July 19, 2018

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The Area 71 SlotCars becomes TA71

Press Release TA71

The Area71 Slotcars has been incorporated into a new company: TA71.
TA71 will continue the activity of manufacturing 1/32 slotcar kits and 1/24 body kits, but not only that.
Thanks to the increased printing capability TA71 will be offering also 3D prin...


Chicagoland "Fun Racing" Sunday August 5th

Doors open 11 a.m. Classes include in running order: FK12 Wingers, Milleniuims, Retro Can-am, Contender powered GTP. No tech, no qualifying, just great racing!

Race Results from MVH - 7/17, CanAm on the Aristocrat

Can-Am on the Aristocrat – 7/17/18


It was onward to the American Aristocrat to race CanAm this week at MVH. Carlo Tonalezzi returned from New Jersey to run with us again. He is learning the track and added several laps to his previous total (also running CanAm on the Aristo). The rest of the field was comprised of the usual Tuesday night suspects bringing the total number of racers to seven. The race was run in 4/4 format with 3 marshals and a few too many track calls.


Can-Am Cars in Tech:



Peter Lentros, Ernie LaChance and Dave Panich had the horsepower this evening and quickly separated themselves from the rest of the field. By the move to the inside lanes, Dave had logged a total of 137 laps and opened a 1 lap lead on Peter who was 2 laps up on the Ernstigator. A few laps back Dan Savage had put up an even 130 laps with Rich Girvin and Richard Payne trailing him, evenly spread out with 2 laps separating each from the other. Carlo rounded out the field.


Except for the blue lane (which has the tightest corners when it becomes the inside gutter lane after the 1st crossover) the shorter and faster inside lanes yield higher lap totals. Richard P logged the biggest jump in laps (10) in the second half to challenge Rich G but fell just 22 sections short. Similarly, Rich G was able to add 7 laps to his first half total to close the gap on Dan who only added 3 laps but also fell short—by just 15 sections. Thus, their finishing positions didn’t change from their running order in the first half of the race. 


Up front, Dave was stretching his lead by adding 9 laps in the second half to take the win. Peter managed to stay ahead of a hard-charging Ernie…until the final heat when he encountered motor problems and fell off the pace. Just how much was unclear until the final lap tally which ultimately showed Ernie had gotten by to lead Peter by 17 sections at the finish.


Dave claimed fast-lap honors, but just barely, posting a 4.664 on purple to Ernie’s 4.692 on black.


Finishing order, laps completed, best-lap time and best-lap lane:

  1. Dave Panich          285/3     4.664   PU
  2. Ernie LaChance     276/19   4.692   BK
  3. Peter Lentros         276/2     4.769   BK
  4. Dan Savage           263/17   4.806   PU
  5. Rich Girvin             263/2     5.023   YL
  6. Richard Payne       262/5     4.997   PU
  7. Carlo Tenalezzi      239/16   5.041   BK                                           

Upcoming Events:


     MVH Tuesday Night Retro-Racing Schedule for the remainder of July:     

            7/24        Stock Cars on the Royal

            7/31        Can-Am on the King


Cars on the Podium (L to R): 2nd Place – Ernie LaChance, 1st Place – Dave Panich, 3rd Place – Peter Lentros



Dave’s 1st Place Chassis:

1st place - Dave.jpg


Ernie’s 2nd Place Chassis:

2nd Place - The Ernsitgator.jpg


Peter’s 3rd Place Chassis:

3rd Place - Pete.jpg

[RSS] 1/24 Slot Car Body Lot

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July 18, 2018


[RSS] Rannalli Vintage Sting Ray Slot Car 1/24 w/ Controller, Extra Tires, Box

End Date: Friday Aug-17-2018 14:55:01 PDT
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Interesting find!

Not sure if many of these are in circulation, but I found this little gem last night while rummaging through some old R/C stuff I am planning to purge.


Many of the same names are still on the slot scene today, but they were looking a bit younger and in some cases, thinner with more hair. LOL.


Sadly there were a few names that are no longer with us!



[RSS] Vintage Dodge Little Red Wagon 1/24 Slot Car Set-up 1960s BZ 1000 Chassis

End Date: Friday Aug-17-2018 9:09:30 PDT
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Wanted: Vintage chassis parts

I am looking for parts to build a 1970s and 1980s vintage Can-Am car.

Spring steel plate or cut center section, brass drop arm, pans, Mura Gr.20 or open C-can motor.

Please PM me if you have any of these.

NorCal Retro race report: July 15, FTH, Rocklin, CA

Our meet for July was held at Fast Track Hobbies in Rocklin on Sunday the 15th. The day was a typical Sacramento scorcher but Dwight, the owner had it comfortable all day. Track conditions were good due to series regular Randy Keil who cleaned both tracks by himself in the last week. This was our second consecutive “switchup” race in which we ran all classes on the opposite track from normal. With our new, two-raceway schedule, the turnouts have been increasing at Motown and especially here at FTH.


This month, the FTH crew was represented by Randy Keil, Richard Matthews, Buddy Matthews, Clifford Gaither, Gary Brown, Jeffrey Cone, new to Retro Ray Williams and Tom Larson, as well as multiple Nation Champion Justin Colvin and newly minted Nats Champ Tyler Colvin. The at large crew consisted of Jim Fowler, Mike Andrews, John Wilbur, and multiple Nats and World champ Herman James (who has been riding a pretty impressive winning streak in retro racing lately)


We started with F-1 on the high speed Purple Angel track and for this meet, I decided to allow the use of “Falcon Class” motors rather than the usual but slower Mini Brutes. I was concerned that the faster motors would throw everybody off but in fact the opposite was the case and the race was very clean. With 13 racers, we ran a normal 8 lane/3 minute heat rotation. I started on red and drove a cautious 33 lap heat to begin my day then followed with a 34 and a 35. As the racers started rotating in from their sitouts, it became clear that 34s and 35s were going to be necessary to be near the front as Herman, Justin and Jim were all running that pace.


Tyler, Buddy, and Cliff were all clicking off 32s with an occasional 33 while Ray and Randy were dicing with 31s and 32s. Richard, and John were dicing with 30s and Gray was at that pace or better early on before breaking a solder joint on his front end. Tom and Mike were little off the pace and I think Mike was running a mini brute b/c of a problem with his retro hawk motor. With a little more than ½ the race over, Herman and I were tied with a 34.5 average while Justin was holding a slight edge with 34.6. As the race wound down, Herman stayed in the 35 lap range until the end but then he slipped just a bit in his last heat and finished at 277. As I got near the end of my run, it was clear that I wasn’t gaining back the lap that I dropped by being cautious early on so I tried to up my pace a bit. That worked for a while but when I got to my last heat on white, I pushed too hard and finished up with a 33 for a 274 total.


Justin had been sitting out for a while and came back in with 3 to go and needing solid 35s to get on the same lap as Herman. Justin was ripping and ticked off two 35s and was set to finish on the fast orange lane. It looked like he has going to get there but then with 40 seconds to go, he came off. Justin did get to 277 but was short by maybe ½ lap or so. Tyler was next in with 259 and behind him there were several close finishes for position.




Justin Colvin (Fowler)  Herman James (Hansen)  Jim Fowler (Fowler






We switched to the Yellow Dragon flat track for out next two races starting with Can Am. With 12 racers we could have done an 8 lane rotation but the Dragon takes quite a few marshals so rather than have a bunch of track calls, we ran center 6/3 min heats. I started on white with a 28 lap run and then went to sitouts thinking that I didn’t have anything at all for this race. (and I was right too!!!) Meanwhile Justin and Herman were running the lead pace with approximately 30 lap heats. Cliff, Ray and Jim ran the race with an average of 28 lap runs while John, Randy and Tyler all were mostly 27s.


As the race went along, I was very inconsistent and dropped out of sight of the lead while Cliff solidified the third spot over Ray. Justin was running a tic off of Herman but was still in the hunt with a high 29 average when he had a poor run on Purple and dropped two laps. Herman stayed steady and finished with a 180 total while Justin was at 176. Cliff wrapped third with 171 while Ray took fourth by track position over me at 168. John, Randy and Tyler were all on the same lap at 161 with John edging Randy who in turn edged Tyler.




Justin Colvin (Fowler) Herman James (Hansen) Cliff Gaither (Fowler)






Our last race was 4.5” Mini Brute powered stock cars also on the Dragon. These big cars are always very fun to race in the tight confines of a flat track. With 11 racers, we ran the center 6/3 min heat format.In this race, the usual suspects were the frontrunners but there was fourth fast car in this race in the hands of Jeffery Cone. Jeffrey won this race last time we did it here and he borrowed the loaner car that he ran the last time.


 I started on white running a careful 25 laps but was right by the counter for 26 so I didn’t feel out of it and car was good enough to do much better. While I was sitting out, Herman was running mostly 26-27 lap heats while Justin was doing the same.  Jeffrey had a very fast car but was having trouble keeping it on so he was doing mostly 25s. The next batch of racers were all very close with 5 racers running similar totals.


When I came back in, I was running fast but had some offs and only managed a 25. After that, I had a string of good 26-27 lap runs and made up a little ground. As the race wore along, Justin, and Herman each had one poor heat. I didn’t have any really bad ones but did have another sub-par run near the end. Meanwhile Justin was staying too consistent for Herman to reel him in and and Justin wrapped up the win with a 161 total over Herman at 155. I ran third at 154 followed by Jeffrey at 151. The next pack was led by Randy’s 148 with John and Cliff at 147, Tyler at 146 and Buddy at 145. Mike ran some heats with good totals but was off too much in some heats and his totals were up and down. Richard barely got his race started when he had a breakdown and ended very early.




Herman James (Samson) Justin Colvin (Fowler) Jim Fowler (Fowler)




This race showed our continuing rising interest here at FTH which bodes well for our future. I took orders for several cars so some guys are starting to step it up. The Retro Hawk experiment was an unqualified success so we will adopt those motors in F-1 for our infrequent runs on banked tracks.

Special thanks again to Randy Keil who made sure that we had good track conditions to race on.

Our next race will be back to “normal” formats at Motown on August19th.

  • Can Am on Hillclimb
  • Pro Coupes on Hillclimb
  • Formula 1 on the “Korkscrew”
  • 4th race????  Stock Cars on the Korkscrew????

July 17, 2018


[RSS] AMT '57 Thunderbird 1/24 Slot Car Kit New

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Pawn shop with tri-oval in Rockford, IL

An eight-lane Hasse-built tri-oval (from NC) is now up and running at Bobby's on Broadway pawn shop in Rockford, IL. Address is 1327 Broadway (& 10th). Phone: (815) 965-8888.

Slot Car News

New Products From Mossetti Racing

These chassis should be available from distributors in mid to late August 2018. These will be submitted to the USRA for approval. No prices or other information available at this time.

Mossetti Racing on Facebook

4.5" Steel Pan 2-Piece
4.5" Steel Pan 3-Piece (trio)
4.5" Aluminum Pan 2-Piece
4.5" Aluminum Pan 3-Piece (trio)

4.5" Aluminum Pan 2-Piece
Anodized blue and Nickel Plated
GT-12 Chassis Kit


[RSS] Vintage 1965 1/24 Revell A/C Cobra Slot Car & Extra Bodies

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Recently several avatars have began appearing like this:


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.54.47 AM.png


Is anybody else experiencing this problem?


I should add that this is on my MacBook Pro with fully updated software.

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A few days ago the news of the appearance of Racer Car Models, a new Italian brand born from the hand of one of the previous founders of Racer Slot Cars, Fabrizio Mella, jumped. It was a


Louisville swap meet - Sept 30

Second annual. Nice location. Last year's first was a good start and this one should be even better. Probably had 30 vendors last year. 

This location is just a couple hours drive from a lot of middle America.
Steves swap meet (1).jpg

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1:32 scale models for slot of the DTM / ITC are growing. Yesterday Slot.it announced the commercialization of the

Italia Slot

Molle a passo variabile

Dalla spagnola Sloting Plus arrivano le molle a passo variabile per sospensioni.