November 26, 2014

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El equipo de Palau Hobby, se proclama vencedor de la edición 2014 de la Ninco World Cup celebrada en Medina Sidonia, La segunda posición ha sido para el equipo de Málaga Club Slot Costa del Sol, que tras los problemas de las primeras mangas, han hecho una remontada espectacular para alcanzar las plazas de podium. El último peldaño de los galardonados, ha sido para el segundo equipo de Palau,

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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE HUMAN FACTOR The slot car game. Technology versus imagination.

Some might accuse me of putting the focus on a product, an initiative, but after listening and value various important voices in this sector, have considered it appropriate go ahead with the idea that popped into my head at the time of knowing the project. Imagination against technology. Return to ...

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Policar: les premières pièces de rechange des F1 70′s

POLICAR Slot RacingPolicar prépare doucement mais surement l’arrivée de ses F1 Classic 70. Alors qu’en septembre dernier la Lotus 72 a fait ses premiers tours de roue sur circuit, cette semaine Policar présente les premières pièces de rechange de ses prochaines voitures de slot. Policar montre sur son site officiel les photos des premières pièces détachées de […]

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Slot Car Gifs-Post em here!

HO Car Restoration Services

Ok so you work long hours to maintain a 30 year business but you're getting older, next b'day is the big 6-0 so you'd like to spend a little time smelling the roses. One of those roses you are smelling are these slot cars and specifically HO cars. Now you're going to build a custom track and if you go with one of the track builders it'll be a year before you have your custom track. So one of the options is to look for a used track that someone will transport down to SW Fla and set it up for you, use that till the masterpiece is done. Or have a carpenter build a table and set up the AFX/Tomy track in the garage and use that for the time being.

But this same person has gone BONKERS on buying slot cars and has purchased over 80 cars in the last 2 months. Most of them are like new but a bunch are vintage and some really need to be restored.

Who do you recommend reaching out to to send these cars to and have them restored, painted maybe, upgraded etc. Does anyone run a service to do this? Perhaps some of the great minds can huddle on this and render their suggestions

Ninco Nissan 350Z & Porsche 911 GT3 SuperCup

Ninco Nissan 350Z & Porsche 911 GT3 SuperCup

Two Ninco GT cars in used but excellent condition:

#50427 Nissan 350Z Super GT "G'zox"
#50486 Porsche 911 GT3 SuperCup "Hublot"

No boxes, no magnets, urethane rear tires and lead ballast for handling. Great lookers and super runners on wood or plastic. The art work on the Hublot Porsche is simply amazing. No details broken, missing or repaired. The cars are better than new: all the tuning work has already been done!

FREE SHIPPING to Canada and US48. All others enquire as to additional postage.

List Date: 11/26/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Ninco Nissan 350Z & Porsche 911 GT3 SuperCup
On Sale For: $80.00 + FREE! Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Ninco Nissan 350Z & Porsche 911 GT3 SuperCup

Scalextric Mini BMW Duo

Scalextric Mini BMW Duo

Two Scalextric modern Mini Coopers. Used. The #6 Cooper has had a broken mirror reattached but is otherwise in good condition. The #1 Cooper S is newer and in excellent shape. Both cars have 4 working lights, no boxes, no magnets, urethane tires on rear and lead ballast for good handling. Great running little cars and endlessly entertaining for all ages.

FREE SHIPPING to Canada and US48. All others please enquire as to additional postage.

List Date: 11/26/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Scalextric Mini BMW Duo
On Sale For: $55.00 + FREE! Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Scalextric Mini BMW Duo

Speedzone NJ

Been going down to Speedzone NJ on Monday nights with grandson and having a great time. Everyone is friendly and the staff is awesome . Only thing grandson Owen is kicking my butt. Stop down and turn some laps, it's a great place.

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Scalextric/Fly Touring Car Duo

Scalextric/Fly Touring Car Duo

Scalextric Seat Leon "Red Bull" and Fly Alfa Romeo 147 GTA. Gently used Touring Cars, tuned for non-magnet running. No boxes, no magnets, urethane rear tires, lead ballast. Cars are in very good condition with no missing or repaired detail parts. Scalextric car has 4 working lights. Great little runners!

FREE SHIPPING to Canada and US48. All others enquire for additional postage.

List Date: 11/26/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Scalextric/Fly Touring Car Duo
On Sale For: $55.00 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: Scalextric/Fly Touring Car Duo

December race

our next race will be Saturday Dec 20 at The Race Place. This will be our annual race and Holidays party. Feel free to invite a friend and bring hot/cold foods and drinks to share. :cheers:

If I got a dollar

Don't like your inline DTM?

No problem.

Hella flush, as the kids say nowadays...

the 3rd Annual Brant's Hatch / Group 25 show

only a few months away

go to the Group 25 website for vendor information :canada:

November 25, 2014

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Results 11/19 Group C & Trans Am Sidewinder Raceway

Group C
(Group A)
1. Billy Strange 14pts (6.837)
2. Justin Colvin 13pts 40 laps 284.945 (6.949)
3. Bill Strange 13pts 40 laps 284.990 (6.952)
4. Jeremy Schaeffer 9pts (7.038)
5. Mike Davis 6pts (7.492)
(Group B)
1. Michael Wright 18pts (6.874)
2. Larry Stevens 14pts (6.938)
3. John Roberts 10pts (7.128)
4. Jonathan Perez 7pts (7.452)
5. Mike Grummitt 6pts (7.445)

(Group C)
1. Craig Holsted 18pts (7.189)
2. Paul Hendricks 12pts (7.214)
3. David Helmer 11pts (7.142)
4. John Vina 7pts 40 laps (7.340)
5. Ed Jones 7pts 38 laps (7.287)

(Group D)
1. Rob Marshall 18pts (7.199)
2. Joe Hiner 13pts (7.351)
3. Rich Vecchio 8pts (7.397)
4. Ron Tilford 5pts (7.852)

Modified Trans Am
Group A
1. Justin Colvin 16pts (6.969)
2. Craig Holsted 11pts (7.148)
3. Bill Strange 10pts (7.347)
4. John Vina 9pts 39 laps (7.206)
5. John Roberts 9pts 38 laps (7.134)

Group B
1. David Helmer 14pts (7.288)
2. Jeremy Schaeffer 13pts (7.488)
3. Larry Stevens 12pts (7.292)
4. Paul Hendricks 10pts (7.479)
5. Joe Hiner 9pts (7.467)
6. Rob Marshall 8pts (7.372)

Scalextric Trans Am
1. Michael Wright 39 laps 18.931
2. Jonathan Perez 39 laps 22.060
3. Ed Jones 39 laps 30.115
4. Mike Grummitt 38 laps
5. Mike Davis 36 laps 9.837
6. Rich Vecchio 36 laps 14.747
7. Billy Strange 36 laps 15.732
8. Ron Tilford 35 laps

glue for foam tire donuts

just wondering what glues are used out there to glue foam rubber tire donuts onto rims. I want to start doing this for my BRM and Scaleauto rears, and since I do not like using harsh chemicals, I am looking for something easy and "safer" to use (not a harsh smelling or a caustic chemical).

thanks :USA:

monthly race schedule

As of the November 2014 race, our race schedule will be as follows:

1) Hardbody
2) BRM Porsche 917
3) Scaleauto
4) BRM Group-C***

*** 4th race only if enough racers and marshalls. We will rotate between the BRM Porsche 917 and Group-C race as race#2. All races will be 3 minute heat sprint races.

2015 Hardbody rules

Hi guys, there are new changes for the H&R Hardbody class for 2015:

- the class name will now be called: Hardbody
- chassis allowed are the H&R brass chassis, Pro Track PT612 aluminum chassis; Pro Track chassis PT512 will need weights added to chassis bottom and/or lead weights inside chassis; Pro Track brass chassis (out of production).
- motors allowed are any brand 26k, including H&R, JK Hawk, Plafit, and Prof Motor
- any brand: axles, bushings, braid, guide flag, guide flag nut/retainer, lead wire, spacers, fasteners, gears
-wheels/tires: Pro Track or H&R, narrow or wide. fronts can be coated with nail polish
- 1/16" track clearance
- allowed to solder brass pan "wings"(pans) to the bottom of the H&R or Pro Track brass chassis; lead weights inside chassis only
- allowed to add either a brass axle tube or bushings to the front axle uprights on the H&R or Pro Track brass chassis
- allowed to re-position the guide flag tongue on the H&R chassis
- allowed to use either wide or narrow rears
-allowed independent front wheels

-body classes: Trans-Am/Muscle cars, Modern Nascar, Vintage Nascar, Vintage Classics, IMSA/Group-5.
open to other classes as more racers build cars.

***look on Ebay for Tamiya slot car body kit re-issues, most are $19.99, there is one seller selling some for only $12.99. These are mid 1960 era Can-Am body kits, perfect for our racing. Prof Motor is also selling a Tamiya re-issue chassis kit that uses a 1960s 36D can motor, for those interested in recreating a 1965 era Tamiya slot car.

Hardbody is also being raced at NJ Speedzone in Mt Holly, contact our own Mike Haskins for more details if you wish to race there during the week. Also ask Mike if you need your chassis tuned for racing.


Racing at Slots-A-Lot - Wed, 11/26, Franklin Square, NY

Ok guys tomorrow night, Stock Cars on the Kingleman.

Track will be prepped and ready by 7pm. Lets get racing started by 8:30.

SlotForum News

Guide to the world of Scalextric 8th Edition

Originally published in 1981, Roger Gillham’s classic guide to the world of Scalextric has become known to all enthusiasts as the essential aid. This new book supersedes all 7 previous editions, with a brand new classification listing and a massive gallery of cars, sets and accessories produced.
Special care has been taken to document and photograph items seldom seen, limited and unique cars, bound into one large volume with a limited edition print run of only 3000.
This new limited edition, will without doubt continue the book’s reputation as the gold standard of the story, history and product reference work of Scalextric.
Interested in racing or collecting Scalextric? Then you should not be without this reference work.

This publication is a limited edition of 3000. Each book is sequentially numbered with a unique identifier label!

Price £49.95.

Order yours now from:

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We would like to inform you that the following new items are now available:
Car Body Spares:
Kit01 - 312 PB body kit
Pro Axle System – Wheels;
PWH1217-Pl - Pl Ø16x11.7 early 70's F1 rear wheels, 0.8g, (4x)
PWH1218-Pl - Pl Ø13.8x7.9 early 70's F1 front wheels, 0.5g, (4x)
PWH1234-Al - Al Ø16x11.7 early 70's F1 rear wheels, M2 grub, 1.8g, (2x)
Pro Axle System - Other parts:
PCS02i - Lotus 72 kit wheel inserts (2+2x)
Pro Tyres:
PPT1219F22 - F22 compound, early 70's F1 rear tyres, dwg 1219 (4x)
PPT1220C1 - C1 compound, early 70's F1 front tyres, dwg 1220 (4x)

Sano 8, the report - yeah, finally!

Consider it akin to waiting for those magazines to come with three-month old articles in them. So this only took a bit over a month. But it's done and right here for you!
Funny thing is that if this was back in the day, the cars in the report would be totally obsolete by now. Heck, these are still being raced!
Attached File  Sano8Report.pdf   7.96MB   163 downloads

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NSR 997 and NEW Model DUE SOON

1185AW Porsche 997 McDonald's #55 - Belcar Endurance Championship - 24h Zolder 2011 Retail £75.00

Ok no surprises with this car but I must say I think it looks a bit cool with the Macky Dee's Sponsorship on it!

What is new however is NSR's first offering of their take of the Ford GT40. Often referred to as the MKI to differentiate it from the MKII which NSR have been successfully selling for a few years now, the MKI has a completely different rear bodywork on it. Whether this is an alteration to the MKII tooling or not only time will tell but a glancing at these pictures I think they have caught these often difficult to model lines of this car just about right. NSR have gone back to their tradition of releasing newly introduced models in kit form first, so we will have to wait a little longer before the fully finished models to arrive. Remember that most NSR cars are bought by slot racers who often like to decorate and put their own cars together, and being in kit form has the benefit of a lower price over the assembled models.

1188SW Ford MK I GT 40 white body - complete kit Retail £59.00

Text and Images from Gaugemaster

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At first glance it may seem like a new Scalextric version of the Dodge Charger without more, but behind this 1:32 slot scale reproduction hides a Hornby homage to a driver who was r...

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WANTED : 1 /32 Beater cars

Not sure where to post a wanted ad, the panjo classifieds page doesn't give you an option for this..

We are looking for running beaterr cars for a demo derby track we have setup..

PM me with what you have.


RMRRA race results - Nov 8, Longmont, CO

November results, no pictures, sorry.


Retro Can Am Nov 2014.jpg



Retro Stock Car Nov 2014.jpg



Retro F1 Nov 2014.jpg

Smokey Creek Slot Car Dragway - Lenoir

Smokey Creek Slot Car Dragway
4249 Smokey Creek Rd
Lenoir, NC 28645
(828) 612-8201

1/4 mile dragstrip

Mike Woodring

SlotForum Scratchbuilding

emphasising shut lines

had one of those brain fart moments earlier. thinking about my xk120 build I started thinking whether it would work to lay some black paint in the shut lines under the top colour coat? I have scored them all out quite heavily and like the emphasised look but not the "gob black paint in there afterwards" appearance. I wondered if anyone else had tried this , so I don't have to cock the job up trying it. ohmy.gif

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Replacement controllers for SCX Compact

My son has three scx compact sets. He absolutely loves them and they have been great so far. My only complaint has been the controllers. He has managed to break all six of them. I am not the handiest person but I did take one apart and noticed one of the wires broke off. I managed to solder it on but it does not seem like it was when it was new.

I was wondering if there are aftermarket controllers I could order that would be more sturdy and work with the set without too much hassle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

For Sale: Tradeship Ball Bearing Wheels

I am trying to raise money for the holidays, so I am offering ONE (1) set of vintage Tradeship ball bearing wheels still new and sealed in the original package. They measure 5/8" inside diameter and 1/4" inside width. Great for Can-Am racers or any other special project.

Sales are by PayPal only at this point and sent by First Class Mail at $4.00 each or combined for both items. These are single ball bearing per wheel.

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Size of host tracks?

As the proxy nears, and I am completing the build of my car, I was considering the size of the tracks that will host this proxy.

Is there a tentative list available? Any information about the type and size of the tracks would be appreciated.

Cleaning Sport track

A friend loaned me a huge amount of Sport track to mess around with. Most of it is in real good shape, but all of it is very dirty, any tips on cleaning the track pieces would be welcomed. After I setup a little test section I wiped the track down with a lightly damped towel and then let it dry, that worked OK but I can still see some grime on most of the track. After just a few laps the tires are totally dirty again and traction just goes away. Thanks

What's with all the slot car related articles at If you go to their page and look under the "North American Racing" section there are stories on Carrera, Slot-It, and Professor Motor. I guess maybe it's their way of providing some helpful hints for the Christmas season.

Tyco 440X2/Lola 260?

Will a 440X2 Chassis fit under the lola 260 body without modification to the body?

If it does require modification, please outline the details.

Also, is the plastic under the "chrome" bodies brittle?

thank you in advance! :yo:

Racer Porsche 935 Championship car

I have some of these on the way. I not sure how my name got on the roof of this car but pretty cool......I think? Here are the details on the car.

Racer Sideways 2014 North American Championship Sunoco Porsche 935. These cars were assembled, painted and finished in Italy by Racer for the North American Group 5 Championship. 1of 200. $134.99

Remember me feature


I've recently experienced problems with your remember me feature on the log in. Your forum used to remember me consistently. But now, just as consistently, it has stopped remembering me and requires me to sign in each time I visit. Can you fix this remember me feature for me? Thanks.


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Sloting Plus: Une nouvelle gamme de couronnes en ligne

Sloting Plus NouveauxSloting Plus, la marque de pièces de slot pour la compétition, lance une nouvelle gamme de couronnes pour voitures de slot racing.  Sloting Plus vient d’ajouter à son catalogue de pièces pour le slot, une nouvelle série de couronnes In line. Sloting plus propose toute une gamme de couronnes disponibles avec des noyaux en aluminium […]

The "Greats"

I've been wondering the for quite awhile ever since I picked up an old Omni Cidex controller and some crap Champion chassis back in '09.

Who was/is considered to be the greatest of all time in the US or the southeast region to be specific and why are they considered to be that way.

Slot Car Today - General


From this week, Sloting Plus has added to its catalog online the crowns for 1:32 slot cars previously manufactured HSR (Hobby Slot Racing). The brand has recovered the mold of these magnificent crowns...

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Mr Slotcar: Deux McLaren F1 GTR pour le slot en approche

Mr Slotcar dévoile les photos de la production finale des premières McLaren F1 GTR, le nouveau joujou de la marque canadienne. Pour attirer l’œil des sloteurs la marque à choisi la réplique de la « Ueno Clinic » 1995 Lemans Winner. La marque canadienne Mr Slotcar a publié sur sa page Facebook les photos des premières McLaren […]

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Need help wiring track please.

I have been having a hard time getting my SCP 1.1 to work in analog mode and at this point i am very confused with all the different ways to wire track and with the nomenclatures.

I have a SISCP01B - Analog Common Ground Cartridge.
Is this the way I should wire the track?

Is common ground the same as positive polarity?

For Sale: Painted 1/32 bodies - SOLD!

I have these beautifully painted bodies.  Two are in good used condition, two are new and one of the new has been cut ready to pin up.




$25.00 plus shipping US only.

For Sale: 1/32 Eurosport items

I have a 1/32 Eurosport (baby Euro) available...


The chassis is an older Mack W/brand new axle bearings installed.  Also, new axle w/80 pitch gears.


I'm not exactly certain of the make of the single mag motor or what needs to be explained about the setup.  However, I do know the arm is a 23 turn of 25 wire.


I have an audi body for it (not shown).  Included in this sale is three sets of JK Euro tires






$150.00 plus shipping takes it.


I thought this would be a fun class but my reaction times aren't what they used to be and I cannot drive the darn thing.


Next I have a 18 turn 24-1/2 single mag motor.  (SOLD)


845 motor.jpg


$75.00 plus shipping


Next on the block is a newer Mack chassis.


euro chassis.jpg


$50.00 plus shipping


US sales only

Is there more info on this race?

From: BILL pinch


MELBOURNE, FL - (20 NOV 2014) -





GRRR SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP: will be hosting the GRRR SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday and Saturday January 30th & 31st. 



[RSS] Pactra Competition Ford GT 1/24 slot car

End Date: Monday Dec-1-2014 18:00:26 PST
Buy It Now for only: $99.00
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

View the full article

[RSS] Riggen Mach 5 1/24 slot car

End Date: Monday Dec-1-2014 18:00:24 PST
Buy It Now for only: $99.00
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

View the full article

Best oil for JK Hawk Retro motors?

Have tried synthetic and regular oils on the JK HR motors. Have notice bushing or shaft wear problems.

Any suggestions on what oil seems to work best on these motors to prevent wear problems?


Friday at Fastraxxx - 11/28, Fremont, OH

Just so everyone is aware if you wanna do some racin' on Friday the 28th and aren't too stuffed we will be racing Sprints and our FCR late model then after that we can figure out what else anyone would like to run.
2201 Commerce Dr
New Vision Building
Fremont, OH 43420
(419) 937-4108

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Table built and track is usable

So got my Carrera track a month ago and have been running it on the floor that whole time. Yuk Finally got the table built and track is up and running. I'm going to change out the guard rails soon but that might be it for a while.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg DSCF1678a.jpg (40.7 KB)

November 24, 2014

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1/32 Carrera Group 5 VW beetle Kafer Race 1

1/32 Carrera Group 5 VW beetle Kafer Race 1

So I purchased this Digital car (VW beetle Kafer Group 5 race 1, and need an analog version. Carrera cars that I have known in the past have always been very easily downwardly compatable with still using the factory plugs. As it turns out this new car, that cannot be done. I am happy to sell the digital version of this car at the price of an analog. or 33.00 US plus shipping. Thank you.

List Date: 11/24/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 1/32 Carrera Group 5 VW beetle Kafer Race 1
On Sale For: $33.00 + $10.00 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: 1/32 Carrera Group 5 VW beetle Kafer Race 1

VRAA 2014-15 Race 4 - Monza

The cars arrived today. I noticed just two issues, both with Mereck's cars. #69 is missing a windscreen and it is not in the bag. I do not know if it left Canada with or without the windscreen. The other car has had the right trailing arm come free from the axle tube. It appears the solder connection failed at the trailing arm as there is a dab of solder still intact on the axle tube.

Edit: looking at the picture again, it appears the solder failed as there is a decent amount of solder on both pieces.

I am hoping to get the cars run the weekend of the 6th. This weekend it tough since everyone is on holiday. One of the locals scheduled a race for the 6th, so I am not sure if the drivers will be available on the 6th. Perhaps they will be free the 7th. If not, I know we can get them together the weekend of the 13th. I waited to schedule it since it can sometimes be dicey determining when the cars will arrive.


Artin cars better details...

Artin is now making their cars with more details?
They look really good on this pic , but I guess only a few cars will be nicely done & the rest will look toy like?

To bad they will more likely 1/48 & not 1/43 (unless they have a scale change?) & still using guide pins...

Anybody have info if Artin is making cars more to 1/43 scale or still "stock" at around 1/48..?

Anyways thought I share this with you guys

Artin link-->

Look at the cars on these sets they look much better then what Artin done before Specially the las one (super loop speedway)

Too bad they stop producing their 1/32 scale we could all buy some good 1/32 track for cheap price...:ohwell:


Not a slot car yet

Came across these pictures

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo Concept: First Look

I'm back, mostly

I've been away from here for a while. Been dealing with some health and financial issues that are trying to kick my *** and have been doing a pretty good job of it. Not crying or looking for sympathy, just stating facts. Starting to dig my way out.
Looks like I missed a lot. :dash2:
Anyway, I will try to get back to posting in the history section, adding pics of cool cars and asking stupid questions. :)
A healthy, safe, and happy Thanksgiving to all. 


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Nothing new for Christmas?

It appears nothing new in the HO slot world has been introduced for this Christmas. Am I wrong?

A new set would be great.

Jim Norton
Huntsville, AL

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(PR, Slot Racing Company, 24/11/2014)

Slot Racing Company SL (SRC) and IBB Auto Racing SL closed a distribution agreement.
SRC elects IBB Auto Racing by his reno...

Italia Slot

BRM Slot Car Show - Tacoma (USA)

Si è svolto a Tacoma (USA) dal 13 al 16 novembre 2014 il primo BRM Slot Car Show in occasione dell’inaugurazione del fantastico ScaleRacing Center gestito da Alan Smith.
Si può senza dubbi definire un “paradiso delle slot car”. Al momento il centro è ancora in fase di ampliamento, ma dispone già di 3 piste in legno: una 8, una 6 e una 4 corsie, tutte con sistema di cronometraggio IST; un ampio spazio con sala relax, cucina, tv, sala box e tanto altro. La prossima pista che verrà installata da Mr Alan Smith, direttore del centro, sarà una "drag strip" per le gare di accelerazione, ma sicuramente non finirà lì.


Where are the Firebirds?

I'm planning for adding the Vintage Class with 4 1/2 chassis to my racing classes at

As I look at cars to stock....I'm noticing the 77-78 Firebird body is conspicuously absent. What gives!?!? That's the Smoky and the Bandit model and is only one of the most recognizable cars of history excepting maybe a Corvette.

I have a guy willing to build a mold but before I go that there not already a source for such an obviously deserving car? Please!?

A couple of beauties from New Zealand!

Picked these up from a collector in New Zealand.  He listed the bodies as George Turner models.  One chassis is stratch built and the other is a Monogram 1/32 F-1/Midget chasses.


f1a.jpg f1d.jpg f1cd.jpg ferrarichassis.jpg f1b.jpg f1a.jpg

Slot Car illustrated Forum

2 little gems from New Zealand!

I happened upon an auction from a New Zealand collector listing a Lotus and Ferrari F-1s. Both cars were listed as George Turner bodies. The cars looked really interesting and were going for cheap so I bid and low and behold won them for a very reasonable price.

I figured that at worst, I'd had a the nice Monogram chassis under the Ferrari to use for another project. After they arrived, I decided that both cars had such a nice "hand made" charm to them, I going to just clean, lube, replace the rear tires with Paul Gage ures' and run 'em!

Attachment 41708

Attachment 41709

Attachment 41710

Attachment 41711

Attachment 41712

Attachment 41713

Attached Images
File Type: jpg f1e.jpg (81.1 KB)
File Type: jpg f1d.jpg (75.9 KB)
File Type: jpg f1cd.jpg (80.6 KB)
File Type: jpg ferrarichassis.jpg (74.8 KB)
File Type: jpg f1b.jpg (80.6 KB)
File Type: jpg f1a.jpg (70.1 KB)

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The Canadian company MR SlotCar has just make known through his Facebook page the first true liveries of his new McLaren F1 GTR. There are two versions of Le Mans, the Ueno Clinic of Koksuai Kahiatsu Racing, w...

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Race Schedule?

Hi guys as a "new guy" to the club (and 1/32 also) I am still learning the ins and outs of the club and how it and races are run and scheduled. After being to a few races at Steves and one at Mikes I can see just how much work the host puts in to put on a race for us, Thanks to you for that. I was wondering (just thinking outloud here) I wonder if the club was to set a specific weekend lets say every third, second, or first weekend or what ever works best for the hosts to have club races?? Maybe this has been done before I got involved with the club and not worked out too well, but I think if there was a set weekend for each race we might get more members to attend and we could make plans in advance to attend the assigned weekend. Iam not trying to rock the boat here, but I think that if members knew what weekend to set aside for a club race it would be easier to plan ahead for it. Ha I kind of feel like Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry McGuirre:banana: Thanks again to you guys who open your homes up to us it is beyond kind.

Anyone know what Joseph E. Giammarino did?

I'd bet a substantial sum of money that there's not a single person reading this who knows, not even PdL or John Cukras. Am I wrong?


If you want to learn just what Giammarino did, scroll on down...

















Note that it took over three years for the patent for the T-Jet to be awarded...


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Carrera DTMs... all 9

A photo of all 9 Carrera DTMs that will soon (or have already been) available in North America. I've gotten the last 2 i'm able to get from the original 6 coming now to the warehouse arriving before the end of the year.

Trans Am and Group C at Sidewinder on 11/19/2014

I arrived at Sidewinder Raceway in the early afternoon on race day, November, 19, 2014. As usual, I received a warm welcome from the owners, Bill and Billy Strange.Prior to my visit, I checked the Sidewinder Facebook page and found that we would be racing Trans Am and Group C but the race announcement did provide details on the race format or track(s) on which classes would be run.I was informed that the format would be “sprint” and that both classes would be run on Atlanta Raceway Park (ARP), the larger of the two tracks at Sidewinder.I was pleased that we would be racing on the ARP circuit with it undulating terrain, realistic scenery and buildings.Successfully negotiating the hairpin at the end of the main straight and the tricky S curves in front of the driver’s stations are critical to achieving fast lap times.ARP has no bridge and as a result, the outside lane (#4) is longer than all others and also has the sharpest radius turn in the hairpin and upon entering the S turns.It is the slowest lane by about .2 seconds per lap.
The “sprint” format is not my favorite because the very short heats coupled with my inexperience on the circuit make it tough for me to develop the rhythm needed to turn fast and consistent lap times. Heat length was to be 70 seconds for the Scalextric Trans Am class and 10 laps for all other races.As usual, the race director, Billy Strange, would seed the competitors into groups based upon skill level using past performance and a bit of discretion.Billy’s success as a race director is exemplified by the fact that racing is always close.Effective seeding encourages the novice and expert alike creating a race environment that is competitive and fun.European lane rotation was used with the number of sit-outs, if any, determined by the number of participants in each group.The finishing order of each group was determined by totaling the number of points amassed by each racer.Points were awarded in each heat based upon finishing position in the heat 5,3,2,1 for first through fourth respectively.
Scalextric Tran Am
There were actually two Trans Am classes for participants to choose from. The Scalextric Trans Am class allowed for almost no modifications from the cars in box stock form.These cars were equipped with relatively “tame” motors resulting in very drivable machines.As mentioned above, the heat length would be 70 seconds with European rotation.In addition, there was an eight second “break-out” for this class.Eight racers, including myself, participated in this race.For this race, Billy chose to run only a single group.Each of the eight participants ran each of the four lanes and had four sit-outs.
My loaner was a competitive replica of the Orange #13 1970 Trans Am Camaro driven by Warren Agor. I was selected to run on lane #1 for the first heat and rotated to lane #3 then #4, then #2 and sat out for the final four heats.During sit-outs, participants were required to act as turn marshals.I received a “pass” on several heats so that I could record images.Even though the Scalextric Trans Am class was designed as an almost “box stock” category, on this evening, it attracted its share of experienced drivers. Hot shoes included Billy Strange, and the three Mikes - Wright, Gummitt, and Davis and others.It would be safe to say I was the least experienced of the group.
My race strategy was to drive consistently in each heat and hope that more experienced drivers got involved in “heat of the moment” wrecks or succumb to unforced errors. I do not recall the details of finishing order in each heat but I do remember finishing second in one heat and third in at least one other.I recall that the first two heats ran quite smoothly.Early in the third heat (#4 lane) my car lost power.It turned out to be a broken lead wire.Bill, one of the owners, got right to work and fixed the problem before the next heat.As I mentioned above, lane 4 is the “slowest” and I was running 4th of 4 but gaining on third place.I don’t think a third place finish in this heat would have had an impact on my overall placing.It would have only added a single point to my total.In the end, I was satisfied with my performance on an unfamiliar track with an unfamiliar car.I ended up finishing sixth of eight but this is somewhat deceiving.Billy had a very fast car but “broke-out” at least twice relegating him to seventh place.
Trans Am – Modified
I noticed that in practice some Trans Am cars simply blew by me down the straight sections of the track and were able to negotiate corners more effectively. Was I that bad of a driver? Could be, but many of these rides were Trans Am cars in “sheep’s clothing”.The modified Trans Am rides were nearly a second per lap faster than the Scalextric Trans Am cars.Upon further observation I noticed that the modified cars were lower and had “hot motors” to boot.Actually, I have been aware of the “modifieds” since my last race at Sidewinder back in August of this year.Both Craig Holsted (Camaro) and Rob Marshal (Cougar) ran their “modifieds” in the “Classics” races.In fact, I battled it out with Rob in the “Classics” limited category and managed to come out on top.Of course, my Ford Mk IV loaner had the advantage of a lower center of gravity.Since that race, both Craig and Rob have dialed in their “modifieds” improving performances by several tenths of a second per lap.
The modified Trans Am class attracted eleven participants and racers were seeded into two groups (6 and 5 respectively). Races were both exciting and fun to watch.In the first race, David Helmer, Jeremy Schaeffer and Larry Stevens finished first through third respectively.In the “main event” (second race), Justin Colvin, barely out of diapers, whipped the field with a slower car besting Craig Holsted and Bill Strange.
Group C
Several modifications are allowed in the Group C class. This coupled with the fact that the cars are quite low and wide yields rides with superior handling characteristics.However, their very high power to weight ratio requires a bit more finesse in order achieve consistent lap times.My loaner was a very competitive Mazda 787B.Someone commented that the car belonged to Jan Strange and that the car was capable of running in the 7.1 second range.I couldn’t come close to that benchmark.My best lap during the race was 7.397.Being the curious type, I looked at the history of this car by reviewing a few posts of Group C races of the past.Sure enough I found that Jan turned a four lap average of 7.152 in qualifying this car and finished second in the second seeding of Group C cars in July of this year.
The Group C race attracted 19 participants. The most popular ride was the Lancia LC2 along with a sprinkling of Porsche 956/962s, Mazda 787Bs, Toyota 88Cs, Sauber Mercedes C9s and a Jaguar XJR.Billy seeded racers into four groups (Novice had four participants; the other three groups had 5 participants).I was right where I belonged – in the Novice Group.Even so, the Novice group was not exactly novice.In fact, the only novice was the writer.My fellow competitors included very familiar faces from prior visits including Rob Marshall, Joe Hiner and Ron Tilford.I knew it was going to be a long evening.I felt pretty comfortable with the loaner and ran a pretty good race against more experienced drivers.My drive of the Mazda 787B was very competitive with the Rob and Joe, the first and second place finishers respectively.My fast lap time of 7.397 was competitive with both Rob (7.372) and Joe (7.484).I managed a respectable third place finish driving consistently and avoiding “self-inflicted” wounds.
After my “novice” race, I stayed to watch and marshal to the bitter end. The next two races featured more experienced drivers.Craig Holsted, Paul Hendricks, and David Helmer finished first through third respectively in their race.Mike Wright, Larry Stevens and John Roberts finished first through third respectively in their race.It is interesting to note that with the exception of Larry who ran a fast lap of 7.123, all others ran fast laps in the 7.3-7.4 second range.What this tells me is that for the novice and next two races fast lap times were within a whisker of each other and the winners were the pilots who drove the most consistent races.
The final race of the evening included the top tier of Group C cars/drivers. With the exception of Justin, all were running Martini Lancia LC2s.For the spectator, it was hard to tell which car belonged to whom. Fast lap times were all in the 7.0 range.In fact, Bill Strange broke the seven second barrier with a fine 6.953 second lap.This was a great race to watch with some very fine head to head battles.In the end, only a single point separated first from third.I would dub the finish as a “Strange sandwich”.Billy finished in the top spot with Justin Colvin second and Bill third.
As usual, I had a great day at Sidewinder. A big thanks to Bill and Billy for competitive loaners!It was fun racing again with a great bunch of guys.

Scratch built/kit 1/32 Sprint Cars

I have seen the 1/32 scale Sprint cars on different threads/web pages and I am interested in trying my hand at building one. I am wondering if their are any spec's around and tips as well.
Would anyone care to share a detailed drawing on the jig or bends that are involved for the wire cage and nerf bars? Sharing pic's of you cars would be good.

Any links and a component list would be good. Looking forward to your responses.


Edo's 'Finish Line' - has it been six years?

Don't think this video has ever been posted at Slotblog and that's a serious omission that needs to be corrected.

'Finish Line' was Edo's first solo exhibit and was hosted at the Pack Galleria D'art in Milan, Italy, from November 27, 2008 through January 24, 2009. Here are the exhibit notes with the accompanying pictures as shown on the museum's website:
"With his first solo exhibition at Galleria Pack, the Swiss artist Edo Bertoglio will introduce the public to the fetish obsession of Slot Cars, transforming the gallery into a multi-sensorial space in which several “unusual” cars become creators of pathos and the imaginary. The path through the exhibition space is thus transformed into a long chain of pit stops and startups that mirror the dynamic movement of a peculiar obsession, in turn a paradigmatic model for all obsessions.

Slot Cars are generally considered the scale models designed to race on modifiable track sets equipped with electric strips that provide the cars with power (the kind of racing sets many of us have played with when we were young).

Edo Bertoglio (Lugano, 1951) is a central reference point for the 1980s New York Outkast culture. After earning a degree in direction from the Conservatoire du Cinema in Paris, he moved first to London and then to New York. In 1976 he became close with Andy Warhol, collaborating as a photographer for Interview Magazine, and providing a indiscreet eye on the excesses, successes and falls of the Downtown Scene, chronicling the most dynamic, transgressive, courageous and especially inventive and genial. It is a video-photographic tale that found in Manhattan its eclectic creative apex. Later, it led to the cinematographic project DOW NTOWN 81, the film through which Bertoglio detailed the life and times of Jean-Michel Basquiat and a new way of interpreting the connection between art and life.

In 2005, Face Addict became the film through which Bertoglio reconnected with that historical moment through the characters (survivors in the truest sense of the word) who gyrated between music, visual arts, cinema, journalism, literature, fashion and all the best the metropolis had to offer prior to the tragic unfolding of events like AIDS.

That same title could well be transformed into Car Addict, because from the point of view of obsessions, nothing has changed. First there were the real bodies of free and borderline existences; today there are the inorganic bodies of electric cars that live the same precarious existence of those who choose speed, risk and winding curves instead of the straight, simple and narrow. Bertoglio bases form and concepts in the parameters of an obsessive and catalyzing theme, reaching beyond the limits of pure enjoyment, commissioning the creation of cars that then become part of his private collection, entering into the alleyways of fetish and psychoanalysis that govern any private passion. The indiscreet photographer’s eye has a field day with these chromed skins, model details and threaded abstractions of the racing cars. But it does not forget the views of the impassioned, nor the crazy vein that pulses within a community of experts and bonafide enthusiasts. From the transgressive bodies of Americans to the in-scale prototypes, the passion for the anomalous margins of existence, for forms of expression in which art and life blend with perfect solutions for continuity, has remained unchanged.

Micro or macro, true or false, static or dynamic: the resolved counterbalance is like the beating heart of an obsession that resembles the cult of women’s shoes. Bertoglio puts an aura on a world open to just a few experts, constructing images on top of pure imagination. He evokes historical futurists, most notably the airplane painters like Tato and Gerardo Dottori.

He reminds us of the sculpture of Gianni Piacentino and Maurizio Mochetti, adding a sublime link with reality. But first and foremost he reminds us of the approach used by Carlo Mollino, a multi-sensorial artist who loved women and fast speeds with the same obsessive intensity. It is yet more proof that the creative pathway Bertoglio has opened (first with organic bodies, and today with inorganic bodies) possesses the coherence of an epochal project."

It's nice to see all the Slotblog members credited at the end of the above video, too!

Slot Car illustrated Forum

Series 13 at Suzuka West

A: Scaleauto Porsche 911 GT3 Cup:
……All Cars Prepared/Repaired by Darren

......Scalextric/Takara or Ninco S2 Tires
......Weight allowed

C: Early 70s Prototype:
......Fly Ferrari 512S or Coda Lunga, Porsche 917 (all), Lola T-70; MonoRev or Sloter T-70 Spyder. Spirit 512 or Ninco Guide allowed on FLY T-70 & 917
......Super Tires
......Weight allowed

D: Scaleracing Challenge LMP:
......Arrow Slot - BMW V12 LMR

......Avant Slot - Audi R10, Porsche RS Spyder, Peugeot 908, Pescarolo
......FLY - Racing Lola B98/10

......Ninco - Acura ARX-xx, Audi R18 TDI
......NSR - Audi R18 TDI

......Scaleauto - Radical SR9
......SCX - Audi R8 Pro - Lola B10/60, Audi R18 TDI
......Sloter - Zytec 04S
......Sloting Plus - Raynard 2KQ

......Any car can use any manufacturer’s parts i.e. parts can be used on an Avant Slot car.
......We will allow an appropriate body with HRS or HRS2 chassis, Inline/SW/AW Allowed S2 tires only allowed on all cars
......Minor sanding to allow motor pod and body float
......Weight allowed

Week 1: Friday, Nov 28
Week 2: Friday, Dec 12
Week 3: Friday, Dec 26

Week 4 Friday, Final: Jan 9

2 X 2.5 Minute/Heat Enduro for Scaleracing Challenge LMP
Each driver must race one car from each class, in either order.

2 X 5 Minute/Heat Enduro for Scaleracing Challenge LMP
Each driver must race one car from each class, in either order.

2-Driver Teams made up from results of first 2 races.
Each driver must provide a car and both drivers must race each car.
Should there not be an even number of racers, the odd driver's lap total will be doubled

Series 13 at Cherry Point

A: 70s/80s Silhouette and Group 5:
......Revell and Fly BMW CSL, Capri, Lancia Beta, Ferrari Daytona, Alfa GTA, GTV, 935, Renault 5T, Scalextric Corvette Stingray, Spirit Renault 5T, Carrera Group 5 cars, etc.
......Front motored cars allowed wood/Ninco guide OR rear end
...... Super Tires
......Weight allowed

B: F-1 2004 to Current GP - Scalextric F1 Moto-GP, Ninco with NC-5
......Super Tires
......Weight allowed

C: Mid-60s Le Mans GT in partial darkness:
......Scalextric GT40, P4, Chaparral, Fly GT40 and 250LM with lights
......Super Tires
......Maxxtrac Tires for P4s
......Weight allowed

D: RTR Group C/GTP
......Jaguar, Sauber, Lancia, Mazda, Toyota, Porsche S2 Tires
......Weight allowed

Week 1: Friday, Nov 21

Week 2: Friday, Dec 5
Week 3: Friday, Dec 19

Week 4 Friday, Final: Jan 2 - Cherry Point Raceway

5 Minute/Heat Enduro for Mid-60s LeMans GT – Partial Darkness
2X5 Minute/Heat Enduro for RTR Group C/GTP
2-Driver Teams made up from results of first race
Each driver must provide a car and both drivers must race each car.
Should there not be an even number of racers, the odd driver must race 2 different cars

Application availability?

I have a Fly Porsche 911 GT1 98 that suffered a broken chassis (Fly B-68) in the area where the guide attaches. Does B-Nova offer a adapter or repair part to correct this issue so that a guide can be reattached?
Thanks in advance.


ACTION IN CANADA last weekend

There was a Nascar 500 plas race including pit stop.
enjoy the video +


Supergrips vs. Ultragrips

I've been using NSR Supergrips for some of the cars that I'm building out for proxies that mandate rubber tires and I'm wondering if Ultragrips would be a better choice(?) I'm attracted to the softer tire compound on the Ultragrips and the increased traction that I think comes with it.

I've heard that if the proxy includes both routed wood tracks and plastic tracks, then Supergrips are a better choice because they will stand up better to the plastic tracks (some say that Ultragrips will shred or wear to the point of not being effective on plastic tracks). If the proxy includes only routed wood tracks, then I've heard that Ultragrips should last a proxy race series.

I've also heard that from a truing standpoint, Ultragrips are much more difficult to true than Supergrips, due to the fact that the softer tire compound on Ultragrips complies too easily to the sanding/grinding surface to be easily sanded/ground.

Any opinions/recommendations for which of the two tires types would be better for proxy races?


Blog Del Slot

Nuevo campeonato en tulio crespi y proximamente 12hs

Primero ,lo primero,la mire y me dijo..............99,9..baje ,volvi a subir y me dijo otra ves..99,9 KG...VAMOOOOOOOS
Ahora , (hoy no madrugue), la cronica de anoche,murmullo con un misil metio 4,40 y esta ves nadie pudo sacarselo,tiempaso con un auto muy estable y que sorprendio a todos no por el auto en si que ya habia andado muy bien el martes sino porque la pista no parecia estar en condiciones para esos registros, nadie se habia ni asercado a esos tiempos y mucho menos a los del martes,muy buena performance de piloto y auto.Pole para pablo "murmullo" fuentes
La carrera arranco desde la primera vuelta con mucha pelea , a pesar de los extraordinarios tiempos de murmullo todos querian darle lucha ,en la primera serie debutaron Tomas y Bautista Liset, no es una pista facil pero los dos nuevos fueron mejorando vuelta a vuelta su desempeño, ademas palmo el motor de Kimi, con miles de vueltas en su haber este motor tiene no menos de2 años y lo usaron todos los invitados que pasaron por aqui , ademas de haberlo corrido luis maria tres campeonatos completos.Ya en la 2da serie empesaron a aparecer los que se querian acomodar bien arriba,D.Duda,Ale, Lisan yMateo giraban y giraban sin sacarce ni media vuelta, asi fueron las cuatro vias al punto de quedar despues de las cuatro vias separados por apenas metros,y obligando a los de la tercera serie a esforsarce para no ser superados,ya la pista se sentia mucho mas firme y se largo la ultima serie con los mas rapidos en clasificacion.
Sorpresa cuando en la largada se quedo plantado el auto de Luis Maria,ya en clasificacion,habia girado una vuelta y se agarro el motor, rapidamente solucionado giro unas pocas vueltas en las que metio el segundo tiempo lejos de murmullo.Toque de Kimi ,muy atenta a la largada y arranco.................a correrlos.
Pedro,Perazzo y murmullo ,giraban a un ritmo infernal sabiendo los tiempos que habian metido en la serie anterior, no se podia dar ninguna ventaja.Giro tras giro el ultimo se acercaba a los 3 que hacian punta en la serie, al cabo de las 4 vias ya Luis maria tenia la punta, asi estaban los 8 que peleaban:
Luis M...42 v
Murmu....40 v
Pedro ....40v
Ale .......41v
Lisan.......39 v
y mas atras los dos nuevos Bauti y Tomy, ya el motor de kimi estaba out.
para la segunda pasada TODOS absolutamente todos ,tocaron los autos, no se podia dejar nada librado al asar,....en un momento del tiempo permitido para reparar alguien dijo ...Que silencio ,nadie abre la boca y es verdad todos trabajaban buscando esa vueltas mas para pelear arriba.
La carrera se mantuvo en los mismos parametros vuelta tras vuelta y serie tras serie, a tal punto que,por rotura de Lisandro, Mateo logro superarlo y fue el unico cambio de posiciones en toda la segunda pasada,los puestos fueron los mismos que despues de la primera tanda en todas las posiciones con la salvedad de esta contada aqui.
muy linda carrera ,con unas cuantas piñas muy fuertes y que hicieron temer por la integridad de los autos incluso el que venia punteando que golpeo a fondo un auto salido en pleno peralte a la entrada de la recta principal,teniendo que parar a arreglar la carroceria por un par de vueltas.
La bandera a cuadros dejo este resultado.
Luis Maria
Murmullo Fuentes
Pedro Guerrieri
Perazzo Avallay
Alejandro Liset
Damian Duda
Mateo Guerrieri
Lisandro Albarracin
Bautista Liset
se sintio la ausencia de varios pilotos, Manuel,Pablo Gorosito(clasico y carrera mucho) y Andres ,que segun dichos del pera se tomara un descanso.
Termino la fiesta del viernes y ya varios preguntaron si el martes pueden venir temprano..........................FALTA MUCHO PARA EL VIERNES?
CHorizos a la pomarola del pera, coca y mucho automodelismo con amigos.........Abrazo