November 25, 2015

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FORO SLOT MADRID / Brands are part of the event.

The initiative of Jesus Blanco, Foro Slot Madrid promoter, has curdled dramatically between the followers of the world of slot. With a startup focused on a market sale it has been passed to call the interest of manufacturers who do not want...

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Scaleauto: BMW M1 GR5 #52 Würth Sauber – 24 heures du Mans 1981

Scaleauto: BMW M1 GR5 #52 Würth Sauber - 24 heures du Mans 1981Scaleauto présente la nouvelle version de la très classique BMW M1 Gr5 pour le slot. Sous la référence (SC-6027). Cette nouvelle BMW M1 Groupe 5 pour circuit électrique arrivera dans quelques jours dans les meilleures boutiques. Scaleauto annonce l’arrivée de sa nouvelle BMW M1 groupe 5. Scaleauto a choisi de reproduire la BMW  M1 qui […]

SCRRA King Track races this weekend, Saturday Nov 28, BPR....

   Don't forget, the Checkpoint is about a month and a half away and this weekend will see the SCRRA schedule back on the King track!

  All the usual with F1 tech at 10AM followed by lunch and Can Am in the afternoon.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING! and if you're still hungry come check out the newly remodeled Imperial Burger!!  See you there!

[RSS] Slot Car Aurora Hippie Trike

End Date: Tuesday Dec-1-2015 19:39:04 PST
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Dash 4 lam armature drag test with a T jet

Good news on the 4 lam armature running with Dash magnets.
Tested the 4 ohm 4 lam arm on a good running T jet this time. The jet had a good set of nicely matched Dash magnets which read 750 & 746 on the gauss meter. Stock magnets read in the 400-500 range.
Jet also had the STOCK 9 TOOTH pinion which surprised me as it hit over 14 mph running that gear and a blue drag arm which read 7.2-7.4 on the ohm meter.
Replaced that arm with the 4 ohm and times dropped nicely. As before little or no difference in the 60' but from there on out very good improvements. ET went down from an average of .89 to .76 and MPH was up an average of 4 running in the high 18 to low 19 mph range.
This tells me this arm needs lower gearing for best results and the Dash magnets match it nicely.
It was buzzing nicely in the speed trap.

[RSS] 1/24 Revell 1964 Cobra Ford slot car kit NOS sealed

End Date: Thursday Dec-24-2015 18:08:28 PST
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Who made this?

Writing an article for the mag and my mind is blank on who made this.
Please help me.
Free wheeling front axle.  I keep thinking it's K&B but came with out any blister or card so.... I am lost right at the moment and Google is NO help.



Signed: Frustrated in Oregon.

[RSS] Vintage Asp Classic 1/24 Slot Car

End Date: Thursday Dec-24-2015 17:52:18 PST
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Purple Mile anniversary

It occurred to me that it's too bad that the 2015 USRA Nats couldn't have been held on Modelville's 220' Purple Mile. The 25th anniversary of the 1990 Nats that Mike Swiss won. Would have been cool.

[RSS] Strombecker Porsche Carrera GTS Type 904 1/32 Slot Cars

End Date: Thursday Dec-24-2015 16:50:05 PST
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[RSS] Vintage Slot Car Motor Parts

End Date: Friday Dec-4-2015 16:18:49 PST
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For Sale: Three Trinity Evil 9 motors in original packaging

I have for sale 3 Trinity Evil 9 motors, still unopened in the original bags. I bought more than I needed.




$15 each or take all 3 for $45, price includes shipping.

Willing to trade for 3 Retro Hawk motors also.


Please private message me if you are interested




November 24, 2015

Slot Car illustrated Forum

IHSR 2015-2016 Race 2: Racing at "The Ring" Rewards Rational Risk

Everyone knows that successful slot car racing is a mixture of taking risks while not exceeding boundaries. You can't afford to turn in steady 8 tenths laps—but you also can't afford to go beyond the edge repeatedly. This is especially true at Ron's 3-lane routed track, "The Ring," where you have to be really fast and keep out of trouble to do well.

Keith is almost always the master of "rational risk," and with a good car he can be very hard to beat. Likewise, Sherman has gotten quite good at it (with only occasional, and dramatic, exceptions). Ron, himself, has been paying a lot of attention to rational risk over the past couple of seasons. Would this IHSR event, at his home track, prove that the apprenticeship is complete? Craig and Reggie are still too new to the club to allow a proper determination of their rational-risk quotient; both of them have been very fast at times, but they're also still coming to grips with the IHSR car classes. And then there's Larry: You know the expression "No risk, no reward"? Well, for Larry the expression is "All risk, and no rationality"!

Here are some opening photos, courtesy of Ron. In this one, it seems as though Sherm and Larry prefer to have an empty lane in between their cars while practicing. But whose decision was that?

After practicing, this same pair is collaborating on race setups. Or are their comparing mini-flashlights??

Much of the magnificent Ring is shown in this photo, with Keith, Larry, and Craig practicing, while Sherm marshalls and Bruce looks on contentedly.

Here, all three drivers look confident—although, in Keith’s case, it’s hard to tell if he’s confident or just sleepy!

Reggie has rotated in for some practice, while Craig and Larry shift over. Note the inner and outer “loops” at the far end of The Ring. You really have to remember which one you’re exiting, since one is followed by a substantially shorter straight than the other.

Here, Sherman seems mildly impressed by Keith’s imitation of a basso profundo opera singer. Reggie, on the other hand, almost looks like he’s in pain!

Since I wasn't able to attend this race, the forgoing observations are all figments of my imagination. (Don’t worry: the reality was almost certainly much worse…) The following account of the five races is also courtesy of Yr Fthfl Srvnt’s imagination, along with Ron’s actual observations (in quotes with blue text). Without further ado…

“Race 1 was for the 1962 and earlier Vintage Sports Cars. We only had 3 entries with the proper 14,000-rpm motors, so we ran this race with two subgroups, 14K and 18K. Sherm drove his venerable Maserati coupe, which proved to be 0.1 to 0.2 second faster than my new Maserati 450S roadster.” I’m sure that Ron was thinking, “Booo! Hssssss!” as he wrote this… Wink

In the 14K category, it’s clear that Ron and Sherm had a great battle for the class (and overall) win. The Doctor set two of the three fastest laps by lane and finished a lap ahead of Ron. Keith’s Cobra was nearly a full second a lap off their pace, but he made the podium in the 3-car 14K group. (Cold comfort, I’m sure!) So far, the Italian Aluminum has outdone the American Iron.

Meanwhile, the “big motor” cars—which, at 18K, are only slightly less anemic than the 14K ones—were having their own hotly contested battle. Larry’s Corvette managed to slightly out-hustle Reggie’s Ferrari 275P, with Craig’s beautiful Ferrari GTO a bit farther back. (The “revenge of the American Iron”!) Bruce rounded out the field, with steadily improving heat totals as he rotated through.

The full results for the VSC cars are as follows:

“An important visitor appeared between races. Todd had a family commitment with his granddaughter, so he couldn’t stay to race—but he did come bearing gifts. Todd very generously had IHSR banners made for owners of home tracks to display. They look great, and we mounted mine in the corner of the basement.”

In this photo, I’m guessing that either (i) Keith and Bruce are comfortable and Reggie is freezing, or (ii) Reggie is comfortable, and Keith and Bruce are too hot. Regardless, they all seem intent on practicing for the next race. And note the new IHSR banner hanging proudly above the track!

“Race 2 was for the new Carrera GT class. It was Sherm versus Ron again, with Sherm garnering all 3 fastest laps—but not by much. The picture below shows the margin of victory for my Ferrari 458 over Sherm’s Ferrari 575—just over 1 foot! It was an all-Ferrari podium sweep, with Craig’s 458 taking third (with best laps about 0.4 second off the top times)."

Looking at the results, I see that Reggie was also running strongly but encountered some sort of trouble on the yellow lane. Whatever it was, it cost him 5 or 6 laps; otherwise he would have been right up there battling with Craig and Keith. Larry was a little off the pace (assuming that his 6.9-second lap time on red was due to someone else’s “rider” crossing on his lane). I’ll further assume that his new Corvette C7.9 will be right in the thick of things. My own Carrera GT car is a BMW Z4 GT3, just like Keith’s and similar in speed. Something tells me that I’ll need to figure out how to increase its grip. Speaking of which…

“Sherm revealed some of his speed secrets for the Carrera GT category. The most novel one is that he glues the rear tires to the wheels and then soaks the tires in NSR oil over a few days, rotating them every few hours. Only then does he true them. So if you've got nothing going on for 2 days, there is your secret #1! In contrast, I used the traditional gluing and truing approach, but used various mixtures of lighter fluid, NSR oil, and Scale Auto tire treatment, with different combinations for different cars.”

“An interesting note for this race was that Reggie’s corvette stormed off into the lead in the first heat, beating me by 1 lap, while Keith was screaming “that car has got to have a magnet!” Reggie had pulled it out of his case at the last moment, and after the heat we discovered that, yes, it did have a magnet!” [Good try, Reggie.] “When we went to start the second heat, the computer crashed so we restarted the race from scratch. Maybe the Trackmate software didn't like the magnet? Fortunately, it worked fine thereafter. (I had had a couple of offs in the first heat, so the restart helped me a lot. Hey, didn't that happen at Keith's too?

Here are the results for the Carrera GT race:

“Race 3 was for the 1963-1981 Classic Le Mans cars. Once again, Keith went looking for an Avant Slot Mirage to drive, and this time joined Team Sherman. I ran a Mirage as well, while Sherm opted for his longtail Porsche 917. Again it was an Avant Slot show: I held the lead going into the last heat, with the other two drivers being Keith and Craig. Craig dropped out at the start, so it was just the two Mirages running for the last 4 minutes. My car started ‘bicycling’ on the long turn after the chicane, and Keith was closing. Then I had a couple of offs, while Keith drove perfectly and sealed the win. Reggie ran a strong 4th, while Larry was a bit further back, and Bruce finished 6th.”

I’ll just add that Sherm’s lap times were generally a hair better than Keith’s and nearly as good as Ron’s, and both Ron and Sherm finished on the same lap. As we’ve seen before, that Porsche is no slouch, even when running against the Mirages. Also, Craig’s times were very good, and he might well have snared fourth had it not been for his problem in the last heat.

With his “rational risk” having been sorely tested in the preceding race, it was clear that Ron was intent on getting back on track. “I needed a strong showing in Race 4 (Slot-It Group C) after losing the previous one in the last minutes. Thankfully, my Taka Q Toyota ran perfectly and I managed to beat Sherm by 2 laps and set the fastest laps. Craig and Reggie ran a close 3rd and 4th. Craig had his 3rd podium finish of the day—and he wasn't done.” It also looks like Keith was right in the battle for the final podium spot, making up for a slightly slower car with a “perfection ratio” of 96.8 percent—one of the best ever recorded! But Craig and Reggie were also driving superbly (at just above, and just below, 95 percent, respectively), and they finished just ahead of The Judge.

Here are Ron’s Toyota, Sherm’s Porsche 956, and Craig’s Nissan R89C, along with the full results.

“The (optional) Race 5 was an IROC contest, using virtually identical Carrera DTM cars running on urethane tires. We all know that Sherm is a great builder, but he also will beat you with your own car! It was tight, however, with Sherm at 99 laps, Craig at 98, and both Keith and me at 97. Craig showed his skills by getting another podium—one level higher this time. I had 2 of the fastest laps but had a bad start and couldn't quite recover to get on the podium.”

The full results show just how close this race was, with lap times that were nearly identical from one car to the next and across the first four finishers. It really looks like a fun IROC race, and I’m doubly sorry to have missed it.

Thanks for the photos and write-up’s, Ron—and for hosting race 2. I’ll see you all at Sherman’s New Glen in a couple of weeks!

Rick F.

IHSR 2015-2016 Race 3: True Slot Car Racing Genius at The New Glen

For the third race of the new IHSR season, we trooped over to Chambersburg, PA and Doctor Sherm’s “New Glen” race track. Here it is in all its glory, complete with underpasses, The Bog, and those innocent-looking baby blue guardrails.

Speaking of the underpasses, in this one it looks like someone’s MGB has driven away on its own, leaving its hapless owner at the far end.

And speaking of baby blue guardrails, back in my SCCA racing days at least one car was destroyed per weekend by colliding with them. I guess they prevent wayward racers from falling off the mountaintop altogether, but I much prefer a lot of runoff room, such as at Summit Point or Road Atlanta!

Oh yeah, about IHSR Race 3… We had 12 enthusiastic participants, all bent on having fun racing toy cars in someone’s basement, as Jim likes to say. In the background, our host Sherman is pleased with the turnout (or is it the donuts?), while newcomer Harry checks out the track. In the foreground, Ron spots my camera in time to smile, and Bruce thinks, “Crikey! It’s the Mad Photographer again…”

Practice got underway with the long-lost Rick G. on the red lane, Reggie on yellow (for his first trip to The New Glen, I believe), newcomer Michael on green, and Mr. BannerMan himself, a.k.a. Todd, on blue.

Michael is new to the IHSR, but he is well known as a hot shoe at Phase II Slot Car Racing, equally capable of building very fast cars and driving them well. It’s also possible that he’s an Ohio State fan. (If so, sorry about last weekend’s game against Michigan…)

Sometimes the most baffling things are going on in the dark background of these photos. Here, for example, is Larry working on his cars. But what is the apparent light? A mega e-cigarette? A radioactive chewing-gum bubble? Or perhaps the LED headlights that he removed from his new digital Carrera GT Corvette?

Keith has now arrived, having followed the scent of fresh donuts directly to Sherm’s basement, and duly fortified he is setting about practicing. Harry is negotiating the hairpin at the far end of the track, while Michael is marshalling—and doing “mental laps” as he studies The New Glen.

The first race was for the new Carrera GT class. While I’m very happy with how my BMW Z4 is running, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to buy Larry’s spare Corvette C7R, shown here in its case—complete with “Caution: Electric Toy” warning label. Who knew that slot car racing was so dangerous?

We had a great mix of great-looking Carrera GT’s on hand, including Keith’s Z4…

… Reggie’s Ferrari 458 Italia…

… and Bruce’s Porsche 911. (Bruce found a Carrera dealer near York and also acquired a Mercedes and a BMW for good measure.) In the background, it appears that The Bog People have captured another tour bus.

Rick G. wasn’t content with the regular ol’ graphics on the Carrera Corvettes, so he created his own Team Goodwrench entry. Very nice!

Sherm’s street Ferrari 599XX looks good in its Shell livery—but he ended up running a different street-version Ferrari (a 458), also with number 35 and Shell livery. (How many of these things does he have??)

As the race was about to start, Keith looked confident, while in the background Rick G. and Larry are conferencing, Craig hooks up his controller, and Reggie makes an ill-fated, last-minute adjustments to his tires.

As the first heat got underway, it was immediately apparent that (i) Craig’s Vodafone Corvette C6R was a rocket, and (ii) he was driving the wheels off of it. He was turning laps that were 0.2-0.3 second faster than the best I’d done in practice, and he was staying resolutely on-track. But then Ron rotated in, driving an identical Corvette and equally fast. Unfortunately for Ron, if not for his competitors, he crashed multiple times in his first heat and lost 2 laps compared to Craig. He later said that his Corvette had too much traction, causing it to roll unexpectedly. We all responded in unison, “You can never have too much traction!”

Then Sherm came in on blue and promptly scared the bejeesus out of us with sub-7-second laps. However, his times soon fell off as his super-sticky rear tires began picking up minute particles of dust, then larger pieces of clag, and finally the occasional 1/32-scale pit worker. Meanwhile, Mike, Larry, Keith, and Reggie were all having a great battle.

I forget whose 458 Italia this is, but if it got any closer to the apex of the corner it would be—wait for it—an udder disaster!

Without warning, Reggie began hopping wildly down the straights—uh, I mean his car did—in the process wrecking his lap times and causing General Consternation. In desperation, he pulled the car off the track in the middle of a heat, adjusted the tires, and continued on with the problem solved—for about 2 laps. Then it happened all over again, and recurred periodically for the rest of his race. If it weren’t for bad luck…

Todd, Rick G., and Harry had apparently not availed themselves of The Doctor’s Secret Carrera GT Tire Advice and were definitely not suffering from too much traction. However, they had an excellent battle among themselves—and immediately after the race they began inquiring about TDSCGTTA… (For those who missed the last race report: (i) glue the stock Carrera tires onto the wheels; (ii) soak them in NSR tire oil for roughly 48 hours; and then (iii) carefully true the tires.)

While Ron was determinedly trying to make up his missing laps from the first heat, Craig was continuing to fly around the track avec grand vitess (which I think is French for “outta my way, sucker, I’m coming through!”) At the finish, both competitors had 111 laps—but Ron’s Corvette was ever so slightly ahead of Craig’s. I was lucky to edge Sherm for the final podium spot, after his tires went off. Here are the first four GT’s along with the full results:

With the new rules for the 2015-2016 season, I’ve been struggling to find speed in my favorite class: the 1962 and earlier Vintage Sports Cars. My ancient Sebring Corvette was the car to beat in this class for many years, but those years have taken their toll. I’m hoping to get some help from Maurice Trintignant (shown here giving Innes Ireland a lift back to the pits. For extra bonus points, can you identify the car that Maurice is driving?)

Rick G. has now completed his beautiful Cunningham C2-R roadster. Based on the apparent height of the driver, that must be Briggs himself!

In preparation for Sherm’s race, I spent hours prepping my diminutive Porsche Carrera Speedster. My goal was to have the lightest car on the track, thereby getting the most out of our wimpy 14k motors. It cornered pretty well, with ultra sticky tires, and it accelerated like a demon—for all of about 4 feet, at which point it had reached top speed! Maybe a numerically lower rear axle ratio… For now, I raced the Venerable ‘Vette.

Harry had this beautiful Lola T-70 coupe, which he ran in the Over Two-Litre category (or whatever we called the catch-all group of cars that didn’t meet the new rules).

In total, we had 5 “Over Two-Litre” and 7 “Under Two-Litre” entries in VSC. Larry’s big-bore Corvette ran away and hid from the entire field—in significant part because he found that “9.8 tenths” sweet spot where he could turn lap after consistent lap at speeds only a hair shy of the absolute maximum possible. It was an impressive run. Michael’s James Garner / American International Racing Lola T-70 coupe provided good competition, however, with very tidy driving and lap times that came within 0.1-0.2 second of Larry’s best.

Reggie didn’t have a suitable car for either the “Over” or “Under” subclasses, so Ron graciously loaned him his NART Ferrari 275P. Reggie was pleased as punch but soon discovered that the Ferrari was both disassembled and incomplete! He quickly set about finding a gear for the rear axle and other missing pieces and then putting the whole works together. I noticed that, as he was working, Reggie was talking out loud to himself. At great length, I might add. (Craig claimed that Reggie was actually on the telephone, using his ubiquitous Bluetooth earpiece, but I’m not buying it.) Once assembled, the NART Ferrari ran very well, and Reggie brought it home third in class, with Harry and Bruce rounding out the “Over” field.

Meanwhile, Sherman, Ron, Craig, and Keith were having a good battle in the “Under” category, with Keith’s Cobra in particular having found a new burst of speed. I asked Keith what the secret was, and he told me, but either he was really vague or I just forgot the answer! Once again, Sherm’s Maserati looked unbeatable but then his tires went off. As best I can tell, he made a special deal with NSR (or perhaps The Devil himself) for a set of “qualifiers,” only to find that they’re good for just a handful of laps.

As this heat was about to begin, Craig and Reggie were all business, while Rick G. was heading for the blue lane to rotate in.

At the finish, Ron had “out-consisted” Sherm, who, in turn, had edged out The Judge’s Cobra by less than half a lap. Craig was close behind—and well ahead of my Corvette and Rick G.’s Cunningham, which were nowhere near as well hooked-up. Todd started the race with his beautiful Ferrari 250 Pininfarina spider, which was slow, and switched after the first heat to his MGB roadster, which was a little less slow. They both looked good driving around The New Glen—and I’m wondering how the Ferrari might do with some of the Doctor’s ministrations…

Here are the first four finishers in the “Under” and “Over” categories, respectively, along with the full results. Drivers with a little red rabbit next to their names were in the “Over” class. Also, since Keith had to leave early, we didn’t have his Cobra for the Finish Photo, so we substituted a little trackside SUV as a placeholder. Except we got it out of order: the arrow indicates that Sherm’s Maser was second and Keith’s SUV (uh, I mean Cobra) was third.

During the lunch break, Sherm was heard to comment, a bit wistfully, that the IHSR events were the only times during the entire year that he got to eat pizza and donuts. In a show of brotherly concern and support, we drank to his health (and went back for seconds on the pizza).

By now, most of us have concluded that the Avant Slot Mirage is the car to have for the 1963-1981 Classic Le Mans class. They are almost impossibly fast right out of the box, needing only a tire upgrade and a little weight in the nose to prevent wheelstands. Here are the chassis for my white Mirage (with some of Sherm’s Magic Green Tape to dampen the motor pod) and one of Ron’s Gulf GT Mirages (with a big chunk o’ lead). Our confidence in these magnificent slot cars was substantial—although not to the point of smugness; we would never be smug!—but neither of us was prepared for what was to happen in the race.

As the race got underway, Ron’s Mirage was closely matched to my own, and we were smug in our expectation—wait! I mean we were satisfied in our expectation—that we would be vying for the overall win. I mean, these cars would leap onto each straight, corner on rails, and brake in the blink of an eye. They’re tough to drive, but nobody, absolutely nobody, could beat them. Then we noticed that Michael’s ancient Slot-It Ferrari 312 was rocketing around just as fast as we were. Beads of perspiration began to appear on Ron’s upper lip, while my eyes began drifting farther and farther apart as I tried to watch my car and keep an eye on Mike’s as well.

Larry and Craig were also flying, but a few tenths of a second slower than this group. Just as I was starting to regain my confidence, Sherm rotated in—and the world as we knew it came to an end! Driving his beautiful old Slot-It Ford GT, The Doctor began reeling off impossibly quick laps and overtaking us again and again within each 3:30-minute heat. How was this possible?? No short wheelbase Slot-It car had ever gone remotely so fast.

A little farther back, Harry, Rick G., Todd, and Bruce were all having a good battle. And then there was Reggie… Once again, disaster struck in the form of car troubles. With amazing patience, he tried one fix after another, all to no avail. And he didn’t even resort to talking to himself, which anyone else certainly would have done. When it was running right, his car was plenty quick, but the time spent in the pits was terminal.

At the finish, Sherm had won by 8 laps over Ron, who was exactly 1 lap and 2 inches ahead of me. Michael pipped Larry for fourth. In awe and amazement, we slowly gathered around Sherm to ask politely, perhaps even reverentially, how he had made a Slot-It Ford GT go so fast…

The first clue should have been the little pinheads on the rocker panels of the GT. I used to use this same method of attaching bodies back in my 1/24th-scale commercial track days, but I hadn’t seen it for a long, long time. It turned out that, under the Slot-It body, there lurked a beautiful, scratchbuilt brass and piano-wire chassis, complete with anglewinder motor, hinge points at every location, and (I think) even a drop arm for the guide flag. On top of all that, the quality of the construction was breathtaking.

With typical modesty, The Doctor said casually, “I just wanted to see if it could be done.” He added, “This is the last time you’ll see this car racing” since he did not want to dominate the class with this extraordinary model racing car. Did I mention that he also built the tires?? We all doffed our hats and expressed our sincerest congratulations on his accomplishment. We had witnessed True Slot Racing Genius in action.

Here are the first four finishers and the tabulated results. The good news was that Sherm undoubtedly turned in many laps below the software’s minimum-lap-time setting, with the result that his recorded number of laps is likely understated by 15 or 20, or possibly more than 100… (By the way, I was so awestruck by Sherm’s performance that I totally forgot to photograph the race results. Thanks, Ron, for thinking to get these pictures.)

The final race of the day was for the Slot-It Group C cars. Sherm opted to run this Jim Beam Porsche 962C. He had done every bit of the livery himself, proving that his painting and detailing abilities are just as good as his metalworking and soldering skills. I believe the original Jim Beam 962 was driven by Walter Lechner, but if you look closely you’ll see “S. Collings” listed on the driver’s door. Well done!

These Slot-It cars are great fun to race. They’re smooth and fast right out of the box, and, with spec tires, they’re pretty evenly matched. (A scant 0.5 second covered the fastest laps of the first 6 cars.) However, Ron and Sherm once again had the ultimate mojo, and together with first-class driving they raced off into the distance, finishing 1st and 2nd. Craig and Larry fought it out for the final podium spot, with Craig claiming it by a narrow margin. Michael and I had a good battle as well, although a bit farther back, and he aced me by a lap with Rick G. not far behind. Harry had a good run as well—but Reggie’s car decided to stop running altogether in the middle of a heat. Solving the problem required only 40 seconds—but that equated to 6 laps lost.

Ron’s and Craig’s Toyotas bookended the first four finishers, with Sherm’s 962 and Craig’s Nissan in-between. Read ‘em and start tuning for the next event…

Did I mention that Craig, Michael, and Reggie are part of “Team CRL” (for Capital Racing League)? Here are their three racing boxes, respectively, stuffed full of championship-winning slot cars:

Thanks for hosting a great day of racing, Sherm. We’ll look forward to your return engagement on December 12th and, the Saturday before, a visit to Bruce’s track in York. In the meantime, it’s time for me to go soak some more tires…

Rick F.

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gokartride's Blog - A Busy Year

Just because it's been quiet in here all year doesn't mean things haven't been busy on the slot car front. A friend and I completed our modular 3-lane routed track with full scenery. It was a massive effort
and was received by kids young and old with great enthusiasm. Only problem...we were too busy at the event to take any pictures. Maybe next time.

Now that that project is finally complete it's time to move on, so I have dismantled my wonderful perimeter Grand Prix track so that a new project can begin. Stay tuned.

What wind were stock Cuc arms?

The only guy I know who would have that info memorized is Prof. Fate and he's racing slot cars in Heaven.




Giggles at Can-Am

Six locals and Mark from Grants Pass came to race True Scale GT1 and Can-Am at STR on 11/23/15. Track conditions were quite good; several sub- five second laps were run and a near record was achieved in Can-Am.

The Can-Am race provided a few laughs. Marks driver figure dislodged itself on the main straight. Bob nearly ran over the figure but the heat was completed without missing a beat. Nicks driver figure lost its head in a rollover crash under the bridge. The images below capture some of the humor. To read the entire narrative and view additional images, see the link

Attached Images

  • photo 4 (3).JPG
  • photo 3 (26).JPG

The big ones!

OK, here are a couple of current eBay auctions running. How high will they go?!?
Vintage Slot Car Cox Dan Gurney Stock Car
Vintage Slot Car Tamiya Plymouth Fury

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Shapeways 3d chassis and Fly Lola T70

I just ordered the chassis and I'm looking forward to installing. Has anyone done one yet for the Fly Lola? How did it go? could you keep the interior? Post pics please? Any tips? Thanks!:banana:

Association Slot Alpin

News Scaleauto 24/11/15

REF.: SC-6027
BMW M1 Gr.5 Le Mans 1981 #52 Wurth


REF.: SC-6022R
Mercedes SLS GT3 Race 2011 IberGT Jarama 2011 #25

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A few months ago we announced that Giovanni Montiglio, former NSR, was launching its own brand Thunder Slot. Was Giovanni Montiglio himself that during the UK Slot Car Festival presented its first project, the Lola T70 MKIII. Right there he reported that the model would be ready for this 2015 holida...

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ROUND 2 DEC.12 Invitation to Pa.Va.Md.and WV. slot car enthusiasts

Invitation to Pa.Va.Md.and WV. slot car enthusiasts

The new Interstate Home Slot Racers (IHSR) racing season has started! Our next race is Saturday Dec.12 at the "The New Glen" in Chambersburg Pa.and we're inviting enthusiasts to come enjoy the racing, laughs and camaraderie. Our group has been together over ten years and regularly meets at members tracks throughout the season. We enjoy racing throughout the four states with tracks
in New Freedom Pa., Baltimore, Potomac Md., Carlysle Pa.,Charlestown WV.,Germantown Md.,York Pa. (2tracks),Abington Md. and of course Chambersburg Pa. Here's a mapquest link showing Chambersburg's location:,%20PA
All IHSR tracks are smooth 'wood" and three to six lanes wide.
Every event consists of four seperate races for the four 2015 classes, with a fifth race run in an IROC format.
Each race meet usually opens at 8am for practice with racing starting at 10am. We break for a pizza lunch and continue racing until about 3pm.
A typical event usually has 10 to 15 racers and you'll get plenty of race time. IHSR is a good-natured group. Our members don't take competition too seriously, always remembering we're there to have fun. Winning isn't important and you'll likely get as many kudos for a nice custom paint job as winning a race.
Please take a look at our past race reports and photos at our IHSR forums: http://interstatehomeslotracingclub....16-Race-Photos
Here's a link to our race rules : http://interstatehomeslotracingclub....6-RULES-are-up
and a link to our 2015 race schedule (more are always added as the season progresses): http://interstatehomeslotracingclub....edule-official

We hope you'll come and enjoy a day with fellow slot car enthusiasts at an IHSR event. If you need them, we always have loaner cars and controllers available so be prepared to participate!
PM me for additional information.
See you at the races!

The Glen in Chambersburg

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Immense Miniatures new figures. For some time the Australian manufacturer makes busts at 1:32 and 1:24 scale to be included in the figures which make themselves or to replace the usual series figures of slot car models. These are bust, with and without helmet, of the British driver Sir Stirling Moss...

SlotForum News

Hobby Classic News; Chenard & Walker - 1923 Le Mans

News from Hobby Classic;

Chenard & Walcker Sport
Le Mans 1923
Ref; CL-18
Limited edition of 200 units
Handmade Resin 1;32

Hobby Classic announced today that they have begun to send out advanced orders and the remaing models are now available;

This series is made up of a total of 200 units spread over:
• 100 units in number 9 winner "clean".
• 50 units of number 9 "dirty" limit. Sold out
• 50 units of number 10, who finished second in the overall standings. Sold out

All versions includes a figure with checkered flag in the winning car.

The dirty version includes a diorama of the muddy track.

Each case is printed with the corresponding number and contains a booklet with the history of the race car and 1923.

More than 100 pieces make up this model: metal, photoetched resin, etc. to achieve a decent reproduction of the importance of the model.
This is the first model of a small collection of first winners of historical evidence which in turn will appear in our catalog.
This reference price is € 360 on the clean version and € 400 for the final race with diorama.

Information and images as supplied by Jordi Molist HOBBYCLASSIC

SRC News - Arnoux and Villeneuve French G.P. 1979 Set

News from SRC;

Special Edition GP France 1979 Box Set
Ref; SRC900104
Limited edition of 750 units
Retail £199.95

Anyone who has long memories or is even old enough may well remember the titanic battle between Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve at the 1979 French Grand Prix, (if not check it out on you tube - below). Live on the BBC all those years ago. Murray Walker went into meltdown as the two drivers banged into each other in the closing stages of the race held at Dijon. It wasn't even for the lead but for second place and in the end it was the French speaking Canadian Villeneuve that won the battle crossing the line in his Ferrari just a few tenths of a second ahead of Arnoux's Renault.

SRC have decided to recreate this piece of motorsport folklore with a limited edition set featuring the two protagonists. Just 750 numbered sets will be available.

Image and text [I](edited) as supplied by Gaugemaster[/I]

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F1 To Adopt NASCAR Chase System?

A "What if" Thread!

Who do you think would fare the best if Bernie adopted NASCAR's Chase System?

The idea is not to discuss how:

> NASCAR sucks
> The Chase sucks
> or "Slotbob is a moron" (lol)

But rather how it would play out.

Opine if you like...and have fun with it!

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Thunder Slot: La Lola T70 MKIII le renouveau de Giovanni Montiglio

Thunder Slot La Lola T70 MKIII le renouveau de Giovanni MontiglioEn mai dernier nous rapportions la création de la nouvelle marque de slot racing italienne Thunder Slot. Thunder Slot sous l’égide de Giovanni Montiglio (ex-concepteur de NSR), s’apprête à présenter sa première voiture une Lola T70 MKIII. Monsieur Giovanni Montiglio, est une personne très connue dans le petit monde du slot racing. Ex concepteur pour […]

Slot Car Today - General


Sponsored by the legendary Duff beer, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and Moe's Bar, that's the new Flyslot Cars Mercedes truck made in a limited edition of 450 units commissioned by

Dijon Racing Blog

DTM 3/9

La 3ème manche DTM s'est déroulée dans une ambiance de folie. En effet, ce soir chacun ramassait sa voiture et parfois, dans ce genre d'exercice, on rigole beaucoup. Les pilotes qui sautent de l'estrade et courent autour du circuit...ça a un côté génial  ...le "footing racing slot"  ah ah ah je vous laisse imaginez.  Voici le plateau de ce soir, assez limité compte tenu des désistements.

la course a vu des nombreuses attaques, de nombreuses poursuites mais nous retiendrons tout de même un mano à mano grave de grave entre Ghislain de Jean Daniel.  Les sorties de route ont donné du piment à la couse et dans ce contexte nos deux compères se sont éclatés.  Ils étaient les plus rapides tout de même et il s'offrent le podium tant convoité.  Le classement podium avec sur la plus haute marche GHISLAIN vainqueur avec 3 tours d'avance sur JEAN DANIEL second. Quant au 3ème c'est juste l'homme de tête du grand gégéne ...DIDIER. Photo podium.....

 Attention les trois énergumènes sont dans un mouchoir...175 tours, 172 et 170 quant aux autres pilotes ils sont dans les 150 tours, voyez un peu l'écart ? Notons la très belle performance de Pascal qui s'offre, à défaut de podium, le temps scratch DTM.  Bravo Pascal.  Le classement très light ce soir : 6 pilotes seulement...


Prochaine course jeudi prochain 26 Novembre 2015 au DRS, la LE MANS CLASSIC ( 1962-1972)...avec un règlement intéressant, un moteur unique et plein de modèles de voitures acceptés. Inscrivez-vous vite, c'est une course très prisée. Merci à tous de votre attention. P.Journet

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Baja Bugs

I've seen greenman62's baja that he built a few years ago on here, but has anyone else here ever attempted a baja bug in 1/32?

The Airfix kit he used turned out nice, but I'm looking at a couple of bodies that are already baja-style out of the box.

There's the Professor Motor kit ( which is purpose-built for slot cars, and Tamiya's Monster Beetle Junior, a motorized model kit that purports to be 1/32.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they any good? The Professor Motor kit looks like it might be a bit sparse on the details, and I'm concerned that the Tamiya kit might not actually be 1/32. Mini 4WDs are popular in Asia, which are roughly 1/32, so a lot of motorized kits of other kinds often have "1/32" slapped on the packaging. I'm sure a lot of you know about Aoshima's Initial D kits, which are really more like 1/30 than 1/32.

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What is the International Federation of Slot Car Clubs / IFSCC

After the announcement of the creation of the IFSCC (International Federation of Slot Car Club) SlotCar Today contacted with Martin Baines, Chairman of NSCC, one of the founder members of the new federation, alongside Thera Brock of Dutch SLN, to explain the reason for and rationale behind this orga...

[RSS] 1/32 Sportsman Slot Car

End Date: Monday Nov-30-2015 23:39:42 PST
Buy It Now for only: $69.99
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[RSS] 1/32 '41 Willys Slot Car

End Date: Monday Nov-30-2015 23:38:50 PST
Buy It Now for only: $59.99
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Martin Sunshine Raceway

I have moved last year. Tore down my digital Scalextric track packed it away. We decided we needed some land so bought a house with 6 and 1/2 acres and I now have gotten the basement at the new house finished enough to start on something really important LOL! ANOTHER TRACK!! It is going to be a track that is like the roads going to my new house. Rural, twisty, Hilly, full of pine trees Cottonwoods and cattle land with some narrow bridges. I now live 60 miles east of Aurora CO. I have a Deer Trail mailing address but I am actually 23 miles south of Byers CO. Track is equal length at 112 feet I am running analog but using digital power base. My thoughts were to build something that looks like this area make it analog since most the guys that may race on it only do analog. Since I am by myself 90% of the time felt no need to keep digital. I will post pics once I figure it out.:banana:



KMR website shut down

Six and a half years of constant site growth and a number of new friends later the site is done.


The KMR site was built with Yahoo Sitebuilder tools. The small business unit was recently acquired by Aabaco Small Buisness.


After a week plus of noncooperation to restore the KMR site following a shut down over the weekend server change via their "claiming process" and a bold request for more funding to get cooperative I've removed their ability to bill for services and shut down the site. They will claim the domain and are welcome to it.


The site will not be rebuilt with other web making tools. There will be no Facebook page nor any other social media attempt.


An email driven "KMR Short List", which is currently closed to additional membership, is the only outlet for "The Motor Room" and other KMR tech posts and project cars.


As Cheater runs a tight ship here Slotblog, it will be the only site I visit as a member.

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Carrera Red Guide Flags

I have a bunch of cars and I know I've seen the red guide flags in the packet with some of my cars. But I cannot find any now. Can someone tell me which cars had the red guide flags included with them? :help:

[RSS] Slot Car Aurora Hippie Trike

End Date: Wednesday Dec-23-2015 22:48:04 PST
Buy It Now for only: $90.00
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Odd's Oracle

Nearly there now...

The Narrowboat model now has a finished fore cabin and a back cabin/engine 'ole with doors open and hatches.
Also gave the hull its very distinctive half round buffing strips.

Now working on the engine and interior of the back cabin, then floor components of the frames, stands and monkey plank and that'll be it almost done. Paint? the lap of the weather Gods there!

More pics when it's all done.

[RSS] Vintage Slot Car Tamiya Plymouth Fury

End Date: Monday Nov-30-2015 18:51:52 PST
Buy It Now for only: $1,200.00
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Double Pit Lane

Hi guys,

I have searched a few threads but could not find the proper answer. In this configuration, is there any special wiring I need to do to be able to use both lanes to refuel? As soon as I get on the second lane, it would not fuel at all. I have to exit and reenter the pit lane and make sure to pass slowly on the sensor to make fueling work properly.

- I bought an old pit lane(30346) because I had a great deal and already had new one 30356
- I have used the same design as the one posted on hotslots132 store (except the dual lane change, I used a straight instead)
- My CU has the latest update(332) from my iPad application connect.

any help or other suggestions would be appreciated,
maybe I just need a redirection to a proper thread ;)

[RSS] Vintage Slot Car Cox Dan Gurney Stock Car

End Date: Monday Nov-30-2015 18:32:30 PST
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Tony Stewart the seemingly sad end.

For years I was a Tony Stewart fan because of his brash attitude at the start and his willingness to be honest (at times to a fault) about issues and NASCAR decisions. When he left Gibbs and started SHR I noticed a distinct change in him as he became more Corporate. I am not faulting him for this change because he suddenly had hundreds of people depending on him for their livelihood. The past three years have been painful to watch with both his physical problems and what I must assume a psychological problem since the death of the sprint car driver. This year it has been obvious that Tony is not even a shell of his former self only being able to run with underfunded cars and Danica. I can remember several years ago when Darrel Waltrip (as an announcer) said something less than positive about Tony and Tony responded saying he took the statement with a grain of salt coming from a driver who used the past champion's provisional starting position to extend his career by three years. Tony is fast approaching that sad situation where he is more of a joke on the track than somebody to contend with. Next year Tony has stated that his team will have massive restructuring and the sad part is that Tony seems not to understand that the first change should be to change the nut behind the wheel.

November 23, 2015

Taking pictures

Give me your advice on taking magazine worthy photos. I have one of those little boxes with the 2 lights but I have not tried it yet. Would prefer something where I can get shots from above. Looking to stay real reasonable. Maybe two lights and some kind of backround. Do I need a little tripod?


I have a Sony Cyber-shot 14.1 Mega Pixel camera. Is that good enough?


Is there anybody here around Long Island that can take the pics for me? Or at least guide me? 



1987 Nats program scan

Is 1987 considered "history"?


I just grabbed this off eBay and it is such a fantastic document that I wanted to post it.


This baby has it all:  history, current technology for the time, manufacturers and their products, photos and a great graphic of the raceway layout.


It's 22 pages, so relax and I will post three-four at a time, starting with the amazing cover art.


Check it out.







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GA/NC Shootout 14 & 15 November

SCANC hosted some of the boys from Atlanta for another fun-filled weekend of racing on November 14th and 15th.

There was ample time for everyone to test and tune their cars and we ran 6 races (four 1:32 scale races and two 1:24 races). Six races and six different winners! Jason didn't take a win but he did set three track records including overall fastest lap with a 6.077 with his NSR Corvette C6R.

NSR Porsche Cup (997s with 17k Baby King motors)
NSR Classics
Slot.It Group C
BRM 917
BRM Group C

Finally, a seventh race of ScaleAuto Porsches was run to end the weekend - this last race was a team event. Since their were 5 SCANCs present and 5 guys from Atlanta, we teamed up one SCANC each with one A-Ganger and ran the event as an IROC. Marcus and Junior took the win in this event and Alec and Steve took a hard-fought second.

Here are some pics:


SlotForum Scratchbuilding

A good strapline

No doubt some of you know about this already but the link may be useful.

Straps and buckles etc

[RSS] 1/24 Slot Car BZ Banshee as is

End Date: Monday Nov-30-2015 10:07:11 PST
Buy It Now for only: $175.00
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[RSS] Scalextric vintage slot car, 1957 tinplate blue Ferrari

End Date: Wednesday Dec-23-2015 9:41:15 PST
Buy It Now for only: $149.99
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With the new Toyota Hilux still fresh from the oven, SlotArt has just publicized their projects for 2016. His Raid slot resin models to 1:32 scale have gained wide acceptance among fans and they proposals for next year can definitely cons...

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Placement of digital race accessories?

I've recently added all the bells and whistles to my D132 track and have a question about... what takes priority for lap counting and position for lack of a better word.

I've put a little screen shot of my track in with all the accessories labeled. My driver displays are mounted on the table and connected to a single straight via wire & there are four of them.

I think what I'm asking is the position tower shows position as does the driver displays and the lap counter is keeping track of the race and is wired directly into the control unit.

is the position on the tower and the driver displays reading from the control unit/lap counter or are they reading from the point of connection to the track?

Does this make sense? Am I thinking too much?

RC crossed with Hallmark

What do you get when you cross an RC truck with a Hallmark Rat rods away

Retro East Event 5 - 12/12, Fast Tracks, Can-Am & Stock Car

Raceway opens 8 AM.

Pit Pass: $10.

Stock Car: Tech at 9:30 Entry fee $10 Tier 2 race format used (qualifying, mains seeded. and run for laps) - Track will be shut off when tech opens.

Can-Am: tech 1 hour after Stock Car A Main Entry fee $15 (qualifying, six racers per main, with move-ups)- Track will be shut off when tech opens.

Track: 120' Hillclimb, braid depth: ~ .035", power: 13.8 volts.


Current Track Records:  

Stock Cars:
TQ - 4.163 Ray Duran
Total Laps: 312 - Ed Sohl
Fast Race Lap: 4.175  - Ed Sohl

TQ - 3.593 - Noose
Total laps:  370.10 John Weaver
Fast Race Lap: 3.690 - Eric Gehrken



Fast Tracks & Hobbies
1780 South Main St.
Bechtelsville, PA 19505
(484) 415-0660

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Newbie with Scalextric T2 and T3 set

Hey folks.

20+ year r/c & scale modeling vet finally getting involved with building a slot car track to run for a small group. My original idea was to build a NASCAR oval in 1/32 scale but when announcing those plans a friend came to me with a basically new Scalextric T2 and T3 set (minus the cars) which he had combined for a 4 lane layout. I'm getting it in trade for some r/c parts I had laying around.

Does this sound like a great starter set? The current owner says the setup is around 7' x 11' which sounds nice and big. I know that this is an analog set but can I later upgrade to digital with it? I can't find the info anywhere on the Scalextric site.

My other question is in regards to timing equipment - I definitely want/need quality lap counter and timer. Is there a 4 lane setup that anyone can recommend? I see that Scalextric sells a 2 lane systen but i don't see where it can link up to create 4.

I'm lucky enough to live right by a hobby shop with a very large assortment of Scalextric cars and my group wants run Vintage Trans Am era cars.

Any help/advice would be fantastic as I have until tomorrow to let him know if I'd like to go through with the trade. Thanks

Retro East Event 4 - HVR, 11/21 - The Report!

Oh so close - again!


Here is the report for the race at HVR. Now a break until December 12th.  Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Attached File  Event 4-HVR-Nov2015.pdf   517.18KB   31 downloads

Question for Noose and other paint experts

I recently used a rattle can of lacquer on some lexan bodies(just 'cause I had it and liked the color). I then backed up the lacquer with some acrylic silver and then acrylic white. I'm a sloppy painter, so there's overspray on the outside of the body. I'd made my usual attempt at getting the overspray off with lighter fluid(naphtha) with the usual results... it kinda works but takes a LOT of elbow grease. So, I decided I'd see if acetone(fingernail polish remover) would work better. It instantly worked better BUT....... the body split just as instantly, about 1 - 1/2" long at the seam above the rear fender! Did I use too much lacquer? Was it the acetone? Thanks in advance.

Blog Del Slot

nuevo trabajo condor decals BUGGYRA fly car model

BUGGYRA Fly car model

otro excelente trabajo del condor
un saludo
mex 22

en breve volveremos a las notas , estamos un poco parados por rotura de la balanza

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Motor upgrades for 1/32 cars?

I recently added a couple of Slot-It cars to my collection. They are in a entire different class speed wise than my Carrera cars. I'd like to make my Carrera cars a bit more competitive. Any suggestions for motor upgrades?

turn around time?

If I send my Control Unit to Carrera USA for repair, about how long can I expect it to be gone? Are parts like the Cu repaired in the US, or are they sent back to Germany?

Association Slot Alpin

Le réglement Technique de la CDF Scaleauto 2016 est tombé

La CDF Scaleauto 2016 aura lieu les 13-14& 15 Mai à Chatillon en Diois

Toujours par équipe de 2 pilotes, elle se roulera avec tous les modèles Gt de la marque.....

Ci joint le réglement technique.


Le réglement technique de la CDF Scaleauto 2016 est tombé - La Coupe de France Scaleauto

La CDF Scaleauto 2016 aura lieu les 13-14& 15 Mai à Chatillon en Diois Toujours par équipe de 2 pilotes, elle se roulera avec tous les modèles Gt de la marque..... Ci joint le réglement technique. REGLEMENT_TECHNIQUE_CDF_SCALEAUTO_2016


CFD Scaleauto

Le réglement technique de la CDF Scaleauto 2016 est tombé

La CDF Scaleauto 2016 aura lieu les 13-14& 15 Mai à Chatillon en Diois

Toujours par équipe de 2 pilotes, elle se roulera avec tous les modèles Gt de la marque.....

Ci joint le réglement technique.


Auto World Xtraction Release 18 - America's Finest

Just posted the pictorial on Auto World's Xtraction Release 18 - America's Finest.

Check it out here:

AW Xtraction 18 - Americas Finest


Auto World T-Jet Release 16 - Legends of the Quarter Mile

Just posted the pictorial of the latest release from Auto World, Thunderjet Release 16 - Legends of the Quarter Mile. Check it out here:

AW Thunderjet 16 - Legends of the Quarter Mile


Slot Car Today - General


What better model to show the spirit that lies behind the SCX name and philosophy. A car driven by father and son.
The Team Verschure Renault Sport R.S. 01, is being driven this 2015 season by the young Dutch driver, Steijn Schothors...