March 29, 2017

ID four cars built by a pro on west coast?

Can anybody ID these four cars that I won on eBay awhile back?

The only thing the seller told me was that it was from the west coast and he had them in storage for a very long time.



L'Etrat Slot Racing Quelques sorties pour le deuxième semestre 2017 Les prévisions des sorties Slot CarsQue nous réserve la marque La marque de slot vient d’annoncer quelques modèles de voitures de slot qui arriveront en fin d’année. Alors qu’en début d’année Slot it avait présenté ces prochaines sorties slot racing jusqu’à l’été, cette semaine Slot it présente les slot cars qui rouleront sur nos circuits électriques en fin d’année. […]

Sloting Plus: Les nouveautés slot racing

Sloting Plus: Un kit Peugeot 406 Silhouette et des nouveautés pour slot carsSloting Plus ajoute à son catalogue de produits quelques nouvelles pièces détachées pour voitures de slot et un kit carrosserie, châssis de la Peugeot 406 Silhouette de SPIRIT. Sloting Plus, la marque de pièces détachées pour voitures de slot dévoile quelques nouvelles pièces. Pour commencer, Sloting Plus présente un nouveau kit sous la référence SP999005 […]

March 28, 2017

Wanted: 60-80 foot oval

Looking for a Ready to go 60-80 ft Oval. May consider a tri-Oval. Won't mind traveling 8-10 hours from NE Arkansas. Also have a 85 Ft Gerdings Bowtie for Sale or Trade, comes with variable power and timing system.bozeman1.jpg


For Sale: HVR custom Retro Coupe chassis

Custom HVR Coupe chassis built from JK parts, HVR bracket, and some Swiss parts. Has HVR ball bearing fronts installed with Bartos front axle. Rear bearings installed.


$125 includes shipping. PayPal to or PM me.





For Sale: Duran JK X25 chassis

Duran-built JK X25 Can-Am or Coupe chassis.


Nothing wrong with it, just thinning out the herd. Has HVR ball bearing fronts installed.


$75, include shipping. PayPal as a friend. Or PM me.




[RSS] 1/32 &1/24 Vintage Slot Car Chassis and Parts Lot

End Date: Friday Mar-31-2017 12:26:59 PDT
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Free waffles!

New page on Facebook called Slot Waffles.
There is a free Waffle going on now for HVR oil, braid Juice, and Retro Zip (tire softener)
A waffle for a HVR slot box.
A waffle for R-Geo chassis kit with lots of extras to put together
Check it out HERE.

Wilsons couplers #K-1311 & K-1417 - any info?

I have these NOS Wilsons couplers with set screws but I can't find any info to their actual application. 


Anyone have a Wilsons catalog or other info?


They appear to be to join motor shafts or axles with set screws in the coupler.



L'Etrat Slot Racing

Flyslot: la Lancia 037 Rally Test Car

Flyslot: la Lancia 037 Rally Test CarFlysSlot annonce sa prochaine Slot Car. La marque espagnole sortira au mois d’avril la réplique d’une Lancia 037 pour le slot racing. FlySlot proposera prochainement une voiture pour circuit routier qui devrait intéresser les fans du Slot Rallye. La marque a reproduit la Lancia 037 Rally Test Car, référence FSC046103. Cette voiture de slot est la […]

Slot Car News

CG Slotcars Announces Autocoast Ti22 Can-Am 1/32 RTR

CG Slotcars plan to release the Autocoast Ti22 Can-Am in 2017 as a RTR 1/32 slot car.

These photos are of the first prototype and it is very close to being ready - production will start shortly.

The first production built slot car will be raffled off during the 7th Annual Michigan 24hr race April 1-2. The raffle winner will receive the car before anyone else. If you want the chance to own it - please consider donating to the annual charity raffle held during the race. All of the proceeds from the raffle are split among the teams entered and the money is donated to that teams charity. 

More details and a link to the list of prizes are here: Slot Racers Giving Back Raffle

If you don't win the car - or the other great prizes we have donated - there are other great prizes to be won! You just donate to enter.

This car (like the others CG Slotcars have done) has a fascinating history. There were two Ti22's built and both (unfortunately) were destroyed. A 1:1 replica of the Ti22 has recently been completed and is expected to compete in the Can-Am reunion race as part of the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend.

The Ti22 designer Peter Bryant eventually went to work with Shadow. Maybe we'll tell that story with a slotcar in the future!

Slot Car Today - General


The French brand of slot models in resin has just put on sale a new model at 1:32 scale. This is the short version of the Matra Simca MS660 that the factoryTeam used in various races. Proto Slot Kit has the assembly kits of the livery of the 1000 Km of Paris 1970 with Jean Pierre Beltoise and Henry ...

Tamiya-based Slot Monster trucks

Here is my current collection of Tamiya-based Slot Monster trucks.

[RSS] 1/24 Russkit Lotus 40 Slot Car

End Date: Thursday Mar-30-2017 22:38:16 PDT
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Sano Dave cars on eBay

If anybody is interested, a few of Sano Dave's cars are now being sold on eBay by Mid-America. Search by sano dave's collection slot cars.

Group F race results - Mar 25, T&L, Easton, PA

12 cars teched in tonigh to do battle. The racing was split into two mains. Blair Stem would come out victorious. Here are the results.

B main results

Ralph Lyons 278 4.50 green
Red Gunsten 245 4.89 orange
Chris Matthy 240 4.78 blue
Steve Russell 237 4.78 orange
Jon 232 5.04 orange
Danika Lyons 231 4.60 blue

A main results

Blair Stem 308 4.21 blue
Jay lanzino 298 4.21 yellow
Mike Vlhakis 290 4.32 purple
Nick chudolij 275 4.33 blue
Brian Beck 268 4.67 yellow
Mike silin 249 4.22 yellow

Overall results

Blair Stem
Jay lanzino
Mike Vlhakis
Ralph Lyons
Nick chudolij
Brian Beck
Mike silin
Red Gunsten
Chris matthy
Steve Russell
Danika Lyons

Race results from Fastraxxx - 3/24, Fremont, OH

Last Friday we raced HardBody and Nastruxxx on the 90' oval.
FASTRAXXX HardBody (8-30 lap heats)
Bryan Willey.......232
Larry Deisenroth...228
Chris Earnhart.....215
Fred Bender........181

4 1/2" Nastruxxx (8 - 2 min heats)
Bryan Willey........389
Craig Sharfenberg...386
Fred Bender.........381
Chris Earnhart......379
Larry Deisenroth....375
John Notestine......374

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPCOMING EVENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 7 & 8 - Race of Dudes @ FASTRAXXX and CF Raceway - 4" Nascar/JK Indy car
April 21 - Little 504 Sprint Car

Disclaimer: all featured events will feature a PotLuck dinner with Frankie's HotDogs and other good eats.
Warning: controller finger reaction may be delayed after a FASTRAXXX PotLuck.

FASTRAXXX, where a race becomes an event.

Clean braids, Chris

GRRR May race?

I'm just wondering what track is going to host the May race?

March 27, 2017

For Sale: JK aluminum front wheels - SOLD!

Five pair JK aluminum front wheels. .047" hole.

$20.00 shipped, PayPal accepted.




For Sale: Tonyp RetroPro chassis

Tonyp RetroPro anglewinder chassis with new mounted Parma body. Bartos blue dot fronts, bearings installed. Chassis weighs 41 grams as pictured. It is like new

$85.00 shipped, PayPal accepted.







For Sale: Hubs - SOLD!

26 pair of hubs.

18 pair of .400" diameter hubs. Look like Speedshop magnesium.
5 pair of JK .400" diameter plastic hubs.
3 pair .420" diameter hubs. Look like Speedshop.

$25.00 shipped, PayPal accepted.




Slot Car Today - General

Extreme SlotCar Video /PIONEER SLOT CARS

It only lasts a minute, but the action of this commercial video of Pioneer Slot Cars does not leave indifferent. Excellent filming, excellent sound, excellent location.
This film is made by Thomas Strobel of New Media Performance, a company specializing in multimedia production, for Pioneer a...

Farrout 1/32 race at King Mini Boola - Sat, 4/1, LA area

It’s that time again!

Farrout Slot Car Racing comes to Eddie Shorer's King Mini Boola Raceway on
Saturday, April 1st. No joke!!!
Track open at 11AM, racing at Noon. Loaner cars available.
Two races (As always, magnets only on the refrigerator):
No weight added, Ortmann tires mandatory in both classes. OK to change braid.

1. ‘70s-‘80s SCX F1: Stock, with RX4 or RX42 motors. No “b” or other
suffixes. OK to use RX81 out of 4wd cars and cut the shaft.
2. Group C: Stock motor (white, orange, or dark orange endbell).

No other changes than those stated. If any questions, ask away.
$10. for racing and consumable goodies. $5. for loaner cars (waived for
new racers)
Located up in the hills four miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, in
Montecito Heights.

***Please RSVP via PM here so I can prepare (it REALLY helps to know if you’re
coming), and I'll get the address, directions and contact info to you.***

Farrout website:
Facebook group:
Farrout discussion board:
Let's RACE!!!

**NOTE: There will be an Open Track prep session this Thursday, from
1-4PM. Let me know if you plan on making it for that, too.




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Retro East™ Event 11 - PJ, April 15, Ronkonkoma, NY

It's off to Lawn Guyland time for this one on April 15, 2017 for GTC and Formula 1 on the King. Time for some really fast action!


The Formula 1 Class Championship is up for grabs and here are the leaders.


Brian Cochrane - 71

Ed Sohl - 65

Jerry Herbert Jr. - 53

Noose - 45

Jimmy Williams Jr. - 41







Port Jefferson Raceway
1021 Portion Rd, Suite 12
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 
(631) 696-7721


Track opens at 8 a.m.

Pit Pass - $10

Tech opens for GTC @ 9:30 - Entry Fee $10

Tech for  Formula 1 - 1 hour after GTC - Entry Fee $15


Current Track Records:



TQ - 3.829 Chubby

Laps - 351.17 Chubby

Race lap - 3.922 Chubby


Formula 1

TQ - 3.867 - Timmy Skurka

Laps - 357.3 - Timmy Skurka

Race lap - 3.876 - Timmy Skurka

'Slot Racers Giving Back' at MI 24-hour enduro

The 7th(!) Annual Michigan 24-Hour Endurance race is just around the corner – this year’s race will be held from March 31-April 2, 2017.


In addition to the world-class racing, a hallmark of this event is the “Slot Racers Giving Back” (SRGB) fundraising for charity.
We're a bit late getting the ball rolling on this year's SRGB fundraising; however, with your support we're confident we can have a successful campaign. We will follow the same general format as last year's event.

• You can purchase tickets online and ticket numbers will be updated and posted regularly throughout the course of the event (see link above). Tickets are $1 each.

• A complete list of prizes from charity sponsors will also be published and updated regularly (see link above). We’ve already started lining up sponsors and prizes – there are a lot of great prizes! A partial list of sponsors includes:

Home Racing World
Changing Gears
Cloverleaf Racing
Slot Car Corner Canada
Paul Gage Tires
C.B. Design Wheels
Slot Car Corner
Quick Slicks

If you are interested in donating a prize for this fundraising event, please let us know.

• The deadline to purchase tickets online will be Sunday, April 2, at 10 AM. ET. A final list of contributors and tickets will then be published.

Like last year’s event, we will “draw” prize winners electronically (randomly) and post results sometime Sunday afternoon. 

As in previous years, 100% of the charity raffle proceeds will be donated to actual charities. The total raffle proceeds will be split equally five ways – each of the five teams participating in this year’s event will then donate their share to a charity of their choice.

Please consider making a donation - $1, $5, $10 or whatever you can afford would be greatly appreciated! To make a donation, please click on any of the links below.

SRGB Donations (SCC)
SRGB Prizes
SRGB Donors

[RSS] Vintage 1966 Monogram Road America 1/32 Slot Car Set No Cars

End Date: Thursday Apr-6-2017 6:08:10 PDT
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Old School, New School - the HVR report

Ahh Jerry Herbert Jr. takes his first Retro East win, Matt take another in a long line of them, Edsel takes the Stock Car Class Championship, and Doug Griffith clinched Concours.


Read all about it!


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