September 29, 2016

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White glued..NO instructions

So I bought a white Slot-it kit and I am dissapointed. The interior is glued in . Plus there are no instructions. While trying to remove the interior the roof post broke ! I contacted Slot-it via Facebook and the said contact the distributor. The distributor didn't make the car !
I've never ordered a white "kit" any assistance will be appreciated.

I HAD higher expectations from Slot-it !!!

September 28, 2016

HO wheelie videos

 Here are the wheelie videos. Took 3 of them and they would not transfer in slo mo. Had to go thru an app download etc. it was a real pain but we got it going. On one the car deslots but on the other 2 runs it makes a pass. Note how the white Nova pulls away when the Vega does it's wheelie.

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HO wheelie videos

Here are the wheelie videos. Took 3 of them and they would not transfer in slo mo. Had to go thru an app download etc. it was a real pain but we got it going. On one the car deslots but on the other 2 runs it makes a pass. Note how the white Nova pulls away when the Vega does it's wheelie.

Sano 10 Hawk Retro Handouts

I always like to take a pic of them, after engraving, and post them, for a possible reference.

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The second BTCC BMW 125i that reproduces Scalextric at 1:32 scale are available today. A few days ago was put on sale the Andy Prialux car and now comes the turn of his West Surrey Racing Team fellow, Sam Tordoff, who after making an excellent 2015 season at the wheel of BMW 125i M Sport, with two w...

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The hero of the Norisring / CARRERA

The Procar Series race held in Nuremberg in 1980 was a 50-lap race around the 2.3 km /1.24 miles circuit. Marc Surer drove a BMW M1 Procar Sauber Racing, sponsored by Italian Pooh Jeans, and was one of the heroes of the fourth race at the Norisring. He broke his own record in training and finished ...

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School Club

I teach at a middle school, and administration is making a push for more extracurricular clubs. My room has a nice 1000+ sq. ft. area on low pile carpet... perfect for setting up a temporary layout on the floor. I was thinking a Scaley digital setup would allow 6 students to race while the others marshal and/or work on their cars.

Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Anything I should consider and implement or avoid? I know someone posted about it earlier this year. Any advice would be appreciated, as well as leads to whom I should contact about getting supplies without breaking the bank.

Does Appconnect talk?

I searched for this on the forum but couldn't find anything related.

Does Appconnect offer the sounds and voices?...if not, how is this done? I'm thinling maybe the video was edited.

EDIT: It appears that it does...very cool!


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Teamslot News; Alpine A310 V6 GTP “B.Wollek"

News from Teamslot;

Alpine A310 V6
GTP “B.Wollek"
Due now

The third Teamslot livery of the Alpine A310, this model represents French driver Bob Wollek, who competed in the World Sportscar Championship. Fitted with a TS12 motor, new chassis and independent motor carrier.

Images as supplied by Staffs Slotcars UK

Pasion slot - Noticias

Lancia Delta Montecarlo 1989

Y seguimos con otro ganador del Montecarlo, en esta ocasión el de la edición de 1989.

Miki Biasion ganó el Rally y, a final de año, también el Campeonato del Muindo. 

Para hacerlo partimos de la resina de Artecnodecals y sus calcas. Las calcas son una autentica pasada.

Para la bandeja de pilotos utilizamos la del Lancia de Scalextric. Como la llanta es una de 5 radios, la taladro para eliminarla.

Y le colocamos una de Team Slot.

Imprimamos y pintamos la carroceria y colocamos las calcas.

El resultado de la rueda en la bandeja no queda mal.

Una foto del antes y el despues.

Y el resultado final

Otro más para la colección.



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Namcar Night Race: Le clip officiel « Race to Live, Race to Not Die »

Namcar Night Race: Une série TV sur le slot racingEn juin dernier nous vous avons présenté Namcar Night Race, le projet dingue d’une série américaine qui a pour trame un championnat de slot racing. Cette semaine la production présente le clip vidéo de la chanson de la série. La série Namcar Night Race, comédie surréaliste qui a pour « pitch » des sloteurs dans leur lutte […]

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Slot-it C-class on Super Tires

Another GREAT night of racing on Super Tires at Niagara Hobby in Buffalo.

Here is the podium picture.
Can you tell "Cheater Chuck" won ?


Slot-it C-Class running on Super Tires !

Podium pics for tonights race. Great time on a GREAT track at Niagara Hobby. Thanks to the great staff at Niagara Hobby.


What if?

At our racing last night I again found myself delighting in the pleasure of just turning laps with one of my Fly Porsche Carrera 6's and I commented to one of the guys that, if I were forced to have ONE slot car only, this little car would be a serious contender.

OK, so I know we would NEVER allow ourselves to actually be painted into the one-car-only corner, but, if the unthinkable were to happen, which cars would you consider and why? My contenders:

1. Fly Porsche Carrera 6:

I have three of these and they are all just a complete joy. One of these would have to be a strong contender for a number of reasons:

* Sentiment: having seen so many of these race "in the flesh" in their heyday and punching WAY above their weight, these little cars have a special place in my racing memories. And the sound! If you have not heard one of them at full chat you ain't lived yet!
* Pretty: some cars just look right and to me few cars look better than the Carrera 6.
* Sheer pleasure of running them: all three my Carrera 6's are just ridiculously good runners, and this with really only the basics done to them: tyres glued & trued, body float, bushings on the front axle to properly locate the axle, thin spacer on the rear axle to remove slop, 5g of lead just behind the front axle. And they fly! Smooth, quiet, stick to the track like glue. A dead simple little car that turns lap times up there with the absolute best of them: mine can give very nearly any or even the occasional NSR a run for their money on a technical wood track.

Picture of two of my Carrera 6's:

2. Fly Ford GT40

Also a strong contender, and funnily enough for exactly the same reasons as the Porsches! Of all the liveries I have I would probably prefer the red Filipinetti one as the sole keeper.

An example of a handsome Fly GT40:

3. Racer JPS BMW M1

Two reasons: it is the meanest looking car I have and also the fastest! Dropped my personal best lap time and the track lap record by around a tenth of a second a week ago. What's not to like?

4. Racer Gold Leaf Capri

The reasons are simple: even though it is a fantasy livery, this one is just drop-dead gorgeous! And it is very, very fast and smooth.

5. Scaley Ferrari 330 P4

As someone my age that saw these being raced in anger in person, how could this one not be a contender? I have the red #21: I have removed all the body parts from the chassis and glued it to the body to eliminate the unseemly "gaping" when you have body float. rear end and motor, metal wheels, guide. It goes wonderfully, wonderfully well.

The principal consideration is simply that this is one of the most beautiful race cars of all time.

6. Racer resin Ferrari 512S

Another simple reason: it is a beauty! Both the 1:1 car and how Racer has modeled it.

Helps that mine runs rather well as well.

7. Green Peter Sutcliffe #40 Ford GT 40

Strangely enough I have always struggled somewhat to get my GT40's going really well. So this one goes OK but really no better. Yes, they are typically a bit faster than my Fly GT40's, but then with their pedigree one would only expect that.

The reason for this one? Hero worship! Peter Sutcliffe regularly entered cars in the annual South African endurance series in the 60's. Loved his green Jaguar E-type (not included as an option for the one car only because it just does not run well enough!) and really loved his green GT40.

8. A couple of outsiders: Fly Racing pair: BMW M1, Ferrari F40

These rank equal in my mind. Reasons for including these cars is the fact that they are just so much better than I ever would have expected them to be. I did replace the rear wheels with slightly better wheels but other than that these cars are just magnificent runners without a lot of work. I would probably give the nod to the F40 between these two: just a great looking model (much better looking than the version in my eyes)

9. Another outsider: SCX Audi DTM

I totally realise this is an oddball one. But this same "possible contender for my one and only car" went through my mind a month or so ago while I was just turning laps with this car. It was just purring along, not setting any records, the lights looked good, the car looked good and it was just a lot of fun.

10. Honorary mention:

Fly Gunston Lola T70 Mk. III and Gulf Porsche 917. Both of these I have tuned up somewhat: metal wheels, rear end, orange endbell motor plus the normal tuning things.

OK, so these are all my contenders. And I think everybody will readily recognize a bit of a theme here: most of the contenders are cars that I saw racing in real life. Clearly I am a sentimental fool. And there sure are a lot of Fly cars in here.... Racer is rather well represented as well.

But the big question is: which one is The One?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: my One and Only Slot Car:

Blue #15 Fly Porsche Carrera 6:

Sentiment has won over sheer speed. For its sentimental value, its ability to replicate its 1:1 car's ability to punch above its weight, the classically pretty lines and for sheer fun: this is my One and Only slot car!


September 27, 2016

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2 Pro Slot GT1 Toyotas - SOLD

2 Pro Slot GT1 Toyotas

The Zent car had a broken guide holder which I fixed and put in a screw guide, it has an SCX 26 tooth gear and set screw rear wheels, I will also include another set of the same wheels.
The Taka Q car has a Slotit motor, not sure what rpm it is, a Slotit 28 tooth gear, set screw wheels, I will include the original motor which is new and original wheels and tires.
Both bodies are in great shape.
70.00 shipped to the U.S.


List Date: 9/27/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2 Pro Slot GT1 Toyotas


Revenge of the Dragster

Dragster vs rescue van, or Revenge of the Dragster . The track ambulance had been consistently beating up on the Dragster which did not hold well with the Dragster crowd. I recently had to steal the stock 14 ohm arms out of both of them for an upcoming race so I installed a 4 ohm Dash arm in the dragster along with some other mods.This woke up the dragster who shut down the Van big time. The Van then got a mean green along with some 15 lb. Nitrous bottles, :lol: and gave a better account for itself. If you look at the 60' the Van is blowing the tires away. So this is not over yet.

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Scaleauto has reached an agreement with the organization of the Klasse1SlotRacing, the 1:24 scale F1 Championship more powerful in Europe to manufacture a new NR-2 chassis that has to be used in the competitions from 2017 season ...


25 de novembre 2016 - 26 de novembre 2016 Braga Porsche 991 GT3 12H Endurance

ALFA ROMEO 155 V6 Ti Jägermeister / SLOT.IT

The Alfa Romeo 115 V6 Ti was built to take part in the 1993 DTM Championship, the German championship for touring cars which at that time it meant the greatest exponent on the racing cars world scene.
Reserved for cars derived from a series with a maximum of 2.5 liter and 6-cylinder, the rule...

991 GT3 White Racing Kit / SCALEAUTO

Scaleauto just make public the first images of the new Porsche 991 GT3 at 1:24 scale for slot. A model that failing some details shows its final configuration and that were initially be marketed as unpainted white mounting kit. Th...

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2017 - Scorekeeping & Point Standings

I would like to ask our current champ and resident scorekeeper - I noticed again that the scorekeeper also won the series, a coincidence....maybe, maybe not! :suspiciou ...if he would please return and keep us all updated with his excellent and timely spreadsheets. (this is kinda taken for granted, I am just being polite :angel:)

Please Dennis! (and thank you in advance)


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4 de novembre 2016 - 6 de novembre 2016 ODENA XXI Campeonato de España Slot Racing Festival CE.2016 

El XXI Campeonato de España Slot/Scalextric 2016 - Slot Festival se desarrollará en las instalaciones del Cric-Crac Superdome, multi espacio dedicado 100 x 100 al slot de com...

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$5 off everything

We are trying to clear out some of the cars on the specials page. From now until Friday we are offering $5 off every item on the SPECIALS PAGE. click the link below.



Roth's Orbitron in resin

I've got a new project on the workbench that I can't wait to get my teeth into.  

I'm hoping it will end up looking a lot more like:


Than this:



My starting point is a partial resin model of the Orbitron I got several months ago and a MPC chassis that has been kicking around the parts box for more than two years.  I gave up hope that I would stumble across an affordable MPC Jefferies Mantaray body for it.  So I see this as the next best thing!


Here is the starting point.



Slot idées c'est ici (be)

24h de Dison 2016

Un très beau weekend de passé à Dison pour leur septième 24h avec comme l'année dernière des GT3. Weekend qui commença déjà le vendredi soir avec les premiers essais et surtout un excellent repas couscous prit tous ensemble dans un très belle ambiance. 

Pour cette année, j'espérais que l'équipe de 2015 soit reconduite. Malheureusement, suite à quelques soucis dans une autre équipe, nous avons dut modifier un peu la composition. Un des nôtres parti dépanner cette équipe, une autre ne sachant pas venir le dimanche et un troisième ne roulant pas la nuit. Ce qui nous laissait à deux pour cette fameuse nuit qui fut bien longue et difficile point de vue sommeil, ou plutôt manque de sommeil. Mais finalement tout se passa très bien, avec en plus une voiture McLaren merveilleusement bien préparée par le papa d'une des filles de l'équipe. Avec des relais super bien assuré par tout le monde, fait que nous terminons à une très belle sixième place au classement final. Avec toutefois un (tout petit) regret lorsqu'on voit le nombre de tours nous séparant de la cinquième place. Il n'empêche que c'est notre meilleur classement depuis que nous roulons ensemble dans ces formidables 24h de Dison.   





New and interesting rides

Unusual circumstances set up a Monday evening contest at Electron Raceway... To read the entire narrative and view many more images see the link

Below are a few images

Attached Images

  • GT40Ron.jpg
  • GT1Ron.jpg
  • GT1Rich.jpg
  • GT1James.jpg
  • CanAmRon.jpg
  • CanAmRich.jpg
  • CanAmJack.jpg
  • CamaroRon.jpg

Odd's Oracle

Super Colt or Lawnrider?...

It will, by now, be fairly obvious that I am more gardening than I once was.  Indeed, I wrote a long blog entry about our greenhouse only 2 days ago, but it has not appeared and I can't be arsed to do it again.  Up yours Blogger.

Today, a relatively new acquaintance delivered a petrol mower to me in his lowered, blacked out, re-mapped Transit van.  Don't yer love a lairy pensioner? A score (20 quid) changed hands and we barrowed it round the back for a look.  As far as I could tell, the leaky petrol tap needed replacing and after I'd taken the exhaust off it needed a new gasket.  Together I have shelled out all of 6 quid off ebay!  I await their delivery.  By the weekend, I hope to be mowing our considerable lawns with my 60s Suffolk Super Colt.

And whilst I am I try to find, and will continue to do so,a British Anzani Lawnrider. I'll settle for an Eezimow if I have to, but only as an eventual stablemate for the ultimate mower, previously mentioned.  I mean how could you NOT fall completely for this:-
Be still, my beating heart!
Turns on a sixpence, sounds good and will be the nearest thing to a Frazer-Nash I'll ever own.

Italia Slot

GT3 Italia ufficiale MOMO NGT Motorsport

E' in arrivo la seconda livrea "Momo" della GT3 Italia di Black Arrow.
Si tratta della rossa n. 30 con la quale il team ufficiale MOMO NGT Motorsport ha affrontato il Pirelli World Challenge.
Il numero di gara, lo sponsor principale e il costruttore della Ferrari 458 fanno riaffiorare il ricordo del glorioso prototipo Ferrari 333SP N.30 del team MOMO che ottenne numerosi successi negli anni ’90.


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Black Arrow: La GT3 Italia Momo Red 2015

Black Arrow: La GT3 Italia Momo Red 2015 est disponibleBlack Arrow La GT3 Italia Momo Red 2015, Black Arrow est là. La nouvelle livrée de la voiture de slot Black Arrow arrive cette semaine chez ceux qui avaient pré commandé la voiture avant que celle ci soit disponible chez quelques revendeurs et sur la plateforme de vente de la marque. Black Arrow vient de […]

Port Jeff Wed night Stock Car racing - 9/27, Ronkonkoma, NY

This race will be on the king. Get your stock cars ready for the retro east race.