July 22, 2014

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(P.R. Scaleauto 07/18/2014)

New Scaleauto accessories at 1/24 scale:

New RS-3 range of crowns available with M50 module and valid for 3mm axles with M3 screw for 1.5 mm allen wrench.


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Pendle News; Volvo 850 Estate BTCC

News from Pendle Slot Racing
Volvo 850 Estate BTCC Resin Kit
Jan Lammers No.14 - Rickard Rydell No.15
Includes high quality waterslide decal sheet, Roll cage, updated racing interior
The body kit is 1/32nd scale and is part of the Pendle Slot Racing PCS 32 range.
The body kit is available in 3 versions Road, Police & BTCC.
Each version has its own decal sheet & detailing parts.
We can supply the body kits only, or the Body kits + PCS 32 chassis & running gear.
Kits are now in stock and can be ordered via www.pendleslotracing.co.uk

Volvo 850 Estate BTCC - Body Kit RRP £42.99, Complete Kit RRP £57.99
Volvo 850 Estate Police - Body Kit RRP £39.99, Complete Kit RRP £54.99

Unpainted detailed lightweight resin body, supplied with clear windscreen, vac formed interior with resin seat backs, detailed resin racing driver with steering wheel, separate resin front volvo grille, resin front light lenses, resin side mirrors and chassis mounting bracket. Unassembled body weight aprox 21g

Designed to fit the popular PCS 32 adjustable chassis.
Complete kits are supplied with appropriate chassis, motor, axles etc.
The chassis mounting bracket is designed so that you can lower /raise the chassis ride height to suit road car or race car spec.

Images and text as supplied by PendleSlotRacing

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Backyard Rockets

Here is an article about the model car racing of the 50's and 60's.
Backyard Rockets

Braid Question

I just bought 2 brand new Slot.it Toyota 88C's. One is the #36 done in the Minolta livery and the other is the #38 Denso. The #36 has copper braid and the #38 has braid that is sliver looking, perhaps it is tinned copper? Anyway, why the difference?

Just in from Scalextric

Prices include free shipping to U.S. or to Canada.

:popupWindow('http://www.132slotcar.us/store/popup_image.php?pID=7359&image=2')">:popupWindow('http://www.132slotcar.us/store/popup_image.php?pID=7359ℑ=2')" target="_blank"> :popupWindow('http://www.132slotcar.us/store/popup_image.php?pID=7359&image=3')">:popupWindow('http://www.132slotcar.us/store/popup_image.php?pID=7359ℑ=3')" target="_blank">
C3503 'Red Bull' McLaren MP4-12C #9 $54.99

C3507 Maserati Trofeo #7 $54.99

C3484 Volkswagen Beetle #110 $54.99

C3390 Corvette C6R #4 Spa Francorchamps 2009

C3381 Corvette C6R #17 Brands Hatch

carrier go controller ?

I just bought a used carrier go set ! my question is are the controllers three wire or two wire and if so can I use like a Parma for 2 wire or professional motors 3 wire controller for carrier and go or should I stick to the carrier controllers.

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Panjo not so impressive

easy to use, check.

customer service, NON-EXISTENT

I listed items that I had multiple of. Items each had A sale. I "relisted" them. I received a message advising me that a moderator would review or contact me. I have done this process twice. NO RESPONSE.

In the meantime, I had a listing w/ multiple responses & some confusion. Believe me, I got contacted by a moderator, urging me to respond & resolve the issue. I responded to the effect that this noted aspect of their product isn't working. I resolved the issue w/ the parties involved.

If we are to be chastised, that means they are paying attention; but apparently not to simple relisting requests. What other issues will crop up?

SCI Mods: please contact Panjo & get this fixed.


Wanted: Vintage REHCo, American Line, similar slot cars/kits

as I have been collecting a variety of vintage 1/32 and 1/24 slot cars, I have run across several boxed cars/car kits produced by REH Dist, sold under names as RehCo and American Line. So I am looking to purchase any uwanted new in box/package and/or slightly used cars and car kits, both 1/24 and 1/32 scale. Some I have come with Dynamic chassis, some used Riggen  chassis, some unmarked brass chassis from the 1970s-1980s eras. So whatever you may have laying around collecting dust- lmk and I am interested in buying them. Remember the ever popular 1/24 kits with a VW Bug body, Dynamic chassis, 36D big can motor, brass chassis mounts? 1/24 scale Stock cars? 1/32 cars with Dynamic brass pan chassis? And anything else similar to what I have described.



BRM, ScaleAuto, Hardbody race - 7/26, Farmingdale, NJ

NJ SCALE Racing will host a race Saturday July 26 at The Race Place, Rt33, Farmingdale, NJ. Raceway opens at 10am, 1st race at 12:00pm.

1) H&R hardbody muscle cars

2)BRM Group-C

3)BRM Porsche 917s

4) Scaleauto


all are 1/24 scale hardbody classes. Pit pass: $10, $5 race fee per race. Loaner cars usually available for all classes, come by to check out real SCALE Hardbody racing at it's finest. All races on The Red Lightning track in the second floor loft.  

July 21, 2014

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NJ SCALE Racing: H&R race Saturday 7/26

NJ SCALE Racing's July race on Saturday July 26 will include an H&R Racing Hardbody race at 12:00pm. Following that race will race: BRM Group-C, BRM Porsche 917s, and Scaleautos. Racing held at The Race Place, Rt33, Farmingdale, NJ. Raceway opens at 10am, pit pass is $10, $5 per race fee. Loaner cars available for most races, come by and check out what real SCALE hardbody racing is all about. :cheers:


[RSS] 1/32 1965 Dodge Coronet Mopar Muscle Slot Car

End Date: Saturday Jul-26-2014 15:29:36 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $69.99
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[RSS] Vintage 1966 Batmobile Classic Slot Car 1/24

End Date: Monday Jul-28-2014 13:39:11 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $175.00
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F1 racing at Slots-A-Lot - Wed, 7/23, 8 PM, Franklin Square, NY

This will be the first race ever for F1 on the red K track.There will be no handicap this week.The winner of the race will have the track record.Vegas has the early odd at,3:1 cat man,4:1 Mean Gean and King George,5:1 Arthur the hand,7:1 Big bad Sean,15:1 Casey Jones,Jack the Wack,Dandy Dean,25:1 Diamond Jim,40:1 Field.Tips on betting,Mean Gean had a very fast practice lap with his f1 last week,so did Big bad Sean.Arthur and George bring experience .The cat said he might experiment with gear ratio .Dandy Dean builds his own stuff, so he could have an edge.Casey,Jack and Jim said they will let no one pass,so it will be interesting .As for the field this could be the best bet,who knows who might come down and take the track record.

D3 Hardbody race report - 7/20/14

July's monthly D3 Hardbody races at Buena Park Raceway had a very good turnout of racers. 


A lot of close, fun racing with a lot of laughs as usual. Bob Krigbaum set a new total lap record of 252 laps with his fast Porsche 962.

Next year's hardbody enduro will be for GTP/Group C cars so Bob's 962 performance indicates a very fast enduro. 


Thanks to Jim and Debby Watterson for supporting D3 hardbody racing at Buena Park Raceway.


Thanks to our race directors: Victor Dubrowsky, Ken Dylke and Jim Watterson.



Here's the link to the race/photo report:  http://socald3.phanfare.com/2014/



Our next monthly hardbody races (3rd Sunday of each month) will be on Sunday, August 17th.

Join in the fun, we have loaner cars ready to race for those who want to race hardbodies.



Keith :)

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SCX and Scaley NASCAR - SOLD

SCX and Scaley NASCAR

SCX and Scalextric NASCAR pair in great shape. Parade laps at best. Ready to put the rubber to the road and go.

List Date: 7/21/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: SCX and Scaley NASCAR
Item Has Been Sold.


Mobile friendly version: SCX and Scaley NASCAR

Carrera NASCAR bundle - SOLD

Carrera NASCAR bundle

A nice pair of Carrera NASCAR's

Ford - new - no case
Dodge - parade laps - rear magnet removed - no case

List Date: 7/21/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Carrera NASCAR bundle
Item Has Been Sold.


Mobile friendly version: Carrera NASCAR bundle

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The tenth edition of the Ninco World Cup will have probably between entering countries, a National Team of Taiwan. It will be the first time that an Asian country is involved in this competition. Along with them, and once passed the ...


How to unglue S16D magnets from can?

I need to unglue several S16D magnets from the cans (Kamen Demon and Pro Slot ones).  I need to set up a new air gap or install new ones.


Any suggestions without hurting the can itself?

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SCITCC Special - Ninco DTM bundle

SCITCC Special - Ninco DTM bundle

Two Ninco DTM's in excellent condition - parade laps.

Mercedes CLK DTM Warsteiner
Mercedes CLK DTM Service 24

Two nice cars, one low price!

Cars would be great examples of SCITCC proxy cars since neither is podded.

List Date: 7/21/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: SCITCC Special - Ninco DTM bundle
On Sale For: $50 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: SCITCC Special - Ninco DTM bundle

Alternative PC Cable?

Hi guys, I did a cursory search and didn't see anything, is there anybody building cables to connect a PC? I'm interested in trying it out but not for the 120 dollars (CAD) for the official cable.


SOLD NSR 917 Gulf set + Slot.it 962 Rothmans $190

NSR 917 Gulf set + Slot.it 962 Rothmans $190

These cars are in excellent condition. No missing parts or any other damage. The 962 did no more than 10 laps on my track, and one of the 917s was never removed from the base, while the other did 6 laps.

If you want just one of the two boxes, the 962 is $55, and the 917s are $135.

Worldwide shipping is $24
EU shipping 12



List Date: 7/21/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: NSR 917 Gulf set + Slot.it 962 Rothmans $190
On Sale For: $190 + $24 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: NSR 917 Gulf set + Slot.it 962 Rothmans $190

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Second model with the Coca Cola colors that FlySlot Cars made of his Mercedes truck commissioned by the USA distributor, Great Traditions. This time has been chosen the Coca Cola 600, a Stock Cars race of the Nascar Sprint Cup Series which ta...

L'Etrat Slot Racing

Slot it: Les châssis 3D pour les DTM Carrera sont disponibles

Slot.it: Des châssis en impression 3D pour équiper des DTM CarreraL’annonce de la sortie des châssis 3D Slot it pour voiture Carrera DTM à émoustiller le petit monde du slot racing. Après quelques retards les châssis 3D Slot it DTM sont disponibles sur la boutique dédiée avec toutefois quelques freins à l’achat. L’idée des châssis 3D Slot it pour voiture de slot Carrera DTM est […]

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(P.R. Royale Slot Car Accessories 07/18/2014)
Royale Slot Car Accessories unveils NewProducts. 1:32 Scale Pits & Light

Le Mans Pit Xtension Garage
Z1006 - High Performance pit lane xtension building is...


These are the images of the new PCS 32 resin body kit of the Volvo 850 Estate BTCC version. The body kit is 1/32nd scale and is part of the Pendle Slot Racing PCS 32 range. The body kit is available in 3 versions Road, Police & BTCC. Ea...


[RSS] 1/24 McLaren Slot Car

End Date: Wednesday Jul-23-2014 23:42:37 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $89.99
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Fall 2014 Series: BBR Ferrari F430

Earthbound found a great deal on the BBR Ferrari F430 white kit and pitched the idea of a single-make/model series at the last DRAWW meeting. The cars were a heck of a deal, and sounded like a lot of fun, so we all went for it. At a short meeting today, he brought the cars and a few of us fiddled around with them, including a quick build and chip job by yours truly. As it turns out, the motor isn't too much for a stock Scalextric F1 (C7005) SSD chip... at least as long as you don't make the gear mesh too stiff, and break the motor in a little at first. With a little talking and testing, we decided to go with slot.it F22 tires for the rear. The car performs very well with very little work, and the motor doesn't even need a ferrite man for reliable running in digital mode. For anyone who missed out on our group buy, Earthbound says that the ebay seller he got the kits from still has QUITE a few remaining, and the price is hard to beat. As they're all white kits, custom liveries are pretty much a must, and most of us already have an idea of what their car will look like.

These cars were thoroughly reviewed by Alan several years ago:

So, to recap, we're going to be racing:
- B.B.R. Ferrari F430 Challenge cars.
- Car must be painted and fully assembled with all parts included, except the traction magnets
- Slot.it F22 (PT1207) tires
- stock (non-uprated) Scalextric chip C7005 or C7006 (DPR chips C8515 or C8516 chips may be used, but will be harder to install)

Allowed changes:
- Motor pod limiting screws may be removed
- Pod limit screw openings may be reamed for better pod float with limiting screws in place
- Slot.it set screws may be used, if the BBR ones strip or are not usable.
- Slot.it 26 tooth crown gear (GI26-AL) may be used if there is a problem with the BBR gear
- Wheels may be glued to axles, and bushings may be glued to their holders, though on the test car, this did not seem necessary.

At this point, it doesn't look like weight will be needed. The car performed really well with just the chassis and raw body. With the rest of the parts and some glue to add to the weight, it's possible that there will be no need to add any ballast. We will arrange a proper test and tune to determine this before the series begins.

Important notes:
- Be sure to gently run the motor in before chipping the car. Assemble and lubricate the chassis, and get a good gear mesh that's not too snug against the pinion. Run the car in analog mode at a low voltage. You can let the car run around your track, or prop the wheels up, but just let it go for a good 10-30 minutes at low speed, just enough to get the wheels/car moving. Then, run it at about half speed for 5-10 minutes, and then again at medium-high speed for a couple minutes (wheels up for this step, for sure). This will ensure that the motor is nicely broken in and not likely to exceed the chip's power output ability.

- The tires we'll be using are very slightly wider, but also very slightly thinner, than the ones we tested with today. That should be good all around because the extra width will provide a better contact patch, and the lower ride will enhance the magnetic traction from the motor.

- truing the tires should not be necessary. The plastic wheels are quite good, so be careful during assembly and there should be no need to true the wheels or tires. Softening the F22 tires is a bad idea, as they will deteriorate much faster if you do. Cleaning with water or tape before a race should be sufficient.

Anything not listed is not allowed, though changes may come after the next meeting.

Race format TBD

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whitworthnut's Pre War 1/32's - Slot Car Photography

There are a few folks on the forum that are pretty proficient at photography when it comes to showing off their slots. It's an interesting adjunct to the hobby and certainly provides a great way to show off individual accomplishments, be they skills at landscaping, scratchbuilding, modelling or whatever. Without question, it provides inspiration and ideas to others as to how they might wish to pursue this terrific hobby.

There is no shortage of photo techniques and everyone seems to have developed their own unique style and focus. Mine is realism. Starting with the physical builds themselves (scenery or models) I strive to make everything look as believable as possible. Scale is extremely important in this regard. The size of a brick or a 2 X 4 relative to the hand of a miniature figure has to be right or things look off - not so much to the naked eye, but once in front of the lens, mismatched scales can be really off-putting.

I'm also really keen on injecting real life objects that can't be effectively replicated in 1/32nd scale - a sky line, a stand of trees, grasslands or water. I've been trying to hone my skills in the application of forced perspective to achieve this integration. The greatest difficulty after getting the subject and the background into similar scale is to get the near object (smallest) in relative focus to the largest (distant) so they appear to be in proper perspective to one and other. This can be accomplished in a number of ways - reducing the overall depth of field or focusing between the near and the far, or post processing using focus stacking software or manual stacking to sharpen the background.

Here are a few shots of my Matchbox Bugatti. The model sits on a 2' X 4' landscaped MDF platform that sits on a bench about 18" above the ground. It's a little tricky getting the edge of the platform to blend with the surrounding landscape, but generally it can be lined up with a natural break in the landscape or lighting to make it look right.


[RSS] Vintage 1/24 Gar-Vic Slot Car

End Date: Sunday Jul-27-2014 7:20:27 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $64.99
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July Photo Contest Voting Thread

Sorry for the delay:

Well the time has come to pick your favorite pictures again. Please remember the "Theme" is Can Am. You can vote for as many as you like. If in case a tie is in place when the pole ends those that are tied will have a 24 hour vote off. Great job to all who have submitted a photo!














We had a late entry tonight.


Total votes for #14 via pm. 1

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Fly Classics - Ferrari Coda Lunga

Fly Classics - Ferrari Coda Lunga

Fly Classics Ferrari Coda Lunga in excellent condition - parade laps - no case.

List Date: 7/20/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Fly Classics - Ferrari Coda Lunga
On Sale For: $45 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Fly Classics - Ferrari Coda Lunga

July 20, 2014


[RSS] Slot Car Lancia Ferrari Hawk 1965 1/32

End Date: Sunday Jul-27-2014 16:54:31 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $60.00
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Chassis and body manufacturer ID

This was a car from the mid sixties. Trying to figure out details for restoration

Attached Images

  • KINDLE_CAMERA_1404144575000.jpg
  • KINDLE_CAMERA_1404144599000.jpg

Monogram Ford GT40 roadster

Some pics of my just finished Ford GT Roadster. I've included a shot of the interior before the driver's head was added and I also remembered to add two shots of the chassis. One of my favorite race cars. Hope you all like it. Enjoy!  :)



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Great new track in Pasadena Maryland

I would like to take time to tell everybody about a first class track in Pasadena Maryland (Phase II Slot Car Racing, LLC.) that is operated by a classy family who have invested their time, effort and money into a place that everybody can be proud to race at. I made the 170 mile trip from my home to this track yesterday to purchase some parts, play on the track and watch some great 1/24th and 1/32 slot car racing. Greg, Sharon and (sorry I forgot your name) her husband were all there doing everything possible to see that everybody had a great time. I got to play on the track, purchase the parts and enjoy some great racing from drivers from Maryland and New Jersey. I know that there are a lot of racers from the area of Maryland, Virginia, Penn and New Jersey and I hope that all of them support (each in their own way) this great track. While the store is still fairly new and the list of parts are not really that extensive Sharon will be glad to order anything that a racer could want and yes there are quality parts already on the wall. Since I live in an area that only has two Hobby Towns and they think that Scalextric is the only brand in slot racing I have had to mail order almost everything I have bought. I plan to make this place the source for many of my orders because they are super friendly and they have invested so much to provide area slot racers with a class place to spend a day or night.

Hope to see many of you, in the area, at this track

Spencer (Mayberryman) Wilkinson


For Sale: Gorski Fall Brawl-winning Can-Am car 2013

For Sale John Gorski Fall Brawl Winning CanAm Car 2013

Also holds the TQ Record on Speedzone King Track 4.053 & 

Fast Race Lap Record 4.167

Original complete car & original motor

Chassis will be completely ingraved

This was the first chassis of this design I made

PM me with offers

Attached Images

  • FallBrawl2013Gorski1stPlaceCanAmChassisBottom1.jpg
  • FallBrawl2013Gorski1stPlaceCanAmChassisTop1.jpg

[RSS] K&B Vintage '60s Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe & Box 1/24 1/25 Slot Car

End Date: Tuesday Aug-19-2014 14:40:25 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $109.99
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MuCaRO - Hallelujah...!

There's always lots and lots and... lots...
...of testing and experiments and weighing alternatives.

And it's such a tremendous feeling when it all comes together as envisioned.

Seeing that Chase Car go around the track at full tilt was...

Trying to keep up with it, with some magnet and better motor and better tires was not really going to happen.
Which of course is perfectly splendid.

More later.


[RSS] New Cox Super Vintage BRM 1/24 1/25 Slot Car, Chassis, Box, Instructions

End Date: Tuesday Aug-19-2014 13:49:59 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $249.99
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[RSS] Vintage 1/24 HO Slot Cars

End Date: Sunday Jul-27-2014 12:29:38 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $675.00
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NCSRA Series - August 2nd

Trans Am and FLY CLassics return to Black Point Raceway, August 2. PLUS --the Ferrari Challenge --RACER 250LM IROC race!!!

Track Opens at Noon

Tech at 1:30pm

First Race at 2:00pm

Sandos and Snacks -- If you want to hang for BBQ Saturday evening (wife is out of town!!) -let me know and I'll see if we can pull it off!!!:banana:

Thanks -

Steve C.


Vintage 1/24 Hardbody race report - 7/19/14

8 racers fielded a sweet looking bunch of cars! The concourse was a tie - #34 and #2, #52 was runner-up.

(please chime in and tell us details about your car)








We ran 2 heats, 30 laps per lane, top two advancing to main.

Heat 1 winner Garold #53 - 118 laps, 2nd Eric #01 116, 3rd Bob #66 100, 4th jason 97

Heat 2 winner Charlie #3 - 118 laps, 2nd Larry #2 117, 3rd Steve #34 115, 4th Jeff #33 106

Main - winner Garold #53 Hot Rod Lincoln 113 laps, 2nd charlie #3 113, 3rd Eric 111, 4th Larry 109


A special thanks go out to Jeff and Steve who made the drive from North Carolina!  Thanks also to Pete and Larry who made the trek from just south of Ocala.  Vintage music made for a vintage feel but those darn slip slidey sideways driving cars were too much fun.  "I never saw so many cars spin around and drive the wrong way during a race...ever!", commented Steve.  One of them resulted in a head on collision (studebaker and lincoln) - no one had to call 'track' - the smack sound was so loud time stopped for a second...lots of parts on the track...we had to call the city sanitation department for help.  Thanks again for all the song dedications! 


Winner Circle.jpg

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Anyone selling a FLY C-87 PORSCHE 917 K CHAMPIONNAT V.H.C. 1991

Anyone selling a FLY C-87 PORSCHE 917 K CHAMPIONNAT V.H.C. 1991

just like it says. Let me know if you have one for sale. Used is ok as long as it's not trashed.

List Date: 7/20/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Anyone selling a FLY C-87 PORSCHE 917 K CHAMPIONNAT V.H.C. 1991
On Sale For: $0 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Anyone selling a FLY C-87 PORSCHE 917 K CHAMPIONNAT V.H.C. 1991

Association Slot Alpin

Rosberg prophète en son pays

Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) s'est imposé devant Valtteri Bottas (Williams) et son coéquipier Lewis Hamilton dimanche au Grand Prix d'Allemagne, un exploit retentissant pour le Britannique qui s'est élancé de la 20e place sur la grille. A domicile, la fête est réussie pour l'Etoile.

Nico Rosberg s'aère un peu au classement pilotes. (Reuters)

Finalement, ce week-end de F1 a bien été à la gloire de l’Allemagne. A Hockenheim, pour le Grand Prix national une semaine après la quatrième étoile mondiale de la Mannschaft en football, c’est un autre astre qui a brillé: celui de Mercedes. Ce n’était pas forcément gagné d’avance, Valtteri Bottas s’étant rapproché à deux dixièmes de Nico Rosberg en qualifications. Et Lewis Hamilton, violemment sorti en Q1, s’est élancé de la 20e position sur la grille… Mais voilà, c’est bien l’hymne allemand qui a retenti sur le podium avec la quatrième victoire de la saison pour le leader du championnat du monde.

Quant à Lewis Hamilton, il a réussi à prendre la troisième place au terme d’une nouvelle remontée fantastique, encore plus spectaculaire que celles qu’il avait déjà réussi au Canada et à Silverstone (de neuvième à deuxième à Montréal, de sixième à premier en Grande-Bretagne). Le doublé Mercedes semblait même promis en fin de course, mais Bottas a réussi à tenir brillamment le choc. "Je suis très heureux de monter à nouveau sur le podium, c’est le troisième d’affilée", rappelait le Finlandais sur le podium.

"Cette voiture est formidable"

Nico Rosberg n’a pas tremblé, leader du premier au dernier tour et qui n’a donc pas vu l’envolée de Felipe Massa, traîné à l’envers sur plusieurs mètres après un choc avec Kevin Magnussen au premier virage (aucun souci pour le Brésilien, sorti indemne). "C’est fantastique, conclut l’Allemand sur Canal+. C’est une émotion vraiment incroyable de gagner à la maison, merci à tous pour votre soutien ce week-end." Ce Grand Prix d’Allemagne, s’il n’a ménagé aucun suspense pour la victoire, a été agréable, Lewis Hamilton et Daniel Ricciardo assurant le spectacle avec moult dépassements. L’Australien, gêné par l’incident Massa-Magnussen, a fini sixième avec, en prime, une remarquable bagarre contre Fernando Alonso pour la cinquième place.

L’écart passe de quatre à 14 points au classement pilotes entre les deux pilotes Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton a donc largement limité la casse. Le prochain Grand Prix, en Hongrie, a lieu dès la semaine prochaine. "On va quand même un peu fêter ça dimanche soir, poursuit Nico Rosberg. C’est une bonne chose d’avoir repris un peu d’avance. Cette voiture est formidable, il faut vraiment remercier Mercedes de nous livrer cette monoplace si plaisante à conduire." VRP grand luxe à Hockenheim, le fils de "Keke" boucle ainsi un week-end quasiment idyllique pour l’Etoile. En 2014, en football comme en F1, ce sont toujours les Allemands qui gagnent à la fin.

Capture d’écran 2014-07-20 à 16

Capture d’écran 2014-07-20 à 16

Capture d’écran 2014-07-20 à 16

Capture d’écran 2014-07-20 à 16



[RSS] Vintage Sears Electric Slot Car Race Set 1/32 #9627

End Date: Tuesday Aug-19-2014 7:25:58 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $79.95
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Raceway81 promotional video

Here's a recently-created promotional video for the Raceway81 facility that is the home of the Newcastle Slot Car Racing Club in the north of England. At a recent slot car show in the UK, this video was looped continuously at their display table.

Raceway81 may be a club track, but they're working hard to promote their track for multiple uses such as private parties and corporate, team-building, and birthday race events.

Yes, there is no sound. IMO the promo would benefit from a music track of some sort...

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James Garner, RIP

One of my favorite actors has passed away. Star of Maverick and the Rockford Files, he was great in many diverse roles on TV and the big screen. A consummate professional. I will miss him, but he will always be available in reruns. Godspeed Jim. :angel:



Batmobile wins slot race!

... against other Batmobiles, in a charity race, in a Detective comic book, April 1967...  not really a major part of the story, but still...


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Slot it for sale

Slot it for sale

As is no scratches like new no raced no case it's all good $40 shipped in U.S. more over seas

List Date: 7/20/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Slot it for sale
On Sale For: $40 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Slot it for sale