April 20, 2014

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Trackmate sensors.

I am thinking about getting a trackmate drag race set up. My question is has anyone used or know anything about the "horizontal IR beem" type sensors that are available for this system? Im familiar with the photo eyes and have a 2 lane Carrera track so the guide flag sensors are out of the question. I really like everything the Trackmate system has to offer and am just wondering if anyone has flexed the options when it comes to the sensors.


Boxstock gearing

What is a good starting point for gearing on a Gerding king

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My Corvette C6R for your Corvette L88

Trade my nearly NIB (has a parade lap or two on it.)
Corvette C6R - Scalextric #C3189
For your good condition Corvette L88.

Any livery considered, with case preferred.

Let me know what ya' got.



controllers what ohm?

Boy it's been probably over 16 years since I did anything with the ho controllers and I forgot what ohms worked good.

I used to have the econo parma ones anyone make anything better that's comparable now a days?

I think I used 60ohm and maybe 45 or 35 I don't remember it's been so long.

I don't mind getting 2 ohm types to run different types of cars better I like to run T jet types and magna tractions and the mega G's so far since I started getting back into the cars with my newly built layout.

So any info on controllers of today would be great... I still have my one electronic turbo HO controller but want a few good cheapo ones that others can use.


Race Rules Quick Reference Guide


Very nice TonyP Can-Am car

Even though this is my car I must say she is a thing of beauty  and I would keep it if I didn't have too much stuff ........the add # 261456639364 someone needs this piece of art.......

[RSS] Vibtage Monogram 1/24 Midget Racer Slot Car

End Date: Monday May-19-2014 17:54:34 PDT
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driver stations

I finally got the wood flat of my track up. The layout of the track is 6' by 10'3" sitting on a 6'9" by 10'6" table top. Now the first 2' is used by the monitor keyboard and mouse. leaving the driver side of the track at 8'6" for four drivers. I hadn't realized this is cramped. I am thinking of using the present section for three drivers instead with the fourth then residing around the corner at the back end.

What other solutions for 4 lane tracks have you guys come up with? I can see now why 12-16 foot length tracks are common. I am trying to resolve this before paint and wire plumbing.

April 19, 2014

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Not sure

Not sure which way I like this car...


again this

or this

please help me make up my mind

1/24 motor conversion

Alot has been written lately about how 1/24 cars run with the 1/32 power supply. I never planned to upgrade the PS from the stock 1/32 wallwart so I knew I had to downgrade the motor to 12V. If I knew it was this easy I would have bought some 1/24 cars sooner.

Got my 1st 1/24 car (Porche) along with 2 other cars from friends to convert. The motor of choice is Professor Motors Fox 1032 motor. (Real cheap) I believe it's rated at 25K. The motor is almost a straight bolt in. The ONLY thing required is to elongate the holes on the motor pod to match the motor. My only concern was that the rear of the motor is no longer supported by the pod and the screws are the only thing holding the motor in place. A few people have run them like this apparently w/o problems. I wanted alittle more support so I cut a small plate out of brass to mate to the outside of the chassis to beef up the motor mounting. Loctite the screws and I am good to go.

94 foot painted Carrera track, stock 13.8V walwart. Track is spread out so there is alot of room to stretch the legs.

Stock out of the box:
Weight: 215G
Downforce: 505G :eek:
Best Time: 10.98 lap (most laps 11.1-11.2)
Car was full throttle the entire track with exception of 2 blips on the throttle in the hairpins. Slid alittle bit but mostly stuck.

Removed rear mag only:
Downforce: 407G
Best Time: 12.09 (most laps 12.4-12.6)
Full throttle only in the straights, slipping and sliding everywhere else. Even the mini esses I had to creep through. Car was not fun to drive.
In all fairness to the no mag test, the tires haven't been touched and really need to be trued as it has a slight thump in the rear tires.

12V conversion:
Wait for it..................................O.M.G.
I had to cut the power down to 60% to get anything even close to what looked like a race car instead of a rocketship...:lol: Needless to say I put the rear mag back in and this beast spins the tires in a straight line. Car will drift with the best of em with the mag in with all this extra power.
Best Time: 9.71 (most laps 9.8-10.0)

In all seriousness, did I need the extra power. In may case yes. My track is so spread out with a 20 ft straight and no curves on top of each other the cars have room to run. The stock motor took forever to get down my back straight. Would the average home user need it. Probably not.


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SlotForum Blogs

manitouguy's Blog - a bit more reference for 'project alfa'

this time from one of my all time favorite books ... Luigi Orsini's 'Mille Miglia - una corsa Italiana'

being a bit lazy (as the articles are a bit longer for each race year, and my book only in Italian) I have just scanned the pages
showing the Alfa - cation descriptions will need to be translated smile.gif

a few of the photos are larger, uncropped versions of the previously posted ... but I have included them as they really
show the cars in context on the road too - would have been brilliant to have been around back in the day to experience this race
in person each year!!

again, from the 1949 race

and from the 1950 race

there you go Mr. G - I will keep my eyes peeled for furhter info .. I will check some magazines to see if any are from 1950 that
might have a feature article ...

keep whittling

cheers, Ron

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Chambersburg PA....

I will be in this area during Memorial Day weekend attending my daughter's softball tournament. Are there any hobby shops that carry any 1/32 stuff in the area ?

I need a driver

My car needs a driver I'm having trouble finding one and was wondering what you guys use.

The 1st guy is a Dart he is too wide, the 2nd guy is Immense Miniatures he is much too long, and looks out of scale to me (somewhere in between 1\32-1/24), the 3rd is Dart of course he won't fit but looks closer to scale.

Any ideas where I can get a driver?


Got some new BEAUTIES!!

:thumb: WOW I am VERY HAPPY with these they look so nicely detailed!!
Here are some photos of em for you guy's!



Who was the first member to join the TOAA (Track Owners Association of America) ?

Australian National slot car titles

This Easter weekend sees the running of the Australian National Slot Car Titles at Mobile Raceways and Gary Gerding is competing after having recently completed building a new King track for Wayne Bramble.

[RSS] Strombecker Metal Chassis 1960s Used Motor Runs 1/32 Lot 5x

End Date: Monday May-19-2014 6:46:39 PDT
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T- Jet help needed

Hi Anyone know who makes good guide pins?

the AW ones crack right off and I got ones from buds the longer versions they are very hard plastic and break easy also ?

anyone make ones that flex a bit and don't crack off kind of how the originals where made ?


WEC coverage

Has anyone figured out how to get live coverage of the WEC race from Silverstone tomorrow? I found an app for the iPad, but there doesn't appear to be a way to stream it on the computer.


Thunder Alley Raceway

Thunder Alley Raceway
Unit 7, 40-44 Johnson Rd
Browns Plains, Queensland 4188, Australia
+61 7 3809 3572

155' blue King

Super Speedway

55' drag strip

Nathan Mudd

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FS: Carrera 1:32 Ford Mustang GT350 Red #236 "Historic Racer"

FS: Carrera 1:32 Ford Mustang GT350 Red #236 "Historic Racer" in original crystal display box. Very light use and almost in like new condition. $45 shipped to the lower 48 states.

FS: Carrera Dodge Charger 500 "Streetversion" 1:32 Slot Car in Crystal Storage Case

FS: Carrera 25715 Dodge Charger 500 "Streetversion" 1:32 Slot Car with Crystal Storage Case. Very light use and almost in like new condition. $55 shipped to the lower 48 states.

FS: Revell Monogram March 83G Red Lobster Limited Edition 1:32 Slot Car

FS: Revell Monogram March 83G Red Lobster Limited Edition 1:32 Slot Car. Lightly used. Comes with original box & sleeve. $65 shipped to the lower 48 states.

FS: Carrera 1:32 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Lmtd Edn - Chrome

For Sale is one Carrera 1:32 - Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Limited Edition Slot Car in Chrome. Model Nr. 3441. Lightly used and in excellent condition except for one (left mirror) missing. $35 shipped to the lower 48 states.

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

Plastic chassis design principles


I have an opportunity to work with engineering and design students at my local University and they need real world engineering projects to complete as an assignment towards their final qualifications.

So I thought "why not get them to design a racing chassis for slot cars - especially for scratch builders?"

As they have access to a 3D printer and a 120 ton injection moulding machine they should be able to get their design to pre-production sample stage so we can test run some.

SO I am looking for some guidance so I can give them a useful spec to work to.

My initial thoughts are that I have quite a few Yank Tanks that I would like to take off their Carrera Chassis and place on a new chassis that would make them go embarrassingly fast (embarrassing for the GT cars they would race against that is!).

I already put some of these type of cars onto chase-cars chassis which are awesome fun and make the cars handle like turbocharged jellies - GREAT FUN but the exact opposite of what I am trying to achieve with this project ohmy.gif

I already have a Plymouth Roadrunner on a Slot.It HRS chassis and that puts in some very good lap times compared to GTs. So my new chassis has something pretty good to live up to.

Anything is possible design-wise so a motor pod is on the cards - sprung if necessary. A variable wheelbase obviously.

I am struggling to understand some principles however...

1) How far forward (if at all) of the front axle line should the guide pivot point be? (bear in mind these chassis will be designed for medium-to-long wheelbase cars)
2) If the guide is on a drop arm - what is the optimum rear pivot point and should it be on the chassis or the motor pod?
3) What is best - a standard guide, a sprung guide or a drop arm? (and why)
4) Should the chassis be stiff or flexible or stiff in one axis and flexible in another? And is this different if there is a motor pod?
5) Should the front wheels be fixed or steering? If fixed should they be independent stub axles (maybe adjustable for toe-in) or a single axle?
6) Should the body be mounted rigidly or should there be a facility to allow body roll and should this be completely loose or would a spring dampening mechanism help?
7) Should the front axle be rigidly held or should it be able to float up and down - and if floating should this be damped?
8) Should the rear axle height be adjustable (by means of canting the motor pod for example)?

I would like to able to give the students a decent design brief and point them at the right body of knowledge as I doubt they have any understanding of slot cars. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity to develop a competitive chassis for scratchbuilders - what a waste if their chassis turns out to be a dog and what fun if it turns out to be a giant killer!

Any help and advice most gratefully received smile.gif

SlotForum Blogs

manitouguy's Blog - some reference and context for a 'project alfa'

the first of some info inspired by Mr. Graham Poulton's wonderful 'project alfa' scratch build

rather than just a few pictures of his latest project in action back in the day .. I thought others might better
appreciate reading the full sections accounting its appearances in the mille miglias 1949 and 1950

Graham - hope this is the correct car!!? - I think it is

from Lurani's wonderful book ...

Mille Miglia 1949

Mille Miglia 1950

such a wonderful era with beautiful cars!!

to follow will be another account from Orsini's 'bible' on the mille miglia too

regards, Ron


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GP Chine-Libres 3: Daniel Ricciardo le plus rapide sous la pluie de Shanghai

Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) s'est montré le plus rapide ce samedi matin à Shanghai sous la pluie. En 1'53''958, l'Australien a devancé d'une demi-seconde Felipe Massa (Williams) et Romain Grosjean (Lotus). Les pilotes présents en piste ont tous tourné en pneus intermédiaires lors de cette séance. Jules Bianchi a été le plus assidu avec un total de 14 boucles pour un 17e temps à quatre secondes du leader. A noter que Rosberg, Magnussen, Alonso et Hamilton n'ont pas signé de chrono à l'approche des qualifications qui devraient aussi se disputer sur piste mouillée.

Capture d’écran 2014-04-19 à 07

Association Slot Alpin

Maldonado, quel brise-fer !

Déjà pénalisé après son rodéo sur Esteban Gutierrez lors du dernier Grand Prix de Bahreïn, Pastor Maldonado a encore fait des siennes ce vendredi à Shanghai lors des premiers essais libres de la quatrième manche de la saison. Le Vénézuélien a plié sa Lotus à l’entrée des stands, privant son écurie d’une heure de précieux roulage.


Comme si Lotus avait besoin de ça ! En difficulté depuis le début de saison, en déficit de roulage sur une E22 encore plombée par ses problèmes de jeunesse, l’écurie d’Enstone paie en plus les erreurs de Pastor Maldonado. Le Vénézuélien est pourtant dans le collimateur des commissaires après son incartade de Bahreïn où il a harponné Esteban Gutierrez qui sortait des stands. Le Mexicain était parti en tonneaux, l'image faisant le tour du monde. Le pilote Lotus partira même avec cinq places de pénalité sur la grille de départ dimanche en Chine et a en plus perdu deux points sur son permis. Mais rien n’y fait, l’ancien champion GP2 a de nouveau réalisé un festival ce vendredi lors des premiers essais libres du Grand Prix de Chine ! Pour le plus grand bonheur des bêtisiers…

L’ancien pilote Williams a d’abord montré de formidables aptitudes à imiter Gaston Lagaffe. Distrait visiblement par les nombreux boutons sur son volant, le coéquipier de Romain Grosjean a oublié de garder un œil sur la piste lors de la première séance. La sanction n’a pas tardé… "M'enfin", aurait dit le personnage de Franquin !

Mais elle ne riait plus du tout quelques heures plus tard. Car première cette saison, l’ancienne écurie Renault était épargnée par les problèmes et comptait bien en profiter pour enfin faire un pas en avant. Raté ! La deuxième séance s’est arrêtée pour son deuxième pilote après à peine plus d’une demi-heure sur l’heure et demie prévue. La cause ? Une entrée beaucoup trop optimiste dans la voie des stands qui a conduit le Vénézuélien à bloquer ses pneus et à plier sa E22 contre le mur.

Grosjean était heureusement là. Le Français a bouclé 36 tours et s’est montré le plus assidu en piste. Il a également enfin placé une Lotus dans le top 10 grâce à un neuvième chrono à plus d’une seconde de Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), vainqueur des deux dernières courses en Malaisie et à Bahreïn. Le Britannique a devancé unFernando Alonso en verve. Pour ses débuts en tant que team principal de Ferrariquatre jours après la démission de Stefano Domenicali, Marco Mattiacci a vu l’Espagnol réaliser le meilleur chrono de la première séance puis se placer à moins de deux dixièmes du pilote Mercedes. Rassurant mais à confirmer lors d’une journée de samedi où Maldonado tentera sans doute cette fois de se faire oublier. Soutenu par PDVSA, la société pétrolière vénézuélienne, l’ancien pilote Williams apporte un chèque de 40 millions de dollars à Lotus. On ne sait pas encore si cela comprend le budget carrosserie…

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T jet

Anyone know who makes good guide pins?

the AW ones crack right off and I got ones from buds ho the longer versions they are very hard plastic and break easy also ?

anyone make ones that flex a bit and don't crack off kind of how the originals where made ?


DYI rails

While I was at Bob's the builders store, I noticed these end caps and thought they might work for a cleaner looking track rail. You first have to bend them in a circle for a while so it will help maintain its shelf. They slide right over the standard Carrera rail support. I used gorilla clear tape to fasten them to the supports. They work very well. Now I have to decide how to paint them

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1/32 Digital to Analog

Hey guys, i have searched this site all day long looking at so much cool info and tech tips. I think remember see how to switch my digital track over to run analog cars... Or am I crazy? Any help would be much appreciated.

Few cars for sale

I have a few cars that I got in a package deal that I don't want. I don't know much about them but will tell you what I do know.

First one a FLY FERRARI 512BB PIONEER #71. Body is mint. Small hazy spot inside the passenger side window
No rear tires. Back passenger side typical fly cracked rim. I glued it and it is holding up. Car runs great.
Would like $30 + shipping sold to carrera kid

Second car a SCX porsche 911 GT3 #7 Redbull car I'd say it's like new.... Looks like parade laps. Would like $30 + shipping

Third car is an F1 car. I don't have any f1 cars nor do I want any lol. Never been a fan of them. It's orange scalextric Netherlands one. There is one on an online auction site nib they want a lot for it. This one doesn't have any scratches but lettering is rubbing off. After market rear tires no originals. One has a tear in it but still drives. $30 + shipping.

All cars as is. No boxes. PayPal only none of them have magnets either. If you want pictures I'd be happy to email them. So just pm me your email and I send what ever you'd like.

Thanks for looking.

Tons of scx stuff for sale as a lot please look

Hello, i have a ton of scx 1/32 slot car stuff, 138 pieces of all different kinds of track,4 controllers,28 cars all different kinds.Also a set of new in the box ninco wireless controllers,tool box loaded with supplies and tools. motors,tires,axles,wheels,guilds,contactors and so much more. there in track cleaners,voo doo juice,lubes and more.I would like to sell it all as a whole.i'm asking 700.00.I was told that this all was over $2500.00 new and alot of this is brand new.There is a set of 3 mercedes benz that i was told sold for $175.00 alone. the wireless controllers were $120.00 .again i'm asking $700.00 You can call me at 904-437-2137 jersey Florida

Motor support

How critical is having a rear motor support? I was going to just shoe glue the motor face and use motor screws. Right now the only support the motor has is the face, hangs free. (Shorter motor)
Plastic pod, home racing only....

NEPA Oval up and running

I have already posted about the 5 cars coming from NEPA to compete for the first time in the DaVols Cup. What sparked our interest in this proxy was TOJ's request for host tracks. We had an Artin track in storage and this gave us a great reason to break it out!

Here's the specs:
Footprint: 6'x16'
Straightaway: 10'6"
Voltage: 11 VDC
Timing and Scoring: Race Coordinator
Start/Finish Line: IR light bridge

April 18, 2014

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slot car stores/tracks

Good day all. My wife and I are heading to Kentucky (louisville), then up to Cincinnati, then over to Pittsburgh before flying back to Canada.:CanuckBanana: Are there any good slot car/hobby stores or tracks to check out along the way? We will have a rental car and no real itinerary....

Any suggestions?

Tnx for your time..

Carrera Evolution Pro X Lap Counter

Well being a newbie to the sport i think I made my first and last purchase with out researching first. I bought a Evolution Pro X lap counter thinking it would work on my 1/32 Digital Track. It powers up, but the jack plug is to small, I guessing that is because they are not compatible. Is this a case of, I bought before I thought?:frusty:


Lot of 'Cucs

Still some meat left on the bones. Let's see what it goes to. Will it top $400?
Old Cox 1/24 scale slot cars & misc extras

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(Results) 4/16 Late Model Sports Cars & Slot.it Group C

35 Entries! 13 lap heats

Modified LMSC Expert
1. Billy Strange 52 laps *Fast Time 6.588*
2. Bill Strange 51 laps
3. Ryland Strange 49 laps
4. Larry Stevens 48 laps

Modified LMSC Amateur
1. Jan Strange 52 laps ext. 370.964sec...
2. Jeremy Schaeffer 52 laps ext. 371.566sec *Fast Time 6.856*
3. David Helmer 51 laps ext. 372.463sec
4. Mike Wright 51 laps ext. 377.966sec

Modified LMSC Novice
1. Craig Holsted 52 laps
2. John Roberts 51 laps ext. 376.375sec
3. Tom Dove 51 laps ext. 382.754sec

Limited LMSC Expert
1. Scott Kimbrow 52 laps ext. 397.614sec *Fast Time 7.548*
2. Aaron Magnani 52 laps ext. 400.873sec
3. Joe Hiner 52 laps ext. 401.028sec
4. Paul Hendricks 52 laps ext. 414.510sec

Limited LMSC Novice
1. Ed Jones 48 laps 48 laps
2. Jackson Chih 46 laps
3. Gene Shaw 43 laps

Slot.it Group C Expert
1. Billy 52 laps ext. 365.213sec *Fast Time 6.767*
2. Craig 52 laps ext. 379.179sec
3. Mike W. 52 laps ext. 383.916sec
4. Jan 51 laps ext. 372.321sec
5. Bill 51 laps ext. 375.693sec

Slot.it Group C Amateur
1. Jeremy 52 laps ext. 376.139sec *Fast Time 7.008*
2. Larry 52 laps ext. 379.035sec
3. Ryland 52 laps ext. 386.359sec
4. Scott 52 laps ext. 387.730sec
5. Rob Marshall 52 laps ext. 400.081sec
6. David 52 laps ext. 401.982sec
7. Joe 51 laps ext. 389.055sec
8. Aaron 51 laps ext. 397.504sec
9. John R. 50 laps

Slot.it Group C Novice
1. Tom 52 laps
2. Paul 50 laps
3. Gene 43 laps

VRAA II Round five Joe's track.

Joe's track is an expanded version of his original Revell track, using some of his original pieces and some added by our club members and gotten from slot shows. Joe's track is a work in progress and has been carefully thought out. It is a very demanding 90 foot track with lots of turns that keep you on your toes. The track surface was smooth and had good grip for the most part. Here are the qualifying times ran by Joe in order from top to bottom.

Geno 12 10.391

Matt 3 10.460

Stewart 14 10.711

Rosso 4 10.750

Ken 2 10.780

Charles 20 11.499

Alexis 18 11.690

Max 58 12.101

More to come. ken

BNIB Revell/Monogram cars FOR SALE

BNIB Revell/monogram cars $40 each shipped to all 48 states paypal to mario_baskin@yahoo.com SOLD SOLD

Tuning a Scaley Porsche 911

Having trouble making it around an R1 turn without the guide popping out. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? I've added weight up front but maybe not enough. I've experimented with body float,tighter seems better.

Fly alpha series for sale

Four Fly alpha Series for sale. All new in cases with cards. $45 each, shipped to the lower 48:

Doran JE4 #54
Doran JE4 #77 Crown Royal
Sunred SR21 #14
Riley MK XI #10 SunTrust

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Fly Doran #54.jpg (23.7 KB)
File Type: jpg Fly Doran #77.jpg (25.5 KB)
File Type: jpg Fly Sunred.jpg (25.3 KB)
File Type: jpg Fly Riley SunTrust.jpg (27.4 KB)

Dijon Racing Blog

5RS "Karim BERSET" fil rouge 8/10

Bonjour amis sloteurs,
Cette huitième édition de la "groupe 5 Sideways", fil rouge du DRS saison 6, a été placé en hommage à notre cher ami disparu accidentellement Mardi dernier 15 Avril  à un carrefour d'une petite localité non loin de Lausanne.  Karim Berset a été violement percuté par une camionnette de livraison qui lui aurait refusé la priorité.  "Not'Suisse" comme j'aimais l'appeler souvent au DRS, rentrait du travail sur son scooter quand il a trouvé la mort vers 16h20. Aujourd'hui, outre notre peine ici au club, nous pensons tous à sa famille, ses proches et le petit Adrien que nous connaissons bien ici au club. Karim nous ne t'oublierons pas ...J'ai retrouvé quelques clichés. Une jolie photo souvenir ...

Karim aurait du être présent à cette course pour laquelle il avait préparé quelques 7 ou 8 voitures pour essais avant de choisir l'ultime "bête de course". Le DRS dédie cette épreuve à Karim, membre du bureau et fondateur associé ...super pilote de slot racing, assidu à presque toutes les épreuves.  "Mon p'tit Suisse" n'hésitait pas à venir depuis Lausanne faire une course un soir et repartir en Suisse vers 22h30 pour reprendre le boulot à 7 heures le lendemain matin. Et ça mes amis, presque toutes les semaines depuis 3 ans, précisons le. ....Moi je dis chapeau et respect à Mr Karim. Un grand monsieur censé, assidu, objectif avec beaucoup d'humour et sur qui on pouvait compter. En tant que président, je l'ai souvent consulté à titre personnel concernant des projets ou des conflits. Son avis m'était précieux et nous étions souvent "en phase" comme il disait. Son absence à cette course a laissé un vide. Tout le monde ici au club est encore sous le choc. On fait la course sans avoir trop conscience, on y croit pas, c'est une absence passagère, il doit avoir une réunion, il garde Adrien ...bref, plein de motifs comme ceux ci nous aveuglent je pense. Tous les pilotes de slot racing qui l'ont connu, à Dijon ou ailleurs, peuvent témoigner de la gentillesse et sympathie de notre ami.  La course en son honneur a quand même eu lieu.  "Allo mon bon Karim, voici quelques photos pour toi ..."

Tu vois Karim, il n'y a pas de Ferrari 512BB sur le plateau. Je suis sûr que tu aurais pris ta magnifique 512 toi, hum?. D'ailleurs, je vais m'en procurer une de ce pas en souvenir et je te la ferais voir toute décorée  ...un jour sûrement.  Pendant que nous y sommes, regarde aussi tes potes, les gueux qui ont gagné ce soir, ainsi que leurs voitures sur le podium. Non mais t'as vu la dégaine ? ...ksi ksi ksi
Didier remporte l'épreuve sur BMW devant les deux compères Jean Daniel sur Porsche et Cetéphane sur BMW.  Le scratch remarquable de 9'837 est signé ce soir par Cetéphane sur BMW.  Mais note bien mon cher Karim que j'ai vu un autre adhérent claquer un 9'793 aux essais en semaine ...mais chut c'est une indiscrétion de ma part, j'aurais pas du !    Pour terminer, voici les résultats complets de cette "5RS Karim BERSET" avec des temps époustouflants et très peu de sorties. Le gégène est proposé à la suite, bien sûr.  Voici les deux tableaux et je te reprends après Karim ...

...Bon, sur ces belles paroles, nous allons te quitter Karim mais rassure toi, on va se voir bientôt. Nous partons à Lausanne Mardi matin à 3 ou 4 pour te faire un petit coucou. Tu vois, t'as pas voulu venir et bien nous on va y aller, épicétou.  A bientôt, on t'aime tous ici.  Chers lecteurs, laissez lui un message dans le cadre ci-dessous. Je vous remercie beaucoup ...Paul JOURNET

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Good Friday - Store OPEN

Hi Guys,

The wife is off running around today so I am hanging out at the store.

Come on out, FREE Tracktime all day. :)

Race Haven Hobbies

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Alfa 4C?


I generally love Italian sports cars. I understand this will be the model that Alfa returns to the US with.

Is this lotus based?

What is the consensus on the styling?

Hennessey--Heavily modified Lotus w/supercharged Chevy V8

Association Slot Alpin

Avant le Film de Channel Slot, les première photos de la WRE NSR 2014


Le Beep Beep Racing Team 2014.4_


C'est la Porsche 917K que nous avions sélectionnée pour cette édition 2014


Le Stand Beep Beep, avec une partie technique et une partie ravitaillement....


La Partie Technique avec sur le banc la préparation d'un support moteur de rechange...


Les voitures en Parc Fermé


Les voitures prêtent pour les qualifications...



Le jour...


La nuit...



Les résultats après 24H....


Rendez Vous en 2015....:)


GP Chine-Libres 2: Hamilton redresse la barre

Huitième seulement de la première séance ce vendredi matin, Lewis Hamilton a réalisé dans la foulée le meilleur chrono de la deuxième séance d’essais libres du Grand Prix de Chine, quatrième manche de la saison.

Vainqueur en Malaisie et à Bahreïn, le Britannique a réalisé un chrono de 1'38"315 et devancé de 141 millièmes la Ferrari de Fernando Alonso, deuxième après avoir réalisé le meilleur chrono lors de la première partie.

Nico Rosberg suit à quatre dixièmes et devance les deux Red Bull de Daniel Ricciardo et Sebastian VettelRomain Grosjean a réussi une nouvelle séance intéressante pour Lotus et intègre le top 10 avec le neuvième chrono à 1"2 de Hamilton. Son coéquipier Pastor Maldonado est sorti de la piste après une demi-heure.

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