August 23, 2014

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3 Lane Wood Routed Slot Car Roadcourse Track

3 Lane Wood Routed Slot Car Roadcourse Track

Wood routed 3 lane road course slot car track, brand new power supply, brand new DS Counter, controllers and power supply. Also up for sale is all the cars that go with it, to many to list.

Only serious buyers please. If you would like pictures send me your email address and I will email them to you. Reason I am selling because where I live there are not any racers in area.
Everything is in excellent condition.

List Date: 8/22/2014
Location: Quincy, IL, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 3 Lane Wood Routed Slot Car Roadcourse Track
On Sale For: $4000 (Local Pickup Only)


Mobile friendly version: 3 Lane Wood Routed Slot Car Roadcourse Track

August 22, 2014

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2015 CanAm Payment, Shipping, Entry Form and Deadline

I decided to combine all administration information in one thread.
Cutoff for payment is November 15, 2014. No refunds after December 1, 2014. Upon the receipt of your payment, we will mark you paid on the pre-registation thread. The three class field is limited to 64 cars and will be filled on a first come basis. This years fees are $25.00 for each car entered. Maximum of one car entered per person per class. The fees collected will cover postage, shipping, prizes and will keep the series running in the black.
A entry form will be made available with a link on this thread. Please fill out completely and submit it with each car entered.
Send entry payment via Pay Pal to;

If you can't send it by Pay Pal, send checks to;

George Bagley
3730 Fairway Dr.
Cumming, GA 30041

Also, you can ship completed cars with entry application to the above address.

All entries must arrive at my house by December 20, 2014. NO EXCEPTIONS!
First race will be the first 2 weeks in January. Track list to follow on a separate thread.

It's a honor to be your race director for this years event. I have huge shoes to fill with Ray and the previous volunteers who have served over the past years.
Hey, get building!

Please notice the deadline for returning racers to retain their car number in the per-registration thread.

Below is a link to the 2015 entry form that must accompany each entry.

Attached Files
File Type: doc CanAm 2015 Entry Form.doc (39.0 KB)

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Tyre trueing with Allen Key wheels

Having got some nice RS wheels, the ones with the grub screw in the middle of the tread area, how do I true the tyres AND have them glued in place?

Once I've glued them on to true them I can't access the grub screw to to tighten them onto the axle.... unsure.gif

Slot Car illustrated Forum gt40 #6 limited ed BNIB gt40 #6 limited ed BNIB BNIB gt40 #6. Free shipping worldwide.

List Date: 8/22/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: gt40 #6 limited ed BNIB
On Sale For: $65 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: gt40 #6 limited ed BNIB

WTB Carrera 20509 & 20611 Track Pieces

Looking for 1/24th Carrea straight track - 20509 - 40 plus pcs (to buy)
also 1/3 straight 20611 - 14 pcs
Any leads etc. / / thanx

Más Slot

McLaren M8D de

McLaren M8D #2
Can Am
Laguna Seca 1971
PIloto: Vic Elford

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Email from Scalextric

New livery on a 70 Mustang !!!

Can be pre-ordered.


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DB2 Drophead Coupe...

Here's another build I'm working on using a vintage VIP sidewinder set up. The body is from forum member Munter and is an excellent recast of the Aston DB2 coupe. Here's the kit I received from munter...

and after mounting the chassis..

and after the roof chop and a bit of filler...

..I used the chopped off roof with a skim of filler to fill the hole...

drives nicely on my track so now adding the detail bits, first up the roof, which started of as a lump of Milliput then carved to shape to represent the tonneau cover...

nearly ready for paint, more to follow hopefully after the long weekend.

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Starting our 35th Season

On September 13th the Miniature Auto Racing Club will kick off it's 35th season of racing in the New England area. We have 2 HOPRA classes (Super Stock and CMPM), a BSRT G-Jet class, and ceramic grade polymer magnetic class. We are always happy to see new faces at our events. The website is:

Stop in if you are in the area.

Magnet Marshal and HO scale

Now that I am running HO scale I see that the Magnet Marshal can still be a great help

If anyone is interested I can post more details

Wednesday race results - 8/20, MMW, Canton, OH

Small showing for Wednesday night - but a great time was still had by all! 


Euro sport started the night off on the flat track.

Mike Duke and Mary Peterson decided that everyone should start LeMans style.




Racing was big for such a small crowd. Jason Krantz once again pulls victory over the field. Todd Daenzer trailed for second and Mary Peterson locked up the podium third.




JK Formula 2's followed up with the 4th race of the 5 race series - the rotation taking them to the banked tri-oval this week.

Todd Daenzer started the race strong in the lower lanes, but knew he had to work his way up the track as Terry Peterson and Mike Duke were working their way down. With Terry having a great purple and black lane he was making his bid for first!  The next lane pushed his blue streak to first. With Mr Daenzer in red Mike Duke was ready to challenge the Mountain Dew machine for second. Mike's clean run in the final lane allowed him to scoop up second leaving Todd to third.  Mary Peterson in fourth and Brandon Carl in fifth finished out the field.

On a side not, Mrs Mary held fasted laps times 7 out of 8 lanes!



Super Stock T-Jets and box stock finished out the night on the HO track.

Todd Daenzer and Terry Peterson were the only two running super stocks, the rest of the field choosing to run "over-division" with cars from the "Box Stock" class.  Todd took top honors over Terry.




Box stock field was shown the way by Bill Lambert in his strong run for his victory over Jim Leeson and Brandon Carl.




Good racing everyone!

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my first chassis 3d printed Spirit PEUGEOT 205 Ti

I have my first 3d design and printed chassis. I got this Pug and the chassis was setup for rally jumping and had a small crack it it. I wanted to set it up for road racing but it just never seemed to be what I wanted and when the front axle holder broke, I decided to build my own.

I used blue to match the cars side paint and because I don't own any yellow filament

I also wanted to make the chassis accept more modern part, so I sized it for pods and put the Spirit pod in my spares box. I also wanted to improve the strength of the front mount posts as well as the guide holder while leaving room for weights.

I also wanted to make the front ride height adjustable with M2 screws. here is the front at its lowest.

and here is the highest in case someone wants to use the original tires

here is the chassis mounted on the car. it still appears to ride a bit high in the front, I might take the nose down a few millimeters.

the full gallery is here,

there is a quick movie i shot, but my track is dirty from lack of use this summer, so I cant judge the performance. I will probably clean up the track this weekend and give a real tune up and test.

2 things left to do on the next version. 1, I need to find a way to clip the motor wires down to the chassis and I need a way for that wire to go under or over the front axle without touching. I also may come back and trim the rear end a little bit, it looks a little fat back there

Any suggestions are welcome, along with anyone who wants to tinker it or printer it, i will include the links.
I am not a professional, so if you do print it, be aware there is some clean up needed, I might post a clean up video on the next one i print out. small things like using the dremel to clean the flash and pilot holes, nothing major just 10 minutes of dremel flash cleaning.

here are the links to download it tinker it. I printed it at .2 with a 90% infill for strength, YMMV.

PA23 Wrench

I have not been able to find anyone that stocks the PA23 fixed torque hex wrench, is it still in production?

Tjet Race Axle Install

I have been tuning "stock" tjets for about ten years now and am just now beginning to assemble all the parts to make a few (hopefully) competitive chassis in varying classes. This includes a few tungsten and drill rod axels from Balls Out Racing and a couple OS3 axles from One Stop. I have no problem understanding length rules for varying classes...

I am, however, questioning how these smooth axles function the same way the ribbed stock axles do. I have seen a nicely detailed install page from bat-jets and know how to correctly shim/press the axle into the chassis, but is it that simple? Is there any adhesive needed for the crown gear so the axle doesn't spin inside it? Same adhesive question regarding the wheels?

As I go through the process of building competitive chassis, is there anyone that lives in Central Illinois who can help me out? I've found great resources online, including videos, but would be great if I could find someone close.


Racemasters - any updates

Hi All,

It's been a while and I was wondering if anyone has any news from Steve at AFX/Racemastes.

Steve, if you are out there, do you have anything in the works?



New Hillclimb track going in at MVH, Ashland, MA

I posted a few photos of the "new" track being installed at MVH in the "NERR Season 2 Schedule" thread but thought a separate topic might allow racers outside of the NERR series to see what's happening.  


For the past week, Gary Gerding, Richard Payne, Peter Lentros and several volunteers have assembled the mid-60s vintage American Model Raceway "Aristocrat" Hillclimb track, assessed the racing surface and are in the process of resurfacing the entire track.  


Overall of the track at the completion of assembly: 

Down the Straight.jpg


Overall as of Tuesday, August 19, with partial resurfacing: 

New Surface 01.jpg


The banking partially resurfaced: 

New Surface 03.jpg


Gary removing previous resurface layer: 

Gary + Hillclimb 01.jpg


Crossover at the curve:

switch at curve 01.jpg


Another view of the crossover at the curve: 

switch at curve 03.jpg


The "Dukes of Hazzard" flyover section: 

Dukes of Hazzard.jpg


I think we're all looking forward to racing on this track soon!

Slot it Club De Genève

Championnat d'été 2104 :

UPDATE ! La dernière manche du 27 août, initiallement prévue sur le OldDaddy Raceway à Meyrin, aura lieu à Genève avec des Renault Mégane BRM pour une course de 2 heures, le jeudi 28 août.
Voitures fournies + personnelles

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Ford Shelby cobra GT500

Ford Shelby cobra GT500

The future is clear

Hi Guys,
Just knocked up a batch of clear controllers with blue printed circuit boards.

Note the new wrist strap.

My new layout...

I went with multiple layouts & scales (HO , 1/43 , 1/32) thru the years but I finally found something I like enough to go permanent

A really , really short story...
I made a good attempt with my 1/43 3lane track before but wasn't quite please with it & decided to take it down so I could use the space for storage & build a new layout in the garage so I could have room all around my table but after some thoughts I found the "perfect" spot in my basement so that how it all begins...

The table is 13'.8" in length by 6'.6" at the widest & 3'.4" at the shortest & the track is SCX 1/32 analog for now
here some pics...

I began by trying a few layouts with cars to see if I would like or not & see if I would need more track...

The next one wasn't so bad but I didn't quite like it

Got it!! now , a fun layout to drive/race with a little speed bump in the middle of the long straight :rockon: & enough room for borders & scenery

The only thing I'm going to change (got to buy the track needed) is adding some more length track with an hairpin (R1) at the end (yellow circle)

Now for borders I could always use as before & go with MDF but I wanted to try something else , something done easy & fast
I've heard of foam rubber tape but hard to find in the thickness needed & be over 2" wide
So I looked for something else & I found it... interlocking mat , it got the same thickness of my track , although it's not foam rubber tape it's "basically" the same material

Wasn't sure how it would work out so bought a small 4 pack (12" sq inch) at dollars store for $2.50
for testing purpose

Took the smooth surface & start cutting it...

After it is cut simply use some double side tape to stick it to the table...

Now the only problem is that the cars instead of sliding thru the curves get more grip on the foam rubber mat (border) then the track itself so you can pretty much guess what problems that can cause , right?

Solution: It is a very easy solution in fact all you have to do is give 2 coats of paint on the mat & the cars will slid/drift as much as it would with wood

Now that it works so well once it is painting , I went ahead & bought bigger foam rubber mat (4 pcs 2'x2') & I'll be doing all my curves with it & some straights too

As soon as I can get more work done on my layout I'll post more pics... :cheers:


[RSS] 1/32 Vintage German Gama Matra Coupe RTR Blue Slot Car

End Date: Sunday Aug-31-2014 22:43:21 PDT
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[RSS] 1/24 Russkit Vintage Green Chaparral 2D Coupe Slot Car

End Date: Sunday Aug-31-2014 22:30:50 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $174.99
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[RSS] 1/24 Cox Lotus 30/40 Complete Vintage Slot Car Chassis

End Date: Sunday Aug-31-2014 22:24:00 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $84.99
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[RSS] 1/24 Cox Ford GT40 Complete Vintage Slot Car Chassis

End Date: Sunday Aug-31-2014 22:23:48 PDT
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[RSS] 1/24 Classic Manta Ray Complete Vintage Slot Car Chassis

End Date: Sunday Aug-31-2014 22:23:33 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $74.99
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[RSS] 1/24 Classic Astro Thingie - Body Complete Vintage Slot Car Chassis

End Date: Sunday Aug-31-2014 22:23:24 PDT
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[RSS] 1/24 1966 Dodge Monaco Blue Hardtop MPC Slot Car Package

End Date: Sunday Aug-31-2014 22:12:28 PDT
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Plastic Jalopy toy....

Can anyone tell me, Where to get, or if someone could sell me, one of these plastic old Jalopy Coupe toys seen in this photo....

I really see alot of potential in these toy bodies, as seen in Nerbarz remake into a late 60's era Modified coupe below...

Thanks :thumb:

WTB Scalextric # C3189 #3 C6 Corvette COMPUWARE

WTB Scalextric # C3189 #3 C6 Corvette COMPUWARE

WTB Scalextric # C3189 #3 C6 Corvette COMPUWARE

Looking for NIB. If you have one you can cut loose, please contact me with a price shipped to 06066


List Date: 8/21/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB Scalextric # C3189 #3 C6 Corvette COMPUWARE
On Sale For: $0.01 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: WTB Scalextric # C3189 #3 C6 Corvette COMPUWARE

Back at it after 20 years!

I love every aspect of slot car racing. Painting bodies was one of my favorite things to do as a teenager...

All of our tracks in the Va Beach area closes up and now I live near the best raceway I have ever experienced, Modelville Hobby....






Race results from MVH - 8/19, Can-Am on the Figure 8

With the new track going up there wasnt much practicing, alotta gathering around watching richard work... Its going to be fun for sure! aduda5um.jpg
Gary Gerding joined us for what he said was his first Retro Race... 13 entries and we all had a blast! heveta9y.jpgu8yha2yq.jpguvu2yhuz.jpg

August 21, 2014

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Trophies ?

Anyone familiar with a guy named Peter Helck ?

For the past few races here, I went to Wal-Mart and got some inexpensive 8.5" x 11" frames and printed up some photos (like the one above) and handed them out to the winners of each class.

Some of them came out really well. :cheers:

As soon as I get them uploaded I'll show you guys a few more.....


SCRRA King track race - Sat, Aug 23, Buena Park, CA

     Don't forget!!  F1 and Can Am on the King Track this Saturday. The usual stuff with F1 starting at about 10AM followed by lunch and Can Am.  Last time it was a TSR and a Hawk that made it to the winners circle............I say a Falcon makes it this time!!   See you Saturday!!

Slots-A-Lot race results - 8/20, Franklin Square, NY

The cat had no trouble this time running a clean race at 272. Next we had Mean Gean 258. Then we had Jack the Wack running good all night 257.Then we had fresh blood of Patrick,Patrick is a young driver with a ton of potential 256.Big bad Sean smoked his motor but got back in to run a good race at252.King George ran solid 30's all night for 247.Dandy Dean had his problems with purple and black.Otherwise he would have been close 246.Joe T ran good 237.The hand had a good car until he got walled 164.This was a handicap race.I think I hear Old blue eyes singing in the background . Next week F1 on red k track.

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Cheap and simple hubcaps

Whilst fitting screw cap covers on a chest of draws, I thought these would make handy racing disc hubcaps.

Using a discarded set of Scaley hubs, the caps were a perfect fit, I stuck the caps in place, added a quick lick of paint and within minutes I had a set of hubcaps.

The caps cost pennies and are a good use of unwanted wheel hubs.

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Sauber C-9

Hi guys, I've been away from the hobby for about a year but now I am back. I've just received my new Sauber C-9 and see a few things that differ from my other BRM's. I would like to know what you are all doing with that large white bushing, for lack of another word, that the phillips head screw goes into to mount the car to the cardboard base. If I remove it, and re-attach the interior with it's two screws, the interior rocks and just doesn't look or feel secure. Also, I can't seem to get my rear wing to line up correctly. It seems to want to align itself to one side or another. The magnet idea is brilliant and should save some time and money. And finally, should the rear bushings only be inverted for running foam tires? Have you tried them inverted with the stock rubber tires? Thanks for your help. Joe

440x2 black Malaysia chassis

Bought a car off flea bay two weeks back and chassis is black with Malaysia stamp on it. I had never seen a black one, all the x2s I have are gray? This chassis is very stiff, it takes a lot more effort to pull the motor out than on any chassis I had worked on before. Well with the drag strip we'll be running at family race night my first thought was, stiff chassis? DRAG CAR! yes time to build a drag car. Started of with a 3ohm arm 80% copper brushes, stock barrels and springs, silver ski shoes with double silver springs, pro o-ring front end, on the rear a set of double flange delrin hubs on a splined axle with a 23 tooth predator gear. the tires are off a mega G that are .466 mounted. I dug through all the stock traction magnets I have and found the shortest crappy set I could find. they are only about .248-.250 tall. On a 17 foot drag strip this little sucker will smoke any car I have. Oh and what better body to run on it but the Grump!

Fix for the ultra G

I tried all the fixes every one suggested on the defective brush spring but never could get it just right. So I went radical! ( pun intended ) I broke off the spring plate, then took an old HP7 pick up shoe ( their nice and flat) and cut a piece off to replace the spring. Then soldered it in place. I use a brush and brush spring from an afx magnatraction chassis instead the v groove brush. The thing runs great, very smooth. As you can see in the photo there are no clearance issues. Some times you just gotta think out of the box.

Old A.C. Gilbert '40 Ford Jalopy ?

Question, will those old 1/32 scale Gilbert '40 Ford Jalopy body, pass for 1/43 ? FYI- I owned one of those Gilbert Auto-Rama Sets a half dozen years ago, but sold it later for profit- D'oh !....but I always thought those Jalopy's looked pretty dang small to be called 1/32, and always thought they looked like "O" gauge or 1/43 ? Has anyone converted those bodies to a 1/43 chassis like an Artin ?
I saw the following Body below- converted, but wasn't sure if it was on a 1/43 chassis? I didn't know if the chassis shown converted, wasn't 1/32, coz I'm normally an HO guy, but have been tinkering with 1/43 Artin Lately :)

I saw this one done up & 4 Sale on DeBay

Old Weird Herald

Incredible Slot Car Replica Of Spa-Francorchamps

Remember those Scalextric sets that never looked anything like the circuits they claimed to be? Well this Belgian slot car fanatic decided to create his own replica of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, and it’s beyond impressive. The track features incredible detail like forests, grandstands, armco barriers, tyre walls and no doubt some of those shitty digital […]

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Scaleauto: La BMW M1 BASF Le Mans 1981 SC6049

Scaleauto La BMW M1 BASF Le Mans 1981 SC6049Scaleauto présente la nouvelle version de la très classique BMW M1 Gr5 pour le slot. Sous la référence (SC-6049). Cette BMW M1 « BASF Cassetten Team GS Sport » pour circuit électrique arrivera dans quelques jours dans les meilleures boutiques. Scaleauto annonce l’arrivée de sa nouvelle BMW M1 en boutique. Cette voiture de slot est la réplique […]

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Theory behind pit stops.

Ok I understand that with the digital that pitstops can be implemented, but what I want to do is look at something for the analog (stopping over a sensor).

But how does it work, do you have to set up cars with different size fuel tanks? How is usage figured?

Is there anywhere that explains it all in full?

I've tried searching to see the benefits, and workings of it, but had no joy.

WTB 1/32 parts

WTB 1/32 parts

I'm just getting started on trying to upgrade some of my slot cars and realizing it isn't cheap. So I'm trying my luck at buying some used parts. I'm needing all kinds of things like, set screw wheels, tires, axles, axle bushings, metal gears mainly side winder and angle winder, pinion gears to match axle gears. Motors 25k rpm and up, etc.. I mainly have Scalextric side winder style and Ninco angle winder set ups. Any parts you may have laying around. Please send info of what you have and price needed. Thanks.

List Date: 8/21/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB 1/32 parts
On Sale For: $1 + $1 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: WTB 1/32 parts

Auto World Stock Car Legends review

I got a major surprise yesterday and stayed up last night to get the photography and web pages put together. Here's the new Auto World Stock Car Legends and they are wicked awesome! I get a little excited when it comes to historic race cars....


Speed Inc - AW Stock Car Legends Review

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Help identifying Parma International slot car

Helo every one, Can you help me?

I´m from portugal and I bought this some years ago and i dont remember the specs our what model it isr what is. I'm probably going to post it on ebay, but I don't know what it is and at what price.
I'm hoping you can tell me the scale and specs. I'm guessing it's not worth much, but it's a nice slot car.
Thanks for your help.

Out of business

My copper tape supplier in Florida is closing his business and retiring. I have attempted to locate another source for the Venture Brand Masterfoil copper tape at a decent price, but haven't been able to do so. I have no tape on hand....sold my last 8 rolls to South Africa about a month ago. So, I too, am effectively out of business-retired.

If this situation changes, I will advise here. But for now, no more copper tape from me. :(


Hey OL Mike, an old build

Its not a Jeep but almost. I got it from the auction site. It's a Heller kit and I had to glue the sides to the top and hood. I used a GO Mustang chassis.

I had to shorten the nose of the chassis a little and narrow it some too.

I also had to paint and decal it. I added push bars, non functioning lights to the push bars and roof. There is a laptop computer on the seat along with a police radio under the dash and of course I added a cop in the drivers seat!

A bit of statistics

Hi racers,
I looked a little bit into my documentation and counted and calculated some data.
From 2007 until now our cars raced at 103 events with additional 22 COY races =125 races
Proxy series was hosted on 56 different raceways (43 ovals, 13 road courses)
Most victories made 34ever1 (11) ,Wayne (10), Bigjack and Arrold (9) OldJaybird and GTOKing (8) Bubba, Garry, Maddick and RayMetz (7).
I didn´t find final standings with all points from 2008, 2009 and 2010. Maybe somebody of you may help me.
keep racing

Help identifying Parma International slot car?

Helo every one, Can you help me?

I´m from portugal and I bought this some years ago and i dont remember the specs our what model it isr what is. I'm probably going to post it on ebay, but I don't know what it is and at what price.
I'm hoping you can tell me the scale and specs. I'm guessing it's not worth much, but it's a nice slot car.
Thanks for your help.

More track power

What's the best way of getting more power so that you can run two h&r cars at the same time
Heard some people mention variable power supply's and wondering are they worth the investment

Leigh Daniels

DHORC at the British Truck Championship – Donington Park – 24/25 August 2014

DHORC is back at Donington Park this weekend for the second time this year at the British Truck Championship meeting. We are building two different 10-lane tracks, a small one on Sunday and then the normal sized one on Monday.


[RSS] 1/24 Chaparral 2H Slot Car

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