine job with the Ferrari in the Daytona class.

I can't wait... having a challenge here at work staying focused.

New(er) Asst. Retro Components

I just got these in.
Alpha Soft Wonder tires.
523WR-S big full hub $12.69 pr.
D523WR-S drilled big full hub $14.69 pr.
Go Fast (B.S.V.) 48P crown gears
26T, 27T, 28T, 29T
$7.50 ea.

For Sale: Can-Am chassis #2

Can am for sale. 4 by .047 on a 3" bracket. Comes with threaded axle and bearings in rear! Car is straight and flat ! Worked really well on King tracks ! Nice car for the sano ! $125.00

Attached Images

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  • image.jpeg

For Sale: Can-Am chassis

Can am for sale. 4 by .047 on 1" bracket. Straight and flat ! Conrad with threaded front axle and bearings in rear. Great car for up coming sano or fall brawl. $125.00

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Tire size for Carrera cars.

I have searched but can not find the size of the tires for these Carrera cars.

1. Carrera LaFerrari - #30665
2. Carrera Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG -#30640
3. Carrera Porsche 918 Spyder - #30711

I am looking to buy some different tires and do not know what size to order.
If you could let me know what size to order or the part numbers of the correct sizes.

Thank you.

La Cucaracha by Cox

I am asking for opinions here not production or sales figures- having said that, why do you feel that the Cox "La Cucaracha" was so beloved in period and even today?


From "Slot Car History" website:
"The greatest name in vintage slot cars was Cox. The company was founded by L.M. "Leroy" Cox of Santa Anna, California in 1945. Cox Manufacturing whose main lines involved the production of miniature gas-powered internal combustion engines along with control line model aircraft, created in 1947 the Thimble Drome Champion, the car that help start the tether car craze.


In 1964 they joined the slot car business with some high quality kits initially featuring die cast magnesium chassis. With their box art and attention to detail they are now much sought-after toys which they produced until 1969. The Ferrari 158 F1 assembled in Hong Kong for the American company was the first RTR model marketed by Cox. When Cox issued the orange low-slung slot car known as "La Cucaracha" or, "the cockroach", it created a small revolution in the slot car world. The car was fast, out-handled most of its production competitors."

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Question on Analog Wireless

Hey all,

My dad has a big 4 lane Carrera Analog plastic track. All works great we have a trackmate also. We have power jumpers installed and a big power supply. We where wondering how hard it would be to have lanes 1 and 2 also be wireless so we could have tem watch corners when we are only racing with 4 people so we don't have to stop everybody and put them back on the track. How hard is it to hook up? It seems the controllers have good reviews. We would like to have it to where you can use the wired or wireless. Is that simple? Just wanted a couple thoughts. Thanks!

[RSS] Cox Brass Competition 1 Chassis 1/24 Slot Car

End Date: Friday Sep-23-2016 8:46:57 PDT
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[RSS] Mopar Dodge Plymouth 1/24 Drag Slot Car

End Date: Friday Sep-23-2016 8:19:45 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $100.00
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Ninco McLaren GTR Ueno Clinic Price lowered

Ninco McLaren GTR Ueno Clinic

Car is in great condition, has some lead added and motor has been hot glued in. Some button mags had been installed and some small holes were drilled in the chassis, it in no way takes away from the performance,I ran the car on our 120ft. wood track and it runs very well. It has new braid, Ninco aluminum wheels front and back, set screw gear and Ninco ball bearings, all 3/32 sized. I will also include another set of Ninco wheels with bushings and Indy Grips,these are a little wider than whats on the car.
The body is in excellent condition,nothing missing or broken.
40.00 shipped.

List Date: 8/24/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Ninco McLaren GTR Ueno Clinic
On Sale For: $40.00


Are these slot car parts?

These were in a lot of '60s slot car chassis parts I recently got, they are made of brass, I have no idea what they are, or if they are even slot car related, anyone know? 



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Mr Slotcar: la McLaren F1 GTR débarque en France

Mr Slotcar: la McLaren F1 GTR débarque en FranceEnfin des nouvelles de la McLaren F1 des chez Mr Slotcar. La voiture de slot présentée l’année dernière arrive chez nous et se rapproche des circuits routiers électriques. La boutique en ligne SP Collectable vient de mettre en ligne et donc a l’achat la première McLaren F1 GTR Mr Slot Car. La voiture de slot […]

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SCX Casey Kahne Nascar. Lower price. - No Longer Available

SCX Casey Kahne Nascar. Lower price.

Car is in excellent used condition. Has homemade urethanes on the back glued with clear silicone, easily removable. Has a piece of plastic glued to the guide for a little more depth. No box.
25.00 shipped.

List Date: 8/24/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: SCX Casey Kahne Nascar. Lower price.
This item is no longer available.


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Slot it: L’Audi R8 LMP 1/32 pour le slot racing arrive

Slot it: L'Audi R8 LMP 1/32 pour le slot racing arriveL’Audi R8 LMP Slot it arrive. La nouvelle voiture de slot à l’échelle 1/32 de chez slot it, devrait rouler sur les circuits routiers à partir du mois de septembre. L’Audi R8 LMP Slot it devait sortir au premier trimestre et finalement c’est visiblement en septembre que la nouvelle voiture de slot du fabricant italien […]

Pasion slot - Noticias

Renault R29 Fernando Alonso

Renault R29 Fernando Alonso del 2009 Nº 7

Para comenzar los materiales usados son los siguientes:

  • Renault R31 de Petrov marca Scalextric
  • Imprimación Blanca en Spray 
  • Colores blanco, amarillo, naranja, rojo y negro de vallejo
  • Calcas transparentes para impresora de tinta 
  • Barniz de vallejo
  • Evergreen o plasticar
  • Acetona
  • Cinta adhesiva para enmascarillar
  • Internet y mucha paciencia y tiempo, jijiji.

Coche Scalextric de Petrov. Lo primero que hemos de hacer es quitarle toda la decoración del coche y para ello empleamos un trapo mojado en acetona y con ello se elimina toda la decoración y desmontar el coche para su imprimación así podremos comenzar a pintarlo y decorarlo.

Carroceria una vez imprimada en color blanco que además usaremos como base de color para el coche. Comenzamos a enmascarillar el coche con la cinta adhesiva para pintar el color amarillo.

Pintamos de amarillo las partes que quedan dentro de la cinta adhesiva. Y este es el resultado.

Este es el resultado después de darle el color amarillo, ahora comenzamos a enmascarillar las partes que en color naranja.

Enmascarilladon y pintura naranja del alerón superior y este es el resultado.

Continuamos con el enmascarillado del coche para acabar de hacer todas las líneas que lleva este en naranja. Tanto el color amarillo como el naranja se han dado a pincel.

Una de las modificaciones que hay que hacer en este coche es el alerón delantero, una es realizarle unos cortes para darle la forma correcta, aunque despues de pintarlo y colocarle las calcas habrá que colocarle un par de piezas hechas a evergreen o plasticar.

Aquí esta el alerón delantero decorado y ya cortado pero como os decia hasta no ponerle ciertas calcas no puede acabarse ya que le faltan algunos alerones adicionales. También hemos de pintar de negro la suspensión trasera y la tapa del motor.

Coche con los colores finalizados, ahora comenzariamos a decorar el piloto y a colocarle las calcas hechas a mano con impresora de chorro de tinta. Aqui os dejo las calcas para quien quiera reproducirlas aunque falta la del signo de renault y bridgeston ya que las tenia de otro coche y tampoco he pintado las partes rojas del coche ya que he aprovechado las que el tenia asi que algunas de las de total tampoco.

NWRRL Race 6 - this Saturday, 8/26 - practice Thursday

Race at my house this Saturday.  Practice Thursday night from 6:30 to 9.


Who'll be here for the race?



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Calling Wahoo Steve

Hey Steve, if your out there give me a hit...need to ask you a couple of questions.......

Cut-down brushes for PS4002FK / JK Hawk 6 motors

We're still having a lot of startup problems with these motors, especially with our 200G ish, 48P geared, hardbody cars.
Guys lately, are not getting off the trigger quick enough on a non-start, and are ruining their fast motors.
I'm tired of doing the difficult job of hand cutting these, for my locals, so I came up with some tooling to machine cut them, fairly precisely.
Thus, I will make them available to everyone.
$4.50 pr. & shipping
Either Koford Super Big Foot II, or Proslot Gold Dust.
Brushes are shortened for these narrower motors, along with the contact face height reduced from approx. .125" to approx. .097".
I recommend having both sides trimmed, but I will be happy to do single side also.(approx. .111" height)
Please note I have a $10 minimum.
Reasonable discount available to raceways on orders of 12 pr. or more.(Koford Super Big Foot II only)
I'm not looking to debate the validity of this product.
Also, check with your rules body for legality.

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  • 20160823_210042-1.jpg
  • 20160823_210557-1.jpg

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IHSR will have a large layout at slot car show

IHSR will have a large, 3 lane 1/24 scale Scalextric slot car layout up and running at the September 18 slot car show in White Marsh, MD.

Stop by and run some laps on the rarest of all vintage slot car tracks!

Slot Car News

AutoArt Porsche 997 GT3 RS (13211 & 13212)

AutoArt surprised me with a package a little while back: a pair of their new Porsche 997 GT3 RS road cars.

In terms of appearance, AutoArt has done a great job capturing the shape and details of this car:

While adding some nice details like the roll bar and working headlights and tail lights, AutoArt has taken the easy way out when it comes to the marker lights - using silver paint instead of coloured translucent plastic. This was probably done to keep the cost and complexity of this model within reason. Paint and finish on my test cars is very good.

Underneath, AutoArt has gone with a rear engined chassis which makes sense given that AutoArt seems to take pride in how their cars are modelled, and this is how Porsche chose to build the 1:1 version of this car. Laying out the drivetrain in a similar fashion to the prototype allows for a half tray interior and lots of interior detail while leaving room for the model's motor and drivetrain.

The metal spring guide contacts on my test cars required a bit of tweaking to get these cars running smoothly. The rear end on one of my cars was a little tight and also needed a bit of work to get the rear axle spinning freely. Out of the box, these cars are mag missiles. Ditch the traction magnets and add some weight up front and these cars become very interesting to drive to say the least - in a fun way. The semi-tray interior leaves lots of room for weight placement on the chassis. The rear engined powertrain makes for some slidey driving on my Scalextric Sport test track. If you're racing this Porsche against other AutoArt cars I'm sure it will be in the zone. I wouldn't choose this model for my weekly club racing, but AutoArt isn't pretending to take on the pro Porsche 997s from the likes of NSR, NINCO, and SCX. If you're into street cars then these models are a good choice.

August 23, 2016

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1:32 Scalextric Slot Car Set (Continental Sports Cars) and Extras - Free Shipping!

1:32 Scalextric Slot Car Set (Continental Sports Cars) and Extras - Free Shipping!

For sale: Used 1:32 scale Scalextric brand starter set - Continental Sports Cars - box not included. My kids haven't touched the car decals yet, so the cars are completely un-decorated and ready to customize as you see fit. Also included are the following additional items to add variety to the set.

- All parts from Extension Pack 2 (Ramp and Side swipe tracks) - C8511 - box not included

- 25 extra pieces of track for lots of setup variety (mostly 45 degree curves). You can create some really large layouts with this much track.

- Scalextric sport power base with 4 controllers and 1 AC adapter. The sport base and controllers (2 yellow and 2 purple) were brand new in plastic when we purchased them. They are a big step up from the controllers and power base included in the base set.

- Two sets of Scalextric guardrails (C8212)

With all this, its a fantastic starter set and I wish I had a basement to set it up in. All in all, I have really enjoyed the set ( and the so have the kids kids :) ) but it takes up too much room to justify keeping it.

List Date: 8/23/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 1:32 Scalextric Slot Car Set (Continental Sports Cars) and Extras - Free Shipping!
On Sale For: $140.00


NASCAR gluing lanes.

Kinda like 1/24 commercial spray glue so everyone hooks up, right?
Properly applied 'VHT'. Results are in ...'you can't have good without goo'
How cool is it that we can bring 3-4-5 wide to each and every track once NASCAR gets this gluing thing figured out? All in favor?:lol:


[RSS] Monogram 1940 Ford Pickup 1/24 slot car

End Date: Sunday Aug-28-2016 16:08:22 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $100.00
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Before I get to 2017, the round #9 point totals will be posted in the next day or so.

I am waiting for confirmation from the Maine track owners to see if they are still interested in hosting. I will update as soon as I know something.

I am looking towards 2017 and I would like to start a discussion about rules and such. Earlier this year there were two suggestions, one about tires and one about COT chassis. The tire suggestion was to consider Paul Gage urethanes as a tire option. The chassis suggestion was to allow aftermarket plastic chassis in the COT division due to the SCX Pro chassis being allowed, which is the only podded and adjustable factory nascar chassis available. Not to mention they are hard to find and expensive to buy. Shapeways and HRS chassis are affordable options and could be a way to level the playing field. The championship was won in 2015 by a SCX Pro chassis (the #88 car, retired!) and this year the #3 car is showing itself to be just as formidable as that #88 was.

So, think these topics over. Post your thoughts and suggestions on any topic. All to help continue and grow the DaVols Forum Cup Proxy.

Let me add that I am not endorsing any of these topics at this time, just putting the suggestions out for discussion.