July 31, 2015

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My HO "pay it forward" moment...

Found a box of HO stuff from my youth, and only keeping a few pieces. I don't have a need for all of it, and have no one to pass it down to, so here it is, FREE to the next owner!

Photo shows Vintage AFX Aurora model motoring track. (Dated 1971 on the back.)

The very first PM that I receive, that would like ALL of the track shown in the photo, gets it free of charge.

I only ask two things:
1.) Put it to use OR in your collection - please don't dump it on Ebay.
2.) Pay the UPS ground charges to ship it to you.

That's all, and ENJOY it....


home made elevation, and bridges????

hey SCI fam, in making the 4 lane RR xing for Thompson speedway, and am now going to have to add some elevation, and maybe a bridge??? anyway, I have a very limited supply of traditional track elevation... I got plenty of cardboard boxes, i figured that would be a good "homemade source".
if anyone has any pics of your homemade elevation. and or bridges.... Please be kind enough to share them, any and all suggestions are welcomed.... i need some inspiration on this, as i am not a "elevation guy"...
Thanks in advance


This Friday....100% payout

Come out Friday for 100% payout again

Upstate Speedway is in Inman, SC. We open at 12:30.

We will race Supertrucks and GTP on the round track. Drag race at 6:30.

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How long do Super Tires last?

Are there any Super Tires racers still using Super Tires that are 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years old? We would like to hear your story, right here on this thread, either H.O. or 1/32 scale. We will accept multiple posts as long as you have more than one story. Every post that you enter will give you one chance at a $100.00 gift certificate for any tires that are listed on the Super Tires website, www.supertires.com .This includes free one time shipping for the $100.00 contest winner. This contest starts now and ends on August 31st, 2015, at 12:00pm, EST. The winner will be drawn and posted on this thread on September 1st, 2015, around noon EST.


Nick & Sandy
Team Super Tires :USA: :canada:

July 30, 2015


Comm cutting fluid - Microsizer - Tire truer

We have the Cobra tire truers for slot car along with their comm cutting fluid and Microsizer for the Cobra tire truer.


If you have been wanting a Microsizer they are ready to ship.




800 258-7441

[RSS] Vintage 1960s 1/24 Classic Manta Ray Slot Car Orange

End Date: Sunday Aug-2-2015 15:22:57 PDT
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For Sale: Group F chassis, etc.

For sale are four Group F (Falcon, Hawk 6, Hawk 7, etc.) wing car chassis and two serviceable bodies.  

Chassis on far left is a simple perimeter type chassis, probably an old Group 15 chassis, second chassis is a tripod with lightened nose piece, third chassis from left is a very good perimeter wire chassis that handles well on most tracks, and chassis on far right is a late model JK wing car chassis.  

All chassis have Slick 7 bushings installed, all three chassis on right have either Cahoza or JK gears with Parma axles, and Red Fox guides.

The JK chassis on the far right has a new Hawk 6 with balanced stock arm with no races on it and only about a hundred laps of running time. Both bodies are serviceable, and the all purple body is the newest of the two, both painted and prepared by our local body expert Eddie Stilley. Included will be on pair of trued .787" dia., .510" hub JK natural tires.
Asking $55 plus $6.95 shipping for all. Payment by PayPal as gift, shipping to lower 48 only by Priority Mail.




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CHORC UK Rnd 10, July 23rd 2015. Report & pics

2015 – 23rd July Quarter Three, Rnd 10. NASCAR

Good to see Dean Wragg back – and on form


– Rob Heaton was struggling with his sprint car after a massive smash split one of the exotic traction magnets. Although he managed to glue it back together his car was three quarters of a second off the pace, so although disappointed, he wasn’t surprised when Steve Bryan set a new record on this track of 5.27 seconds.

Last time: 5.44 seconds – Steve Bryan

This time: 5.27 seconds – Steve Bryan

STOCK – Andy Abbott set the bar with three good times, each getting quicker and ending with an 8.31, smashing Doug Passell’s record of 8.55 set at the previous meeting. Doug was up next, his 8.76 looking a little off the pace. However the next run was an 8.30. Could he better that? Run three looked quick – but no - 2/100ths slower. Matt Ashmore was usually good at this but starting with two DNF’s meant the third was a slow ‘Banker’ run, just to ensure points. Last up was Dean Garbett, whose first run put him ahead of Matt. His second was a DNF but with points in the bag and nothing to lose he went for it on the third run. It was quicker – but not quick enough to move him up the scoreboard.

Last time: 8.55 seconds – Doug Passell
This time: 8.30 seconds – Doug Passell


Doug Passell was away first, quickly followed by Mark Webster, Dean Garbett and occasional visitor Phil Solomon. Doug led from start to finish but it wasn’t that straight-forward. Dean led Mark across the line by two thirds of a second at the end of lap one but the roles were reversed on lap two, with Mark now two thirds of a second ahead. Lap three and the pendulum swung back in Dean’s favour by the same margin, although he then settled down to pull away from Mark and pursue Doug, gradually closing to within half a lap as the power went off. Meanwhile Phil and mentor Ken Edmonds were realising their choice of club car wasn’t helping Phil, who was gradually dropping back to occupy fourth spot, several laps behind Mark.

‘Peter Baldock’, in the guise of Dean Wragg, who was returning after a four meeting absence, took to the track alongside Ken Edmonds on red and Matt Ashmore on green. Matt led by fractions of a second right up to the mid-point of the race when Dean finally overhauled him and started edging away, eventually taking the win by a third of a lap as Ken struggled, having spent his practice time aiding friend Phil Solomon through the learning curve.

Dean Wragg stayed on yellow to race as himself, against Rob Heaton and the top two in the championship, Andy Abbott and Steve Bryan. Dean’s ‘warm-up’ as Peter stood him in good stead and for the first three laps he ran Steve a very close second. However, by then Andy had got into his stride, taking second spot at the end of the fourth lap. This forced an error from Dean that gave Rob the opportunity to nip through to third. In his excitement though, HE made an error and Dean retook the place. Steve and Andy then settled down to a good, even pace to race for the line, finishing in that order. Meanwhile, Rob’s five offs to Dean’s three saw him drop off the pace to finish in fourth place.

Rob was straight back on in heat four and showed what he COULD do, finishing a good second to Doug Passell and almost a lap and a half ahead of Dean Garbett, racing for Peter Baldock, with Mark Webster bringing up the rear on blue.



Although Ken improved by over a lap and a half it was bad luck that he was in the same heat as Steve Bryan, who led from start to finish, posting an almost identical lap score and best time as his first run. Phil Solomon soldiered on with the club car to come home in third place.

Heat six was a real cracker, ending with three cars on the same lap; the winner being in doubt until literally the last three seconds, when Andy Abbott passed Dean Wragg’s inverted NASCAR to snatch victory by a tenth of a lap, after being in second spot by six thousandth of a second on the previous lap. Hot on their heels was Matt Ashmore, with Dean Garbett nursing his car home in fourth.

Good to see Dean Wragg quickly back on form and challenging Andy Abbott for the lead in the seventh heat. Good times! Dean was slightly quicker buy Andy more consistent, earning him the bonus point by a little under a lap. Rob Heaton and Mark Webster gave chase, both hooking up nicely with their lanes to push the leaders, with Rob ending up third and Mark fourth.

Rob Heaton was straight back on as the surrogate driver for Peter Baldock, with Matt Ashmore on red and Dean Garbett on green. Looking at the full stats for all four lanes lane order was: yellow first, green second, red third and blue fourth on lap average – and heat eight ran true to form, although it was extremely close. Dean finally got a chassis working to his liking and despite Matt’s best efforts, ended up with the win by a quarter of a lap, with ‘Peter’ (Rob) over three laps back, car, driver and lane not really gelling at all in this heat.



Heat nine saw three drivers set their personal bests in qualifying, with Steve Bryan posting a record 22.15 laps in his defeat of Doug Passell (21.05) and Ken Edmonds (18.35), which must have been rather overwhelming for visitor Phil Solomon in fourth place on the tough blue lane.

Just to underline he had finally sorted his chassis Dean Garbett drove a great race from the statistically poorer blue lane to beat Doug Passell on green by a third of a lap in the tenth heat, the difference being down to one more off from Doug. Mark Webster kept the pair honest, charging had from yellow to take third spot.

The penultimate heat had Steve Bryan back up his track record of 22.15 with a 21.75, just a tenth off the previous record, on his way to his fourth win of the night. Unfortunately Andy Abbott was unable to raise a real challenge, doing well to secure second spot ahead of Rob Heaton, with what was clearly an ailing car – just as we were heading for the finals! Phil Solomon was proving very consistent with both his lap scores and finishing position. What he really needed was a better car!

Finally, heat twelve. Dean Wragg had lost none of his edge after a four meeting lay-off, leaping away from the lights first, followed quickly by Matt Ashmore and not so quickly by Doug Passell and Ken Edmonds. However it was Doug who led the pack across the line at the end of lap one, with Dean, then Ken and Matt in that order. The racing was hectic but despite three offs; Doug came home first, with Matt, ahead of Dean, who was harassed to the line by a hard charging Ken.


Last time: 21.85 laps on yellow – Steve Bryan 7.822 fastest lap on red – Steve Bryan
This time: 22.15 laps on red – Steve Bryan 7.814 fastest lap on red – Steve Bryan


‘D’ Mark Webster finally got back on winning form here – but he made it really hard work for himself. He got the hole shot on Phil Solomon and raced off to an almost two lap lead by the end of the first minute. However, offs on three consecutive laps allowed Phil to close to within three seconds and gave him hope for something better. Over the next five laps Phil whittled this down to nothing then took a third of a second lead on lap thirteen. It looked like Mark was going down and Phil going up to the ‘C’ but having the lead went to Phil’s head and he overcooked it, allowing Mark to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, the four fifths of a lap gap ‘bigging up’ what was really the narrowest of escapes for Mark! A great and nerve wracking start to the Finals.

‘C’ Mark moved up to blue, alongside Matt Ashmore, Ken Edmonds and Rob Heaton on red, yellow and green respectively. On paper Matt should have had this one in the bag, out-qualifying the others by three or more laps. However, contrary to club lore red (statistically for this track) WASN’T the best lane, that honour going to yellow, with a half a lap better average lap score than red, with green less than a tenth of a lap behind that. However, it’s easy to be wise in hindsight. The ‘C’ started well for Matt, with lightning quick reactions taking him into the lead for the first four laps but he lost it big time on heat five, Rob Heaton taking the opportunity to sweep through to a three second lead. Matt fought back but Rob kept his nerve, forcing another mistake from Matt that allowed Rob to extend the lead to a full lap, which he maintained for the next eleven laps to post his best score of the night, the perfect time to do it. Matt hung on to second under pressure from Ken Edmonds while Mark chased hard – but content to have another bonus point foe his win from the ‘D’ under his belt.

‘B’. Rob stayed on green and Matt’s efforts earned him the step-up to represent Peter Baldock on yellow, the grid being filled out by Dean Garbett on red and Dean Wragg on blue. Just a twentieth of a lap separated Peter and Dean Wragg in qualifying, so this was going to be interesting. Dean Garbett was quickest away, with Rob Heaton last but the pair were first and second across the line for the first three laps, with Dean Wragg third and Matt fourth. Rob slipped up on lap four though, with Dean Garbett taking advantage to pull away and take the win with a perfect drive and no mistakes. Dean Wragg followed suit with a great drive on blue to take second in the final and fifth overall, leaving Rob to take third and Matt (for Peter) fourth in this final.

‘A’ Dean Garbett heaved a sigh of relief to take the step-up to the blue alongside Steve Bryan on red, Doug Passell on yellow and Andy Abbott on green. This turned out to be the most fiercely fought final for some time. By the end of the fourth lap Steve was 1.4 seconds in the lead from Doug, who was 7/1000 of a second ahead of Dean, with Andy in fourth less than a quarter of a second back. By lap six the lead had extended – by 0.4 of a second! Dean had moved into second 0.212 seconds ahead of Doug after Andy crashed out and now being four seconds back in fourth.

By lap ten Andy had closed the gap back to 0.4 seconds behind Dean, whilst Steve had extended his lead over Doug to 2.6 seconds, all four being on the same lap - just. The pressure told though, Dean having a major off on lap eleven that lost him almost eighteen seconds – just over two laps, Andy now dropping a lap down on the lead pair but a lap up on Dean.


From here on the positions were fixed – but the gaps weren’t. EVERYONE picked up the pace, Steve’s lead coming down to 1.9, then 1.6 seconds as the power went off. This translated to a 0.15 lap lead over Doug, with Andy less than a lap back in third. Dean was matching the pace but couldn’t better it, although he did close the gap by 0.15 laps under coast as the power went off.

A cracking race to end the night!


Last time: 20.45 laps on yellow – Andy Abbott 8.007 fastest lap on red – Steve Bryan
This time: 22.05 laps on red – Steve Bryan 7.876 fastest lap on red – Steve Bryan


Last time: 21.85 laps on yellow – Steve Bryan 7.822 fastest lap on red – Steve Bryan
This time: 22.15 laps on red – Steve Bryan 7.814 fastest lap on red – Steve Bryan

Next meeting: This Thursday, 6th August


[RSS] Vintage '60s Cox 1/24 Slot Car Chassis, Body, Revell Ford GT40, 2 Dynamic Dyn-O-Cans

End Date: Sunday Aug-9-2015 14:25:13 PDT
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For Sale: LMP/GT1 race program

In this lot we have three LMP chassis, two with .030" Cheetah 11 center sections with .025" pans, and one that is all .025".

Only one has a motor and it is a new Hawk 6 with an Alpha arm installed. Motor has break-in time and under 50 laps of track time. The two bodies on the right at the rear are JK Audi coupes, the three on the left are Red Fox Audi coupes. Two of the Red Fox bodies are new, never mounted. The one Red Fox body in the center was mounted and not raced since they disallowed Red Fox bodies. The two heavy center section chassis both have Red Fox guides installed with good leadwire, with the chassis in the center having a 36t Cahoza spur gear installed as well as new JK lightweight front wheels. The other two chassis have 34 tooth JK spurs installed with Slick 7 lightweight fronts installed. 
All three chassis have Slick 7 rear bushings installed. Will include two trued pair of .740" diameter JK rear big hub tires in natural rubber.
Asking $55 plus $6.95 shipping. Payment by PayPal only as gift. Shipping by Priority mail only to lower 48 US only. PM only if interested.




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Fray Style TJets near the Baltimore Area??

One last time...

Anyone playing/racing Fray style Tjets in the Baltimore MD area? Recently moved from the Bay Area CA where we had a decent group of racers. Also I was a frequent "visitor" up at the Fray in Ferndale.

If not, well, someone will be the benefactor of my goods in the market place.

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I had to get a wall clock for the Glen

I just purchased a cheap wall clock to help me and visitors stay aware of what time it is. The other day Garold came by to drop off a slot car he wanted me to paint. He was supposed to be going to the 7-Eleven to get some aspirin for his wife but one thing lead to another until about an hour later he got a call from said wife. Needless to say he was gone in a flash.


Brazing rod

What type of brazing rod would you suggest for building Jail Door type chassis? 


Wanted: Gear and tire rack

In search of a nice gear or tire rack. Aluminum preferred. Anything out there, new or used?

Wanted: SRT timing system I/O interface card

Looking for a I/O interface card for the SRT timing system.

I can be reached at (727) 424-1619.

Upstate's big summer pay-outs continue


Tonight and tomorrow are both 100% pay-out races at the drag track.

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Daytona or Indianapolis? (or banked or non?)

Re: NASCAR racing.

Daytona (or Talladega) vs Indianapolis (or for that matter, Pocono).

Daytona features close racing and big wrecks largely due to "restrictor plates" to limit HP and therefore speed (to theoretically keep the cars out of the stands).

Indianapolis does not require them, as the track is close to being flat, and that inherently holds down the speeds. However, the cars also inherently are not that close.

Which do you prefer?

I guess, at the end of the day, given all rules as they currently are, I will have to choose Daytona.

If you like, feel free to indicate your choice. Both are problematic. If you have any suggestions to improve the on track product at either or both venues, feel free to share.


2nd OOS Summer Series race - 8/16, North Baltimore, OH

The second stop of the OOS Summer Series race is at Race O Rama Hobbies & Raceways August 16, doors open @ 9:00 a.m., also there will be a another race after the 2 classes we are running that day it will be sprint cars with random lane choice (no qualifying), also we have a racer who is sponsoring this race for first $ 25, 2nd- $ 15, and 3rd- $10.

OOS summer series.jpg

[RSS] 1/24 Slot Car Lotus 40 Brass Tube Custom Dynamic Chassis

End Date: Saturday Aug-8-2015 18:01:14 PDT
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July 29, 2015

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Landscaped HO Greatly Expanded Door Track

Landscaped HO Greatly Expanded Door Track

Greatly expanded 47' Tomy 4 lane HO landscaped "L" shaped "Tuckaway" door track with Astron power supply and 4 Professor Motor controllers. Countersunk screw mounted on table (included) with photo electric timing track and 3 power taps along with assorted working cars and spare parts. Contact for additional photos and details. Best reasonable offers will be considered.

List Date: 7/29/2015
Location: Chesterbrook, PA, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Landscaped HO Greatly Expanded Door Track
On Sale For: $500.00 (Local Pickup Only)

Mobile friendly version: Landscaped HO Greatly Expanded Door Track

Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!


GRRR photos

Photos from the last three rounds. If anyone feels like doing full reports I'll send you the results I have scanned. 

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Looking for Jouef slot cars,1/40 -1/43 scale

Just as the Title says.Looking for the earlier Jouef 1/40 scale slots in good shape.I have 1/32 or HO for trade.



[RSS] Strombecker 1966 slot track lot 1/32

End Date: Wednesday Aug-5-2015 13:47:19 PDT
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SlotForum Scratchbuilding

please be gentle...

I've been trying to scale down a blueprint to use as a template for a project I have in mind. here's the rub though , I haven't got a clue how to do it. ive had a go at resizing it using "paint" but it keeps coming out the same size on the page whatever I re-size the image to. I will need to use whatever programme that comes on windows 7 , or one that is easily accessed online. please go easy with me as I basically have no idea what I am doing....obviously!!

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Pinion Twisters.....Racer Daytona Prototype & Ninco 50s & 60s Classic Race

Hello Racers! Pinion Twisters Presents:

Racer Daytona Prototype & Ninco Classic 50's & 60's Race.

Saturday August 8th, 2015
Doors Open @ 1:30 PM & Practice Starts @ 2:00 PM Race Starts @ 4PM

Race #1

Racer Daytona Prototype Race Starts @ 4PM

Stock Wheels W/inserts
Orange or Black end bell 21.5K Motors ONLY
Any Gears
Any Guide Blades
Any Braids
Black Super Tires ONLY
Weight Inside Cars

Race #2

Ninco Classic Race After Daytona Race

NC-1 or NC-8 Motors
Stock Wheels
Stock Gears
Stock Ninco Guide Blade
Any Braids
Indy Grip Tires #2002 or 2009 ONLY
Weight Inside Car

Note: Please List Your Names If You Are Coming....Also If You Are Running Late, Please Call Don or Martin to Let Them Know, So That They Wiil Put You at The Bottom Of The Race Board.

Race Fee: $10.00

Thx All! :cheers:

For More Info Contact:

Marcus @ 215-758-4691
Don @ 856-264-5872
Martin @ 732-266-0498

Dual Flange AFX Rims

Besides JW's who seems to be out of business now who makes dual flange AFX rims for old AFX and AFX/MT chassis

Who are the TJET dual flange manufacture now. I know RTHO makes them but JW use to do small custom runs and I am trying to find some who does small custom runs now.

New aussie member

just thought id finally join the forums and say hi to all.
I have been looking around the site for a while now.
Time to start looking for a few good deals from some of you folks out there, for some cars/trucks im after.
I been collecting pretty hard for the last few years and am highly addicted to slots cars and trucks.
Feeds my OCD habit atm :help:

Look forward to talking to some of you in the future
Hello from Tassie Devil country :yo:

New Porsche 917?


In the Buena Park race thread you mentioned something about the 'new' Porsche 917 body that has a different mold. With this information am I to understand that there are three versions of the 917? The original one with plastic chassis, an aluminum replacement chassis for the original 917 and a new 917 that has a different body and the aluminum chassis. Is that correct? If so, when do you think you will have the completely new 917 to sell?

Austin Slot Car Club

BRM 512M Setup Tips?

Does any one have any set up tips for running the BRM Ferrari 512M or other BRM metal chassis cars on a wood track?




[RSS] 1966 Strombecker Monaco Road Racer 1/32 Track 101" x 42"

End Date: Friday Aug-28-2015 8:33:00 PDT
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For Sale: Hawk 6 motor program

As I explained in my NASCAR post, I am getting rid of my scale racing program.  Up for grabs here is my current Hawk 6 racing program.  We ran this motor in two of our My Series classes here in Florida, the LMP/GT-1 class and the Group F wing car class.


These are five new Hawk 6 setups, four of which were built, put into a car, removed, cleaned up and boxed.  One has not been in a chassis.  All of these motors have balanced Alpha arms installed except one.  Also included are 15 Hawk 6 pull out armatures, some have been cleaned up with cut comms, some have had nothing done to them other than pulling them out of a new motor, some have been run for awhile then pulled out, but all are serviceable. If you can't find a good arm in this selection, then you aren't trying hard enough. 


There are also extra endbells and endbell hardware, and five extra cans with gauss readings marked on the cans (these are not in the picture, I found them after the fact).  There is also a package of three pairs of cut down Gold Dust brushes.  All of the motors have Gold Dust or SBF brushes, with either stock springs or Koford M313 springs. Motor boxes will be included. Stock can screws have been replaced with Koford black can screws that use either a hex wrench or T5 wrench.


Asking $150 plus $6.95 shipping.  PM if interested. Payment by PayPal as gift only.  All items shipped by insured Priority Mail only.


This isn't a bad price considering you have the potential to make up 5 more race motors with the extra endbells and cans included, plus have parts and arms left over.







For Sale: Three race-ready NASCAR flexis - SOLD!

For the second time in a little over six years I find myself with no local track to race at.  I have decided that enough is enough and I am selling out all my scale racing cars, equipment, motor programs, bodies etc., and I will just build, play with, and race retro class cars at select events.


Over the next few days to weeks I will be listing lots of various items for sale. Payment will be made by PayPal  only, and as a gift only.  There will be a flat shipping and handling charge of $6.95 on most items as I cannot afford to eat shipping. No items will be shipped out of the continental 48 states, and no foreign shipments as I don't have time to deal with all the customs forms.  I will try to be as fair with the prices as possible.


First up is my current NASCAR stable.  All bodies are Kelly Daytona bodies with decals from Patoos or GoFast and expertly painted by local painter Eddie Stilley. Motors are all Retro Hawk with cut shafts, 12 tooth ARP pinions, 34 tooth JK spurs, Parma or Koford axles, Slick 7 lightweight fronts.  Two chassis are .030 Cheetah 11 center sections with .025 pans. One is a complete .025 chassis setup.  All have Slick 7 rear bushings, Red Fox guides, silicone lead wire, serviceable JK braid, and there will be a pair of trued .740 rear JK natural rubber big hub tires included. Chassis are very serviceable and all have less than three races on them. One Retro Hawk motor has two races, one has One race on it, and the motor in the lightweight chassis has no races on it at all, only practice time.


All of the bodies have been run ( I don't have shelf queens), and any small tears in the nose area or fender well (as Kelly bodies do get) is repaired with clear mylar tape. All bodies do have plastic interiors and rear bullet proofing around the spoiler area and every body has a lot of life left in it or I wouldn't sell it.


Asking $100 for all three plus the $6.95 shipping. Shipping by insured Priority Mail only for security. Send PM if interested.









Association Slot Alpin

Les Spykers de la CDF Scaleauto 2015 sont là...

Tout est arrivé ce jour, livraison dernière semaine d'Aout, après les vacances.....



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Carerra Digital Lane Change Issue

I just got the Carerra Digital Race Party Set. I cannot get the lane change to work. The LED Lights on the Lane Change Track never light up. Everything else works fine. The car are going in Clock wise direction. My set up is VERY small right now. Just testing this out until I clear out some room for the whole set.
I attached a couple of pics.


Carrera digital Lane change

I*just got the Carerra Digital Race Party Set. I cannot get the lane change to work.* The LED Lights on the Lane Change Track never light up. Everything else works fine. The cars are going in Clock wise direction. My set up is VERY small right now. Just testing this out until I clear out some room for the whole set.
I attached a couple of pics.*

Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk

L'Etrat Slot Racing

MB Slot: Kit lumière léger avec mise en route par magnétisme

Mb slot a mis au point un nouveau kit de lumières avec système de mise en route originale, quelques caractéristiques qui le rendent très compétitif et idéal pour les courses de slot d’endurance. La caractéristique principale de ce nouveau kit lumière MB Slot est un petit processeur qui contrôle la modulation de l’ensemble. Cette petite […]

Scalextric: le coffret James Bond Spectre en pré commande

Scalextric: le coffret James Bond Spectre en pré commandeAlors que le nouveau James Bond « Spectre » arrivera sur les écrans en novembre prochain, Scalextric dégaine et met en pré commande le coffret spécial « SPECTRE ». Ce circuit routier complet comprend les deux bolides du film, la Jaguar C-X75 et la sublime Aston Martin DB10. Scalextric surf sur le buzz et lance les commandes de son […]