February 23, 2017


Champion 707 question?

Hi Chaps.

I have a few Champion 707 motors and all have a magnet shim except my most recent purchase. Everything else seems legit winding,balancing,endbell,arm marking ect. It shows no signs of ever being apart. 

My question being did all 707's have the shim or did some come without?


Motor in question, without pinion.365.JPG 368.JPG 367.JPG 369.JPG

Race results from MVH - 2/21, F1 on the King

Formula 1 on the King – 2/21/17


The F-1 class was the order of the evening as ten cars were put through tech inspection for another shot at the Gerding G7 King. Due to a late start race director Richard Payne decided to run just the middle 6 lanes.  


Ten F-1 Cars in Tech:



Parity has arrived in F-1 at MVH as six cars posted fast laps within about 1/10th of a second, the middle six cars finished within 4 laps of each other, and two positions were decided by just one track section! Even though it was a night of loose gears (both Rolly LaPierre, Jr. and Bob Blanchette needed to retighten and/or replace their crown gears more than once) and a couple of serious crashes (Dave Panich had to resort to a back-up car after a hit took out his front axle) much of the pack was bunched up fighting for the last step on the podium until the final heat. 


Nick Ball claimed the fastest best-lap time of the evening edging out John Weaver by .007 seconds, though Weaver’s always consistent driving allowed him to take the win by 5 laps. Four laps back, Rolly (racing a loner from Bob with a Falcon motor in it!) and Peter Lentros were in a battle for the final step on the podium, both logging 228 laps when the checkered flag flew, as Rolly squeaked past Peter by one track section. Dave Panich finished a lap down in 5th, while Dan Savage trailed him by 2 laps and was a lap up on Bob and Rich Girvin who were in another close battle for position. Similar to the race for 3rd place, Bob was able to edge out Rich by one track section to claim 7th. Richard Payne and Dick Griffin finished out the field.


Final Standings, laps completed, fast-lap time, lane:


       1)    John Weaver             237/0      4.397      BL

       2)    Nick Ball                    232/0      4.390      GN

       3)    Rolly LaPierre, Jr.     228/8      4.445      YL

       4)    Peter Lentros            228/7      4.500      GN

       5)    Dave Panich             227/0      4.608      BL

       6)    Dan Savage              225/0      4.444      OR

       7)    Bob Blanchette         224/8      4.445      BL

       8)    Rich Girvin                224/8      4.608      GN

       9)    Richard Payne          221/0      4.672      BL

     10)    Dick Griffin                208/0      4.874      GN


Upcoming Events:


     February NERR Race at MVH: 


            02/25/17    Stock Cars on the Figure 8

                              CanAm on the Sovereign


     Next Week’s MVH Tuesday Night Retro-Race:   


            02/28/17    Coupes on the Figure 8



Podium (L to R):  2nd Place – Nick Ball, 1st Place – John Weaver, 3rd Place – Rolly LaPierre, Jr.



Weaver’s 1st Place Chassis:

1st Place - Weaver.jpg        1st Place - top.jpg


Nick’s 2nd Place Chassis:

2nd Place - Nick.jpg        2nd Place - top.jpg


Rolly’s 3rd Place Chassis:  

3rd Place - Rolly.jpg        3rd Place - top.jpg

Cutting back a bit on my travel

I’m going to cut back on the number of races I go to this year. I enjoy the racing & companionship of all of my racing buddies but
I’m sick of the long haul. The 10 hour round trip takes a lot of the fun out of it & more & more I’ve been finding myself dreading the long drive more than I am looking forward to the races. I just can’t do the long drive any more. It’s a drag both leaving & coming home in the dark, especially since much of that for me is in rural, deer (and elk) country.
Will still try & make a couple in Spokane this year & most of the ones in Missoula. That's just a 3 hour round trip. :  ). 
Sluggo aka Randy

Cyclone Avenger paint/build

I got some NOS chassis and bodies from Mid America, here's the first build.  Bobcat 36d motor, Weldun gears, H&R rears, Tradeship fronts, Createx paint and some old decals.  Handles great, 5 second laps on my 76ft track.  Many thanks to Mid America and others for making these parts available, building and running these cars really takes me back!







Best quality rattle can paint?

What is the best quality can of spray paint for Lexan slot car bodies?

Vintage roller, chassis, body, and box

After enduring another episode of "Let's Troll the IRRA®", Bob Munder coming into the shop, put a smile on my face.

Along with being a real likable guy, he brought the following;


He had this anglewinder chassis. While not a piece of art, I still enjoy these privateer builds.

I wound up putting on a pair of JK 7/8" dia. X 1/8" axle tires, to see how it would run.

It was wired backwards, so with the body needing repair, the lead wire looking marginal, at best, and guys warming up for Wednesday night racing, I stopped practice, to take a few quick laps, "bodyless."

It really scooted down the straight.


I was more impressed with this inline chassis, with its far rearward, Iso pivot, and sliding pans, held in place by the pin tubing.


What appeared to have been on the anglewinder, was this Dave Bloom Elfin, in the popular gold paint, with white stripe and black fogging, seen a few times in this DB THREAD.


Bob had a primo Hoffman box.


While saying he raced in Toledo, when I spotted this, it became apparent he moved at some point to this area, and ran at the iconic Hinsdale Raceway.

He volunteered he just ran there casually.

O3 Racing Slot Car

Bourse Internationale de Circuits Routiers

UN EVENEMENT A NE PAS MANQUER ! Rencontres et bonnes affaires ! Venez nombreux !


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[RSS] 1/32 Strombecker James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 slot car lot/project parts

End Date: Wednesday Mar-1-2017 19:12:04 PST
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For Sale: Samson Can-Am chassis

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine, any and all questions can be directed to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 OBO.







For Sale: Tonyp Can-Am chassis 4

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine, any and all questions can be directed to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 OBO.








For Sale: 15-band Ruddock DR30 controller - SOLD!

I have a used 15-band Ruddock DR30 controller for sale. The controller has a new handle and upgraded brake pot. It is in excellent working condition.


$130.00 shipped.



For Sale: Tonyp F1 chassis 2

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine, any and all questions can be directed to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 OBO.









For Sale: Tonyp Stock Car

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine, any and all questions can be directed to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 OBO.





For Sale: Tonyp F1 chassis

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine, any and all questions can be directed to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 OBO.







Odd's Oracle

The want of money is the root of all.....rudeness.

A few days ago I contacted the office of a well known dealer in and restorer of Frazer-Nash cars. I was told to e-mail them with "what you want, who you are and that sort of thing"  and someone from the workshop would e-mail me back.  Now call me an impatient sod if you like, but I think that stinks.  Why couldn't she just patch me through to the workshop or give me their number?  I am still awaiting the courtesy of a reply. I am prepared to travel a good distance to photograph and measure a chain drive 'Nash, but of course, they will know that I am not about to cross their palms with any of my cupro-nickel, so I am completely unimportant to them.  Well, sod them. I found 2 reliable looking drawings to work from yesterday in my stash of paperwork and whilst I would have liked to crawl over one in the skin, I can make a perfectly good model from the drawings.

I also sent an enquiry to Winston Teague, Registrar of the 'Nash club asking if anyone near my area might have a car to measure, but, once again, no answer.  I always thought the members of the Frazer-Nash Car Club were supposed to be gentlemen, but clearly I was mistaken.

I love the silly old cars, but it seems that unless I want to wave my ability to pay over 50 grand for a bundle of sticks that any half decent mechanic could make in his shed about, I am not part of the "right crowd".  If I won the Lottery, I am really no longer certain I would want to become one of their number.  Money ruined the Austin 7 hobby for me. Ex Bank Managers and headmasters got hold of them on their fat pensions and completely ruined the raggy arsed enthusiasts' hobby for me. I sold off my Special parts with no great regret when I lost my storage thanks to a halfwit Landlady.

It seems that the once staunchly enthusiastic Chain Gang have gone the same way, where even their lackies in the garage have got the money disease, where the want of it makes them unforgivably rude.

Sod the lot of 'em!


For Sale: Tonyp Can-Am chassis 3

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine any and all questions can be directed to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 OBO.





For Sale: Tonyp Can-Am chassis 2

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine any and all questions can be directed to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 or best offer.





For Sale: Tonyp Can-Am chassis

Selling a bunch of chassis for a buddy of mine. Any and all questions can be sent to gixxer1397@gmail.com.

$135 OBO.





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For Sale: Two Crutchfield R-Geo Dragonslayer 7.5s - SOLD!

I have two R-Geo Dragonslayer 7.5s. Both have twelve rails of .039", split pans, threaded front axle, and rear bearings.


$70.00 each shipped.



For Sale: Two Crutchfield-built R-Geo F1 Shark chassis

I have two brand new R-Geo shark F1 chassis for sale. Both have eight rails of .047", shaker pans, threaded front axle, and rear bearings.


$70.00 each shipped.



February 22, 2017


Wanted: TrueScale bodies

Looking for a couple True Scale bodies.


Lotus 40 p/n TSR06


Lola T70R (non coupe) p/n TSR08

[RSS] International Engineering '34 Ford Original Vintage 1/24 Slot Car

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[RSS] International Engineering Kurtis 500 Original Vintage 1/24 Slot Car

End Date: Wednesday Mar-1-2017 15:24:08 PST
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Wanted: JK Retro Can-Am chassis

I am looking to buy used Retro JK Can Am Chassis. No additional parts needed but it must be soldered together (pans, nose, motor bracket). My soldering skills are equivalent to a 3rd grader. I prefer a 4 inch wheelbase. Let me know what you have. PayPal ready. Thank you!

If the price is right I will buy more than one.

Pasion slot - Noticias




Confirmado oficialmente, el próximo Foroslot de Primavera 2017, se celebrará los próximos días 1 y 2 de Abril en el Hotel Aida de Torrejón de Ardoz (mismo lugar que el de otoño 2016). Espero que Jesús nos tenga puntaulmente informados de la lista de expositores. 

Ya podéis ir haciendo hucha para entonces :D:D




R4 webcast

For those of us who will be left behind, toiling away at our desks while you lucky guys get to the R4, will the races be webcast again this year?


Chassis question from Haruki


Is this construction legal?


The length of the joint (yellow-arrowed) is .250 inch.

Thanks in advance.


GA Championship Womp Races - Mar 11, Marietta, GA

Two championship Womp races in one day at Cordle Model Speedway in Marietta, GA. 

Classes will be AWRA Sportsman cars and Womp Legends Cars.
Sponsored by Angry Turtle Products, Eagle Distributing, and LVJ Chassis. More sponsors TBA.

Sanctioned and run under the rules of the AWRA.



Cordle Model Speedway

1951 Canton Road, Suite 60
Marietta, GA 30066
(404) 680-0220

IRRA® chassis main rail construction clarification

A question has been raised about the legality of the top chassis show below. The answer is that it is not legal per the IRRA chassis rule cited below:
"3i. Wire or tubing rails must connect the front and rear sections of the chassis. Using metal strip for this purpose is not permitted. A rail is defined as that which connects the motor bracket to the front of the chassis."
To be considered as main rails, whether center or outer rails, they must solidly connect the motor bracket and the front of the chassis (nosepiece). For example, center rails that are inserted into tubes in the nosepiece (but are not soldered into the tubes) do not qualify as main rails.

Main rails are there to support the frame. In the top picture below there are no main rails connecting the nosepiece to the motor bracket so the main rails cannot support the frame.
Note that main rails do not have to be one-piece, but multiple pieces of wire or brass tubing, or rod, must be connected with solder joint lengths of at least .250 inches to be considered permissible main rails.
This chassis does not have complete main rails connecting the motor bracket to the front of the chassis.
By adding additional wire with at least .250" long solder joints, this chassis does have a complete main rail structure.


Further clarification of the main rail issue...


The IRRA® wishes to show how to construct this new chassis so it complies with the long-standing IRRA® chassis rules, rather than have racers purchase something they believe is legal and later find out at tech it is not.
An additional restriction being imposed is that bracing or partial rails soldered atop brass plate to "complete" a main rail structure can be no smaller than .047" diameter.
Clarification of main rails on the original chassis design:
Here are illustrations showing a few ways how this new chassis kit can be built to comply with the IRRA® chassis rules for main rails.





(Posted for the IRRA® BoD by Tony Przybylowicz)

JK C43 chassis tune-up and test

Hey, everyone,


I have built the first JK C43, and also some of my friends, but some questions arrise now as we were much used to the JK X25, X24, X11, etc., even the Mossetti 1002, and we are not getting, in my opinion, yet the full potential of this new chassis.


Compaision with the older chassis:


in general we get less rear grip than the others (X25, Mossetti, X24), the tail is more all around, not so planted as to the others.


More forgiving than the others, when abused it stays in the track more, where others eventually deslot.


Good low weight, when we compare with the X25; this is a good advantage for the other JK chassis.


Revolutionary bar system, even if we at the moment do not yet understand well what to do with those two bars, and in what way the new assorted thickness option bars act or change the handling?


The center section normally comes flat as we get it, but the pans when they come twisted are more difficult to put correct than the older versions.


There is in my opinion too much side play in the pans as standard; how can we fix this? 


In general seems to be a great chassis, but the rear loose feeling is something that I wish to know from you guys that already made set-ups and played with the optional bars, what can we do to get more rear plant (not so loose )?


If you can help this discussion, please. do. I think many racers will benefit from it.



Worth a tenth....

Doesn't break the rules, does it? ;-)


Slot Car Today - General


From Chris Boyer's hand crafted Proto Slot Kit will arrive the next exclusive model of More Than Slot. An unpublished model in the world of slot at 1:32 scale and that More Than Slot will ...


(PR. Slot.it – Feb.2017)

The Ford GT40 is one of the most famous cars in Le Mans history, having won the 24-Hour race four times in a row. In 1966 it was with the Mk II version, in 1967 wi...


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Wanted: Broken or cheap comm lathe

Looking to purchase a broken, needs repair or cheap comm lathe.

Thanks for looking

[RSS] Vintage slot car and dragster lot

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[RSS] 1/24 Matich Slot Car

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