January 19, 2018


For Sale: CHR JK X25R and CHR F1 chassis

I have for sale two used chassis built by CHR.

CHR JK X25R - $75.

CHR F1- $65.

All chassis are as pictured. Please message me with any questions.







The no arguing about motors thread Great Lakes ISRA

I would like to take this time to invite everyone to join us at Great Lakes ISRA.  We have NO ARGUING about motors, no stickers or seals.  :good:

We have simple rules & have been stable for 10 years.  We run 4 classes.  Usually run the first Saturday of the month.


JRL is our 1/24 open wheel class.  Most people run H&R chassis ($50 kit) there are a few Mack's & one FX.

We run single mag c can motors with Contender or Super Wasp arms.  Most run Red Fox, JK or Outtasight body's


Open 12 is open 1/24 chassis and Horkey is the chassis of choice.  There are also a lot of the $75 GT12 chassis being run.

Body is a LMP and we have a body list with a few choices.  Motor is a single mag C can X12.


1/24 ES is straight up ISRA rules.  Open chassis & motor.  Many running 2012 Horkey chassis or Macks.


B Production is our last class.  Stamped chassis, GT1 body's and motors are single mag C can Contender or Super Wasp.


Our simple rules are posted here. http://slotblog.net/topic/79102-great-lakes-isra-2017-18-schedule-rules/

Also we have no clearance rule.  Simply nothing hanging below the chassis.


It's a great group of competitive guys to run with.  We run both Chicagoland & Mid America flat tracks one race a month.


So if you are tired of the arguing, drama, lottery ticket, sealed motor handcuffs & :dash2: about what type of break in procedure, magic snake oil, double zapped magnet motors will make your sealed motor .005 faster than the next guy when you are running on a micro blip track, why not give flat track racing a try.  You actually use the controller instead of the clicker box.  It took me 3 years (I'm a slow learner :crazy: ) before I thought I needed more motor.  There is a lot of great used equipment available to get you started and we do have a place for FK motors in JRL & B Prod. to help get you started.


I hope to see some new faces there that want the challenge of driving and racing.  Put stability and affordable FUN back into your :to_become_senile:  program instead of headaches.


Next race Chicagoland Feb 3 doors open at 7:30 see you there! :victory:

The Birthday Race at HVR - Feb 10, Hyde Park, NY

On February 10th Retro East will celebrate our 11th Birthday!  Imagine that!


Up to Hyde Park we go for Event 7 of the 11th Winter Series


Stock Cars and F1 time.  All racing on the King with a braid depth of .035".  

Hudson Valley Raceway
870 Violet Ave.
Hyde Park, NY 12538
(845) 838-5333
Pit Pass $10.
Track will be shut off at 9:30 AM.
Tech for Stock Cars at 9:30 AM - entry fee $10.
Tech for F1 - Approximately 45 minutes after Stock Car A  Main
Entry fee $15.
Current Track Records


Stock Cars
TQ - 4.936 - Jimmy Williams
Fast race lap -  5.007 Bob Kalbfus

Laps - 277.14 - Jimmy Williams


Formula 1
TQ - 4.411 - Jimmy Williams
Laps - 309.2 - Jimmy Williams
Fast race lap - 4.525 - Jimmy Williams

GRRR race at P-1 - 1/28, Winter Garden, FL

Can-Am, F1, IMSA - GT Coupe/Can-Am Plus
What's the order? 
Who has a fast 7R7R7R7R7R?

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Black Arrow  puts on sale three new kit of its successful Black Bull (Lamborghini Murcielago R-SV GT1).
After the commercialization of the Black Bull's white kit, the 1:32 slot model slot makes available to the fans three com...

Slot Car Today - General

March 771 Ford / SLOTWINGS

New March 771 at 1:32 scale for slot. Slotwings continues to offer unprecedented models based on the well-known March 771. On this occasion, they chose the car that the South African driver Ian Scheckter used throughout...


Scaleauto puts on sale the new C7R Corvette 2015 at 1:32 scale for slot, although for commercial purposes under the name A7R GT3. The first two units with race livery correspond to the two works team cars, #3 piloted by Antonio Ga...


[RSS] 1/24 BZ Banshee Slot Car

End Date: Sunday Jan-21-2018 22:41:09 PST
Buy It Now for only: $109.99
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[RSS] 1/24 Slot Car RTR Plymouth Hemi Special Testors

End Date: Sunday Jan-21-2018 21:53:44 PST
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Farrout 1/32 race - Sat, 1/20, Studio City, CA

Farrout 1/32nd scale race, Studio City, CA, this Sat. 1/20/18. Track opens for practice at 11 AM, racing starts Noon-ish. Flat four-lane Scalextric track.

Two classes:

1. Racer Sideways Group 5. Stock. No Magnet.
2. Fly LeMans from the '70s. Ortmann tires. Weight OK to add. No Magnet.

Loaner cars available. Probably a good idea if it's your first time out. 
PM with questions, if interested.

www.farroutslotcars.com to get a look at our club.


Bold type?

How do you change the font? Thanks!

[RSS] 1/32 Revell Slot Car AMC AMX Javelin

End Date: Thursday Jan-25-2018 18:08:25 PST
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Haven Raceway January update - Elyria, Ohio

Another month, another update. This time making starter set cars quicker and helping folks get just the kit they want.

January 18, 2018


[RSS] Cox 1966 Ford Galaxie Dan Gurney Stock Car

End Date: Thursday Jan-25-2018 15:26:37 PST
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Spring race series in SoCal

I am hosting a monthly race series on my recently completed home track (45' 4-lane analog Scalextric track representing Willow Springs Raceway) in the San Fernando Valley.


Dates: February 25, March 25, April 22, and June 24

Time: Practice at 10:00am, race at 11:00am


Classes: Slot.it Group C/GTP (stock except Ortmann or Slot.it tires, orange endbell only) and Scalextric '65-'73 Trans Am (stock except weight allowed INSIDE the car, sidewinders only).


Alternate braids and lead wires allowed. Pioneer cars allowed in Trans Am class if they swap for a Scalextric white endbell motor and 11t pinion.


Loaners will be provided for both classes (thanks to Frank for providing the Trans Am loaners).


Message me with an email address to be put on the mailing list and get the location of the track.

New Thingie clear body... the Spectra!

I recently bought a clear body on eBay that I identify as a "thingie" body!

It is a Champion body called the SPECTRA! It was made in the 60's according to the gentlemen I bought it from who worked at Champion back in the day.

It is made of thick Butyrate.

It is not based on any actual car and reminds me of the Lancer Whisper but is shorter and only 3" wide. The wheelbase is 3 & 3/4 but could accomodate 4""

More details and photos to come! A future build is being planned as well!


Attached Images

  • IMG_20180118_141138_1CS.jpg

Mid-America Sunday "Romp" - Feb 4, Naperville, IL

Three Classes:Can-Am,GT-12 and FK12

Doors open at 11am. No tech no qualifying just racing!

Mid America Raceway Naperville
1223 E. Ogden Ave. Ste 139
Naperville, IL.60563

I need a ID on this

I must be getting old who made the arms in the picture.
Motor3 .jpg

Limpach 888 question

I am not really familiar with anglewinders..did the original 1972 888 chassis use 1/8 or 3/32 axles?


Thank you

Más Slot

Ford Capri RS de SRC

                      Ford Capri RS Olympia-Rallye 1972 Rohl #23

Ref. 50308

 Dentro de la serie Chono Beyond
 Carrocera pintada, solo a falta de pegar las calcas según una hoja de instrucciones muy bien detallada

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(NdP – DS Racing Products – Jan.2018)
Third generation of economic controllers called BASIC-3 from DS Racing Products manufacturer, currently marketed and distributed by Scaleauto Slot.
Its main novelty i...


[RSS] Aurora AFX HO Slot Car Plymouth Vintage Body

End Date: Saturday Feb-17-2018 4:07:57 PST
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How to get a crease out of a Classic body?

I  bought a Classic Cheetah body awhile back and felt a bit "duped" as it showed up with the drivers side folded under. (It wasn't in the photos of the body when it was advertised.  :to_take_umbrage:  ) It is a deliberate bend as it looks like something heavy was set on top of it,maybe by accident???  It is a VERY light gauge body and flexes VERY easily.Not sure if this one is made of Butyrate plastic or not  (The card with the body says it IS Butyrate,but I am not 100%  sure here ?????)



Any thoughts as to how I might get this out of it???  I was thinking maybe some VERY hot water?????


All rational opinions welcomed here.......













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Renault R8 GORDINI / BRM

The new Renault R8 Gordini at scale 1:24 of BRM for slot are here. The Italian brand has again broken the patterns of the classic reproductions of the 1:24 scale models manufacturers, leaving the stereotypes of putting on the trac...


For Sale: Retro Hawk "R" motors

I have three lots of 10 motors each for sale. All motors are brand new and still in their packages.


$200.00 per lot OBO. Please send me a private message if interested.


Thanks for your interest, 




Hawk Retro Web.jpg

[RSS] Vintage AMT 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Gold 1/24 Slot Car

End Date: Friday Feb-16-2018 17:18:12 PST
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Odd cans

I just got a bunch of old gold from a buddy and these cans were in there. Any old timers recognize them?



IRRA® motor announcement

Due to the current situation of the JK Retro Hawk motor, the IRRA® BoD has decided:
Only 7Rs motors for all classes at all Premier races after 4/1/18.
No short shaft 7Rs at Premier races.
For regional series, it is recommended:
As of 3/1 only 7Rs in Can-Am.
As of 9/1 only 7Rs in all classes.
The IRRA® will consider reinstating pre-7R Retro Hawks, depending on the performance level of future batches of Retro Hawks and any newly-approved motors.
Due to the continuing uncertainty regarding reliability of the JK Retro Hawk motor, the IRRA® BoD has voted to "unfreeze" the FK section of the IRRA® approved motor list and to accept submissions of similar motors for consideration to be added to the list. 

Submitted motors must screw in, fit in existing Retro chassis, and have internal brushes and springs (i.e. same as Retro Hawk, Falcon 7, TSR D3) and must meet the same specs of the Retro Hawk, 65 turns, 30 AWG, 15 degrees timing, oilite bushings, and must deliver a similar level of performance to motors currently on the approved list. Submitted motors must be clearly identified with laser engraving.

Motor will have a maximum retail of $19.95, and be available to a minimum of three slot car distributors, for a maximum price of $8.98.

Four samples of the submitted motor(s) will need to be sent to each of the five IRRA® Board members for inspection and testing. Anyone submitting motors must be ready to supply proof of delivery, including quantities imported, to help the IRRA® establish legality dates.

Stock tires on Carerra cars?

Urethane, rubber etc?