July 22, 2017

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Free Testa Rossa (to a good home)

So, raced a little 1/32 as a kid, later went HO. Decided I wanted a couple of Strombecker cars for the static case. One of those was a Jag, and I bought it off big-biddum. It needed some work, but was a good deal.

It came with a blue Testa Rossa that I had/have no interest in. The Ferrari has the bottom corners of the rear wheelwells seriously hacked, and a chunk missing out of one frame mounting rail.

It looks like the car below, but is in worse shape. No driver's head, no headlight covers, but it does have the windshield.

Would be a good car to with red and/or flares and/or maybe drop on your chassis, approximately analogous to...

Am hoping it will go to a good home and to someone that can do the body work and get it back on the track (or shelf perhaps). If that sounds like you, IM address details and I will send it right along, no charge.

The earliest self-qualified bird gets the 'Rossa.


Race Results from MVH - 7/18, Can-Am on the Figure 8

7/18/17 – Can-Am on the Figure 8


The Figure 8 02.jpg


Nine racers pitted their Retro Can-Am cars against each other for this week’s MVH Tuesday night race. The race was run in the 4/4 format.


John Weaver and Peter Lentros were the fastest of the field and running neck-and-neck until Peter had a solder joint break in a crash. The subsequent loss of handling ended his challenge to Weaver while Ricky Pratt smelled blood in the water and was trying to chase him down before time ran out. At the checkered flag, Weaver took the win with a 15 lap lead as Peter managed to hold on to second place by a four lap margin over Ricky. 


Thirteen laps back Richard Payne was the best-of-the-rest taking 4th by one lap over Dan Savage. Tom Smith trailed Dan by 8 laps but finished two laps up on Rich Girvin to claim 6th. There was a 10 lap gap to Alex Marino in 8th with Dick Griffin rounding out the field in 9th. 


Driver, Number of Laps, and Top 3 Best Lap-Times: 

            1.    John Weaver        439      3.125

            2.    Peter Lentros        424      3.234

            3.    Ricky Pratt            420      3.233

            4.    Richard Payne      407

            5.    Dan Savage          406

            6.    Tom Smith             398

            7.    Richard Girvin       396

            8.    Alex Marino           386

            9.    Dick Griffin            381


Next Week’s MVH Tuesday Night Retro-Race:  

            7/25     Coupes on the Royal


Sorry, no photos, I had some out of town guests to entertain…

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FastBodies 2010 Dallara for the MG+!!!

I put a blip on the resin casting page, but thought I would start it's own thread. I have been converting some of my bodies that fit a MG gen2 chassis over to fit the MG+ 1.7" chassis.

Here is the 2005-2011 Dallara Indy car fitting over the MG+. The only modification you will have to do to the chassis is remove the green wire. Here are a few photos of the build....



Wanted Old "JET FLAG"Guide Flags

Anyone have Old JET FLAGs any color. Looking for 6 or any you may have.

Message me Thanks!

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Painting Lexan bodies

I have been painting lexan bodies for many years,but have not done so in the last 6-8 years.Getting ready to start again & when I went to check my paints they were all dried up. I used to use floquil with pretty good results,but was wondering if there is something better out there. I am an old school guy. I put the decals on the inside & then hand brush the body from the inside as well. Hopeing my hand is as steady as it once was. Also is there something clear that could be brushed over the decals before I paint the car to prevent bleeding thru of the main color.


For Sale: Motor #3 of this group

Another H-Power C-can motor.  This one is all-Mura with a can bearing and the usual "other stuff" involved in the build.  We're into "big-wire" territory here with a fast & furious 25/26.  Wanna go real fast?...$70
IMG_2190.JPG IMG_2191.JPG IMG_2192.JPG

...as always, 10% goes to SlotBlog.  message me here for payment (PayPal only) and shipping info.  Shipping is $7 by USPS 1st Class Mail within the US.

For Sale: Second H-Power motor

IMG_2193.JPG This one is and RJR C-can motor with a Mura end bell and some beefy hardware.  The can got a bearing and the arm is my favorite all-around 38/27.  Wanna go fast? $70 (*shipping is $7 within the US by USPS 1st Class).
IMG_2194.JPG IMG_2195.JPG

Message me here for payment (PayPal only) and shipping info.

For Sale: Three H-Power motors up for grabs... first one

As usual, they go here first before eBay, and with 10% going to SlotBlog.  Shipping for any of them within the US is $7 by USPS 1st Class.

#1)  One of my "SuperHawk" motors, and one that highlights the "super" part of the name.  The setup has been gone over, magnets epoxied-in, and one of the JK aluminum end bells fitted with some spiffy hardware.  The arm is a 44/28 on a .350" long stack and is a real screamer.  $90
IMG_2187.JPG IMG_2188.JPG IMG_2189.JPG

Message me for payment (PayPal only) and shipping


1/32 Eurosport chassis repair

So....  Justin broke TWO 1/32 Eurosport chassis at this past Nats.  Of course, parts for these are often hard to find, especially these two, a 2008 and 2009 Horky.  These two chassis are very similar, and we have another 2008 as a "Spare Parts" chassis, but the 2008 that broke, was missing two of the same pieces, and we'd already used one of them, so we were short one piece...


The following is how I repaired the 2008 chassis, using parts from another chassis.  It was pure luck I had something that worked, but I'm hoping this post will give other's some ideas when in the same situation...


Here's how the broken 2008 chassis looked.  If you look, you can see it's missing the front pan upstops on both sides.




Here's a picture of the front of the 2009 chassis, that has the original Horky upstops.  These are what should be in the 2008!




So, I was looking at some scrap from a recent build, and trying to figure out if I could make something out of it, when I realized that the upstops looked similar to the upstops on the 2017 PMP GT-12 chassis, which I have plenty of spare parts for...I did a quick test fit, and the steel was the same thickness, so that helped out a lot...


So, I took the PMP upstops, ground a little off of one end until the piece fit into the slot on the Horky chassis.  Here's a shot of the original PMP piece, and the shortened pieces prior to installation.




Here's the pieces installed on the 2008 Horky.  The movement is nearly identical to the original Horky, if not identical.  I'm hoping that by being soldered on both sides it may keep them in place a little better...  We'll see!






So, I guess the moral to the story is, don't throw away your scrap pieces, and before giving up on one of these types of chassis because you can't find parts, maybe see if parts from another chassis will fit!

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Guardrails on every turn or not?

On a 1/32 plastic track layout, do you prefer to have a guardrail at the edge of every track border for every turn, or just select turns like a real track with infield walls to keep cars from going to far off? Feel free to explain your reason.

Carrera convert

1/24 Carrera cars though not really good slot cars are beautiful accurate models. So I use Carrera bodies mounted on custom built brass chassis powered by Pro Slot or Parma motors running on Pro-Track rims/tires to make nice looking drivable cars.

Carrera's latest product is the 2016-17 Ford GT which in both 1:1 and 1/24 is stunning.

Getting older I'm finding new chassis construction's more of a chore so I modified an old tapered chassis I built some years ago for a Carrera 1/24 Viper by extending the wheelbase. Voila! A nice fit.

July 21, 2017


[RSS] Three Vintage Marx Indy Slot Cars 1/32 & 2 Others

End Date: Friday Jul-28-2017 16:46:18 PDT
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For Sale: Difalco DD270 controller - SOLD!

Genesis HD30  DD270 controller. 30 band with ESP brake and economy brake rheostat. Also included are #148, #180, and #290 networks. Excellent condition.  


$190 shipped to lower 48. My PayPal is  alf162@att.net.




scott smolkovich





For sale: Difalco DD270 controller

Genesis HD30 DD270 controller.  30 band with esp braking.  economy brake rheostat.  excellent condition.  
also includes #148, #180, and #290 networks.  $180 shipped to lower 48.  my PayPal is  alf162@att.net  thanks,  scott smolkovichIMG_1083.JPG IMG_1084.JPG

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Mclaren Can Am parts

As with any car that lives on the track, detail parts break or disappear over time.
I would love to find replacements for the intake stacks on the Can Am series's Mclaren and Lola.
Any thoughts ?


[RSS] Gilbert Autorama 1/32 Slot Car Set 2 Extra Motors

End Date: Monday Jul-31-2017 11:22:14 PDT
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For Sale: Gorski Retro GTC 1/24 Scratchbuilt Slot Car

Gorski Retro GT Coupe 1/24 Complete Slot Car Scratchbuilt

Custom made one of a kind RETRO CHASSIS 

for Retro CanAm or GTC  classes. 

1/24 Slot Car Chassis IRRA legal certified.

Parma Sunoco Lola Body, Griffith Painted, Retro Hawk motor, geared 9-28,

JK Front Tires & BRP front axle with removable lock nuts. Chassis engraved

Message me for price or offer.
John Gorski

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Fly Racing Capri Group 5

Fly Racing Capri Group 5

Fly racing version. Assembled from kit and in great condition. Inline chassis is a vast improvement from the original front motor chassis. Lexan interior, press on wheels with two extra crown gears. No case.

Price includes shipping to US and Canada.

List Date: 7/21/2017

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Fly Racing Capri Group 5
On Sale For: $35.00


Slot Car Today - General

Brabham BT44B, Stommelen / FLY SLOT CARS

After a short wait the Fly Slot Cars Brabham BT44 B is available at 1:32 scale for slot. A car with an special story in a German Grand Prix marked by controversy and crashes.
Rolf Stommelen competed in training sessions with the RAM Team Brabham BT44B Ford, with #33 and #36. But after qualify...

BMW M3 E30 Spengler / SLOTWINGS

Slotwings proposes at 1:32 scale for slot a special model. In May 2013, Canadian driver Bruno Spengler, DTM Champion of 2012, faced Roberto Ravaglia, 1989 DTM Champion, in a generational game promoted by BMW Motorsport ...

BMW M1 Tour de Corse / FLY SLOT CARS

The new Fly Slot Cars livery of the BMW M1 Motul is now available at 1:32 scale for slot From this week you can buy the car (Ref: 051107) with which French Bernard Beguin and Jean Jaques Lenne entered the Tour de Corse, Rally France 1983 until they had to leave in the fifth special stage due to engi...


White waterslide decal paper. Where?

Hi guys,

can anyone suggest a good paper supplier these days? Last time I purchased was over 7 years back from beldecal, I wasn't impressed. Am hoping there are better suppliers out there now.


thanks in advance



[RSS] Slot Car Lot 1/24 Renwal Strombecker 1/32 Cox Wheels

End Date: Monday Jul-24-2017 1:09:31 PDT
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Carrera cars converted

1/24 Carrera cars though not really good slot cars are beautiful accurate models. So I use Carrera bodies mounted on custom built brass chassis powered by Pro Slot or Parma motors running on Pro-Track rims/tires to make nice looking drivable cars.


Carrera's latest product is the 2016-17 Ford GT which in both 1:1 and 1/24 is stunning.


2016 Ford GT R side_1.jpg


2016 Ford GT L side_1.jpg


2016 Ford GT front, low_1.jpg


2016 Ford GT rear_1.jpg


Getting older I'm finding new chassis construction's more of a chore so I modified an older tapered  chassis I build some years ago for a Carrera 1/24 Viper by extending the wheelbase. Voila! A nice fit.


2016 Ford GT chassis bottom view_1.jpg

Odd's Oracle

Changing tack....

I have a few model boats for Radio Control, some finished, some 80% done, but the trouble is, where the hell does one go to use them?  OK there's a river up the road, but it could get awkward if they head off into the reeds.  And my yachts are too deep keeled to come to the edge of the river, meaning I'd need waders to get in there, which I don't fancy.
So, why the hell did I build a model of my old home, Vanity, a Victorian Cutter, when, with it's 14"of fin keel with a 10lb. bulb on the end, it needs special places to sail.  The only place I can use it is, at the closest, Sheringham, a day trip away.  Same comment for my Marblehead.

Motor boats, except for my restored and original Aerokits which are now over 50 years old, bore me after 5 minutes.  I like making them, but using them isn't really my cup of tea and having batteries around which rarely get used is the same as having dead batteries.  I assume my older radio gear works, I haven't tested it.  My new stuff has to be "bound" to the Rx and I have no idea how that is done.
So, realistically, why have any model boats beyond the restored originals I had as a kid?

Should I just flog it all off?  I'd have to finish the unfinished ones for them to be worth anything at all.
Give them to the kids?  They wouldn't  know what to do with them!

It looks like static models are the way to go these days.  That and my paintings.
How things change without us giving them a thought.