October 21, 2016

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Simca 1000 e NSU TT in scala 1/24

Da un progetto TTS Models e un consolidato rapporto di collaborazione produttiva con BRM, nascono due modelli in scala 1/24 che stanno già facendo parlare di se sui social per la singolare meccanica.
La Simca 1000 Rally e la NSU TT sono due modelli che hanno fatto la storia delle competizioni minori europee degli anni ’60-’70 ed ora vengono proposte in versione Slot Car mantenendo la principale caratteristica delle automobili originali da competizione: il camber negativo.



TSRA All Star Race - Dec 10, Durham, NC



Hello racers and race fans.


This is our end of the year TSRA All Star Race. This race is held to recognize and honor all of the racers that raced well enough to have a first, second, or third place finish during the 2016 year. If you had a top three finish at any track, you are eligible to enter this prestigious race. Just send me your finish results, date of the race and name of the track ASAP to:




There will be an Open Preliminary Race before the All Star Race that is open to any racer.


This is going to be another great one guys. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the above email address.

SlotForum News

SRC/OSC News - New Ford Capri's

News from SRC/OSC;

Good news for lovers of the classic European Ford Coupe - its back! Four versions in total are due before the end of the year, two Chronos race versions SRC50301 and SRC50401 with upgraded OSC parts and lexan interiors, and two fully detailed collectors models with full interiors. The Chrono versions have already been announced and feature the two different body styles SRC50301 having the smoother wide arches while SRC50401 features the later squared off arch extensions. We now have pre-production artworks of the fully detailed cars and again both body variants will be offered. The early version will be SRC00308 which is the Soler Roig/Glemster RS2600 as entered into the 1971 Spa 24hrs.

Capri RS2600
Spa 24hrs 1971
Retail £69.95 Limited to 1020 Units Worldwide

Broadspeed Capri 3000GT
Brands Hatch 1973
Retail £69.95 Limited to 1020 Units Worldwide

SRC00406 is a later Broadspeed Capri 3000GT, that Dave Matthews raced at the support event to the Race of Champions, held at Brands Hatch in 1973. Along with all releases since SRC has acquired OSC these detailed cars will also benefit from upgraded OSC parts.

SRC50301 Ford Capri RS - Chrono edition - Grey
SRC50401 Ford Capri LV - Chrono edition - Yellow
Retail £59.95

Images and text as supplied by Gaugemaster.

NSR News - New Porsche 997 GT3 Haribo

News from NSR;

Porsche 997 GT3 Haribo
2011 Nurburgring 24hours
Retail £74.95

Images and info as supplied by Gaugemaster

Carrera News - Special editions

News from Carrera

D124 Corvette "test car"-23831 Limited Edition.

D132 Audi Red Bull DTM-30761 Limited Edition.

Both cars will arrive later this year (expected November).

"All quantities will be allocated as Carrera usually do"

Images and information as supplied by Dave Kennedy - North American Marketing Manager
Carrera of America

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Avant AW gears

Are there any replacement AW gears (e.g. Slot.it, NSR etc.) that work with Avant aluminum AW motor pods?


Guide threading problems

Is it just me or are the Red Fox guides getting harder to thread? I broke one a while back so I bought a new JK threading tool. I have broken two since I got the new tool. Some of the colours always seemed harder to do, but I only broke one in a bunch of years up until recently.


Anybody got any ideas?

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FORO SLOT Madrid, FALL Edition / The Fair changes location

Foro Slot Madrid returns in the Fall edition. A further call for the largest Slot Fair held in Spain which this time had to relocate for reasons beyond the organizer, Jesus Blanco.
Renovation work on the previous location has forced ...


The New NINCO LOOP is now ready for commercialization. An analog circuit set of to 1:43 with two cars and 44 sections of track.
A dual looping track that allows high-speed with cars with lights and a ...

Italia Slot News

Simca 1000 e NSU TT in scala 1/24

Da un progetto TTS Models e un consolidato rapporto di collaborazione produttiva con BRM, nascono due modelli in scala 1/24 che stanno già facendo parlare di se sui social per la singolare meccanica.
La Simca 1000 Rally e la NSU TT sono due modelli che hanno fatto la storia delle competizioni minori europee degli anni ’60-’70 ed ora vengono proposte in versione Slot Car mantenendo la principale caratteristica delle automobili originali da competizione: il camber negativo.


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Considering 1/32

Hello all;

A few years back I bought an AFX HO set which my kids, my wife, and I have used only a few times. It just didn't seem too engaging for any of us, and I think it was because the cars are just sooooo fast and, consequently, the track seemed kind of short, as a lap seemed to take about two seconds. Before boxing it up, I did a few laps on the track with an old AF/X(?) car my father-in-law had lying around, and that was much more enjoyable (I believe it didn't have any magnets). I thought about picking up some older cars, but just never got around to it.

All of that said, since the last time I had the HO track out, I've on and off considered getting a digital 1/32 set. The issue is space. I would ultimately have a space measuring roughly 4'6 x 10'6-ish, which I know is not a whole lot. Also, I would ideally be using Carrera track, which, I know, is not a space saver. The reason I would like to go with Carrera is my father-in-law is going to be building a large digital Carrera track at his new house in about a year, and I thought it would be fun to be able to take our cars from house to house and race on each other's tracks.

As an alternative, if the space is just too small to squeeze a fun layout in to, I'm still considering getting some older HO cars and more track to build what I believe could be a decent sized HO layout in the space I've got.

I guess what I'm asking is can a fun, engaging 1/32 Carrera layout be built in the small space I have, or, might a larger HO track be a better bet?

After reading this back, I realize it may come down down to personal preference, but I would really appreciate some experienced opinions!

Thanks for reading :)

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Thursday Scalextric Trans/Am....

Awesome gathering of people as you can see in the following 2 pictures :

....The person in top picture, holding a Super Tire is Charlie !!!! His grandfather is Nick, of Super Tires fame.

Belowis the podium picture. The guy on the far left is ZOOM. He's craving for attention !

Father and daughter......

October 20, 2016

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St Louis area

Hi All,
My son (Kyle Tilley) moved to the USA a year or so ago and is living in the St Louis area. Before moving to the US he (like his both myself and his brother) raced hard body 1/32 cars in the UK.
Although he spends little time at home (he instructs, coaches and races cars throughout the US) he would like to know if there are any slot racing clubs within the St Louis area that he could visit and race when he is at home.
Any help would be appreciated and as an overseas reader (I am still rooted in the UK, but did manage Daytona to watch Kyle this year)of your forum he has asked me to enquire on his behalf.
Thanking you in anticipation for your help.
Charles Tilley

Disconnecting white connectors

This seems basic, and I'm sure I've done it before, but I can't remember what I did...

I'm trying to replace a digital chip in a 1/32 car. I'm having trouble disconnecting the white plastic connectors. They appear to have two pins on the side which might lock them in place.

These parts are very small and (I assume) very fragile. Do I just force them apart, or do I need to depress the pins while I'm doing that?

And, even with two very small pliers, I can't seem to get a good enough grip. Any suggestions?


Shapeways 3D...

After communicating with the fine folks at Shapeways, they have now added a Slot Car section...
All the best...

Your Cheatin' Heart

So does building and selling a purpose-built cheater motor and selling it to racers make you a cheat also?


This kind of behavior has no place in this sport. It is an example of a greedy money-grubbing narcissist who has no regard for the time and effort so many have dedicated to organizing and running race events. As well as all the racers who spend the time to build and race legal cars. This kind of behavior is an affront to all racers who "On any Saturday" go to a race to have a fair competition with their racing friends.


 The following text has been redacted to shield this site of any liability. This is how the seller describes his dastardly deed: 


"The ********* ****** is a blueprinted motor with a factory balanced armature that is diamond trued right here at ### "#" ######. The ********* ******* is also blueprinted, has with a diamond trued armature but also has American balancing by *****. Why are these motors not legal? They must be taken apart in order to set the magnets as necessary, remove the armature to true and balance. We then cosmetically re-install the endbell carefully to ensure strength, durability and stock appearance. Though it appears to be stock, we discourage the attempted use in stock in-class racing. The appearance shouldn't give you away but the speed will especially when others are legal. But if you do try, we will not judge you."


If this snake really wanted to discourage the attempted use of this cheat motor he would engrave it as  modified on both sides. But he is willing to sully our great sport all for a few shiny silver coins. What do you guys think? Speak among yourselves...


Fun Time Model Car Racing - Lakeport

Fun Time Model Car Racing

59 Soda Bay Rd

Lakeport, CA 95453

(707) 263-3091



135' Hillclimb



Owner: Paul Racine


Note: Raceway has an MTT flat track that they hope to have set up early in 2017.

Shinoda Thingie Reunion - Dec 10, Lincoln Park, MI

From the Slot Car Thingies Facebook Group:
Here it is! The official poster for the Reunion!

So the event officially starts at 4pm eastern time. All thingies are welcome, as we want to fill Downriver Speedway up with as many thingies as possible. That being said, we will have special areas set aside for Real Shinodas and recreations. So here's the events that will take place:


1) Recreating the photos from the 1968 Model Car and Racing article "Things about Thingies". We will place all Shinodas on the backstretch of the hillclimb, original cars up front, recreations behind. You can see the photo HERE if you haven't before.

2) There will be a few slow pace parade laps for the original Shinodas (I am hoping to have a chassis setup with a GoPro or camera on it to trail behind the cars for video) after the practice session is over at the beginning of the event. 

3) After the parade laps, we will have the first ever Shinoda Classic. 

There will be two classes: 


Class A:1966-1968 styled cars. These cars must have period correct engines (Dyna-Rewinds, etc...), and have a chassis that would have been either built or modified from that time period. Modern tires are allowed though on the back for drive ability.


Class B: Proxy style chassis: This class is for any former proxy car, or cars that would be legal in any proxy race. The rules are looser here, later motors are allowed, etc...The rules are pretty loose here, the main point though is to avoid having Retro Can-Am chassis, modern day flexi chassis, etc... from being run. If the car has already been raced in the proxy, than it is fine. 


Rules for both classes:


All cars must have a Shinoda, Raynoda (recreation bodies or Shinoda mashup bodies), or Gene ZR1 body. If I have left anyone out here who has recreated the bodies, please let me know!


Race type: The race will be a gentleman's race, we will have someone at all times on the power cut button and we will pause the race if a car is off of the track to avoid anyones car getting wrecked. 


There will be seven awards. Which to the winner, I will have a signed copy of the event poster with the title on it. 
Best of show
Shinoda classic 1966-68 (first, second, third)
Shinoda classic Proxy (first, second, third)


For those who can't make it but want to be a part of this. You can send your cars. I do not have a limit on the number of cars, as many as you want to send. What I will say is that the owner pays shipping both ways. Cars should not be shipped until the end of November, or the first week of December, and when we get closer I will give you the address to send them to. Please let us know if they need to be insured for the way back.

[RSS] Vintage '60s Cox 1/24 Slot Car BRM F1 Green

End Date: Sunday Oct-23-2016 10:22:24 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $125.00
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[RSS] Vintage Tri-ang Scalextric 1/32 Grandstand Boxed Slot Car

End Date: Saturday Nov-19-2016 8:43:50 PST
Buy It Now for only: $75.00
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Constant Lighting

I have a number of SCX and Scalextric cars with factory head and tail lights.
Could I get by with just adding a capacitor across the lighting leads?
Thinking a diode might be necessary to keep backflow current from the motor.
Any ideas?

War Eagle River

MENU: The biggest meanest super dogs will be grilled up after the race! Kraut, tater salad, and all the fixin's.


What: Camaro Race
Where: War Eagle River Tampa, FL
When: Sunday, October 23rd.. 9:30am practice/inspection
Who: Everyone who got this notification, and then some...
Why: Why not!


Pre-race inspection!!
General Rules:
- Cars Allowed: Camaro cars all 1/32 manufacturers.
- 2 or more of the same livery's are permitted, cars will have to be marked with a sticker dot to tell who's who
- Controllers provided, straight up Parma with 25ohm, full brakes, no sensitivity. Track call buttons on back of each controller, you are in charge of your own car, no Marshall here.
- No juicing!! That means no Voodoo during the race, if your cars have it before you get here, that's okay
- No oils of any kind added during race, on tires, or anywhere else, This is Ninco track and oils tend to get trapped in the gription.
- No leaning on the track, there are grabbers. This is a warning, first offense you will be surrendering a lap, second offense- you're out of the race!
- No exposed metal (must be covered with non-conductive tape or paint)
- Motors may not be opened, altered, or modified in any manner including the original markings and wrappings except for the trimming of the shaft(s) for clearance purposes only
- Only the specified motors are permitted
- Guide Blade/Braid: guide blade only, spring (if any) may be modified and/or removed/Any manufactures’ braid material permitted
- Loose body/chassis screws must be covered w/tape
- Custom painted cars are allowed (Note: body must remain as produced by manufacture, however additional details such as lights, mirrors, roll bars, scoops, etc. may be added where prototypical as long as the modification does not reduce the weight of the car or provide any other enhancement of performance)
- Cars must have a visible cockpit with an interior & driver w/2 arms showing, if the car has blacked out windows, car will have to be opened up to show interior at pre-race inspection
- Any tires, all wheels/tires may be cleaned and trued by sanding; all 4 must touch the track and roll & must not exceed the width of the body by more than 1mm (.040”) on either side
- Tires may be glued to the rims
- Wheels/Axles: No modifications permitted
- Any adjustments, cleaning, and/or repairs are to be performed under power off conditions only. The participant(s) will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to perform such repairs and then the track will be returned to “Green”
- Gears: modifications permitted, (may change plastic for brass, as long as stock ratios are kept)
- Bushings: modifications permitted (may change plastic for brass)
- Chassis (no weights mounted under the chassis) minimum of 1mm (.040”) clearance. Gear/ magnet, chassis must not scrape track.
- Magnet: 330cgm, all magnets must be inside car, no magnets under chassis
- 18,000 RPM motors
- Running Voltage: 14.5v
- Race Duration: 3 minutes per lane
Any comments or suggestions welcome.

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SCX News; Four new models

News from SCX;

A10216 Ford Fiesta WRC “Prokop”

A10217 Citroen DS3 WRC “Rally Portugal”

A10223 SEAT Leon TCR “Oriola”

A10194 Fiat 131 “Mouton-Monte Carlo”

All the above models due into the UK first week of November.

Images and info as supplied by STAFFS SLOT CARS UK

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Carson DPR chip for Carrera Digital feedback

How are the Carson DPR chips for Carrera Digital working for those of you who have tried them? I was thinking about getting some but wanted to be sure they don't have any bugs.

Best regards,

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Porsche 911 M.DUEZ / SCX

(PR – SCX – Oct.2016)
Years go by and veteran driver Marc Duez keeps on smiling. Perhaps this is why for two consecutive years he bet on enter the Monte-Carlo Rally at the wheel of a Porsche 911. If we add the common combin...

Más Slot

Foro Slot Madrid Noviembre 2016

Tras tres años de ubicación en el centro comercial H2O en Rivas, Foro slot se traslada a un nuevo emplazamiento.  Las reformas que se van producir en el antiguo local lo inhabilitan durante un tiempo.

Finalmente, el próximo foro se realizará en el hotel Aida situado en la Avda. de la Constitución en Torrejón de Ardoz.

Buscar una nueva ubicación de una forma rápida no ha sido fácil, pues compaginar el binomio de parking cómodo, con salones de más de 1.000 m2 no es sencillo.

El salón goza de más comodidades y mejor presentación que la que disponían en Rivas, la proximidad de un parking gratuito de más de 400 plazas, la estación de Renfe a 10 minutos andando, proximidad de centros comerciales, la facilidad para aparcar en cualquiera de las calles adyacentes y la existencia de multitud de restaurantes en los alrededores incluyendo los del hotel han sido los factores que les han inclinado a elegir esta opción.

Muchos de estos factores los se pueden valorar en las fotografías que incluyen en su web: www.foroslotmadrid.com

La presentación y ubicación de mesas y comerciantes se hará lo más parecida a las ocasiones anteriores, pero siempre teniendo en cuenta el nuevo factor espacio, ya que en esta ocasión no se podrá incluir exposición de coches reales como en anteriores ocasiones, pero si para algún circuito de slot que ambiente la actividad.

Slot Car Today - General


(PR- SCX- Oct.2016)
One of the most striking cards in the Rally World Championship is, without a doubt, the Czech guys, Martin Prokop and Jan Tománek´s Fiesta RS. The Jipocar Czech National Team branding, aggressive and disruptive, is so char...

CG SLOTCAR and Dan Gurney's AAR agreement

Few hours ago, CG SlotCar issued a communiqué announcing a licensing agreement with Dan Gurney’s All American Racers to produce a couple of 1/32nd slotcars.
From 1965 until today All American Racers has made 158 Eagle Rac...

Odd's Oracle

Nah, nah, neeyah, nah, said the silly old model railway man...

Had to happen, of course.  I raise a thread on the 0 gauge model railway Facebook page, which had been friendly enough in the 2 days I'd been joined up to it, when some busy body starts crowing on about how wonderful Guy Williams was.  This geezer claims to have known him. In fact he claimed a lot of things I think he couldn't possibly know, but why on my thread about my cock-up with some nickel silver sheet, because I was rushing it.?
So I joined in with my assertion that the late great Geoff Pember was the finest model railway practitioner I'd ever met.  The interloper then launched into a very offensive tirade against me, because I wouldn't agree that his hero Guy Williams was the finest modelmaker ever without equal! Now that's a bloody stupid thing to say, because there are modelmakers who would run rings round him AND, at a pinch, Geoff Pember, push come to shove.  But neither of us would know who they were.  Modelmaking is a broad church.  Far more so than most hobbies and I have seen model railway locomotives made to a standard that my man would have trouble matching and Williams couldn't come close to.  I sat in his workshop surrounded by full sized loco drawings and some very fancy machinery, yet I couldn't now tell you who he was. He was youngish and did it for a living from his Mum and Dad's bungalow in Neatishead, Norfolk (which I recall him saying as "Neatston").
So, what is the point of playing "My hero's better than your hero"?  This silly old fool is clearly no youngster. He really should know better, especially as the thread was nothing to do with him.

I've seen and watched Williams' locos at Pendon and thought how the railway itself there is the very least of the exhibits.  Every time I've seen it.  But then a) I hate the GWR and b) I'm no fan of 4mm scale model railways.
Whereas...I am a fan of the Great Eastern Railway and I am a fan of 7mm scale and I have met, chatted to and closely studied the work of Geoff Pember and it was immediately obvious that he was a modelmaker of rare ability and a gentleman to boot.  Now maybe Williams was too. Dunno, never met him and probably wouldn't have liked him as he was a teacher, which, of course, gave him plenty of spare time to make toy trains, whereas I believe Geoff Pember worked for a living!

I recently got some magazines with articles by Geoff.  Just take a look at these....2 locos made at different times.  The darker one was started in 1928!!  He MADE the motor!
That's what a home made motor, done before the War, looks like.

Then later.
The chassis on both are made exactly as the real ones and the bodies have angles inside which are actually rivetted together!  The lighter loco has working inside valve gear as well.  The gearbox is home made and is ballraced with special thrust bearings.
I could go on.  Guy Williams?  Er, I don't know. I never held one of his models, but I very much doubt any of his GWR stuff could hold a candle to Geoff Pember's work.  Geoff also made superb lineside buildings and structures and wrote many books of learned research into the Great Eastern Railway.

Also in this batch of magazines I got hold of, was an article in appreciation of the great J.K.(Jack) Nelson, who was another early mentor of mine.  He ran the Ilford Junior Model Railway Club from his flat in South Park Avenue, Ilford, Essex.  My Dad, as a worried parent, checked him out and came home having spent an evening discussing hi-fi, Jack's other passion.  Jack made dioramas of the LNWR.  And I mean dioramas, not the more common but always miss-named set-piece.  A set-piece is a scenic piece to one scale. A diorama is a viewed scene using false perspective intended to be viewed from one position only.   
Jack made a diorama which could be 7mm scale in the foreground and end up at 1.75mm scale at the back.  Every Friday, I used to sit next to this very scene.
And others
Jack gave me my first piece of nickel silver sheet and a Skinley drawing of an LNER V1 to make with it, which I did at school using the Myford and Boxford lathes instead of that pointless waste of a lad's time, P.E.  'Tis my proud boast that I never did one PE lesson the entire 6 years that I tolerated secondary school.  But I did make a lot of boiler fittings!

Thanks, Jack, for believing in me, when I was just 13.  I've done it ever since.

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Slot it: Des modifications sur la carrosserie de la prochaine Chaparral 2D

Slot it: Des modifications sur la carrosserie de la prochaine Chaparral 2DSlot it dévoile sur les réseaux sociaux des photos de sa prochaine Chaparral 2E. Slot it a modifié quelques élements de carrosserie afin de rendre la voiture de slot la plus fidèle possible à la voiture de course. Voici quelques images de la futur Chaparral de chez Slot it, la CA16C. la voiture de slot sera […]


[RSS] 1/24 Mini Cooper Slot Car

End Date: Saturday Oct-22-2016 21:53:27 PDT
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New look for HOPRA...

The website for the H.O. Professional Racing Association has been updated with a great, new look...
Good work, Shawn...

M-D Retro at The Race Place - Dec. 3, Farmingdale, NJ

Mason-Dixon Retro Series has scheduled a Retro event at The Race Place on Saturday Dec. 3, 2016. GTC and Can-Am will be the events for the day. We will be competing on the "Ogilvie Hurricane."


Schedule for Dec. 3, 2016:

Doors open................ 8 AM

Practice...................... 8 AM - 10 AM

GTC event.................10 AM

Can Am event........... 45 minutes after conclusion of the GTC event


Pit pass - $10

GTC event - $10 entry fee

Can-Am event - $10 entry fee


The Race Place

1151 Highway 33

Farmingdale, NJ 07727

(732) 938-5215


Come join us for an exciting and challenging event of Retro racing. We hope to see you there!

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New Look for HOPRA...

The H.O. Professional Racing Association website has a
fresh, updated look...

Check it out...

hopradotnet ...

Great job, Shawn...


NOTE: Wasn't sure if I could place the HOPRA link in here...



How would you balance JK plastic hub wheels?

A few of the JK plastic hub wheels that I have, spin smoothly, but quite a few of them vibrate. Some quite a bit.


The reason they vibrate is because the hubs aren't running true. 


When I put a wheel on my Hudy truer and spin it slowly (1 to 1.5 volts), I can see how out of round the hub is and also determine on which side I would need to add weight.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might work well for weight?  Maybe superglue, epoxy, tape, solder?

October 19, 2016

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The Birthday Boy

Hello everyone here on SCI, this is Super Tires Sandy, Nick’s wife. I’m the one that ships all of your packages out. Nick doesn’t have any clue that I am doing this for him. Nick’s birthday is October 26th, next Wednesday. Just like Alan, the owner of this great online magazine, whose birthday was last month, Nick will be 62. Nick is a low key type of guy who has a very kind heart, so I want to see how many birthday wishes I can get for him.

So here is the deal, this is a contest for any and all SCI members. If you’re not a member, you can join and get in on the contest. Just post on this thread and wish Super Tires Nick a Happy Birthday. From the posts I will draw 3 winners, each of them will be sent one of the new Super Tires 21 Year Anniversary Banners.

The Banners are 18” x 30” and look just like the Super Tires 21 Year Anniversary decals (see below), only bigger!

The contest ends on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at midnight, ET. Only one post per member will count. I will draw and post the 3 winners on Thursday, October 27th around 7:00PM, ET. The banners will be mailed free of charge anywhere in the world, so don’t miss out.

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#64 Elmo Langley Woodfield Ford 1963/64 Custom Monogram

Finally finished the decal to do Elmo's Ford Galaxie sponsored by Woodfield Ford - Mercury.