October 20, 2014

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New Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro GT-R version with a racing legend at the wheel, Jan Magnussen. The Danish driver, with an impressive track record, F1, NASCAR, CART, Le...

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Wiring diagram for Power Console / Driver Station

G'day all, :thumb:

Can someone point me to a thread/web site where I can get a wiring diagram for a Power Console / Driver station?

I am looking to power up the new track I'm building. It's a 1:43 routed track, but it will probably be able to run some smaller 1:32 cars on it as well, so I'm guessing there wont be a big draw on current.:confused: I have some Kyosho Dslot43 cars with the bigger motors in them and I want to have a bit of control with the PS, so looking at using a Powertech variable 0-16v 25A unit from a local supplier here in Aus.

I would like to build a compact Power Console, as space is an issue. I'm thinking I'd like to use the 'headphone jack' type connectors rather than the big 240V style plugs you often see at commercial tracks. I'm thinking if we want to use our controllers at a commercial track I can easily make adapters for them...

:focus:The controllers I'm looking to use are Slot.It SCP201a. The console needs to be positive wired (to suit the electronic controllers above) and I'd like direction control (could just be a simple on-off-on toggle switch....)

Thanks in advance
Cheers :cheers:

New season start in Kelowna, BC

After a long awesome summer our season in Kelowna has started up again. Last week our season opener was held at Lezlie's Canalami Raceway. Our good friend Lezlie is a millwright at a winery so we can always expect good wine from his winery and great racing at his place! The second race in our twenty race schedule just completed yesterday at Henning's track - Tronson Speedway, homemade pizza and good South African wine is always on the menu here! Race three at the Quail Ridge track is this Sunday coming up.

In November we are all very excited to race on the newest track in our club, the expected completion of the new Drummond Court Model Raceway has a removable extension for club events. The extension makes the track in excess of over 100 feet.

Some pictures of the first two races and a sneak peek of the newest track.


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Scaleauto: Une De Tomaso Pantera en série limitée

Scaleauto: Une De Tomaso Pantera en série limitéeScaleauto dévoile une nouvelle décoration pour sa De Tomaso Pantera GR3. La marque espagnole partenaire du championnat d’Espagne de Slot racing offrira cette voiture à tous les participants de la compétition de slot racing. Scaleauto fournira à l’occasion du championnat d’Espagne de slot racing 2014 pas moins de 150 voitures de slot aux participants. Pour […]

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Slot It body kit instructions - Finally

Head on over the Slot It web site and click on Instructions tab on the left column and then body kits. Now I finally know where all the bits and pieces go. Looks like most of the white kits are covered.


Viasue setup

I thought I would provide a review, now before I start I shall give some background.

I have been trying to build an arduino lap timer and had a lot of problems, we are talking months, I've tried all kinds of attempts to get a counter working, to no joy.

I'm not paid by viasue, nor do they even have an inkling that I am posting this.

I decided I had enough, I was going to buy something, I thought the price was high when I first looked. I decided though, I had to give them a shot, I wanted something future proof, so wanted to go usb.

I went to the website and bought the pack with the ir bridge rather than plain lights, for an afx 4 lane track.

I ordered approximately a week ago, in Australia, and it arrived today, well on Friday, but no one was home.

After a bit of a mess at the post office, my name is very different from what it was addressed to, it was lucky I could prove my address I picked up the parcel, and brought it home.

The device was wrapped incredibly well, seriously I could order a dozen eggs from them, without the egg crate, and I would know they would get here unbroken. The track was wrapped in card as an extra precaution.

Being a male, instructions were not my first port of call, but everything only fits in one spot, so no issues there.

First heart stopper if you are not reading instructions, and know nothing of arduino, is when windows comes up saying cannot install drivers.

Now I can't say strong enough, this is not a viasue issue, it's an arduino issue.

Pop in the cd, and this is where some magic abounds. It installs rc, and also the drivers effortlessly.

I love that it knew my previous settings, and offers to auto configure your existing track.

Seriously, within 5 minutes from unpacking, I was testing the track, and pure delight is all I can say, my track now has a lap counting solution.

The mounting of the sensors is brilliant, and feels sturdy, the two pieces of track are joined together, and doesn't produce much lift from the table, unnoticeable to me.

The light bridge fits very snugly to the track, and easy to line up with the track.

I love that the sensors lie perfectly flat to the track. I ran my fingers over the sensors, and noticed very little bump in the track over the sensors.

I've done about 200 laps in each lane, and unless you put your hand under the bridge, I didn't have a single miscount.

The whole setup feels sturdy, and I could easily see that if required I can move the track without thinking its fragile.

Thank you viasue, within 5 minutes you were able to achieve more in that time, than I did in 3 months. I only wish I had done this first, would of enabled me to drive more, and would of saved money as well.


Happy Birthday Mister Swiss

Think, in just one more year you'll be all growed up.  :laugh2:  :tease:


Happy Birthday Mike.

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We show the model made in limited and special series for the new edition of the XIX Spain Championship Slot Racing Festival, CE-2014, with a livery of Scaleauto De Tomaso Pantera Gr.3. Over 150 cars to be delivered to all finalists of the 1...

Slot it Club De Genève

Evénement :

Fête de l'Artisanat et de la Créativité à Bernex, suite. Le programme des courses vient de sortir :

Samedi 1 novembre 2014 :
> 11h : Course 1 = Slot-it & NSR CLASSIC (4 x 15 min)
        comptant pour le Championnat Endurance 2014-2015
> 13h : Course 2 = NSR GT (4 x 5 min)
> 14h : Course 3 = BRM MEGANE RS (4 x 5 min)
> 16h : Course 4 = SCX NASCAR (4 x 5 min)

Dimanche 2 novembre 2014 :
> 12h : Course 1 = Slot.it GROUPE C (4 x 10 min)
> 14h : Course 2 = All Slot Car FORMULE 1 (4 x 5 min)
> 16h : Course 3 = Slot.it GT (4 x 5 min)

Venez nombreux pour découvrir le slot racing, pour vous initier, voire même pour participer aux courses !
Détails et inscription sur miniend .

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Do you slosh cast or two piece mold?

A little question to those out there building bodies. Do you slosh cast or two piece mold?
I am sure I am not alone in wanting to see the molds you have produced and how they are set up.
Some pictures would be great.

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News from FlySlot

Flyslot are ready to ship their first 3 models in collaboration with Avant Slot. These first models feature a new 21K "Blue" motor, 11 tooth brass pinion and silicon motor wires which offer an incredible hike in performance over the standard models.

This is just the start, look to see improved racing chassis designs featured in future racing releases.

W50102AV 512BB Pioneer Racing - 32K Motor
FS049101AV F40 IGOL Racing - 32K Motor
W50101AV 512BB Budweiser Racing- 32K Motor

DW Slot


Otra de las "penúltimas" novedades de FLY es esta hermosa Chevron B21 del Team Gunston..., el último de los B21 construidos y prototipo del B23. Este tiene el honor añadido de ser la vencedora absoluta de las South African Springbok Series de 1972, y con con dos leyendas al volante, Jochen Mass Gerry Birrell en la carrera disputada en el Costa do Sol protagonista de esta entrada; máquina cuyo volante y título también compartiría en la victoria del campeonato Peter Gethin (en esta carrera al mando de la #6).

Motorizado con un Cosworth BDA (Belt Driven A-type) optimizado por Brian Hart de 2.0 lts., capaz de erogar 250 cv, este fabuloso B21 (chasis B21.72.31) venció en cuatro de las cinco carrereas de las Series, y entre ellas en la carrera que con esta reproducción se rememora, las Tres Horas de Lourenço Marques (hoy Maputo, Mozambique); una victoria que no se pudo sino hasta llegado casi el final de la carrera, cuando parecía que quedaría relegada a una segunda posición tras la March de Scheckter y este la tuvo que llevar a box.

Una reproducción original y llamativa, muy setentera por su color y formato, tal vez una de las más reconocidas de los Chevron Gr6; colores oficiales de la marca de Derek Bennett.

En detalle...

Sin duda se nota la factura de la vieja Fly y de la nueva FLY SLOT; una reproducción de calidad para los amantes de aquéllas fabulosas series hijas de la lujuria como las Can Am, el bien"alimentado" Campeonato del Mundo...


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The contest of More Than Slot in there you must find out what model is hiding behind the first reference of the new MTS Collection, is reaching the end. You can enter to win one of the prizes with a total of 1000 € until October 31....


Eagle River Racing race report - 10/18, Eagle River, AK

We had a good number of racers at this week's race.  Here are the race results:


First Place: Sean Clapp with 226 laps: Won a 4-hour track time card
Second Place: Jason Skow with 215 laps: Won a 3-hour track time card
Third Place: Jacob Younger with 212 laps: Won a 2-hour track time card
Fourth Place: Tank Albanil with 208 laps
Fifth Place: Terrance Pearson with 207 laps
Sixth Place: Louis McCue with 201 laps
Seventh Place: Martin Stendevad with 194 laps
Eighth Place: Becky Pearson with 183 laps


More details about our upcoming November 1st Endurance Race and a photo of the starting lineup can be found at our website.

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Scalextric: La Bentley Continental GT3 arrive

Scalextric La Bentley Continental GT3 arriveLa Bentley Continental GT3 Scalextric arrive sur les circuits routiers. Présentée, l’année dernière sur le catalogue des prévisions 2014, la marque de slot annonce enfin l’arrivée du vaisseau amiral de chez Scalextric. C’est le point d’orgue du catalogue 2014 de chez Scalextric. La Bentley Continental GT3 est une voiture de slot sous licence exclusive pour […]

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otra fecha en tulio crespi

 Tulio crespi

Carrera en oferta.................compro Luis Maria,...si bien se preveia una carrera muy pero muy pareja,nadie ni el mismo,pensaba que .podia ganar ,con un lastre de 20 vueltas (el siguiente cargaba 10) no era candidato de nadie,ni un boleto a ganador.Pero un andar parejo y muy pulido lo fue acercando a la punta
Cuando promediaba la carrera,que realmente fue espectacular tenian todos la posibilidad de luchar por la punta ,la paridad del parque es impresionante.
Pero vamos por partes,en clasificacion,todos los autos por debajo de los tiempos del viernes anterior ,y cuando digo TODOS ES TODOS,un nuevo salto de manejo y armado en los autos ,nos presentaba un panorama por demas reñido,algunos bajaron decimas en sus tiempos de clasificacion,otra ves los desafios Andres y Pedro subieron la vara y Luis maria deberia esforzarce nuevamente para clasificar en pole,pero anoche estaba de suerte, en cuatro vueltas metio la pole y a boxes.
Empeso la carrera y todos los piotos buscaban subir para acomodarse con los mas rapidos en la segunda pasada,a tal punto que en mitad de carrera,el que termino siendo ganador estaba 8vo.
primera serie de la segunda pasada y los tiempos era muy paresidos a los de punta,esto pronosticaba lucha y mas lucha.
En la segunda serie(ya Andres no estaba) participaban,Pedro ,Pera Y luis Maria,diferencia de unas tres o cuatro vueltas entre ellos y parecian indescontables pero poco a poco y metiendo tiempos de clasifica ,el #1 los fue alcanzando, para en la ultima pista ,tomar la delantera y quedar a la espera de los 4 que habian sido los que mas vueltas sumaron en la primera pasada.
Asi ,Murmullo fuentes( con el auto nuevo armado por su ahora ingeniero de pista,PEDRO GUERRIERI) se disponia a partir en punta ,pero lo seguia a metros no mas,Damian Duda,pegado,pero muy pegado Pablo Gorosito(que todavia se sigue lamentando de una primera serie no muy pareja, menos mal tercero y no fue parejo)y el Pana ,Ale Liset,cuarto encerrados en metros de diferencia.
Aqui comenzaron las visisitudes que fueron dando forma al marcador final,murmullo que por cargar muy poco lastre tenia una ventaja de unas cuantas vueltas,las pierde al soltarse un cable de la guia,Duda,finalmente vuela el motor y su auto se "arrastra" por la pista,queria seguir aun a muy poca velocidad ,(yo haria lo mismo y en realidad lo hice la carrera pasada donde mi motor tambien llego a su fin de siclo)).Pablo gorosito ,parece que se quedo un poco enganchado con la primera serie despareja ,,pero la remo y termino en la misma vuelta que el segundo y el tercero,un cuarto que debio estar mas arriba,EL Pana 5to,con bastante poca suerte en su serie fue sacado varias veces y quedo a vuelta y media de los tres que lo precedian,que serie impresionante,no podias respirar por que te pasaban por arriba,pestañar menos...
Faltando unas pocas vueltas,varios golpes desconcentraron a algunos pilotos que ,por el afan de ganar ,no leen la carrera y se pegan muy mal con un auto que va muchisimo mas despacio y al que ya le habian sacado varias vueltas,

En el momento de las cuentas finales,dos pilotos de la segunda serie superaron a todos los de la primera, asi el marcador se fue armando con mucha mezcla de nombres .
Poco antes de largarse la ultima via,se veia que Luis Maria era el rival a vencer,pero Pedro tambien tenia su lugar de privilegio a buen resguardo.
Finalmente........GANO Luis Maria Staffora

Pedro 2do.........281 vueltas
Murmullo 3ro....281 vueltas
Pablito 4to.......281 vueltas
Ale liset 5to......279 vueltas
Perazzo 6to.....279 vueltas
Mateo 7mo.....277vueltas
Damian 8vo......270 vueltas
kimi 9na
lisan 10 mo
Andres.11 avo

Dos autos en el podio de la mano de PEDRO ,hablan de que la carrera anterior no la gano de suerte sino con trabajo y desarrollo.
el incidente de la esposa de andres no nos permitio,estar a full,
El martes desde las 20...........veni a probar,cocodrilo que duerme es cartera..........abrazo y mucho automodelismo con amigos
Corro con vos ,no contra vos

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Large lot Carrera Analog Track

Large lot Carrera Analog Track

Large lot of Carerra slot car track. Most of it is painted with Ralph Lauren River Rock paint. US only. Pm me if international. Will work with you on shipping.

17 straights
19 1/60
4 1/30
4 1/4 straights
2 1/3 straights
Boarder fences
3 controllers
1 power straight
1 power cord
5 pieces of 1/30 high bank turn with supports 6 piece is broken but will ship with it.
Power taps

List Date: 10/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Large lot Carrera Analog Track
On Sale For: $475.00 + $25.00 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Large lot Carrera Analog Track

Carrera vs. Sideways Ferrari 512BB/LM

I recently purchased the Sideways Grp, 5 Ferrari 512BB/LM. It was the white kit and I painted it Ferrari red. After assembly there were several small detail parts intended for the engine compartment that I could not accurately place so I left them off. As finished it looks busy enough and won't be shedding small parts around the track. So far the only change I have made is to Paul Gage urethane tires in the rear. Lap times improved by almost half a second from 7.23 sec to 6.78 sec on my 65' mdf track.

Enter my Carrera 512BB/LM. I bought it over a year ago used. It is older than 2013 because it has working lights. Today I installed a slot.It white endbell motor using the stock gears and wheels. It has a set of PG urethanes as well and everything else is stock. To my amazement my Carrera 512 turned several laps below 6.7sec. with the best being 6.66sec. It is somewhat heavier than the sideways 512 and has wider rear rims and tires. It is a smooth car to drive and the new motor, while faster than the stock motor, does not overpower the car.

On the other hand my new Sideways Ferrari will probably get quicker as the parts wear in together and I get used to it's edgier performance coming through corners. But right now it is not an easy car to push to the limit.

Bottom line, I like them both and they will stay in my collection for a while.

OOPs, Lost track of time

OK, I admit it, between 1:1 carss and a beautiful summer and a new job assignment I lost track of time.

I have in front of me a mold for an Capri body

A pile of brass and piano wire

Several sets of used tires and wheels

And about 28 hours to build a car and get it in the mail


What gear ratio do you recommend and what do you recommend as far as motors?

Don M

strange power issues tip for others.

So I have never had any controller issues at my home track. I have noticed it at other local basement tracks but nobody else has experienced anything like I have.

So last month I had to move my hobby "lab" to the basement and I moved the smart monitor power strip off of my track and to my "lab". I grabbed a cheap power strip while at walmart, hooked it up and everything seemed to work.

This morning I turned on the computer to test the network connection and be certain the webpage was working so people could track their scores online. But my Ethernet connection was not working. its plugged into a power over Ethernet connection. Not a big deal, i would fix that later this week.

I hosted a race at my house today and the first race of the day I noticed my car seems to stutter and hiccup in strange spurts. Nobody else was having issues. I thought the car was the issue, until the next race different car same result. I switched from my DS-0128 to my slot.it SCP-1 and same issue.

It seems when I had a load on the system something in the cheap surge protector would casue intermittent noise on the PWM controller. I went to the garage after the race and grabbed and old Tipp-lite high end surge protector with surge and noise protection , swapped it out and everything seems back to normal. My POE Ethernet line is back up and my controllers are working perfectly.

I thought I would share this in case anyone else comes across this type of issue.Maybe I can save them from a headache. I didn't think the the power line surge protector could cause so much havoc.


Just another day in eBay...

Get this one. I buyer buys a couple of small trinckets from my Ebay store. I ship quickly, get a tracking number etc etc etc. I get a message he hasn't received his package. So I check, followed tracking to Anderson, Ind. Last post in tracking, out for delivery, except it never gets delivered or any more reports. Now the buyer wants me to ship another pair of trinkets, which I will do because I always want a satisfied customer.


Then I get this message from him, that he has dealt ebay for years and sometime you win and sometimes you lose, and today isn't my day.


Maybe I am looking at it wrong, but I did everything on end correctly, the post office dropped the ball. I would not feel so irritated if he would have met me half way...............

October 19, 2014

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Are any of the "standard" NASCAR bodies a direct replacement for the PRO NASCAR bodies?

what slot guide for MRRC Mercedes W196?

I recently purchased a MRRC W196 off ebay and when I went to run it, I noticed that the slot guide was cracked where the wires plug in and one of the wires kept popping out. The bottom of the chassis says it's a "Sebring Series." I ordered a new MRRC Sebring slot guide off of Electric Dreams, but when it arrived it was not quite the same as the one I had to take off the car. The one I removed had a taller post that was sprung. The new guide can't accommodate the spring and as a result the car keeps deslotting on the track.

My question is, what guide should I have ordered to replace the broken one?


Round 25 of 26 – Magny-Cours – 21 October 2014

Our penultimate race of 2014 takes us to Magny-Cours



[RSS] Strombecker Carol Shelby Cobra GT 1/32 Slot Car

End Date: Tuesday Nov-18-2014 12:48:23 PST
Buy It Now for only: $69.99
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[RSS] 1/24 Porsche 911 Slot Car

End Date: Wednesday Oct-22-2014 11:16:11 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $84.99
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Hardbody Nats at Buena Park Raceway

Congratulations to Phil Nyland, his victory last night in the late Stock Car division of the Hard Body Nats was great race, as he narrowly beat a great field that consisted of Victor Dubrowsky,Keith Tanaka, Paul Sterett, Hector Gonzalez, Tim Neja , Ryan Miller and Jim Watterson..... A great field of racers separated by a few mere laps...


Great turn outs all day, and Congrats to Tim Neja and Hector Gonzalez for their wins earlier in the day...


The racing continues today !!!!    And great to see T.J. Albu back among the living, after his horrific accident and broken leg, T.J. was out turning 4.2 's on the King Track in preparation for next weeks 

Boola Bash !

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Racer Sideways Ford Capri - Wurth... PRICE REDUCED!

Racer Sideways Ford Capri - Wurth Good Condition

SW14: Ford Capri Zakspeed Gr. 5 #2
Nurburgring DRM 1981

Car is used, but good conditions... No broke or cracked parts. This one has been sold out, and a harder to find on eBay.

List Date: 10/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Racer Sideways Ford Capri - Wurth Good Condition
On Sale For: $50.00 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: Racer Sideways Ford Capri - Wurth Good Condition

Racer Ferrari 312 NART Coupe 1970 Daytona - Good Condition! - SOLD

Racer Ferrari 312 NART Coupe 1970 Daytona - Good Condition!

RCR32: 312P N.A.R.T. Daytona 24hrs 1970

This car is used, but in great condition (looks and performance). Chance to buy a Racer for a reasonable price!

PLEASE NOTE: FREE SHIPPING FOR U.S. ONLY. Canada & International - I'll get shipping quote.

List Date: 10/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Racer Ferrari 312 NART Coupe 1970 Daytona - Good Condition!


Mobile friendly version: Racer Ferrari 312 NART Coupe 1970 Daytona - Good Condition!

Racer Porsche 935K Mint Condition... GREAT PRICE!

Racer Porsche 935K Mint Condition... GREAT PRICE!

RCR29: Kremer 935K3 Jaegermeister
DRM Championship 1980

Car is mint condition, and has never been run... Only been out of it's box a few times.

PLEASE NOTE: FREE SHIPPING FOR U.S. ONLY! Canada & International - I'll get shipping quote.

List Date: 10/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Racer Porsche 935K Mint Condition... GREAT PRICE!
On Sale For: $180.00 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: Racer Porsche 935K Mint Condition... GREAT PRICE!

NCSRA Calendar of Events


As part of a transition from Yahoo -- I will now be posting the updated calendar here -- Thanks!

NCSRA 2014 Series Fall Events
Current: 10.19.14

Date/Track Classes


10-25 Black Point Modern GT and Early 70’s Prototypes
Round 1 NCSRA Series

11- 1 Open Date

11-15 Black Point Modern GT and Early 70’s Prototypes
Round 2? NCSRA Series

11-22 Open Date

11-29 Black Point Turkey Trophy Group C & GTP Thunder!
Double-Elim – Brack
et Racing


Open Dates


Coming in 2015-
January -2.4 Hours of Danville
March - 2 Hours of Sebring
May - G.P. du

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proyecto nacional fiat 128

FIAT 128

gracias a la tecnologia de las impresoras 3d y un amigo esta fabricando los chasis para los 128 nacionales 

 el planeamiento del chasis se realizo con el programa de computadora

 luego de horas de trabajo y varias pruebas va tomando forma

 algunos modelos de como quedaria



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FLY Ferrari 512 Coupe Daytona 1970 – Mint Condition

FLY Ferrari 512 Coupe Daytona 1970 – Mint Condition

Hello Everyone –

I have up for sale a mint condition/never used FLY Ferrari 512 Coupe (Daytona 1970, #28). Excellent condition, includes original box.
PLEASE NOTE: FREE SHIPPING FOR U.S. ONLY! Canada & International - I'll get shipping quote.



List Date: 10/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: FLY Ferrari 512 Coupe Daytona 1970 – Mint Condition
On Sale For: $60.00 + Shipping TDB


Mobile friendly version: FLY Ferrari 512 Coupe Daytona 1970 – Mint Condition

Reduced in Buy/Trade

Hey Guys,

I have four listings with HO cars in the Buy/Trade forum that I just reduced. They are good deals and I will only leave them posted a bit longer and then I'm moving them to the auction site. Thx


Found this on Twitter

The veteran and now retired Giles DeFerran is also a slot racing fan it seems.

.@RACERmag @SlotModsUSA @TODAYshow @BobRahal @68GT @PPfanner guys,to be clear...these are the ones I love! Fast! http://t.co/U1NcU7DxPG

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Wanted Fly Ferrari 512S Chassis

Wanted Fly Ferrari 512S Chassis


I am looking for a chassis for a Fly Ferrari 512S. Needs to be a sidewinder chassis

Thanks Randy

List Date: 10/19/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Wanted Fly Ferrari 512S Chassis
On Sale For: $0.00 + FREE! Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Wanted Fly Ferrari 512S Chassis

Hello slotracing friends

my name is rainer, I'm 49 year's old and I'm living in Germany. In december 2009 the passion to motorsport in 1:32 awoke in me. Originated it is a fully configurated racetrack with self built buildings, self painted MRRC figures and a lot of slotcars. Because my knowledge in the technical area is not so good, I have put my focus at the design. Now everything is finished and I could start with my website. At www.slotracing132.com you can see a lot of pictures. I look forward to talking with you.

Many grettings from Germany : Prost:



How many MegaG Champ cars?

Not counting the white body how many different Champ car liveries have been produced? With twelve do I have all the PRODUCTION cars?

Carrera chassis

Howdy, I'm new to the slot car world and I'm in the middle of working on slot car track table with the kids. Anyways, curious what aftermarket body's work well for Carrera chassis? The kids and I are into NASCAR cars to be honest. Or a good body kit to start from scratch?


Mark's Model World race results - 10/18, Canton, OH

Driver/Total Laps/Best Lap/Lane


GT-1 MMW Rules


1) Dave G / 214.01 / 4.35/  Yellow


2) Mark G / 212 /  4.351/  White


3) Ron S / 211.01 / 4.398/  Green


4) Panko/ 208 / 4.495/  Green


5) Bob S/ 205.15/ 4.377/ Green


6) Kinsey/  205.03/ 4.383/ Blue


7) Race G/ 204.05/ 4.499/ Green


8) Duke/ 197.09/ 4.569/ Orange


9) Greg M/ 153.10/ 4.776/ Yellow


10) Kanyok/ 124/ 4.427/ Green


Can-AM  IRRA Rules


1) Panko/ 213/ 4.33/Green


2) Kinsey/ 212/ 4.359/Green


3) Don W/211.06/ 4.436/Green


4) Mark G/ 208.10/ 4.468/ Yellow


5) Ron S/ 208.06/ 4.422/  Orange


6)Mark K / 206.11/ 4.455/ Green


7) Dave G/ 206.06/ 4.637/ Orange


8) Duke/ 196.08/ 4.637/ Orange


9) Race G/ 195.05/ 4.482/ Green


10) Bob S/ 193/4.627/ Green


11) Greg M/ 173.15/ 4.718/White


12) Kanyok/ 151/ 4.411/ Green


Next Sat 10/25 GT-1,IRRA Can-Am and F-1

[RSS] 1966 James Bond 007 1/32 Strombecker slot car

End Date: Tuesday Nov-18-2014 3:38:27 PST
Buy It Now for only: $169.00
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F1 / Open Wheel Races

Next race at Dead Man's Curve is Saturday November 8th, 2014

This will be the first time ever for a Formula 1 / Open Wheel class.
The track will run in the backwards direction. Practice starts at 5pm and races start at 7.
Four classes:

F1 / Open Wheel

Vintage NASCAR


NSR Modern GT


SCX Rewind

I have a SCX Pro Turbo which blew its windings. I would like to rewind it as I did when I was a kid back in the 60's, but, my memory is fading... :-) ... so, how many winds with what guage wire do I need to do to get the motor back to "original" speed/power? Thanks,


O3 Racing Slot Car

Endurance 6h en Ford Capri

Endurance 6h en Ford Capri

Ce dimanche dernier une course d'endurance de 6h a réuni 5 clubs de la région autour de la piste Polistil du club O3 Racing.

Bonne ambiance et bonne humeur étaient au rendez vous comme à l'habitude .

A la fin de la course sont arrivés

1er :O3 Racing 2 avec 1212 tours (Escaudoeuvres et Marly)

2em:O3 Racing 1 avec 1202 tours( Escaudoeuvres)

3em: SRLM avec 1133 tours (club de Lannoy)

4em: SAC avec 1116 tours (club de Folembray)

5em :S2C62 avec 1011 tours (club de Lens)

Merci à tous les participants qui contribué et organisé cette belle journée de course

Merci à Jean-Luc pour ses photos que vous pouvez retrouver sur


Et rendez vous bientot pour de nouvelles courses

Endurance 6h en Ford Capri
Endurance 6h en Ford Capri
Endurance 6h en Ford Capri


[RSS] 1/24 Chaparral Slot Car

End Date: Wednesday Oct-22-2014 0:32:41 PDT
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Odd's Oracle

It's the Works.....or is it?

Interesting post about Works drawings on another blog.

Works drawings are sometimes an initial design in some detail, sometimes a finished drawing which is what's actually made.  What we have to do as modelmakers is decide by comparing drawing with period pictures if the "Works" drawings are any good for us.

I once had A.V.Roe drawings for the lovely Anson aircraft, but although overall they were helpful, in detail they were hopeless!  Same deal with Bristol Cars and as for architects...I've corrected impossible shapes for them more often than not, including the great Richard Seiffert (who gave us the wrong colour references for the model of the NatWest tower.
According to the architect's drawings for Brentwood Library, the roof simply would not have fitted if I'd gone on to make the model from the drawings.
I've even done  a measured perspective drawing of a famous gearbox where the main two shafts wouldn't have allowed any meshing of the gears!  So both modelmakers and technical illustrators act as checking stages in the production of most items.
I got fed up with waiting for a Chief Engineer of a car design house to come up with drawings (CAD this time) of a rolling monitor in the VW CM2's dashboard, so I sketched out a scheme on a bit of scrap paper, knocked it up in clay, GRP and made the mechanism, installed and tested it and even had the flat screen fitted (Rocking horse poo in those days) before the huge roll of drawings wormed off the printer.  When they arrived, it was obvious it would never have worked anyway.  When he saw mine in the car, he stamped on his Marlborough Light, drew himself up to his full 5 feet and stormed out in his new Audi TT for 4 days!  Never spoke to me again.  In that 4 days I'd also invented a drive system for a Palm computer for which I am a nominated inventor on a VW patent scheme.  The Danish boss, who I didn't realise was even in the room, described the mechanism as F---ing brilliant and immediately drew up the patent application.

I have never had a moment of engineering instruction, but working as both a modelmaker and a technical illustrator, without the "help" of computers has given me a natural feeling for these engineering problems, I suppose.

But convincing engineers of this facility has always been an uphill struggle.  With the noble exception of Nobby Clark, who was a real engineer, a Chartered Engineer.  A quiet jovial master, who could design the most complex injection mould tools with a slide rule and a set of Log Tables.
He, with all his qualifications and obvious skill, was always ready to discuss with someone who was "just" his illustrator.

Slot Car illustrated Forum


I've been on a GoDaddy fantasy livery kick the last few weeks. Wanted to try out Pattos new peel and stick decals and I find they work great. Was a little surprised as all I've ever used were water slide decals, I was pleased with the results. Stripped these Nincos with LocTite parts cleaner, I find Nincos to have the most robust paint compared to Scalextric. A bit of chemical warfare on my part with the LocTite bath but I do deal with chemicals daily. The Supra is painted with Testors Fluorescent Green and the Mitsubishi Tamiya Light Green. Pledge with Future is the clear coat.

MDF and plastic lanes changers available

Hi Guys,
We've made it easy at Scorpius to put MDF lane changers into your circuit.
We make:
Single lane changers
Double lane changers
Triple lane changers
SSD (We supply LC Pro so that it works with SSD chipped cars)
Scorpius (We supply Scorpius Lane Brains so it works with Scorpius chipped cars)
Ninco (We supply Ninco LC electronics to work with Ninco chipped cars)
You can order what you like, routed for copper tape or 1'4" braid. Single, double or triple, for Scorpius, SSD and Ninco systems.
You can have active or passive exit flippers or no exit flippers at all. we can supply copper tape or braid or supply your own.
Heres a deluxe version. Featuring Scorpius Lane Brains, which allow anti collision, PEARL, moving exit flipper with liven flipper for entry and exit. It contains 4 Scorpius flipper assemblies.

You can order 77.5 centres for SSD, 90mm for Ninco, 100mm for Carrera or whatever you like.
This particular photo shows an order for a customer going out for a Scorpius system on a Ninco track. It has fully functional entry and exit flippers.

MDF is 12mm and matches the width of existing track INCLUDING borders.
The flipper assemblies come with base plate, Peco solenoid, Peco base plate, brass bushings, threaded brass rod, hardware, aluminium flipper, spring. 17 pieces all up.

You can also order it painted or even fully assembled ready to drop in. We also supply plastic lane changers, SSD, Ninco and Carrera with Scorpius Lane Brains installed.

Enquiries: sales@scorpiuswireless.com

Super G+ newbie here

FINALLY I got my hands on a few SG+ cars, both brand new in the package! Now THESE are nice chassis - the fit and finish are second to none! I can see why most racers prefer these to Mega Gs. And the adjustable motor timing - GENIUS!

Mine came with Scale Master/Gold Hawk Machining #18 Mercedes F1 car bodies (Frelitz Jones - driver), but I've already been tuning them up and now I kind of want to put different bodies on them. I'm not a big fan of open wheel cars, and I basically bought these cars just for the chassis, so now I'm looking for full fenders. Will the AFX/Xtraction '57 Nomad and '71 Camaro bodies fit the SG+ chassis with a body clip? I believe they'll fit the Mega G with a clip but I don't know about the SG+. And if anyone's interested in a trade - my F1 bodies for your Nomads and/or Camaros (or both) - just let me know.

Also, I kind of want to do some racing now. You guys in the Chicago/Milwaukee area, what kind of classes do you run and what's allowed? At this point I have one chassis that is bone stock and one with Tyco rear wheels and silicone tires.

Fly chevron

Fly chevron

Used in good shape. Roll bar has been reglued.

Let me know if you want the case or not.

List Date: 10/18/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Fly chevron
On Sale For: $35.00 + FREE! Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Fly chevron

October 18, 2014

Slot Car illustrated Forum

NSR RARE CARS FOR SALE - No Longer Available


2 RARE NSR CARS FOR ALL NIB. $300 for both or $160 shipped each.

List Date: 10/18/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: NSR RARE CARS FOR SALE
This item is no longer available.


Mobile friendly version: NSR RARE CARS FOR SALE

Scalextric Digital Platinum 2014 raceset

C1330T - Digital Platinum Raceset PREORDER price when available $629.99 and we expect them in time for Christmas delivery.
Free shipping inside the U.S. and to U.S. territories.

6 cars included, 2 each Porsche 997/Audi R8/Lamborghini Gallardo
Welcome to the exciting world of Scalextric Digital.
This set allows you to race six cars at the same time, performing amazing, realistic overtaking and braking manoeuvres.
You can switch lanes at the touch of a button to overtake or block your opponent.
This set features an extended figure-of-eight circuit with raised bridge section and two lane-change track sections.
The set comes with the amazing Advanced 6 Car Digital Powerbase (C7042).
Also included are two Porsche 997 cars, two Lamborghini Gallardo GT cars and two Audi R8 cars.
These super-resistant racers feature easy change pick-ups and the MagnatractionTM system to help them stay on the circuit.
Digital layouts are fully compatible with standard Scalextric 'Sport' track pieces.

Static display/layout cars


Some pretty cool Hot Wheels out there that look pretty neat for your layout.
I decal them up a bit- some don't need much or any.
The orange 'vette I just found and it mirrors the AFX one..... mostly.
Love that Cougar and 240, as well!

Scorpius components for SSD users

Hi Guys,
I've just renamed this new product LC Pro (Lane Change Pro).
What is it? It is a miniature lane change chip (has solenoid driver). It also can detect SSD car IDs and transmit the cars location, lane, and ID back to a laptop or PC via the Scorpius dongle.
Its the first such product to reach the market. Currently a standard SSD system only knows when a car crosses the finish line. It does know any any other information.

Typical scenarios of use. Pit lane entry, pit lane exit, pit bay entry, lapcounting for 3rd and 4th lane, or all 4 lanes, calibration points for recorded ghosts and bays for safety cars and pace cars.
So you may give an ID of 3 for pit bay entry. The LC Pro detects car 6 so the RMS now knows car 6 has passed the pit entry and as the driver stops the RMS can detect it is ready to refuel.

Want to detect speeding down pit lane? You could set the pit entry as ID 4 and exit as 9 with 5,6,7 and 8 designated for pit bays. The LC Pro detects car 1 at LC Pro position 5 and now monitors the cars speed. Go above the limit and you get yellow flagged.

Want more accuracy with recorded ghosts? Currently they can only be calibrated or reset at the finish line. Not any more. Want 2 more calibration points? Why not add a few LC Pros around the track. Now the RMS can calibrate or reset the cars speed more often, leading to a more accurate replay. Heres what the RMS set up page could look like. Replace "Lane Brain" with LC Pro.

The LC Pro. Note the new reset switch we just added.

To reconfigure the LP:
1)Open up the LP Setup program

Select a unique ID. Number sequentially in ascending order as the car proceeds around track.
Select a lane.
Soon you will select gate opening time and delay. New firmware version due out soon.
2) Connect both yellow power wires to any power supply 8.5V-16V
3) Ensure only one dongle connected to PC and no other devices powered.
4) Push reset button.

5) The eeprom bar will load up if successful.

Congratulations. You have just reconfigured your Scorpius LC Pro.

You can even test your set up to make sure its working. Just run this program as you drive around the track.

The LC Pro can trigger a relay to liven the flipper so the car can never be stranded on a dead flipper. We sell the relays too.

See this simple wiring diagram to liven your flippers.

The diagram also shows the flipper being sprung. The LC Pro even comes with the correct spring.
It can be fitted to timber tracks or existing SSD lane changers.
Like this:

Routing a timber track? Why not try our flipper asseblies. We have over 20 different flipper shapes for all occasions. $39.95 with everything needed to install.

Available now although not in the webshop until my web guy is back on deck.
$35AUD with the reset switch and spring. Relays $9.00AUD. Plus postage.

Later in this thread I will show the Scorpius controller for SSD use and the SSD compatible car chip.


24 x 8 Scalextric

Finally cleaned out my basement and set up a 24 x 8 tabletop. I have boatloads of Scaley Sport track in all sizes. Looking for two or four lane layout ideas. Have easy access to all four sides. Eventually I will do permanent landscaping and can cut the top to fit the layout if need be. All ideas welcome.

Thanks, Clausen

Sunday Race

Short notice but Sidewinder Raceway is having a rare Sunday race tomorrow. Trans Am and pre-1974 Classics, I need a fix I am going.:thumb: Shop opens at 10AM.

Final Results at The Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park

OK guys, here's how they finished. I'll post laps and best lap times later.

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Pony Cars

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